Matt Stevens wins a race in his 5hp Galletta's #33 against several 6.5hp motors at Oswego Kartway on 8/1/2008!
Matt Stevens after beating the entire “Outlaw” 6.5hp Gas-Open Kart” Class with his 5hp Gas Stocker #33 at Oswego Kartway on 8/1/2008
Matt Stevens is the undisputed winningest karter in Oswego County. Beginning his career in the early 1990s and racing full seasons every year since, collecting several track Championships and “Classic” race victories on the two original dirt karting tracks of Oswego – Galletta’s and Oswego Kartway.

Matthew Joseph Stevens

Galletta’s Greenhouse Co-Operator/Head grower; Househusband & dad.

Co-founder, head mechanic, and Multi-time Champion racer of Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club; Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Speedway Operator, Undisputed All-Time Winningest Racer in Oswego, NY Area Karting (Any disputes? Let us know. We think not).

Marital Status:
Married. His wife is driver of his backup #3, the #80 (clone of his #33), and #19, Melissa Gabel Stevens.


Years Racing:

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All-Time Points & Wins Leader in Oswego Karting:

Galletta's Karting Club Website Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club
(and Backyard Speedway):
Matt’s Positioning is #1 overall in the 
Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway All-Time Points & Wins List 
from 2000-2017, the only class in the history of the track.
Matt Stevens in Galletta's #3, 33 (All-Time Winningest Oswego, NY Karter)
Unpaid logo - The Oswego Kartway used these logos and banners on their website and printed materials for the 2008 season, and never paid ChrusherComix Studios for them!
Oswego Speedway / Oswego Kartway
(Gas Stock Dirt Kartway Division):

Matt’s Positioning is #1 overall in the 
Oswego Speedway Kartway 1-WD Gas All-Time Points & Wins List
 from 2006-2008, the largest class in the history of the track. Still, even years after we left.

[Last Updated 7/2020]

Career Highlights, Victories & Profile Pictures:


7/5/2020 – A Rocky 25th Annual Independence Day 45 Leads to BIG Crash & Matt Stevens Getting an Easy Win! [+YouTube]

Sunday, July 5th, 2020 – Matt Stevens survived to win his 2nd feature of 2020. Even he had to admit, this one kind of fell into his lap, as early leaders Greg Blanchard (spin), Travis Bartlett (lost header pipe) and Chris Stevens (HUGE crash with Steve Sixberry) all ran into problems that led to him inheriting a win. But sometimes that’s how she goes and a win is still a win. Read more and enjoy the Tower camera and Helmet-cam angles of our Independence Day 45 Lapper, seen here!

6/14/2020 – 25th Annual Season Opener: 14 Karts, 45-Laps, Chris & Matt Stevens Survive to Take the Wins! (AKA, “Did We Hit a Bunny!?” Race)


Sunday, June 14th, 2020 – Our 25th Point racing season began — Chris & Matt Stevens outlasted 14 other competitors to win the 25/20 Lappers — but it went far from smoothly! Everything got started late and finished late. And during our twin feature races — particularly the 2nd feature race — the track started eroding and taking its toll on the karts and more and more started dropping out due to breakage, and even a couple of flips. And our camerawoman had to retire to put the kids to bed before the start of the 2nd as well. Just… everything piled on. Even the website coverage was behind due to the late night and errands I had to run for two weeks, myself! But it’s finally done! More here.


2019/9/29 – Matt Stevens wins 24th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Go-Karting 200-Lap Klassic [+YouTube]

The top 5 drivers of 2019, with Matt winning another 200-lapper walking away! 20190929_222420-Klassic-200-Top-5

Sunday, September 29th, 2019 – The 24th Annual Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic 200 Lap 1-WD Championship of the Galaxy! Watch past Klassic Champions Chris Stevens, Matt Stevens and Kelly Miller battle it out for 200-laps with hard-charger newcomers Steve Sixberry, Nic Olivares, Zach Blanchard and several more! Plus, an unplanned Fall Bonus Point Race to boot! And we have it all here: Time Trials & The 24th Annual Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic 200! Race rundown and race videos are found here!


