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The Galletta’s #9 is a rental kart set up for taller, heavier drivers. If around 6’4″ and 240 lbs. Tim Galletta here can drive it into victory lane, then (unless you’re in the NBA forward or an NFL Lineman or something) you have no excuse, son.


Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing Team #9: In 2007, Kelly Miller and Kyle Reuter brought out a black #9 kart and promptly flipped it. And flipped it again. And again. In fact, several drivers drove and flipped it until it was given up on and donated to the track. In 2009, After several rebuilds, Matt and Wes Stevens finally balanced it steady enough to not flip–and has since become a prolific winning kart!

Often available for rental most weekends, it is usually set up as a longer “handicap” kart with more legroom and a higher rated race cam for taller and heavier drivers. And equalize it does, as it is seen in victory lane with countless drivers, such as Ryan Coleman (who gave it it’s current paint scheme), Jeff Tetro, Fred Collins, Russ Bartlett, Adam Lytle, Kevin Galletta, Matt Stevens, Kelly Miller and more–all of whom scored feature wins in it. Don’t believe us? Well, then look!

Notable wins with different drivers in the Galletta’s #9

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Flyin' Ryan Coleman wins!

9/10/2007 – Ryan Coleman

7/27/2009,Fred Collins,Winner,Galletta's #9

7/27/2009 – Fred Collins

6/20/2010 – Jared Halstead

6/27/2010 – Russ Bartlett

7/18/2010 – Jeff Tetro

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8/11/2013 – Kevin Galletta

 photo 2014-08-lytle-win.jpg

8/23/2014 – Adam Lytle

8/7/2015 – Matt Stevens

 photo WP_20170812_21_28_51_Pro-Tim-Chris-win-large.jpg

8/12/2017 – Tim Galletta


2018/07/06 – Kelly Miller

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