Galletta's Go-Karts A--Time Points & Wins!


Drivers all-time stats at two of Oswego, New York’s Dirt Karting Tracks:
Our own Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway (est. 1995; counted from 2000-2020) in green,
and the Oswego Kartway’s 1-WD Gas Division (formerly known as Oswego Speedway Dirt Track, also calls itself “The BULLring”, est. 2006; counted from 2006-2008) in orange.
We have raced since the early 1990s, but lost our pre-2000 records.

You can scroll the chart left, right, up and down to see all 371 different drivers on record. [Of note, the Oswego Kartway deleted all references to our division after the conclusion of the 2008 season after barring our division from the program, so this website is the only way to know our points and videos on the track. Kartway’s stats are not tallied into the Galletta’s stats on the below chart.]

Bold = Active in last season 
Hyperlinked Driver Name = Driver Profile Page
Season = 17 races (Average of Races per year by Matt and Chris, who have been in every regular points race in the era)
® = Rookie (less than 17 races on track)
Green brackets = Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Speedway Stats (Not tallied with Oswego Kartway)
Orange brackets = Oswego Kartway 1-WD Gas Stats (Not tallied with Galletta’s)


Highlighted columns show driver name and feature wins on Galletta’s and Oswego Kartways in 1-WD Divisions (some drivers have substantial Oswego Kartway Win totals in other kart class divisions, such as Kyle Reuter, Dick Dann, and others. Go to their website to see them… that is, if they even keep those records.).

TIE-BREAKER: When there is a tie with feature wins, total points is the tie-breaker. If there is a 2-way tie, they can settle it in a kart race or… hell, a MMA match, whatever one they wish.

TIE-BREAKER: When there is a tie with feature wins, total points is the tie-breaker. If there is a another tie, points-per-race-average. If it is a third tie by some sort of freakish reason, then they can settle it in a one-off kart race or… hell, a MMA match, whatever one they wish.

Notes on win totals: 
– Chris Stevens and Billy Kuykendell have a tie (both counted as 1). 
– Chris Stevens and Matt Stevens also have a tie (both counted as 1). 
– Gary Miller Sr. and the Late Josh Schute both have a non-winners race feature win, counted as a regular win on the chart. 
– Cameron Rowe has an honorary win granted for breaking on the last half lap of what was likely going to be his 1st win. We were proud of Cam having success in the Oswego Speedway Limited/SBS Division, and saddened that he apparently swore off ever coming back to watch or race (no reasons given).
–  As for Oswego Kartway totals, some drivers have substantial Oswego Kartway Point and Win totals in other kart class divisions (such as Kyle Reuter, Dick Dann, and others who all won many races in various methanol and gas clone classes–they have more drivers and classes than one can reasonably follow). I would say go to the Oswego Kartway website to see them… but, I don’t think they even keep those records? I know they never kept records before 2009 and they FULLY erased all evidence of us being there, and if it weren’t for this very website’s stats pictures and videos, nobody would know we even raced there for 3 years and tallied a lot of action!). 
– Five drivers (Mark Miller, Mike Billion, Eric Raponi, Joe Hayden, and Dave Melfi) won feature events in our division using a different class of motor: A 6.5hp OHV class (all other drivers used 5hp Flathead Class Motors). Three of these five drivers (Eric Raponi, Joe Hayden, and Dave Melfi)) never won a feature at Galletta’s, but won at Oswego Kartway in our mixed-motor division (Animal OHVs against our Hot Stocker w/Shaved Heads Flatheads).


Steve Sixberry


Annual Track Points Title Champion

Annual Klassic Race Champion

Annual Visiting Driver Track Points Champion

Annual Rookie-of-the-Year Champion


Matthew Stevens



Christopher Stevens


Wes Stevens (?)


Jesse Vivlemore (1st?)

Jesse Vivlemore (?)


Brian Galletta (1st?)

Brian Galletta (?)


Matthew Stevens  (1st)

Matthew Stevens (1st)

Brian Galletta (2nd?)


Matthew Stevens (2nd)

Matthew Stevens (2nd)

Brian Galletta (3rd?)

Kevin Galletta (?)


Matthew Stevens  (3rd)

Matthew Stevens (3rd)

Raymond Castaldo (1st?)

Raymond Castaldo (?)


Christopher Stevens (1st)

Christopher Stevens (1st)

Brian Galletta (4th?)

Dan Boyce (?)


Christopher Stevens (2nd)

Christopher Stevens (2nd)

Brian Galletta (5th?)

Larry Dishaw


Christopher Stevens (3rd)

Christopher Stevens (3rd)

Brian Galletta (6th)

Cameron Rowe


Matthew Stevens  (4th)

Matthew Stevens (4th)

Thomas Culeton (1st)

Thomas Culeton


Matthew Stevens  (5th)

Matthew Stevens (5th)

Brian Galletta (7th?)

