Our club has recorded every single race at Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway since mid-2005, every Klassic Championship since 1998, and every one of our races at Oswego Kartway (formerly known as Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Kart Track) between 2007-2008. You may watch entire season playlists here! [Note: A few races have not yet been uploaded/edited/processed because they are lost, but when they do, they will be placed in their correct position in said playlist. Over 99% are uploaded in their entirety.] Of these playlists, every race and camera angle (with a few highlight reels) and put in chronological order. Just play and watch the whole season from start to finish! Enjoy!

2019 Season Playlist

Watch every lap of the most recent season play out from 1st race to last! We started slow with scarce drivers, but ended strong when two batches of passionate rookies showed up to save the season and make it a highly competitive one that went down to the late stages of the Klassic 200!

2018 Season Playlist

The 2018 season was our least-attended season since the early-2000s. But much like the 2017 season, what we lacked in drivers (and therefore quantity of races), we made up for in quality races. Enjoy!

2017 Season Playlist

The 2017 season started off with a bang (literally and figuratively), hit a massive lull for most of the summer (lack of drivers led to fewer races), but a great Klassic 200 to finish off strong.

2016 Season Playlist

The 2016 Season began where the 2015 one left off… a lot of drivers and a lot of good racing action!

2015 Season Playlist

2015 saw a rebirth of our karting club. Several new drivers joined late and it began a renaissance for the club with our largest races seen in a few years. Enough people eventually realize that we have as much fun as any form of Motorsport racing, we just do it way cheaper, yet STILL keep MORE competitive as any racing class you can find. Top that! And there’s simply no way you can top our 200-lapper, when Chris Stevens, Kyle Reuter and Matt Stevens (essentially — in our opinion AND feature win totals — the best 3 karters in Oswego) battled to the very last lap in a fantastic finish for the ages!

2014 Season Playlist

Again, mid-season we struggled with keeping enough drivers on track on weekly basis. Chris getting injured in a mid-season accident and then having a newborn child didn’t help, as well as a cousin of several of the club’s drivers unexpectedly passed away on the same day Chris’ daughter was born. In the end, the club had it’s least-attended season in a decade. It almost came time to consider disbanding the races when only a handful of drivers showed up for our season-ending 200-lapper, but Chris and Matt started with less, and refused to quit. If running over 90 consecutive laps ALL BY THEMSELVES WITHOUT CAUTIONS to finish the 200 lapper proved anything, it proved that even if no karter in Oswego County can do what these guys do – put on a whole show and still go out and race close to flawlessly for the FUN of pure racing, and not for the grandeur.

2013 Season Playlist

2013 was another good one, but like the last few seasons, at times we had trouble getting enough regular drivers to run when a few moved away and then a few more quit. When we DID have enough, it was good stuff, with another amazing Klassic 200 finale In the end, it was another successful season with another awesome Klassic 200 involving Chris, Matt and Kelly Miller!

2012 Season Playlist

By 2012, our races were competitive, but new racers needed grooming annually. But usually, by season’s end, the races were something to be hold.

2011 Season Playlist

2011 was another fine season at Galletta’s, although our regular drivers somewhat dwindled. Don’t think this hurt the racing action at all, as some of the most exciting races in our history took place here, including our unbelievable Klassic 200 finish!

2010 Season Playlist

By 2010, much like 2009 before it, new drivers (and some relatives) joined and made it another excellent season. How excellent? Every week was a new winner for almost the entire season! You really cannot find that in most racing classes anywhere!

2009 Season Playlist

In the winter of 2009, the Galletta’s Karting Club and Oswego Kartway track operators/managers could not agree on rules and the club resumed being a single track racing club, where it all began. While we were initially disappointed, we realized that after some people from the track resorted to extremely politically incorrect name-calling and threats of violence towards us, we were better off saving a lot of time money and racing on our own track. The Outlaws were also disbanded, with gas “Box Stock” Clone karts replacing us as the “affordable” class, but they shortly entered the realm of expensive racing classes with the rest of them. As for us, a few relatives finally joined the club and wished they were there with us from the beginning (and when we raced at Oswego). Despite becoming a 1-track-class, we had a great season, just a little less busy and A LOT cheaper. And even better than ever, Matt Stevens adapted his weight-to-power ratio and made for the most competitive season to date with the most different winners in our history! Including… the Klassic 200!

2008 Season Playlist (Part 2)

The final leg of the busy 2008 season, which was our last splitting time at the Oswego Kartway, but far from the last of the club that gave the idea to the builders of the Oswego Kartway.