8/11/2019 – Twin-25 Feature, 10-Kart Battle Royale SWEPT by Matt Stevens; Steals both from bro, Chris! [+YouTube]

Matt Stevens wins 8/11/2019 Twin 25s in 2 different karts! 20190811_225943-Matt-Wins-Oswego-Karting

Sunday, August 11th, 2019 – Oswego, NY – In what was the most populated race in the past year (and could have been the most in a few seasons if just a couple more vets just simply showed up), 10-drivers started and battled it out. And the racing was close and fun to behold. A LOT of side-by-side racing and more passes than usual. A handful of rookies that joined the club last weekend are getting the hang of it, and it made for some exciting race footage! However, the more things change, the more they stay the same, as win machine Matt Stevens stole BOTH features from his point-scoring, but win-starved brother Chris! See him laughing, son? Yep. It’s at and laughs at Oswego Beta Kartwayers who could never dream to beat him. TWO race videos (Tower Cam and Helmet Cam) with an edited video containing both cameras synched. Read & watch more on this page!


7/21/2019 – Man Run Over during Twin-25s as Stevens Bros. Sweep [+YouTube]

Chris and Matt win and pose the kiddos. 20190721_220201-Chris-&-Mat-MED

Sunday, July 21st, 2019 – Our Mr. Galletta’s Speedway (AKA 10,000-**cks-To-Win) was won by GKC founders Chris and Matt Stevens. For Matt, this makes 3-events-in-a-row where he won the 2nd of a Twin-25 in the #74 kart. Chris however, finally snapped a 21-month-and-8-days winless streak by taking the 1st checker of the night in the #4 kart. To judge how long that’s been, his-1-year-old daughter Celeste either didn’t even exist yet, or was just conceived around the time of his last feature win — the 2017 Klassic 200! Oh, and two rookies got into a scary wreck when Tony Hemingway literally kamikaze drove over fellow rookie Andy Hook in turn 1. Ouch! But look… why read my typing about it when you can just go and WATCH THE VIDEOS HERE?

7/14/2019 – 3rd Set of Twin-25s Go To Matt Stevens & Josh Arnold [+YouTube]

Matt Stevens proves too tough to beat! on 20190714_210720 Galletta's Karting - Matt Stevens and Josh Arnold win!

Sunday, July 21st, 2019 – After a week off for the fireworks of Independence day, the racing resumed at Galletta’s. And twin-25s made for another two winners: In the 1st feature, Josh Annold led all 25 laps from pole position in his #93 in a race that saw almost no passing. In the 2nd, Chris Stevens led almost the entire race until the Galletta’s #78 slipped off the track into some grass which enabled his brother Matt Stevens to capitalize and scoot by his brother in the Galletta’s/ #74 for the win. MORE INFO, POINTS & FULL RACE VIDEOS HERE.


6/30/2019 – Steve Sixberry & Matt Stevens Take Twin-25s [+YouTube]

Matt Stevens takes a 6/30/2019 Feature! 20190630_215822_Steve-Matt-

Sunday June 30th, 2019 – Two very competitive 25-lap features went to Steve Sixberry and Matt Stevens, although neither had it easy. They battled tough, close races and earned those wins. But wait… unlike the early days of this website, you don’t take my word for it and complain about me writing a godhdang book every week — go ahead and watch the video and view the point standings on this page here to find out and same my fingers from getting raw!



9/22/2018 – 23rd Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Go-Kart 200-Lap Klassic Championship

 photo 20180922_222825-Klassic-Top-3-800px.jpgSaturday, September 22nd, 2018 – The 23rd Annual Galletta’s Go-Kart 200-Lap Klassic Points Championship was held, 10-drivers strong! And, only FIVE cautions!

Matt Stevens used a 2/3rds of the way pass (catching his fuel-conscious brother Chris off-guard) and held on to win his 13th Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway Klassic (His brother Chris has 7, while Wes Stevens, Kyle Reuter, and Kelly Miller each won 1).

With the win, Matt swept both the ’18 Track and Klassic Titles… but it almost wasn’t the case, and why we race the races! Chris passed his brother Matt in traffic early and led the vast majority of the race, scoring massive amounts of bonus lead laps. Chris only needed to lead around 6 more laps to win the track title, and if he held Matt off for the win on top of that, he would have stole BOTH titles from Matt (who had dominated all year) on the final lap of the season! Matt caught Chris sleeping as he was preserving fuel and did not expect Matt to go for it at that point of the race.

Good racing from start to finish, only marred by a back-jarring crash early on. Read more and watch the video here!

2019/08/19 – A Mostly Rookie-Filled 40-Lapper won by *shocker* all-time winningest vet Matt Stevens!!!!!

 photo 20180819_210515_Matt_Web.jpg

Sunday, August 19th, 2018 – Several rookies raced in a heat and a 40-lapper. With enough drivers, two vets could join for points (although perhaps they should not have, as a familiar face started 3rd and dominated after 2nd place blew a tire and 1st place had a sputtering engine, making it a relatively easy win for someone that you can probably guess who they are (especially if you know our races or just keep scrolling through our history).

