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Unfortunately, our usual camera person was recovering from a c-section exactly one week earlier (and not allowed to climb steps–doctor’s orders) and another declined to help record for the 2nd week in a row (this time because of being weak due to a blood test, but wasn’t too weak to strap on a helmet and take a lap). And last week we had a guest star driver at the track. But… other than a picture, we have no record of it though. No help on the video.

SO… this means two stationary cameras and lots of editing with an expensive program is needed before you get a halfway decent video, and we need a quality video to get pictures, tell a story, and score points. It’s fairly important to our club.

Thus, because of this, I have contemplated concluding the go-out-for-a-lap-and-get-points-and-contribute-nothing-else and makeup race rules, as has been warned many times for those who choose not to contribute but benefit and make a stink if one thing about them is wrong on the site and demand their points and wins be accurately scored or threats and other manipulative things will occur.

Wait, what?! Why?

The video is just as important to the club as the karts, the track, and the drivers, and without the video, the club does not exist.


1. I make the website’ videos from it, and without it, THE WEBSITE HAS NO VIDEOS.
2. I make the website’s pictures from it, and without it THE WEBSITE HAS NO PICTURES.
3. I count the laps and the driver’s places from it, and without it, THE POINTS DO NOT GET SCORED FOR ANYBODY.
4. If all of the above don’t happen, there si no record of anything, and THE WEBSITE HAS NOTHING ON IT.
5. If the website has nothing to report, nobody knows we even exist, and it’s my passion to do it all for everyone (and make it cool, comprehensive and attempting to make it also funny–although some disagree about my humor and have been angered with me about it), so without it, I have no need to continue, I can quit racing, video, stats, and website, and free up countless hours of my free time and spend it on other things. I seriously put a fairly large chunk of my not-at-work time on the site. Why? Just to get attacked? Ignored? Mocked? Fun stuff! (It isn’t getting more drivers, is it? We used to have 10-15 a week several years ago. Now we’ve been only 3-8.)

In order to make anything out of our stationary cameras, I had to buy software where I could attempt to edit it together. Firstly, free apps have limited use and/or are ineffective at doing halfway serious video editing. They work for short clips for social media purposes and that’s it. To do a halfway decent video, you need a reasonably good program, and those cost money. I had such a program once, but my old PC is broke, and the program is not transferable. I was now forced to buy one, out of my own money–just like the website’s hosting (which is over $100 a year out of my own pocket). Do I expect to be reimbursed?

Chris’s Donation Fund for his websites since 2005:


Hell, I used to make money on ads that used to at least partially pay for the site hosting, but between Adblockers and people not checking them out regardless, it is nothing, now.

The videos tell a story, report the race, provide a record of our races and a source for pictures, stats, point counting, and all of the above. We do not have spotters or transponders. We have bare bones… karts, a track, a few racers and everyone contributing their own thing to make the club work. We all contribute to the club in one way or another: Our time, our work, our energy, our money… we all contribute and by doing so the club exists. We don’t charge money to anybody for our work. Matt maintains the karts out of his own time, money and nominal rentals for the karts (that do not cover the kart wear and gas), I maintain the website and do videos completely out of my own money and time (and I get $0.00).

So if we don’t contribute anything, and decline help when asked maybe once or twice a year, but demand a name on the website or make your husband, brother and sister in law’s lives uncomfortable, sell karts that belong to the club (we can’t make anymore, our track welder has Parkinson’s and can’t make karts like he used to, and you never paid for that work, just the materials), so it’s a slap in the face and an arrogant diva act to me. Then, I got attacked for not making it to the track sooner because I was BUSY SETTING UP STATIONARY CAMERAS BECAUSE NOBODY COULD RECORD THEM.

But… I’m the bad guy. I’m picking on someone.

So, yeah, there’s the story. Some tell me I shouldn’t post it publicly? Some people talk and post shit about me and my wife on Facebook, their mom calls our co-racer/friends and lies about us so they never come back and we get a bad name, and someone reports us to authorities at our job for doing nothing wrong, but still knew personal stuff about us that only immediate family would know, so yeah, to me it’s fair game. Boo-hoo.

Rant over. Our regular camera person should be back for next week. Hopefully that will be the last I have to depend on anybody to do something ever again.