7/12/2020 – The Return of the Barber! Chris Stevens and Keith Raymond win the Twin-25s! [+YouTube]


Sunday, July 12th, 2020 – Good Guys Barbershop’s Keith Raymond makes it to his 1st race since the 2018 Klassic 200 and put the Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing #0 back in victory lane, winning the 2nd of two 25-Lap Features! Chris Stevens put the Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing #8 in Victory Lane in the 1st. The track held up well (Matt Stevens MUST be thanked for his tireless track work during the week, and the rain certainly helped the track hold together as well), and the racing was close, clean and competitive. Enjoy the points, the unedited/unnarrated, and finalized videos from THREE camera angles this week via YouTube here!

FEATURE #1 START (25 Laps)

1. Greg Blanchard (Galletta’s #33c)
2. Travis Bartlett (Galletta’s #28)
3. Eric Woolworth (Galletta’s #78)
4. Chris Stevens (Galletta’s #8)
5. Matt Stevens (Galletta’s #33)
6. Keith Raymond (Galletta’s #0)
7. Timothy Prior (Galletta’s #2) ®
8. Melissa Stevens (Galletta’s #80)

Tower Camera Only

Here is the raw, unedited, un-doctored, un-narrated video from the Tower angle, as usual by Rung “Aou” Stevens.

The race was mostly event-free and passing was at a premium. In fact, usual terror Matt Stevens wound up getting passed a few times during the night while trying to pass others, which showed how close the racing was. The most eventful moment of the race occured when lapped traffic slowed leader Travis Bartlett down enabling Chris Stevens to sneak under and get the pass, after which he led the rest of the way, leaving Travis still in search for his elusive 1st “regular” feature win at Galletta’s (he won one of the two unrecorded post-Klassic Fall Features last year).

FEATURE #1 FINISH (26? Laps*)

1. Chris Stevens (Galletta’s #8)
2. Travis Bartlett (Galletta’s #28)
3. Matt Stevens (Galletta’s #33)
4. Eric Woolworth (Galletta’s #78)
5. Greg Blanchard (Galletta’s #33c)
6. Keith Raymond (Galletta’s #0) -1L**
7. Timothy Prior (Galletta’s #2) ® -1L
8. Melissa Stevens (Galletta’s #80) -24L

* = Race technically went 26 green laps (2 of which were green-to-yellow) and 3 caution laps according to the camera count.
-1L** = Keith Raymond spun and was not seen by starter Wes Stevens, so the caution did not fly and he wound up losing a lap.
(Note for both of these: We need volunteers to be corner flaggers and/or lap-counters, please!!!!!)
® = 1st-timer rookie driver

Helmet Camera (Chris Stevens View) Only

Here is the entire event, again undoctored and unedited, from Chris Stevens’ R & C Sushi LLC GoPro camera.

FEATURE #2 START (25 Laps)

1. Keith Raymond (Galletta’s #0)
2. Greg Blanchard (Galletta’s #33c)
3. Eric Woolworth (Galletta’s #78)
4. Matt Stevens (Galletta’s #74)
5. Travis Bartlett (Galletta’s #28)
6. Chris Stevens (Galletta’s #8)
7. Timothy Prior (Galletta’s #2) ®
8. Melissa Stevens (Galletta’s #80) DNS

Rear Turn Stationary Camera Only

Here is a stationary motion-detection “security cam” footage from the light pole between turns 3 and 4, which was only active when karts went by. We always miss some good action out there without a camera-person.

The benefit of Keith Raymond losing a lap in the 1st feature is that it set him up on the pole for the 2nd! And he led green to checker, proving he wasn’t very rusty after being a year and a half reloved from his last race (the 2018 Klassic 200).

FEATURE #2 FINISH (24? Laps***)

1. Keith Raymond (Galletta’s #0)
2. Chris Stevens (Galletta’s #8)
3. Travis Bartlett (Galletta’s #28)
4. Matt Stevens (Galletta’s #74)
5. Eric Woolworth (Galletta’s #78)
6. Greg Blanchard (Galletta’s #33c)
7. Timothy Prior (Galletta’s #2) ® -1L
8. Melissa Stevens (Galletta’s #80) -24L

Key Notes:
*** = We went 24 green flag laps and 4 yellow laps according to the camera footage. Again, if anyone can help flagging or lap counting, it would be much appreciated!
® = 1st-Timer Rookie Driver

Galletta’s Greenhouse Speedway 2020 Point Standings

All races from 6/14/2020 – 7/12/2020:

20200615_002228_25th-Opener2020 #1 20200705_210638-matt-victor2020 #2 20200712_2220580-winners2020 #3