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rian Galletta posing with two of his karts before the 2013 Galletta’s Klassic 200.

Brian Galletta

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Brian Galletta - one of the original GKC members!
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2014, Brian’s race season was plagued with general soreness and lack of strength due to complications from his dialysis sessions, and only raced a partial season, racing when he was physically up for it.

8/3/2014 – Brian Galletta wins the [Your Sponsorship Here] 45-Lapper in the Platt-Num-Galletta #28!
 photo 2014-08-03-brian-galletta-wins-in-28.jpg

SUNDAY, AUGUST 3rd, 2014, OSWEGO, NY –  The best karters in Oswego proved it again! Originally planned for a two-night, Saturday & Sunday twin-feature event, but we rescheduled for driver availability and around dark skies to just Sunday instead (5pm for newbie/rookies and 6pm for veterans). And despite the impending gloom of overcast skies and distant rumbles of thunder, we got the show in with only a light sprinkle which actually helped the track conditions out as the race went on. And although 1st-year driver Keith Raymond looked strong, lapped traffic did him in and it was Brian Galletta who fought tooth and nail to hold off his cousins Chris and Matt Stevens en route to his 1st feature win of 2014. He also snapped the Galletta’s Greenhouse #5’s victory streak at 3 straight wins with 3 straight drivers – although it did score a very close 2nd with Chris Stevens who tried to be the 4th driver in 4 weeks to take 4 wins, but came up just short when he and bro Matt ran out of track space trying to slingshot their cousin at the stripe. As usual, we had 9 drivers but *again* missed a full field, as 5 rookies replaced 5 regular veterans who didn’t make it and missed a good one. Seriously, can we get that 20-kart race I have been clamoring for on this website for for around a decade? We have enough karts to do it, we just need driver’s butts in kart seats! Well, we race again next weekend: Rookies that aren’t here by 5 getting coached-up and settled into karts may not qualify for the veteran feature. Veterans who do not arrive on time lose their handicap starting spot. Rookies must know flags and understand that there is a 3-caution-and-you’re-out rule in effect. See you there! Read more about this race here.

6/7/2014 – 19th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Speedway Season Opener won by Eric Woolworth in the #88!

 photo 20140607feat02-crash2.jpg

Brian has always been a hard racer… who sometimes gets into hard wrecks. Ouch!

 photo 20140607-brian-hunts-eric.jpg

Brian Galletta, in his newly rebuilt #42 krt, hunts down Eric Woolworth like a dog and passes him in a most aggressive manner.

SATURDAY, JUNE 7TH, 2014, OSWEGO, NY – The original, longest-running, and most experienced karting class in Oswego, NY began it 19th point season, and it was another tremendous, highly-skilled battle from front to back and start to finish. Melissa Stevens, Adam Lytle, Eric Woolworth and Brian Galletta all took turns leading. Kelly Miller, Matt Stevens and Chris Stevens battled back and forth all night behind them. But after then-leader Brian Galletta’s brand-new #42 plowed into the 1st turn wall (when his left front hub imploded) taking out 3rd place Matt Stevens as well, Eric Woolworth held off defending track champ Chris Stevens for the rest of the way for a triumphant win. A kart that he sold to a newbie in 2013, bought it back (for a measly $110?! The motor alone was worth more than that!), and was a rocket-ship with a replaced drive tire with an experienced driver at the helm. More points, pictures and details are here, son!



10/13/2013 – The 18th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic 200 won by Kelly Miller in the Galletta’s Greenhouse #7!!! 

 photo 20131012-brian-galletta-klassic_zps8dfada5e.jpg

Brian with his #54 and #13 before the 2013 Klassic 200.

 photo 2013-10-12-02h49m47s24-start_zpsdfcd8336.jpg

Starting lineup for the 18th Annual Galletta’s Klassic 200!

