Mark Miller - OHV Outlaw #007

Mark Miller

Team OHV Outlaw #007
(also ran Galletta’s #7 in a few events)

Motor(s) used:
5.5hp Briggs & Stratton OHV (when Galletta’s ran Box Stock 5hp)
6.5hp Briggs & Stratton OHV (?) (when Galletta’s ran Shaved Head stock 5hp)

Years Active:

Ranking in the All-Time Points & Wins Lists:
Galletta’s Backyard Karting Speedway
Oswego Speedway Kartway (Right-Turn / Gas Stock Division)

Fun Facts & History:

  • In 2004, Mark was extremely enthusiastic about the races (which we LOVE!) and joined up, at 1st racing Galletta’s Karts and doing quite well in them!
  • He was the first to introduce the OHV motor into our racing club, as he was heavier than most of the other competitors and felt like he was at a disadvantage. Matt allowed it, but then we soon realized it had so much power that it more than made up for the weight difference and even had an unfair advantage.
  • Mark was the original OHV Outlaw in 2004 in his tank-mobile #007, which he brought back in 2005 and raced through to 2006-2007 at Oswego Speedway’s Kartway.
  • Mark did so well in his #007 creation that he won many features and still to this day has one of the highest win totals, and best win/point percentages of all club racers despite only racing roughly a single season here and never entering a Galletta’s Klassic!
  • Always a fierce, solid competitor – winning a few features at Galletta’s and Oswego. We always enjoyed racing him… except when he displayed a bad habit of passing people under caution or not going to the back when involved in a wreck, which upset a few drivers and made point scoring difficult (we even altered our wreck rules a bit to appease him).
  • Mark flipped *HARD* when wrecking with fellow OHV racer Mike Billion (one tape was lost but a 2nd tape recently located). He and Mike then wrecked, argued, and nearly fought the following weekend, which is a big no-no on our track!
  • In late 2005, 100% of all Galletta’s Go-Kart Club flathead kart drivers felt that it was a clear and unfair power advantage for the OHV karts, and it got to the point of even causing an argument in late 2005, and Mark got quite angry and quit the track.
  • Mark and Co. were asked to come back but just try Flatheads again. He never returned.
  • We raced the Outlaws again at Oswego Speedway’s new Dirt Kartway in 2006-08, as track operator forced us to run against each other despite the motor differences that caused disagreements in 2004-05 at Galletta’s.
  • Mark retired in 2007 after a few hard flips at both Galletta’s and Oswego.


Mark was a part of a group that brought OHV motors to our races and called themselves “The Outlaws” after Galletta’s Karting Club racers all had 5hp Flatheads and felt like the OHV motors had *WAY* too much power to compete with. There were multiple drivers who raced with us over the years in this style of motor (as documented in our All-Time Galletta’s Backyard Speedway Points and All-Time Oswego Kartway Points).

Now while we had some some irreconcilable disagreements about motors with these drivers, we always enjoyed racing with these guys, as we felt that they were passionate racers that we thoroughly enjoyed competing against. We want serious racers to race with. We just could not agree on motors, gears and weights, and it created hard feelings where there should have been none, and it got to the point where we even felt as if the track operator was purposely trying to get us mad at each other after a while…

Too Bad They Quit…

Shortly later on, in late-2008 and up, we *did* create broader weight and power rules for our club so that heavier drivers could compete against lighter ones (weights on lighter drivers and some extra powered cams and gears on the heavier ones). It worked on equalizing the races more than ever before, as we had the largest amount of winners in a single season that we ever had after the rules were enacted (including a handful of drivers who were all way heavier than Mark!), as seen immediately in 2009, 2010, 2011 and onward! Sadly, the Kartway excluded our club and the Outlaws never came back to experience our new weight/power rules. They would have doubtlessly excelled!

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