11/5/2015 – Josh Arnold wins All-Rookie / Fall Bonus 45-Lapper Race

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11/5/2015 – All-Rookie Race!

November 5th, 2015 – A second almost-all-rookie non-points show was won by rookie Josh Arnold, the new owner of the former Dick Dann #86/Tim Galletta #54/Dave Spanfelner #54/Brian Galletta #54 machine, which he purchased and repainted and re-numbered #93, ready for the 2016 season!

However, one cannot call it an all-rookie show, as 20-year veteran Matt Stevens hopped into the Galletta’s #1 kart joined the newcomers — and Matt USUALLY blows by inexperienced drivers like they were standing still. However… Matt was unable to score the win despite challenging for the lead, which makes Josh’s victory an impressive one, as many drivers have failed the “Hold off Matt for the win!” test over the last two decades!

Josh became the 10th driver in 22 features to win! That’s quite balanced (especially considering how many of the drivers were rookies!) and shows the karts are close and competitive! That’s how we like it!


  • Fun fact:
    This video was shot entirely with a cellphone camera (at the time a Nokia Windows Phone) instead of a video camera. Not too bad aside from not quite as zoomable! We usually have used a handheld HD Sony Cam since 2012, and before that a mix of Panasonic VHS/VHS-C and SD 8mm Sony Cams (archived on DVD-Rs) between 1999-2011.
  • Non-Points Race:
    I didn’t record points for this post-Klassic race because the Klassic is usually the final points race of the year (occasionally exceptions are made) and I didn’t have everyone’s name down pat yet — most were newbies. We had no further races after these, and between work (yes… I work… I’m not a “woodchuck” like The Royal Chosen Elitist Oswegonian Kartway folk called me 6-7 years ago) and babysitting and day-to-day stuff, it actually slipped my mind that we had some post-Klassic races and I didn’t do the points for them. I will record them in hindsight in the 2015 and all-time stats *if* I can find the time to do so AND all of their names. Sorry if you were in these races and wanted those points. I will be happy to add them up if anybody tells me the names and final position of it. In fact, the Rookie-of-the-year would change depending on if these last two races got counted. Thanks!
    WOW! The video footage from this race was recorded, but somehow never uploaded and forgotten about. This is probably because it wasn’t a points race to begin with, and due to work and limited broadband where I live, I was sometimes years (some over a decade!) behind on uploading point races as it was. It had been lost somewhere in my computer hard drives for years… but when retroactively uploading my video archives (after I was able to get at least SOME capped broadband) it was not found with the other race videos that were meticulously saved on either DVDs or computer files. But… while searching through some personal pictures and videos of family, I just stumbled onto some kart racing footage! HA! Finally located it! It was mixed in by mistake, probably because it was not recorded with our usual HD Sony Cam (rather my cellphone camera), and my wife and then-1-year-old daughter were in some of it! It has now been edited, joined, and uploaded — just 4 years and a month later! This SO satisfies my OCD… even if I’m the only person on earth that actually knows or cares about all these complete race videos being online. Enjoy!

See you next year!