9/28/2017 – Matt Stevens Annual Pre-Klassic Personal Time Trial Session

Every year, head mechanic Matt Stevens preps all of the karts at Galletta’s and attempts to get them all up to par and ready to go in our 200 lapper. Matt preps every kart as if it was his own and as if he was going to drive it for the race, and the only karts he gives preference to are the ones that are the slowest, and he tries to get them fast enough to compete with any of the others and the ones that are the fastest he doesn’t do as much to. And ANY of the karts can win with a good driver at the helm. He usually does his job well, as at the fact of the matter is that he has won a feature in nearly every kart he owns and has driven (most of the Galletta Team karts, with the exception of his brother’s and maybe his wife’s; and they won in theirs anyway, and every Galletta’s Team kart has won with either him or someone else driving it) and pretty much any kart that has ever won, he either built or helped with the set up.


Elapsed Time: 000:00:01:39:085 
Lap 4 000:00:00:17:357 
Lap 3 000:00:00:31:587 
Lap 2 000:00:00:15:833 
Lap 1 000:00:00:16:665 
Average: 000:00:00:20:361


Elapsed Time: 000:00:01:39:858 
Lap 5 000:00:00:17:763 
Lap 4 000:00:00:15:822 
Lap 3 000:00:00:15:842 
Lap 2 000:00:00:16:098 
Lap 1 000:00:00:16:001 
Average: 000:00:00:16:306


Elapsed Time: 000:00:01:22:987 
Lap 4 000:00:00:17:694 
Lap 3 000:00:00:15:634 
Lap 2 000:00:00:15:756 
Lap 1 000:00:00:15:954 
Average: 000:00:00:16:260


Elapsed Time: 000:00:01:24:952 
Lap 3 000:00:00:51:706 
Lap 2 000:00:00:15:779 
Lap 1 000:00:00:16:101 
Average: 000:00:00:27:863

Elapsed Time: 000:00:00:50:661 
Lap 2 000:00:00:15:944 
Lap 1 000:00:00:16:105 
Average: 000:00:00:16:025 


Elapsed Time: 000:00:01:24:130 
Lap 4 000:00:00:17:485 
Lap 3 000:00:00:16:209 
Lap 2 000:00:00:16:199 
Lap 1 000:00:00:16:370 
Average: 000:00:00:16:566


Elapsed Time: 000:00:01:42:583 
Lap 5 000:00:00:18:460 
Lap 4 000:00:00:16:337 
Lap 3 000:00:00:16:429 
Lap 2 000:00:00:16:450 
Lap 1 000:00:00:16:698 
Average: 000:00:00:16:875


Elapsed Time: 000:00:01:50:986 
Lap 5 000:00:00:17:922 
Lap 4 000:00:00:33:594 
Lap 3 000:00:00:15:822 
Lap 2 000:00:00:15:797 
Lap 1 000:00:00:15:879 
Average: 000:00:00:19:803


Elapsed Time: 000:00:01:44:434 
Lap 5 000:00:00:00:356 
Lap 4 000:00:00:53:460 
Lap 3 000:00:00:16:616 
Lap 2000:00:00:16:182 
Lap 1 000:00:00:16:142 
Average: 000:00:00:20:552

Elapsed Time: 000:00:00:39:078 
Lap 3 000:00:00:18:635 
Lap 2 000:00:00:01:783 
Lap 1 000:00:00:17:614 
Average: 000:00:00:12:678


Elapsed Time: 000:00:01:39:831 
Lap 5 000:00:00:17:746 
Lap 4 000:00:00:16:071 
Lap 3 000:00:00:16:206 
Lap 2 000:00:00:15:969 
Lap 1 000:00:00:16:308 
Average: 000:00:00:16:461


Elapsed Time: 000:00:01:40:065 
Lap 5 000:00:00:17:978 
Lap 4 000:00:00:19:548 
Lap 3 000:00:00:16:109 
Lap 2 000:00:00:16:051 
Lap 1 000:00:00:15:954 
Average: 000:00:00:17:129


Elapsed Time: 000:00:01:24:304 
Lap 4 000:00:00:17:627 
Lap 3 000:00:00:16:161 
Lap 2 000:00:00:16:409 
Lap 1 000:00:00:16:495 
Average: 000:00:00:16:673


Elapsed Time: 000:00:01:22:987 
Average: 000:00:00:16:358


Elapsed Time: 000:00:01:23:729 
Lap 4 000:00:00:18:078 
Lap 3 000:00:00:15:764 
Lap 2 000:00:00:16:013 
Lap 1 000:00:00:16:104 
Average: 000:00:00:16:490


Elapsed Time: 000:00:01:24:062 
Lap 4 000:00:00:17:856 
Lap 3 000:00:00:15:901 
Lap 2 000:00:00:16:209 
Lap 1 000:00:00:15:968 
Average: 000:00:00:16:484


Elapsed Time: 000:00:01:23:122 
Lap 4 000:00:00:17:871 
Lap 3 000:00:00:15:855 
Lap 2 000:00:00:15:719 
Lap 1 000:00:00:15:960 
Average: 000:00:00:16:352


Elapsed Time: 000:00:01:23:973 
Lap 4 000:00:00:18:099 
Lap 3 000:00:00:16:094 
Lap 2 000:00:00:15:963 
Lap 1 000:00:00:15:930 
Average: 000:00:00:16:522


Elapsed Time: 000:00:03:05:540 
Lap 2 000:00:00:16:454 
Lap 1 000:00:00:16:732 
Average: 000:00:00:16:593

Elapsed Time: 000:00:01:09:719 
Lap 3 000:00:00:18:275 
Lap 2 000:00:00:16:479 
Lap 1 000:00:00:16:665 
Average: 000:00:00:17:140

19 not timed (choice)
5 not timed (mechanical) 78 not timed. (mechanical) 74 not timed. (mechanical)


10/13/2017 – The 22nd Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic 200!