Race video and points are found here.


2018/08/05 – Twin-15’s for Rookies & Make-Up Points won by Steve Sixberry & Matt Stevens

 photo 20180805_203826-win-777px.jpg

Sunday, August 5th, 2018 – In an unfortunate twist, most of our regular drivers could not make it, so due to only three visiting drivers, we rescheduled to a “Make Up Points / Rookie Race” — although you can’t keep Matt Stevens off the track and races with no points or feature wins at stake.

Chris Stevens took the opportunity from the regular-season point racing to try and get a wide variety of different shots, not just the tower angle which everyone who knows us is accustomed to. Enjoy it here, along with the points and pics!

2018/07/29 – Oswego Harborfest Champ ’18 CROWNED — Matt Stevens!

 photo 20180729_213118-Harborfest-Winner-720.jpg

Sunday, July 29th, 2018 – Another year, another Harborfest champion has been crowned. Little do most people know, we see who is the champ of the Oswego gathering annually on our track on the outskirts of Oswego. It’s almost as if it was a top secret cabal event… except it’s only been on this website every year since it first went up in 2005! Two 8-lap heats and a 40-Lap feature were up for grabs for 10 competitors, and it was good, hard racing (with a few mishaps)!

More — including complete race videos and point standings — can be found here.

2018/07/22 – “Mr. Galletta” 10,000 Rocks-to-win Twin Feature Nite Swept by Matt Stevens in the #74

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018 – Twin features on a loose and bumpy track were on tap, and both were exciting as usual. Matt Stevens was able to successfully navigate the low groove to sweep both features, although he needed two karts to pull off the 2nd one when his Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #33 stalled with a clogged carb early on. Fantastic race action in both!

Video, points and more coming on this below page.

6/28/2018 – Exhibition Race for Doug Didero by Kelly Miller, Matt and Chris Stevens!

 photo 20180628_200420_002-copyrit.jpg

Thursday, June 28th, 2018 – Doug Didero–Oswego Speedway Hall of Famer (three time Oswego Supermodified track champ, two time Oswego Super Classic 200 winner and 9th all time in Oswego Super Feature wins), not to mention a veteran of many other forms of racing, (including NASCAR Busch, IRL, and more)–stopped by to watch a 3 kart exhibition by Kelly Miller, Matt and Chris Stevens. Chris and Matt have been fans of Doug since the early 1990s and finally got him up to check out our big backyard speedway as Kelly was able to pull him and his car owner away from his Super for a bit to check it out. He loved it and wanted to see 10-15 karts out there! (We wholeheartedly agree! Where have the drivers been?) NOTE: Kelly was saddened that he had to leave before we got a picture in. (Also: Really cool of the Oswego Speedway to shout out this picture on Facebook and Twitter!)


10/13/2017 – The 22nd Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic 200!

Matt was narrowly defeated (in points and Klassic) by his bro in ’17.

Friday, October 13th, 2017 – Our 22nd Annual Galletta’s Go-Karts 200-Lap Klassic Championship FINALLY went down after a near month of delays due to lousy driver attendance, occasional bad weather, colds, and other strange anomalies. The top 3 in points all season — Chris Stevens, Matt Stevens and Josh Arnold — this year were the top 3 in the Klassic as well!  [UPDATE: Done!]

Matt was a few points away from another Track Championship and one refuel gamble away from a Klassic 200 win. His brother Chris — the only man to ever beat Matt in a Track Title that he has ever entered in on Oswego’s original two dirt karting tracks — won both in 2017.

8/26 – 8/27/2017 – WILD crash during 17-Kart Doubleheader: Saturday Night 40-Lapper AND Sunday Night 35-Lapper for a Double Show Weekend; Josh Arnold and Matt Stevens Victorious!

Josh and Matt win again!

SATURDAY, AUGUST 26th, 2017 – SUNDAY, AUGUST 27th, 2017: Several drivers (a few that raced with us before a couple of years ago) enabled us to get a show in and it wound up a good one. There was also a nasty wreck late in the feature with bodies flying. Then, the next day, several MORE drivers (this time a handful of rookie 1st time racers at Galletta’s and a surprising return of Team Dann) joined us for a surprise Sunday evening showdown. As you can see from the video, the racing was actually extremely good both Saturday AND Sunday considering the amount of new drivers in both! Read more & view YouTube video here!

8/5/2017 – Twin-30s won by Kevin Galletta & Matt Stevens!

 photo 20170805_21_10_49_Matt-Kevin-win-BIG.jpg

Matt Stevens wins in the #74.

