Buddy Cottom #7 at Galletta's '08 Klassic
Buddy Cottom before he got 2nd in the 2008 Galletta’s Klassic 200 in the Galletta’s #7 kart, which may have been his best career race, as he was eventual winner Matt Stevens’s only challenge that day.

Buddy Cottom

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Our SUNDAY, JULY 5th, 2009 Independence Day Twin-30s was a bonanza. First, we had an entertaining Rookie Powder-puff race, then a Rookie-&-Refresher heat featuring two returning vets – who hadn’t raced much in the past year – and three rookies. Then, the night was wrapped up with two 10-kart 30-Lap Features as Fireworks sounded off over Oswego. Buddy Cottom took the 1st one in the Galletta’s #6 holding Gary Miller off at the line, and Chris took the 2nd one in the Galletta’s #8, holding off his hard-charging brother Matt by a bumper.

Sep 13, 2009 9/13/2009 – Matt Stevens wins 12-kart/45-Lap Feature as 200-Lap Klassic Approaches (+YouTube)
Sep 07, 2009 9/7/2009 – Matt Stevens survives intense bumper-to-bumper battle with bro Chris in 9-kart/45-lapper! (+YouTube)
Aug 31, 2009 8/31/2009 – Flippin’ Freddy Collins & Rapid Russ Hockey Win Twin 30s! (+YouTube)
Aug 23, 2009 8/23/2009 – Galletta ’09 Family Reunion 15-Kart Races Won by Brian Galletta & Matt Stevens (+YouTube)
Aug 16, 2009 8/16/2009 – Chris Stevens endures the 12-kart “Night of A Thousand Cautions” 45 for win! (+YouTube)
Aug 09, 2009 8/9/2009 – Chris Stevens wins the 10-kart “The Runs 45” lap Feature! (+YouTube)
Aug 03, 2009 8/3/2009 – Melissa Stevens wins The Oswego Kartway Shovel Stalker Pussied Out 50 & becomes 10th different winner in 11 features in ’09! (+YouTube)
Jul 27, 2009 7/27/2009 – Flippin’ Freddy Collins & Nick Dann win 15-kart Twin 30s to become 8th and 9th different winners in 10 features thus far in ’09! (+YouTube)
Jul 19, 2009 7/19/2009 – Larry Phillips puts L&K Small Engine #04 Into Victory Lane after 9-kart/45-lapper! (+YouTube)
Jul 12, 2009 7/12/2009 – Russ Hockey Dominates 50-Lapper, 6th Winner in 7 Features (+YouTube)
Jul 05, 2009 7/5/2009 – Buddy Cottom & Chris Stevens take the ’09 Independence Twin-30s! (+YouTube)
Jun 22, 2009 6/22/2009 – Jason “The Hammer” Mills Dominates 11-kart/45-Lapper in Galletta’s #2! (+YouTube)
Jun 16, 2009 6/16/2009 – Greenhouse or Go-Karts? by NCC News reporter Zachary James reports on the Galletta’s Karting Club (w/footage from 6/14/2009)
Jun 14, 2009 6/14/2009 – NCC News Report Night Twin-30s won by Gary Miller Sr. & Matt Stevens! (+YouTube)
Jun 07, 2009 6/7/2009 – The 14th Annual Season Opener, 45-Laps/10-Karts won by Matt Stevens (+YouTube)


8/3/2008 Galletta's Kart Winner: Buddy Cottom #6
Buddy Cottom wins the August 3rd, 2008 45-Lap Feature at Galletta’s Kart Speedway in the Galletta’s #6. Buddy also had an extremely strong showing in the 2008 Klassic 200, as he led a chunk and gave eventual-winner Matt Stevens his only real challenge in the race at all. More:

