Why spend $3,000-$6,000 +fees to race
a go-kart competitively?

Why not try a $300-$600 kart and be able to race like this
for free all season?

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Galletta’s Karting Club, located
in Oswego, NY, is a go-kart racing club that specializes on
racing as professionally as we can for as economically as
possible. We developed a style of kart racing that is different,
but no less competitive than any national karting organization.

biggest difference is affordability. Our club is free to join
and race in, and the only thing anybody pays for is gas and
parts. We are the largest and longest-running
dirt karting class in the local area, as we were founded in
the early 1990s and our average feature is 45-Laps usually
consisting of 10-15 karts, with a
200-Lap “Klassic” Championship

at Summer’s end deciding an Annual Points Champion. We race
homemade 1-Wheel-Drive racing karts that can race on professional
karting tracks and backyard speedways alike. We have karts
rebuilt from used racing chassis, used yard karts and some
built from scratch. We have ONE class to ensure a true overall
track champion, and not have several smaller classes of divisional
champions with no clear winner. We race used 5hp Briggs Flathead
motors fueled by pump gas, sped-up by hand-shaved heads, and
regulated by stock Fun Power-type carburetors instead of expensive
prefabricated 2-WD chassis powered by high-priced methanol-fueled
motors. On our own backyard oval speedway, we turn clockwise
with our top speeds approximately 45-50MPH. Although we all
run in the same division, in addition to a minimum weight
requirement, we have something unique to our inclusive class
— a weight-to-power-allowance scale to allow heavier drivers
more horsepower via stronger racing cams and more powerful
gear ratios, a system proven to be successful as we have the
tightest competition and most varied winner’s circle locally
over the last few years. This way our one class is bigger,
almost as fast, and more competitive than the higher-priced
karting classes, because heavier and lighter drivers can race
equally and having the same chance of winning as the next
guy. Racing experience, starting position, and a little bit
of luck usually decides the outcome, and money and kart price
play no role. To ensure this, we have an expert motor builder
— club cofounder Matt Stevens – who oversees that all of
the motors are legal, equalized, and competitive, and does
so for no cost – just to have people to race with! Join us
and find out what many people, including semipro drivers from
local racetracks say – we have the most fun and spend the
least money of likely any competitive motorsport class in
the world! Just because the track is not located behind a
famous race track, and the karts don’t cost over a grand doesn’t
mean this isn’t real racing with talented drivers and excellent
competition. Earn your karting “street cred” at
Galletta’s. Enjoy! ATTENTION:
New drivers wanted!

You are invited to join the club! We are the longest-running,
largest, most affordable and most competitive karting organization
in the area, but due to a handful of our weekly veterans selling
their karts and/or retiring in the offseason, there are several
karts that sit idle every weekend in need of good drivers’
butts in their seats to race them every Sunday. Several race-ready
karts sit at trackside, and in all of Oswego – supposedly
a racing fan town with alleged aspiring drivers – we have
more competitive, race-ready karts on the sidelines than on
the track. Stop being pussies and race, sons. New drivers
are invited, and vets who have missed out this year are as
well. 1st-Timer rookies are allowed to schedule rookie races
during the week to get ready for the regular races, but we
do prefer Sunday before the regular race itself.


Our races are every Summer Sunday evening
and switch to Fall Fridays and/or Fall Saturdays. We race
on nominal donations. We have several feature-winning
arrive-and-drive “Galletta’s” karts that are
available to drive in a race (consisting of anywhere between
45-70 laps) for $25 (covers gas, engine wear and part
wear). If you have your own kart with matching specs to
our club, there is a $5 donation (covers gas, water, lights,
and truck use in prepping the track) to race. Again, the
donations operate the over a dozen karts, and the parts,
gas, electricity, lights, and water for the weekly operation
of the track.

We race every Sunday in the Summer (June through August,
but switch to every-other-Saturday/Fridays/occasional Sundays
in the Fall through November). Regular “Summer Season
Point Series” ends with Klassic 200-Lapper that determines
the points and Klassic Championships of the track, and erratic
post-Klassic races are “Fall Bonus Point Challenge races
that only count for the All-Time points, but not the summer
series. Drivers should come on time or early to help get the
track and karts ready to race.

Races are free to watch, but all spectators must stay at
least 10 feet away from the track, not in the “hot”
pits, and/or in back of a solid object when karts are on the
track. People are invited to join us racing, but you must
understand basic racing rules, have full body and full helmet
protection, and obey and respect all rules and regulations
of the property owner, flaggers, kart owners, and your fellow
karting competitors – with veteran and regular drivers taking
more seniority over newbies.