Saturday, August 5th, 2017 – In Tim Galletta’s 2-weekend return for the 1st time in 4 years, Kevin Galletta led every lap of the 1st 30-Lapper to take his 2nd feature win of2017. Matt Stevens then led zero laps and just stole Lee Gleason’s 1st victory away from him by sneaking the front bumper past the stripe on the final lap of the night. The funny thing was Lee’s kart has had terrible motor sputtering issues and lack of power for a while now, and Matt put around a week of work testing and fixing the motor until it got up to par. And if not for Matt’s craftiness on the final lap, Lee would have put the #29 (the former Thunder Island/Larry Phillips/Kenny Lindsley III/Eric Woolworth/Billy Ruggio/Eric Woolworth/Keith Raymond/David Hall/Lee Gleason ride) in victory lane for the 1st time in a long time. Full race YouTube Video, results and points are here.

7/23/2017 – Matt Stevens & Josh Arnold Repeat as Winners of Twin 33’s! [+YouTube]

Sunday, July 23rd, 2017 – Deja-vu to opening night ’17, as Matt Stevens win a feature in the Galletta’s Greenhouse/ #74, and Josh Arnold in his Arnie Racing #93 won the other! Lots of cautions and kart breakdowns this evening, but nonetheless — as the video shows —  the racing was entertaining!

Full Points, Pics & Video Race Page | YouTube Video |

6/17/2017 – The 22nd Annual Galletta’s Go-Kart Opener has Josh Arnold & Matt Stevens win Twin 35s! [+YouTube]

 photo 20170617_21_41_37_josh-matt-win-800x450.jpg

Saturday, June 17th, 2017 – Due to several setbacks (including no track vehicle), we missed the first two weekends of our usual race season. However, thanks to Brian Galletta and his Jeep, we can FINALLY get the season started. Saturday evening was the goal instead of our usual Sunday (for Father’s Day & avoiding possible showers), and TWO features were in store to make up for the two week delay. The Arnie #93 driven by owner Josh Arnold passed Mike Patak (who later went on for a WILD flip) to win the 1st Feature, while in the 2nd feature, Matt Stevens stormed into the front and never looked back in the Galletta’s Greenhouse/ Frankenfreak #74! Video is up:
Race Page & Complete YouTube Race Videos Here


9/24/2016 – The 21st Annual Oswego County Klassic 200!
 photo WP_20160924_22_59_42-KLASSIC-800px.jpg

Matt Stevens triumphs in the 2016 Klassic 200 yet again, proving that he is still the premiere karter in Oswego County, no matter the class! He wins in the oldest Galletta’s Go-Kart, a 1980s Manco kart that has been completely rebuilt a handful of times into the best 1-WD racing yard kart in the world. Chris Stevens won the 2016 Point Standings, as he led the most laps in the 200 and was in the top-3 all season, but a broken pull cord did him in for his bid for the Klassic, and had to settle for a hard fought 2nd place in his Galletta’s/ Sushi #8. 1st year driver Jason King proved to be a survivor, hanging in the full 200 laps, holding his ground and picking up an impressive 3rd place in his King #12. Keith Raymond was a strong and serious contender in the Galletta’s #0, but when it broke down, he had to go down a lap in the Galletta’s #6. These were the only four to make it from start to finish – the four iron men and iron karts of Oswego County Karting.

7/24/2016 – Master of Oswego Karting Matt Stevens DOMINATES Week 7’s 45-Lapper!

 photo WP_20160724_22_25_06_Pro-MATT-WINS-800px.jpg
Sunday, July 24th, 2016, Week 6 – Thus far this season, three drivers–Matt Stevens (3 wins), Chris Stevens (3 wins) and Kelly Miller (2 wins)–have been have been hogging all of the wins and the high-point-earning top three positions, and it shows in the point standings. Between the three, it has been whomever can get to the lead first… wins. And today it was Matt Stevens, who pulled away from the rest of the field when he secured the lead after avoiding a mid-feature pileup in turn 2. The track held up much better this week, so Matt’s work paid off in two ways – satisfied racers and a victory for himself. Point standings are here and the complete race video on YouTube video is here.

6/26/2016 – Powder-puff Warriors Hospitalized in Devastating Crash; Matt Stevens Sweeps 2-of-2 features to hog Victory Lane!

 photo WP_20160626_23_13_20_Pro_Matt-Stevens-Wins-Flipgate-800.jpg

Sunday, June 26th, 2016 – We had an action-packed Twin-30s night that was unfortunately marred by a wreck between the two rookie powder-puff girl warriors coming together and taking a nasty spill in turn one, effectively ending the second race at 18 laps to get them medical attention. We will pass along more info later as we have it. UPDATE: We have it on the race page.


