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Galletta's Go-Karts
60 County Route 20
Oswego, NY, USA
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9/12 - 9/25/2015 - BYE WEEK for kart & track prep!

NEXT RACE is 9/26/2015: The 20th Annual Galletta's Greenhouse Karting Klassic Championship 200 Scheduled!

Galletta's Go-Kart Klassic History - THE World Championship of Gas Flathead Karting!

Saturday, September 26th, 2015 is the date for our 20th Annual Klassic 200. The race decides both the Track Championship and the Klassic 200 Champion in one fell swoop, as the race counts as the biggest AND the final points race of the season (although after Klassic, we may still have Fall Series races, which still count in the All-Time Points). All past veterans are - as always - invited to battle it out for the longest-running (and we say premiere) Karting Title in Oswego NY for two decades. Festivities start at 1pm with dish-to-pass cookout and time-trials, followed by the 200-lapper. Special Klassic rules in effect, posting more soon!

Schedule of Events:
Noon-1:30 pm:
Dish-To-Pass Cookout, or $5 a plate.
1:30-2 pm: 20th Annual Time Trials. - The Klassic 200 will take place as soon as order is tallied and Klassic pictures are taken.

Karts: - There are over twenty karts on-site at Galletta's. Most of them are Galletta's Greenhouse Racing Team karts owned by Matt, Chris, Wes and/or Melissa Stevens, and most of them are available to rent, although Chris, Matt and Melissa each have two karts for their exclusive use unless they choose to rent to a veteran. Some are owned by visiting drivers and are for rent or sale.

- For a normal 45-70 lap event, "rental" is a nominal $20-25 donation to operate (gas + parts wear + Matt's labor on karts and track + track water + electricity). However, for Klassic's 200+ laps, the same nominal donation would be $100. Knowing the economy, Matt is discounting the rental to $50, and that is for 75 laps not counting expensive breaks (busted sprockets, demolished chains, burned-up brake pads, exploded tires, and especially blown motors also count towards this), so TAKE CARE OF THE KART! After 75 laps, it's all bonus laps. So you want to go 200? TAKE CARE OF THE KART. Make it last. It cannot be won in the 1st 120 laps. It's won in the last third or so of the race.

Time Trial Rules: - Order of total points in current season. - 1 Warmup lap, 2 timed laps. - Best time will be scored and starting grid will be fastest-to-slowest. - If you own your our own Galletta's-Spec (1-WD gas Flathead) Kart, you will automatically be entered. - If you do not own your own kart, you must qualify the kart you rent from us. If more than one person times a kart, (1) the person who pays the rental and (2) the fastest time without spinouts qualifies. Spinouts disqualify your lap. - If you time trial, you are counted in the race and will earn points, even if you cannot start the actual race. - The fastest-to-slowest time can choose their starting point. Since outside row is quickest at Galletta's, most would rather start 2nd row outside than 1st row inside.

Start/Restart Rules: - START: The 200 Lapper starts DOUBLE-FILE based on fastest-to-slowest time trial. Front row sets the slow pace, and must be side-by-side at the pylon in turn 4 for a legal start. Absolutely NO PASSING before the leaders cross the pylon. Starter gives the green, but it is the pylon that one must follow. - Yellow-to-green start/restart rules are as follows: (1) Under single-file, the leader sets the pace at a slow, cautious pace. (2) The leader cannot start to get up to full speed until the apex of turns 3 and 4. (3) All karts must be single-file and within a half-kart length of each other and (4) NO PASSING IS ALLOWED UNTIL THE LEADER'S FRONT BUMPER CROSSES THE PILON IN TURN 4. Anything out of this can disqualify you via any of the following (1) flagger brings out the caution and warns you to start better and (2) if the flagger misses it, and the videotape catches it, you WILL be disqualified points and/or your position in the race depending on the severity of the violation. - The starter's flags must be obeyed, but he cannot see every detail. Veteran drivers can also point out to a flagger a violation. The videos can be reviewed if challenged, and the cameras don't lie, so be honest. Race rules: - All rules of regulation/regular point races apply (unless otherwise noted). This includes all flags and generally accepted racing rules (unless otherwise noted). - Green laps and caution laps count for the 200. The final 10 laps MUST BE GREEN. There will be no yellow laps counted in the final 10 (although they will be recorded, they will not be counted for laps run). The race must also finish under green, and therefore, if after 199, the race will finish with green-white-checker no matter how many laps it takes. - Leader earns 1 bonus point per green lap led. 2nd and 3rd earn 0.5 bonus points per green lap. - Veterans who have raced before and won at least one feature event can enter the race after it starts IF (1) they have a kart available to use and (2) if they cannot make it until after the Klassic starts. However they WILL will be down the laps they missed and cannot win unless all those laps were made up.