Sep 21, 2008 9/21/2008 – 13th Annual 200-Lap Karting Klassic goes to Matt Stevens in Galletta’s Greenhouse #33, Buddy Cottom, Chris Stevens & Russ Hockey round top-4! +YouTube Video!
Sep 04, 2008 9/4/2008 – Oswego Kartway Classic swept by Wes, Matt & Chris Stevens, take top-3 in largest class for 2nd year in a row in Final Appearance! (+YouTube Videos of ALL CLASSES!)
Aug 28, 2008 8/28/2008 – Oswego Kartway Classic rains out! Time Trials All in (+YouTube of ALL Classes) [+Dick Dann uses illegal carb to win the Gas Flathead Classic Time Trials before rain sets in!]
Aug 21, 2008 8/21/2008 – Wes “Ogre” Stevens triumphs at Oswego Kartway’s final race before Oswego Speedway Classic Weekend ’08! (+YouTube of ALL Classes)
Aug 17, 2008 8/17/2008 – Twin 30s go to Buddy Cottom (Hot Stock) & Chris Stevens (Box Stock) at Galletta’s! +YouTube
Aug 14, 2008 8/14/2008 – Oswego Kartway 2008 DVD Volume #13 by Galletta’s Karting Club (+YouTube All classes) Matt Stevens wins!
Aug 07, 2008 8/7/2008 – Final Mixed Motor Race & Oswego Kartway Fight Video (AKA Thursday Night Smackdown at Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Track!) – Hayden and Chris Stevens win! +YouTube!
Aug 03, 2008 8/3/2008 – Buddy Cottom Wins 55-Lapper in Galletta’s Greenhouse #6 Kart as Gary Miller’s Butt Hangs Off Kart & He Hits The Wall! +YouTube
Jul 18, 2008 7/18/2008 – Chris ‘Cerebral Chrusher’ Stevens wins 10-kart “Friday Night 45” +YouTube
Jul 06, 2008 7/6/2008 – Ryan Coleman bulldozes a win in the 9-Kart Independence Day 50, his 2nd win in a row in Galletta’s #9! +YouTube Videos
Jun 19, 2008 6/19/2008 at Oswego Kartway – The Final Mixed-Motor Gas Stocker Event! +YouTube Videos (All Classes)
Jun 15, 2008 6/15/2008 – Matt Stevens Survives Pileup to win 11-kart/50-Lap Father’s Day ’08 Race! +YouTube Vid!
Jun 08, 2008 6/8/2008 – 13th Annual Galletta’s’ Karting Speedway Opener – The 12-kart CLAY HAS ARRIVED 45! +YouTube


Nov 28, 2007 2007 Season Recap: 12th Galletta’s Season & 2nd Oswego Speedway Dirt Season DVDs! [+ Complete YouTube Playlists]
Oct 06, 2007 10/6/2007 – Matt Stevens Begins ’07 Fall Frenzy Series where he left off Summer Series – WINNING! +YouTube

Buddy Cottom and the Galletta's #1
Buddy Cottom posing with the Galletta’s Greenhouse #1 at the Galletta’s 2007 Klassic (9/23/2007).

Sep 23, 2007 9/23/2007 – 12th Annual Kart Klassic 200-Lap Championship of Oswego County Karting won by Matt Stevens, Marred as father Wes injured! (+YouTube/11-Karts/200-Laps)
Sep 10, 2007 9/10/2007 – Ryan Coleman holds off Stevens Bros, Reuter & Cottom for the Buddy’s Story 40 win! +YouTube Video
Sep 03, 2007 9/3/2007 – 16-Kart/45-Lap Labor Day Race, Reuter breaks leaving Matt Stevens taking of 12th of 24 Oswego’s 2 track’s Features! +YouTube
Aug 30, 2007 8/30/2007 – Chris Stevens wins 1st Annual Oswego Speedway Dirt Kartway Classic (50-Laps/16-Karts) & Galletta’s Chris, Wes & Matt Stevens SWEEP Podium! +YouTube
Aug 26, 2007 8/26/2007 – Chris Stevens Wins “Worst Wreck on Tape In Track History” 12-Kart/45-Lapper (+YouTube)
Aug 19, 2007 8/19/2007 – Kyle Reuter wins 15-kart/45-lapper in Galletta’s Greenhouse #5! (+YouTube)
Aug 12, 2007 8/12/2007 – 21-Driver field! Matt Stevens Victorious in Rain-Shortened 35-Lapper! (+YouTube)
Aug 05, 2007 8/5/2007 – 17 Large, Dick Dann Penetrates the Threshold of Victory Lane after flipping on his head, wins 17-kart/45-Lap 10,000 Rocks-To-Win race! (+YouTube)

Year Started Racing at Galletta’s:

Karts Raced:
Several different Galletta’s Karts. Raced the Galletta’s #1 for most of his 2007 season.
Buddy Cottom - Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
2007/08/26 – Photo by Chris Stevens… before the infamous WRECK happened……

Crew Chief:
2007: Matt Stevens (well, he’s crew chief for all Galletta’s Karts, so that’s redundant…).

Fun Facts:

  • 2008: Buddy and Ryan Coleman planned to build their own karts for the 2008 season.
    [Update: Ryan unfortunately abandoned this idea, as he turned into — as Buddy would say — Cryin’ Ryan when his motor hesitated in the 2008 season and he quit the club, turning to methanol karts, which he later also abandoned.]
  • In 2009, Buddy then innovated the Galletta’s Karts via an adjustable chassis behind the seating section, which can alter the kart’s stagger via a turn of the nuts and bolts. They remained that way for years.
  • Buddy is also a talented young musician/singer/songwriter known as Buddy Sea.
  • He is also known as an innovator of an underground form of ice skating.
  • Buddy raced Small Block Supermodifieds at Oswego Speedway, along with other types of motorsport racing. Except… ouch!

 Buddy racing at Oswego!