BILLY RUGGIO | (2012-15)


posing before the 17th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic 200 on 10/6/2012.
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William Bill Billy Ruggio
Ruggio Racing #02
Ruggio Racing #02b (Big Blue)

Fun Facts / Race Notes / Career Highlights:

Before the start of the 2012 season, Billy purchased the former Nick Dann #02/#68 from its second owner, AJ Nason (who numbered it #35). It is a former yard kart that was transformed to a hybrid Galletta-class racing kart by Dick Dann between 2005-2009. He also purchased the former Larry Phillips #04 from the kart’s second owner, Kenny Lindsley III, who numbered it #14, and used it as his backup before selling it to Eric Woolworth. Billy has been friends with several Galletta’s racers since childhood, but only joined the racing in 2012. Due to work and family obligations, Billy found it difficult to race a full schedule and more or less sold his kart (also to Eric) and retired from regular racing after completing his 1st full season at Galletta’s — only racing a single event since ’12. Rest assured, we all loved Billy’s sense of humor and personality and wished he’d come back and race more, even if from just time to time.

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