Caution rules: - As stated above, caution laps count. When there is a caution, the leader and all mobile karts must stay in the order they were in when the caution came out and all will stop at the start/finish line in single-file order and await directions from the starter. - Spun/stalled karts will lose their spot if they are passed by the leader before they stop at the start/finish line. If they go a lap down under caution, they must drive around the track once under caution to make up for it (this doesn't work for laps lost during green laps). - If you cannot restart after a stopped caution due to mechanical failure and need to pit to continue, you may lose your spot. BE CAREFUL WITH THE PULL CORDS! If they break and need to be replaced, that is a timeout. And unless you have raced in more than 50% of the races, you only have one. - Small ***preventative kart repair*** is allowed under a stopped caution if it is exceedingly minor (?????? ? ?????? pulling a loose panel or off a kart that will break and possibly cause a problem, adding a bolt to a steering wheel, adding a wire to something to hold it on place) and prevents a major break. You can also release a small amount of air pressure from a tire on track. However, ADDING air to a tire or a tire change will require going to the rear. And refueling is an entirely different beast in the Klassic with its own rule set (see below).

- NO PASSING UNDER CAUTION. The only passes allowed under cautions are courtesy passes (when you ask another driver and they grant you permission to pass), or disqualification passes (driver sent to the rear for a wreck, penalty or repair). If you are seen doing this on video without a valid reason or permission, you may be disqualified in hindsight if caught.

Lapping: - If you see the blue/orange-striped flag, it is the passing flag. It means the leaders are coming up on you. You must make way by staying to the outside line the track and give the leaders adequate room to pass on the inside. If you get out of this line and cause positions to change by not holding a good line or getting struck by a leader, you may be disqualified. If you surrender and go low and allow all karts to pass you on the outside, you have to let EVERYONE by, not just one and then race/cut off the next person. You will also be disqualified if you do this. It is advised that whatever you do, STAY HIGH, or STAY LOW. Do not swerve, stay in the middle, or hog the track's lines and cause people to lose positions because you cut them off and let the other guy by. They won't be happy, especially if it's the difference between and win and a loss. - If you go a lap down, you must pass the entire field to get the lap back. After this, you are then in the rear of the field on the lead laps. There are NO lucky dogs unless EVERY SINGLE DRIVER from the leader back allows you to pass under a caution and get back on the lead lap. And most leaders want to keep karts between themselves and the guy racing them, so they don't have to allow you back.

Refuel rules: One of the advantages to us using gas instead of methanol is we burn FAR LESS. While a methanol tank can get drained on a quick race, a gas tank can (of the exact same size) can last over 200 laps. That's A LOT more bang for the buck. That being said: - All gas tanks will be filled to capacity with pump gas at the start. - No refueling is allowed until the 1st caution after lap 150. If you refuel before lap 150, you will be disqualified 1 lap and -20 points. - If you refuel after lap 150, you go to the rear of the field. If everyone refuels, everyone keeps their spot. If some choose not to, they stay in front of those who did. The karts are capable of going over 200 laps (if the driver takes it easy for a large part of it), so refueling really only comes into play when there are many drivers and/or leaders are low on gas and try to gamble.

Timeout Rules: - A timeout is a race-stoppage of more than a few minutes to repair a kart that is unable to continue racing. - To call a timeout after a crash, you must (1) have one to use and (2) signal timeout to the flagger and/or other drivers (preferably veterans). - A timeout is used is a usually for a roughly 3-7 minute fix. If you need more than 10 minutes, a second timeout may be charged. We don't time them exactly to the second, but we'll give a warning. If the damage is too severe for the amount of timeouts you have to use and no backup is available to you, then you may be out, timeout or not. - Each regular season racer who races in over 50% of our feature races has 3 repair-timeouts per season to use. If they do not use them, they roll over for Klassic. If they have raced in less than 50% of the races, they only have 1 per season or one for Klassic. Each driver who starts the Klassic gets one repair timeout. Timeouts are seen in the points next to driver's name. - After a certain agreed-to time, no timeouts will be allowed. If none is determined before the race, then we can race all night and use them all night.