Friday, October 13th, 2017 – Our 22nd Annual Galletta’s Go-Karts 200-Lap Klassic Championship FINALLY went down after a near month of delays due to lousy driver attendence, occasional bad weather, colds, and other strange anomolies. We actually had to schedule it on a Friday due to all the delays, otherwise risk weather not cooperating and losing more drivers than we already could muster. And it wound up being one of the best and most climatic races in Klassic history, which is what we hope for all of them. Above is the unedited race video for your viewing pleasure!

Flexible Schedule Update Results! 

Every week we have a “Flexible Schedule” to try and get as inclusive as possible getting more drivers on the track. We’re open to many days and many times in this quest for more drivers — old veteran racers, newbie rookies, vets of other race divisions in the area looking to have fun racing equalized karts and everything between. Around 20 arrive-and-drive karts with most of them sitting idle without drivers and only $25 to race them for 50-70 laps a week (prices higher for the Klassic 200 Lapper). 6-or-more constitutes as a points race that will be video recorded for the website. We hold and extremely open and inclusive schedule because we have had such low driver turnout most (almost all) of this season. With higher driver turnout, we can be MUCH firmer on creating a schedule and holding an accurate start time because we won’t be waiting for a bare-bones minimum driver field. Regular season starts are usually flexible between 5-7pm, Klassic 200 should start time trials between 12pm and 1pm, the 200 starting shortly after then. We are in search of new rookie drivers (we have all-rookie races for groups) and returning retired/semi-retired vets. Come on up! Schedule for the next month... Well, let’s see how being so open and inclusive helped out our race schedule, shall we?:

10/7/2017 – Race Cancelled Due to Lack of Driver Availability & Klassic Prep Week III

Saturday, October 7th, 2017 – Matt had originally loosely scheduled the Klassic 200 for Saturday, September 23rd, then firmly for 30th, then sternly for October 7th and then….. WELL, WELL, WELL… FOR THE 9TH TIME IN 18 WEEKENDS SINCE OUR JUNE OPENER… WE DON’T HAVE ENOUGH DRIVERS YET AGAIN! WOW! SURPRISE. HALF OF THE RACE SEASON HAS BEEN CANCELLED?! Why? Not weather! Nope. Not karts! No, plenty of those. Nope,… NO DRIVERS! And people got mad when I said everybody quit? Sure looks like it. Well, here we go, we gonna’ try again and see! The 22nd Annual Galletta’s Klassic 200 is now scheduled for Friday, October 13th, 2017 and if people no-show for that, then we’ll try again on Saturday, October 7th, 2017! If people no-show for that, then eventually it will just be Matt, Chris and Josh for 200 laps in a rainstorm or snowstorm and that’s it, as they have been the only 3 showing any skill and determination at racing at all every single race all season... (and no, starting on the pole and in short races and holding on for the win in a short feature once or twice a year and then not doing anything else except dropping out of races and running home and having a ton of excuses for quitting [although not really quitting, sorry]) isn’t showing much skill, other guys.).

9/30/2017 – Race Cancelled Due to Weather, Lack of Driver Availability & Klassic Prep Week II

Saturday, September 30th, 2017 – Matt had originally scheduled the Klassic 200 for Saturday, September 30th, but between bad weather (cold & rain), a bout of stubborn respiratory/head colds going around AND only 2-3 visiting veterans available to race led to a wise decision to delay. He did, however, get the personal time trial session in for all but 3 of the karts, and that is found here. is now scheduled for Saturday, October 7th, 2017!

[10/1/2017 Update: The regular season points are finished. Due to work (and low driver turnout) , it took a little longer than expected, but it is now here. (And will be time trial order for Klassic 200). The Klassic usually concludes our point standings [although we do count Fall races as All-Time points IF we have them, but we’ve had such inconsistent (and often poor) weekly attendance this season that we likely won’t be able to have any]. -Webmaster Chris]

9/23/2017 – Race Cancelled Due to Lack of Driver Availability & Klassic Prep Week

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 – Matt Stevens elected this to be an off-week due to his daughter’s birthday and most of our regular veteran drivers seemingly ONLY wanting to race Klassic (if that?) and nothing else. However, the 9/16/2017 race video was completed and the points are being processed (they were actually almost done, when a computer glitch unsaved finished work and I have to find time to re-do it). Also, I’ve been delayed due to work and family stuff, further compacted by, having to play catch up and finish two (of the most exciting races in our history – the 2013 Klassic 200 that had a showdown between Kelly Miller and Chris & Matt Stevens, and the 2015 Klassic 200 which had a showdown between Kyle Reuter and Chris & Matt Stevens!) videos before the YouTube video editor was removed from service (which was the primary editor I used and how I was able to edit hundreds of our race videos dating back from 1998-2017 in the last year and a half). But the points WILL be done before our next race. Thanks! -Webmaster Chri