Saturday, October 10th, 2020 – The Galletta’s Greenhouse Go-Karting Klassic began in 1995. The annual running to decide our yearly champion (in both points and the Klassic itself) was modeled after brothers Chris and Matt Stevens’ love of Supermodified racing at Oswego Speedway, with just themselves and their dad in yard karts in the backyard behind Galletta’s Greenhouse, where they lived as kids and now each have homes on the property with kids of their own.

Little did we know that 25 years later, we’d have around 20 karts on hand (although some come and go depending on different owners), hundreds of people would have raced with us over the years, we’d have 12 (sometimes more) drivers on track, and we’d actually run a Klassic when our model — Oswego Speedway — couldn’t run theirs due to the COVID-19 restrictions passed down by the State leadership hundreds of miles away.

We also couldn’t have predicted running one without Brian.

In Memory of Brian Galletta

Much like the entire season, the race was ran in honor of Brian Galletta, one of the original members of the club, and 1st cousin to the founding brothers Chris and Matt Stevens who sadly passed away last Christmas 2019. Brian always supported the club, raced as much as he could in it, and LOVED the Klassic itself — even when his health prevented him from racing like he used to, he’d cheer on his brother Kevin (who drives his old kart), assist in flagging, try to recruit new drivers… ANYTHING he could.

We had originally planned to have an All-Galletta Invitational Race in memory of Brian, but COVID-19 restricted out-of-state members of the family from trying. We plan to schedule a race in his memory when the COVID-19 restrictions abide, which hopefully will be sometime in the Summer of 2021 (unless our politicians continue to use it to wreck the economy via even more needlessly excessive shutdowns. Sorry, but not sorry. Pray that don’t happen, and vote for your freedoms, not elitist NPC-programming!).

But regardless, we knew he was watching from above. The rain probably was a prank to let us know he was, knowing Brian! 😉

10/9/2020 – 25th Annual Galletta’s Klassic Time Trials (Day One)

Day one will be locked in unless a driver does not time, wishes to time the
same kart again, or wishes to time a different kart. Subject to change!

Driver Kart Warmup Lap 1 Lap 2 Total
Chris Stevens #4 N/A 16.38 16.53 32.91
Matt Stevens #3 N/A 16.57 16.65 33.22
Travis Bartlett #33c 17.06 17.23 17.01 34.24
Steve Sixberry #5 16.93 16.90 17.10 34.00
David Hartpence Jr. #0 17.12 16.73 17.05 33.78
Justin Thurston #6 17.50 17.15 17.29 34.44
Dave Hartpence Sr. #43 17.45 17.22 16.93 34.15
Tony Hemingway #2 19.58 18.47 18.72 37.19
Andrew Hook #78 17.03 17.41 16.96 34.37
Kelly Miller #9 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Steve Perez Miller #7 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Griffin Miller #? N/A N/A N/A N/A

10/10/2020 – 25th Annual Galletta’s Klassic Time Trials (Day Two)

Day two had 3 more drivers time and two re-times that forfeited their day
one times.

Driver Kart Warmup Lap 1 Lap 2 Total
Nic Olivares #1 16.95 17.19 17.29 34.48
Steve Sixberry #7 16.52 16.54 17.39 33.93
Travis Bartlett #9 16.69 16.71 16.83 33.54
Melissa Stevens #19 17.59 17.51 17.49 35.00
Kevin Galletta #28 17.15 16.90 16.95 33.85

10/10/2020 – 25th Annual Galletta’s Klassic Starting Lineup


1st. Christopher Stevens – R&C Sushi / Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing #4 (16.38)


2nd. Steve Sixberry – Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing #7 (16.54) Heh.