 The 5th member of the Gallettta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic Championship fraternity is crowned! The longest-running Oswego Karting championship ran it’s 18th annual marathon event, which decides both the point standings (best overall karter in the area), and also the best Iron-Man karter in the area. Eleven drivers entered but only three led all night (11 drivers?! That leaves several karts on site – including the timed fastest kart of the fleet – Galletta’s #5 – unused?! For shame!!! And this is supposed to be a racing town?!) The three you see, Kelly Miller, Matt Stevens, and Chris Stevens had a duel of the ages, as they essentially battled back and forth for the lead for all 200 laps, with occasional challenges by Brian Galletta and Eric Woolworth. All three had the lead and lost it in breathtaking manners (Kelly led early and a slow leaking tired forced him to pit after getting passed, Matt hounded Chris and Kelly, took the lead, then slipped up and Chris got him back, and Chris led several laps late, got pinned and passed by both Kelly and Matt behind lapped traffic, and suffered a  a bent sprocket that took him out of the top 2)! But the one who had it last – Kelly Miller, gets the win. He becomes only the 5th driver – Matt Stevens (won 10), Chris Stevens (won 5), Wes Stevens (won 1), Kyle Reuter (won 1) – in the Klassic’s 18 year history to win the big one , all while only picking up his 2nd career win at Galletta’s. Although many know him from both racing Stocks and Supermodifieds on the big track downtown, Kelly showed he knows how to drive more than just the big machines! And in a kart THAT SAT UNUSED waiting for a driver ABOUT 97% OF THE YEAR. Congrats to Kelly, congrats and thank you to all who showed, and to all who could’ve came out and didn’t? On your knees, dogs. READ MORE HERE!


9/8/2013 – Brian Galletta and Ryan Palmer win The Track is Loose as Heck Twin-30s!

 photo 20130909-twin-30s-winners-b_zps6f71188b.jpg

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th, 2013, OSWEGO, NY –  The 1st feature went to Brian Galletta (in his Platt-num #28) after a crazy 1st 30-laps with crashing and all kinds of dry/dusty tack and smashing, crashing hijinks and then surviving challenges by Chris and Matt Stevens. For the 2nd feature, yet another rookie driver steps into the storied 18-year Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway winner’s circle, 1st year driver Ryan Palmer wins his 1st career feature with a 30-lap sweep in the Brian Galletta (formerly Eric Woolworth) #88, recovering from a flip, almost getting disqualified in the 1st feature from crashing into everybody, and some crazy crashes in the 1st feature and barely holding off some half-hearted challenges from Matt and Chris Stevens. Next week we will again look at Saturday, but probably run Sunday, and we are still looking at probable dates for our 18th Annual Klassic (200-Lapper), with 9/28, 10/5 and 10/6 as possible dates. More on the race is on the race rundown page right here…

6/19/2013: Dave Spanfelner and Brian Galletta take the Mid-Week Twin Features!

Oswego Karting 6/19/2013: Dave Spanfelner and Brian Galletta take the Mid-Week Twin Features!

Oswego Karting 6/19/2013: Dave Spanfelner and Brian Galletta take the Mid-Week Twin Features!

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19TH, 2013 – Sunday, June 16th saw a muddy track prevent the 2nd of 3 regularly-scheduled Sunday races for the 2013 season. So for the 2nd time in this young season, we ran a mid-week special rain-date event! Dave Spanfelner won the 1st Twin-30 in his DS Humphrey’s #54. Then Brian Galletta stormed by his brother Kevin to take the 2nd feature, which was shortened to 24 laps  by starter Wesley TrOgre Stevens due to dark (despite Chris and Matt’s protest to finish the last 6). These two also won the last Twin-30s, the DS Humphrey’s 2012 Fall Finale! (Behold! Buddy the Galletta’s Greenhouse patrol cat got in the pic, too! Ogie’s gotta’ be gettin’ jealous.) Sorry we were behind due to the shortened race week, but rest assured… more pictures and points are here


2012 was clearly Brian’s most successful season racing to date.

posing before the 17th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic 200 on 10/6/2012. Brian, with the assistance of Matt Stevens, Wes Stevens and Randy Platt, built the #13 from scratch for roughly a grand in 2012, the most expesnsive Galletta’s Kart to date. Though it initially timed very fast, it wasn’t any better or worse than any other Galletta’s kart in the fleet.
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...Brian took the lead with his brand-new (chassis and motor alike) Brian Galletta Racing #13, built for all month prior and finished the day of the race (with help from Matt Stevens, Wes Stevens and Randy Platt).

On 10/6/2012, at the 17th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Klassic Championship 200-Lap Race, Brian Galletta time trialed the coveted pole position and led the first portion of the race going away in his brand-new Bran Galletta “Doggy Style” #13 kart – just finished the day of the race!

