1999 Season & the 4th Annual Galletta’s Kart Klassic 80:

Chris finally beat Matt’s streak and won the Klassic and Points Titles this year, in the #2.  Matt, of course, was 2nd while Wes was 3rd. Brian Galletta, RaYzor Castaldo,  Jesse Vivlemore, Kevin Galletta and Dan Boyce were some of the drivers who joined us for a few shows in these early years. With only 4 karts, all box-stock 5hp Briggs using pump gas – we couldn’t race with any more. Here are a few pictures:

 The lineup on Klassic day ’99! Back when we only had 4 karts! All for of these karts are still in operation, although all have been rebuilt a few times since.

  Matt Stevens posing with the Galletta's #3 at 1999 Klassic! Here is Matt Stevens before the ’99 Klassic 80. Matt had won the first three Track Point Titles and Klassics in ’96-’98.

Chris Chrusher posing with the Galletta's #2 before winning the 1999 Klassic!
Chris “ChrusherComix” Stevens with the Galletta’s #2, the 1st home-made Galletta kart, built from the parts stripped off a Thunder Island kart that he ran until it was stripped for being too heavy. Chris must’ve been confident going into the 4th Galletta’s Klassic, as he gave the thumbs-up. He wound up winning it. Because he’s a winner. And you aren’t. Loser.

 Wesley Ogre Stevens posing next to the Galletta's #4 in the 1999 Klassic! Wesley James “TrOgre” Stevens… looking as mean as ever! Well, at least his kart was clean back then! Originally #23, it was now re-numbered #4 to keep things simple for our scorer, and those who can’t read.


One of Chris’ best buddies, a womanly-looking hair-bag named RaYzor, poses next to the then-brand-new #1. (Poor Ray… not even my friends are safe from the wrath of my humor, much less our go-kart buddies.)


The #1 kart when it was first built and with a fresh paint job… Before several rental drivers wrecked the thing into hell! This was the 2nd Ogre Chassis in our fine collection. Early on, just a few friends and relatives joined us, but with each new kart came more and more guest drivers to fill them! Early on, Dan Boyce, Ray Castaldo, and a few cousins drove it in a handful of races. Also, join us to prove your manhood, woman.

1999 | 3rd Annual Klassic | 80-Laps

Christopher Stevens
Galletta’s Greenhouse #2
Matthew Stevens
Galletta’s Greenhouse #3
Wesley Stevens
Galletta’s Greenhouse #4
Dan Boyce / Ray Castaldo *
Galletta’s Greenhouse #1

* Dan Boyce started the 1999 Klassic, and — if memory serves us — Ray Castaldo, many laps down, finished it after Boyce left. This is the only known time that Ray did sloppy seconds (Or at least as far as we know…), even in the height of his hair/rock/metal band days where he is alleged to have done many groupies (even though his band wasn’t really very famous outside of the Syracuse, NY music scene. Hmmm….). Then again, are we even remembering this right? These old races are hard to remember even seeing the videotape to them 20+ years later!

We are searching for our points standing records to our 1996-1999 seasons, as they exist, but are currently lost in storage somewhere. When we find them, we’ll process them digitally and put them up on the website. However, starting with the 2000 season, we now have a complete record of every points race held at John J. Galletta Memorial Racing Yard Kart Speedway, and have them up on the web. And you’ll be amazed at how far they’ve come in just ten to twelve years! Observe them! Onward to next season, or read more below!