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The Galletta’s #5 has a long history of impressive wins, including Klassics… and some VERY close calls with even more Klassic wins!

The Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing Kart #5 is a Single-Wheel-Drive Racing Kart built in the year 2000, and is one of the most successful karts in the fleet. It was built from scratch by Wesley James “Ogre” Stevens and Matthew Stevens.

It was originally driven primarily by Christopher Galletta Stevens from 2000-2003, who piloted it to the 2000 and 2001 Galletta’s Greenhouse Klassic wins along with the 2000 and 2001 Galletta’s Greenhouse Track Championships right out of the gate. When Chris switched to the #8 as his primary kart, it became a rental. It has won many feature races at Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway with drivers such as Chris Stevens, Kyle Reuter, Rob Jimenez, and Joe Sereno behind the wheel.  Although it ran several races at Oswego Kartway with different drivers at the helm, it never won a race there. It was rebuilt in 2006-07 to be lower to the ground to race at Oswego Kartway and to be less prone to flipping.

List of all tagged races won by the Galletta’s #5 kart.

Sep 04, 2015
Jul 25, 2014
Jul 19, 2014
Jul 12, 2014
Jul 21, 2013
Sep 07, 2012
Aug 26, 2012
Aug 08, 2012
Jun 12, 2011
Oct 10, 2010
Aug 23, 2009
Oct 24, 2008
Aug 17, 2008
Aug 19, 2007
Sep 03, 2006
Oct 31, 2003
Sep 29, 2002
Oct 24, 2001

Some of the best races for the Galletta’s #5 kart, including wins by several drivers


9/26/2015: Kyle Reuter dominates Klassic in #5… until 1 lap to go….

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9/4/2015– Kyle Reuter leads all 50-Laps in 11-Kart Labor Day Triumph! [+YouTube]


7/21/2013– Joe Sereno wins in the #5 +YouTube


7/19/2014– Randy Platt returns to win in #5! +YouTube


7/12/2014– Matt Stevens wins in #5! +YouTube

9/3/2006: Rob Jimenez wins his 1st career feature!+YouTube

2000 Points Title & Klassic 80 SWEPT by Chris Stevens in the #5

Chris won the 2001 Galletta's Klassic & clinched the points standings!

2001 Klassic & Track Tile Swept by Chris Stevens in the #5

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