Randy Platt / Matt Frye


Matthew Stevens (6th)

Matthew Stevens (6th)

Dan Murdock (summer – 1st)
/ Ed Maynes (overall – 1st)

Dan Murdock (summer)
/ Ed Maynes (overall)


Matthew Stevens (7th)

Matthew Stevens (7th)

Rob Jimenez (1st)

Rob Jimenez (Points) /
Gary Miller Sr. (Wins)


Matthew Stevens (8th)

Wesley Stevens (1st)

Rob Jimenez (2nd)

Richard Dann


Matthew Stevens (9th)

Matthew Stevens (8th)

Kyle Reuter (1st)

Kyle Reuter


Matthew Stevens (10th)

Matthew Stevens (9th)

Russell Hockey (1st)

Larald “Larry” Phillips


Christopher Stevens (4th)

Matthew Stevens (10th)

Russell Hockey (2nd)

Timothy Galletta


Christopher Stevens (5th)

Kyle Reuter (1st)

Timothy Galletta (1st)

Arnold “AJ” Nason


  Matthew Stevens (11th)

Christopher Stevens (4th)

Timothy Galletta (2nd)

Justin Galletta
/ Joseph Sereno


Christopher Stevens (6th) / Matthew Stevens *

* Ogie Stevens
(Christopher Stevens (5th) / Matthew Stevens) *

Dave Spanfelner (1st)

Dave Spanfelner


Christopher Stevens (7th)

Kelly Miller (1st)

Eric Woolworth (1st)

Branden Matott


Matthew Stevens (12th)

Matthew Stevens (11th)

Adam Lytle (1st)

Keith Raymond


  Christopher Stevens (8th)

Christopher Stevens (6th)

Adam Lytle (2nd)

Tyler Buskey


Christopher Stevens (9th)

Matthew Stevens (12th)

Josh Arnold (Points  1st) / Kelly Miller (Wins – 1st)

Josh Arnold


Christopher Stevens (10th)

Christopher Stevens (7th)

Josh Arnold (2nd)

Rob Vanderhaden


Matthew Stevens (13th)

Matthew Stevens (13th)

Steve Sixberry (1st)

Steve Sixberry


Christopher Stevens (11th)

Matthew Stevens (14th)
Nicolas Olivares (1st)
Nicolas Olivares 


Christopher Stevens (12th)

Matthew Stevens (15th)
Travis Bartlett (1st)
Travis Bartlett

– Occasionally criteria is on a blurred line, so we occasionally have ties in rookie-of-the-year or visitor point titles. For example, a Summer points title is usually the annual one, but on some occasions (2004 for example), we held an extended Fall season that gave a 2nd driver a shot at the same title, or one had more wins while the other had more points, or even just a very close tally. In these cases, the title is shared. There’s no money or fame involved, just bragging rights, so we don’t have a set in stone criteria for those titles.
* = Chris Stevens won the race on-track, but some spectators, members, and drivers of the club disputed that Matt Stevens should not have put himself in the rear for a ticky-tack accident late in the race and should have won instead (even though he DID wreck a lapped kart into his brother to take the win AND under new rules, a kart change mid-Klassic results in a loss of one lap). Ogie Stevens claimed the win, but Chris Stevens was in 1st place on the final green flag lap and did nothing to disqualify himself.


[All three years had Team Galletta’s 1-WD Gas Stock Fun Power Flathead 5hp engines (w/shaved heads)
vs. Team Outlaws 6.5hp OHV (actually stock Animal) motors], although the 2nd half of 2008 was FH-only.


Annual Divisional Points Champion

Annual Divisional Classic Race Champion


Matthew Stevens

[None Held; Wes Stevens won the longest race of that season]


Matthew Stevens

Christopher Stevens


Matthew Stevens

Matthew Stevens / Wesley Stevens **

** = Race led by Matt Stevens on final lap, when a dusty track and low lights led to the appearance of track operator Jim Losurdo throwing the yellow flag (although it was the white flag), and in response the 3rd turn corner-man threw the yellow flag. Seeing these things, leader Matt Stevens slowed down, and 2nd place Wes Stevens passed leader Matt Stevens at the stripe for the win–according to the Oswego Kartway officials. According to Galletta’s officials, the race had no final lap, and the win was split by Matt and Wes Stevens (Matt Stevens led on the final green lap and saw yellow by cornerman [Trevor Jock]
and THOUGHT he also saw it with head flagger Jim Losurdo [it was white and looked yellow due to dust], Wes ignored the yellow and passed Matt, where he was granted the win by track officials).

The disagreement about this last lap (on top of our disagreements on motor/weight rules with the OHV Outlaw division) sealed what appears to be a permanent rift between the track operator and Galletta’s 1-WD Gas Flathead Karting Division, and they never raced at the Oswego Kartway again (our division, as well as the OHV Outlaw division, were replaced with OHV Clones). Oswego Kartway also erased all records of us even being there to further their inane, illogical, and extremely long track record of disrespect, animosity and occasionally outright hostility towards our club despite the fact that they got the idea of dirt karting from us and we supported the track for it’s 1st three years with it’s largest weekly division from 2006, 2007 and 2008, until they felt like the methanol classes and a new Clone class made us expendable and barred us.

Lists Last Updated: April 1st, 2021 [All-Time Points List and Annual Titles Updated to include 2020].