Rookie Caution/Breakage Rules: Rookies with less than a handful of races under their belts always have a learning curve. This learning curve is quicker for some than others. Some pick the whole thing up after 1-2 races. Some take a year or more. Learning how to drive smooth and not dig up the track, crash into other competitors, spinout or lose control and fly off the track (and occasionally flip) are rare for veteran drivers but exceedingly common for rookies. Therefore, rookies with less than 5 races under their belts have a strict spinout/wreck/break/caution rule. Rookies also don't understand that these karts and track cost money to maintain. Time = money. Laps = money. Wrecks = money. Injuries = money. - Rookies who bring out 3 cautions in reasonably close succession (via a spinout or crash with a fellow competitor when nobody else is spinning out or wrecking unless near them), will be forced to sit out 10 laps. They may only enter the race after 10 laps wand when an opening free of oncoming vehicles is possible. - Rookies who bring out 3 more cautions in reasonably close succession AFTER coming back not the track from the 1st 3-cautions must sit out the remainder of the race. If you feel you didn't earn your rental money, consider the other competitors karts taking wear/damage, the track being dug up, and gas being used. It all adds up. But if you still feel you didn't get your money's worth, either (1) come back to another race and get have credit towards the next one, or (2) if you just brought out cautions with no severe (expensive) damage, Matt may give you a partial refund. - Severe broken parts (popped or broken chain, bent sprocket, blown tire, bent/mangled rim or hub, tire, burnt out brake pad, bent up steering column or tie rods) are all significant and costly breaks that will count towards your rental donation. Many rookies think, "Oh, I paid $25 and only got 10 laps in, what a ripoff!" without realizing that they demolished a sprocket ($12), blew a chain, burnt a brake pad ($10-20), broke a hub ($30-50)... and that is the damage that the donation covers, NOT how many laps you ran. If we did by the lap, it would be more expensive. And, if you sit and watch, a veteran may go a half of a year if not a full year or two without getting into an accident that breaks or mangles an expensive part. The Galletta's rental karts are often around the same age and have been in the same amount of laps as the regular veteran karts. Why do some of them look more beat up? Not for a lack of TLC. Nope. It's because rookie renters demolish them. Do us proud, take care of the karts, hold a line and don't wreck. We love you when you can race clean and not demolish karts.

Backup Kart Rules: If you own more than one kart, you can have a backup. However, the backup rules are strict. - You may only use your backup if your starter kart is broken beyond reasonable repair and/or you are out of repair timeouts. - In a regular-season event, a kart change is a -5 point deduction. In the Klassic, it is -20 point deduction AND (new for 2015 if we have no available backup rental karts) loss of 1 lap. You will have to pass the entire field or ask if everyone will let you by during a caution to even have a shot of winning. So protect that starter kart. It's your best chance. - The same amount of gas will be measured for your starter kart and put into your backup kart. You cannot refuel until after 150 no matter what kart you use. After 150, a backup can have a full tank.

Tips on how to win (er, how to FINISH... you can't win unless you can finish): You will NOT be able to win the Klassic unless you PACE yourself, SAVE your kart, race smart, VERY smooth, and clean. Good drivers have failed miserably at this event and only the cream of the crop have been in it late because they didn't pace themselves. In the twenty year history of the event, there are only FIVE different winners, all five raced in hundreds of races in go-karts, Quarter-Midgets, and/or Super Stock Cars. : - Matt Stevens (1996-98, 2002-05, 2007-09 and 2014), - Chris Stevens (1999-2001 and 2011-12), - Wes Stevens (2006), - Kyle Reuter (2010) and, - Kelly Miller (2013). Tips that any and all of these guys will tell you are as follows: - Pace yourself: You will be sore after 200 laps in these karts on this track. Especially the next day or two or three. Save your energy. - Save your kart: Your kart WILL NOT LAST 200 laps if you are bumping, banging, not holding solid lines, getting out of line for passes and rubbing/scrubbing/grinding other karts and spinning out and crashing for more than a very few of them. In fact, if you're doing that, you may not make it past 10. Your goal is to protect your kart for 150+ laps and THEN try and go for it. Save your gas, there are STRICT refuel rules. - Save the track: The track WILL kick up. It kicks up during a 30 lapper, so it'll kick up bad during a 200-lapper. If you think you will last 200, you better run SMOOTH and coast in the turns for most of the race. If you think you can slide/dirt track/drift for 200 laps, you are sorely mistaken and will be one of the first ones sitting on the side watching. Your kart will break and the potholes you make will make it a rough ride for all. Just drive SMOOTH. - Positioning is important, BUT, NOT AT THE COST OF DAMAGING YOUR KART AND RUNNING OUT OF GAS. In fact, all five prior winners - Matt, Chris, Wes, Kyle and Kelly - all either went to the back by their own choice or by breaking/pitting and coming back from the rear. NO DRIVER HAS EVER LED ALL 200 LAPS AND WON. They all broke and/or pitted for gas if they tried. Everyone in front of you may run out of gas, break, wreck, or retire due to exhaustion. Lapped traffic can also make of break anybody's race. The less you beat on your kart, the higher you have a chance to finish. Drivers who didn't even try to win, just tried to finish all 200 aps, have finished VERY high before. L2015, only TWO guys made it to 200 - founder/champions Matt and Chris Stevens. Everyone else broke or retired due to exhaustion. And you cannot win if your kart can't run on lap 200! This is a marathon, NOT a sprint! KLASSIC HISTORY!

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