2008 Season Playlist (Part 1)

In one of our most ambitious seasons racing two tracks every week for the third year in a row, we resumed the same old fun at Galletta’s, but started to feel a bit of a pinch on the other “pay track”. The newly renamed Oswego Kartway was starting to garner more interest, getting bigger turnouts in methanol classes and our gas yard kart hybrids started getting pushed to the side. We eventually spit from the OHV Outlaws and had our own Galletta’s class, which Matt, Wes and Chris Stevens again swept the Classic, although controversy struck as our Classic ended under yellow and the finish was a giant confusing mess. And, the following off-season, our disagreements with the track operator as well as our split from the OHV Outlaws made it our last race at the track.

2007 Season Playlist (Part 2)

The 2nd half of the 2007 Season features our 15-kart / 50-Lap Classic at Oswego Speedway (still, to this day, the biggest race in that track’s history) and our 12 Kart /250-Lap Klassic at Galletta’s! Although the fairness of the bigger motor Outlaws vs. Galletta’s was always in question, it was the three founders at Galletta’s – Chris, Wes and Matt Stevens – sweeping the 15-kart 50-lap Classic in ’07!

2007 Season Playlist (Part 1)

2007 again resumed with us racing two tracks after Oswego Speedway Dirt Track operator invited us back. We again raced against the larger motors in a mixed-motor yard kart class at Oswego, and our own same-class motors at Galletta’s. While fun was had most of the time all year, a few incidents with the “OHV Outlaws” made things still a bit uneasy at the local pay track, including what appeared to be purposeful wrecks, angry threats in the pits by one driver (and his family) in particular.

2006 Season Playlist

In 2006, they were invited to join that very Oswego Speedway’s dirt track (later renamed Oswego kartway) in a 1-WD gas stock division (also known as Racing Modified Yard Karts), and the Galletta’s Karting Club raced two tracks full time for almost the entirety of three straight seasons (2006-2008), being the largest class for the first two seasons! (However, due to the broken promises of one of our “Crash-happy” racers, we have no video footage of our 2006 season at Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Track). At Oswego, we were forced to race against the drivers who quit Galletta’s after we requested either they get the same motors as we run or start a 2nd class with their existing motors.

2005 Season Playlist

Every single race the club ran from mid 2005-current has been recorded on video, and nearly all have been uploaded to YouTube (any missing ones will be uploaded as soon as found), so the playlists are longer from here on out. In late 2004 through almost all of 2005, a group of racers with different motors (Briggs & Stratton gas 6.5hp OHVs) introduced non-box-stock motors to the club, which forced some racing enhancements. While the racing was intense, the OHV racers quit Galletta’s after we requested either they get the same motors as we run or start a 2nd class with their existing motors. Shortly before that in mid-2005, someone with the above mentioned OHV gang raced at the track a couple of times and then asked the Oswego Speedway permission to build a dirt go-kart track in back of the famous and historic Steel Palace (so, yes, you can thank us for the Oswego Kartway’s existence, folks. They kinda’ took our idea and with proper funding and a very enticing location in back of the big track, made a nice little pay track for the local drivers), to which one of our drivers tested out Classic weekend 2005 (although racing against stagger and against methanol karts, it wasn’t a pretty sight).

2002-2004 Season Playlist

In the early 2000s, the karts began getting adapted for racing by the occasional Oswego Speedway guest racer, and taking on a half yard kart / half racing kart medium. Durability was improved, regular racers began racing full seasons and doing well, and the races really started taking shape. Our 2002-2004 “Klassic” races started getting bigger and better every season!

1997-2001 Video Playlist

A young Chris and Matt Stevens started racing 1-wheel-drive, gas, box stock Briggs & Stratton 5hp yard karts in back of Galletta’s Greenhouses in the early 1990s (with Matt having his own in 1989), as a fun pastime and an ode to their love of Oswego Speedway Supermodified racing. Joined by their father Wes, the trio raced many a late night battle, often ending in either broken karts or a late-finish after many mid-race repairs. By the mid 1990s, they had built a few karts from scratch and had relatives and friends over, racing weekly for points and ran a marathon “Classic” (or now known as “Klassic”) race at Summer’s end. Not every race was recorded in this period, and some recordings are missing, but every Klassic since the late 1990s has been recorded.

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  • Almost every single event from mid-2005 (and all Klassics since 2000) were video recorded in its entirety, often with multiple camera angles, and are available on either DVD-R, BD-R, and/or YouTube. Plus, more are uploaded after every race (current season) and/or after every discovery in our archives (1990s-2012).
  • The YouTube videos of our 1990s-2012 races are from our DVDs and are slightly compressed from the DVDs to make for easier uploading, but still in high standard quality.
  • The YouTube videos of our 2013-up races are uploaded in HD with little or no loss in quality.
  • All races from 2013-up are also available in AVCHD (HD on DVD-R) or HD Blu-ray (on BD-R) in addition to standard DVD.
  • Some races have errors and cannot be digitally copied, and a few were either not recorded or lost (one from 2005 even stolen because it had a fantastic wreck on it), but 99.9% of all races are perfectly available upon request AND have been uploaded to the site.
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