7/15/2012 - Twin-30s (11 karts)SUNDAY, JULY 15th, 2012: Brian Galletta – one of the original members of the Galletta’s Karting Club – got his first feature win in eight years by winning the 2nd 30-Lapper in his Plattitude #287 (chassis built by Randy Platt, motor by Matt Stevens). And even though Dave Spanfelner, Matt Stevens, and Chris Stevens all almost took the win in the first feature, it was Melissa Stevens who evaded several spinning and wrecking karts to take it in her Scissor’s-n-Fur #19. The story is here….

Ogie Stevens & Brian Galletta tell Randy Platt to f-off!

After his win, Brian (and Ogie) taunt good buddy Randy Platt who was one of his self-imposed sabatticals from racing.

Brain flips his cousin Matt off for stealing his win with a few laps to go!

Brian Almost Had ItBrian Almost Had ItSATURDAY, JUNE 23rd, 2012: Brian Galletta deserved to win this one. He has raced for years – being one of the original members of the club that his cousins founded – with only one regular feature win to his credit (that happened so long ago–2004–most of us forgot about it, including himself, and a second “All-Galletta” race where it was technically a rookie race where he was the only experience driver on the track at the time). He had been fast in prior Klassics. And tonight, he led fifty four of the first fifty-six laps – most being hounded by his cousins Chris and Matt – and at times pulled away from the pack, before he started slowing down and… oops, Matt did it again. Here is the tale…



2011 saw a return to regular racing for Brian, as his arm recovered enough to handle full-time racing again. He purchased his good buddy Randy Platt’s #28 kart in mid-2011 and hasn’t missed a race since.

Brian Galletta piloting the Platt-Num/”Team Take It” #28 Kart at the
16th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic 200 lineup on 10/8/2011.


Due to multiple surgeries on his arms for dialyses, he could not race full-time as he wished to. But he has raced when he could, including regularly between 1990s-2004, but only occasionally from 2005-2010.



Brian posing with the Galletta’s #5 at the 8/23/2009 All-Galletta Race! He drove the #4 and #5 in 2009.

Brian Galletta –  the only competitor who has had any substantial prior experience – drew the pole for the FIRST EVER ALL-GALLETTA race – which featured all cousins of Galletta’s Karting founders Chris and Matt Stevens, and also all grandsons (and one great-grandson) of Galletta’s Greenhouse founder John J. Galletta. The draw made it very easy for him to use his knowledge of the karts and track (including a feature win, some heat wins, time-trialing 2nd fastest and and leading a large chunk of the 2003 Klassic) and dominate all 30 laps unchallenged for the win, his 2nd career feature win at Galletta’s.


Brian missed the entire crazy saga of the OHV Outlaws and the Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Kartway drama during his hiatus from racing. He would’ve LOVED to be here for that craziness.


Won a feature in 2004 before dialysis surgeries to his arm took him out of regular competition for four years. From early 2004-mid 2009, Brian didn’t race at all, although he came out to see a race from time to time.


The 1st of 100-laps for the 8th annual 2003 Galletta's Go-Kart Klassic!Brian Galletta dominating the early portion of the '03 Galletta's Klassic
(Above) Time Trialed 2nd fastest time at the 2003 Galletta’s Klassic 100, and led a large portion of the race before his kart fell apart from under him (Our Karting Klassic is a marathon, and patience is key).

Karts Raced:
Raced several Galletta’s Greenhouse karts over the years, including the #1, 6, and 7. The steering wheel on the #1 is permanently damaged and a small fence in front of the camera tower is forever warped due to some rather humorous accidents back in the day thanks to Brian.


Year Started Racing at Galletta’s: Brian was one of the original Galletta’s Karters, starting in the early-to-mid 1990s when it was just his cousins Chris & Matt and uncle Wes out there and we were all just yard karts with box stock 5hp flatheads, small yard kart tires, no stagger and small, easily-breakable chains (since then, we’ve come along way as Brian had noted after a few years away from our sport – the only thing separating us from WKA-type karting is the money and BS involved). Therefore, his points during these early years went unrecorded in our modern 2000-and-up stats.

2000 Galletta's Klassic (Look at how narrow the track was back then!)
Brian Galletta (nicknamed “Bowser” after the Super Mario Kart character due to his look in the kart) raced on and off from the 1990s through the early 2000s. Brian raced 5 events in 2000. Here he is rounding out the field in the then 80-Lap Klassic, held onSeptember 30th, 2000.

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