3rd. Matt Stevens – Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing #3 (16.57)


4th. Travis Bartlett – Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing #9 (16.71)


5th. David Hartpence Jr. – Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing #0 (16.73)


6th. Kevin Galletta – Phat Cat Racing (maintained by Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing) #28 (16.90)


7th. Dave Hartpence Sr. – Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing #43 (16.93)


8th. Andrew Hook – Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing #78 (16.96)


9th. Justin Thurston – Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing #6 (17.15)


10th. Nicolas Olivares – Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing #1 (17.19)


11th. Tony Hemingway – Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing #2 (18.47)


12th. Melissa Stevens – Scissors n Fur (maintained by Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing) #19 (17.49)

Open Seats (Backups):
– Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing #8 & #01 (Chris Stevens’ Backups)
– Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing #33 & #74 (Matt Stevens’ Backups)
– Scissors N Fur [maintained by Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing] #80 (Melissa Stevens’ Backup)
– Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing #5 (Open Ride)
– Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing #33c (Open Ride),
– Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing #93 (Open Ride),

Chris Stevens #4
Steve Sixberry #7
Matt Stevens #3
Travis Bartlett #9
David Hartpence Jr. #0
Kevin Galletta #28
Dave Hartpence Sr. #43
Andrew Hook #78
Justin Thurston #6
Nicolas Olivares #1
Melissa Stevens #19
Tony Hemingway #2
Kelly Miller —
Steve Perez Miller —
Griffin Miller —


Here is the raw, almost completely unedited video from the Tower camera, operated by Rung “Aou” Stevens. (Late in the race, it was switched to a stationary camera, where some long pauses in the action from the angle were cut — basically the only omission in the footage. All laps were recorded!).

Chris Stevens’ GoPro Helmet Cam:

Note: The camera did run out of battery during the race due to so many accidents, rain delays and repair timeouts. During intermissions, I replaced it… but unfortunately lost some laps (and some nice racing!) in the meantime.


I’ve been dealing with a massive amount of hacker attempts at injecting malware and viruses, spammers, and other assorted malicious attempts to take down the website. It actually HAS gone down a few times because of it, too. (Funny, as these hacking attempts out-number regular viewers probably 1,000-to-1!). Fighting against these (along with having a day job and two kids) has delayed my work on the videos and point scoring, but PLEASE BE PATIENT AND CHECK BACK OFTEN! I got some raw videos up and hopefully a “final edit” that combines multiple shots and also has narration, hopefully sooner rather than later. I’ll finish ASAP! THANKS!

– Chris Stevens, Your fellow racer (and graphic artist, video editor, points statician, AND website administrator)!

Original notes:

The 25th Annual 200-Lap Klassic is coming, Saturday 10/10/2020!

Klassic History!

We apologize for the long layoff, but Matt — the main mechanic and track groomer — needed 2, 3, 4, no 5 weeks of preparation work due to the daunting task of repairing the track and karts (some took a beating during the last few regular seasons). Not to mention that yours-truly Chris Stevens [webmaster, racer, video editor, points counter] also needed an extra couple of weeks to catch up with the points and videos as well, not to mention was hospitalized with a kidney stone last week (I’m ok, it passed, but it was one of the two the least fun experiences of my life)] and dealing with a @$$pu$$y hacker attack. But now…

Saturday, 10/10/2020 afternoon is our goal for the 200!
[Weather depending! Scroll down below and Stay tuned here!]

A FULL field is expected, including a contingent of former Klassic winners, so Matt — between watching his two young daughters — has been working overtime getting the karts ready, Wes, and a few drivers have also chipped in. Please stay tuned and scroll down for more info.

It was a LONG evening drying the track after two significant rain showers struck right before we started and then again during the race. This was unfortunately added to lots of cautions, some breakdowns and repair timeouts, and just many small delays. But we gutted it out and finished… although it wasn’t until 1AM Sunday 10/11! Stay tuned, as I’m too physically beat, mentally exhausted, and sleep deprived to throw up at least a picture or two, but will be working on them as soon as I get the chance during the next few days! BTW… the racing was AMAZINGLY good! Lots of very fun battles! And the finish was a back and forth one for the ages!