8/7/2015 – Matt and Chris Stevens steal each others wins at Masters of Oswego Karting Twin-Feature Night!

Matt often wins in any kart he chooses. Here, the Galletta’s #9.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 7th, 2015, OSWEGO, NY – There were some crazy accidents this week at Galletta’s (one would almost think there was a full moon out, but there wasn’t). Early leaders spun and collected others and put point leaders Chris and Matt up front again. Usually whomever gets to the lead first between the bros wins. But there was some shenanigans that had the bros pretty competitively mad at each other (happens once or twice a year since they’re always so close in points). Chris had the lead in the 1st and Matt used lapped traffic getting sideways to trap Chris for the win, much to Chris’ displeasure, as that passing flag apparently simply does not exist anymore. Chris tried to return the favor to Matt in the 2nd feature, but this time the traffic spun out and saved Matt from getting passed. Chris then rode Matt’s bumper, one lap pushing him into loose dirt, enabling Chris to sneak by his little bro to win the 2nd feature, much to the anger of Matt. But in reality, every other karter should be getting mad because Chris and Matt keep hogging the wins in Oswego’s oldest and longest running karting division! But Matt has succeeded again with creating a new setup on the #9 to help heavyweight drivers to compete with lighter ones (he weighed himself own over 40 lbs. to test the kart, and had plenty of power to spare, proved in the win and near sweep!). Results, pics, and points, & YouTube video are up!

7/19/2015 – Matt Stevens’ Mastery of the Low Groove Secures 139th career feature win!

 photo 20150719-matt-wins-oswego-karting-again-800.jpg
SUNDAY, JULY 19th, 2015, OSWEGO, NY – With rain on Friday and not enough drivers on Saturday, we postponed the feature to a hot and sunny Sunday afternoon. Keith Raymond and Brian Galletta had eyes on the prize leading good chunks of the 50-lap feature, but both broke down while leading. Matt Stevens took the lead from there and – as the high groove proved problematic for the 2nd weekend in a row – he used his mastery of the low groove in turn one to secure his 139th Oswego Karting Feature Win (counting  feature wins at Galletta’s and Oswego Kartway combined since 2005 and counting 1990s Klassic wins). All while in his trusty old Galletta’s Greenhouse #3, which he has won a majority of those features in. While a YouTube video should be forthcoming, more details (results, points, pics and rundowns) are up… here.

6/26/2015 – Matt Stevens Steals BOTH Twin-35s from bro Chris thanks to Ogre’s new NO Passing Flag Rule! (PLUS… Lytle ON FIRE!!!)

 photo 2015-06-26-matt-sweeps-fiery-adam.jpg
FRIDAY, JUNE 26TH, 2015, OSWEGO, NY – Originally scheduled for Sunday, July 28th, 2015, seeing another rainy weekend looming on the horizon in the Oswego/Central NY forecast (we simply cannot remember a cooler and rainier June in our lives!), all active club drivers elected to instead hold yet another preemptive Friday Night race. Friday, June 26th, 2015 at 7pm it went down. Keith Raymond and George Sweeting had tremendous drives and held early advantages until Chris Stevens was able to squeeze by for the lead in both features. But then, in BOTH features, head flagger Wesley James “TrOgre” Stevens didn’t throw the passing flag, and BOTH TIMES, Matt Stevens snuck by for two wins to pad his all-time feature win lead of all Oswego Karters. By two. Again. If there were spectators around, people would be accusing the track official of skulduggery in helping Matt!


10/11/2014 – 19th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic 200 won by Matt Stevens; Clinches Track Title & Overall best karter in Oswego, NY. Again.

 photo 2014-10-11-klassic-19h52m21.jpg

Galletta's Go-Kart Klassic History - THE World Championship of Gas Flathead Karting!

Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic History – THE World Championship of Gas Flathead Karting! THE longest, longest-running, and ORIGINAL championship karting race in Oswego. And Matt Stevens has won it more than the rest of the world. Combined. Try it.

23 go-karts. On site. Most of them timed less than one second of each other, and all of them have won features within one year with a good driver behind the wheel. Think you can drive? Show up and prove it, son.

SATURDAY, October 11th, 2014, OSWEGO, NY –  200 laps.  Only 6 cautions. No fuel refills. And 79 consecutive green flag laps to the finish. Matt Stevens again proved why he is the best karter in Oswego County for 19 years now. He not only prepared 23 on-site karts and made them all within 0.66 seconds of each other (we defy anybody on the planet to do that in any motorsport race anywhere at any time!), but he time trialed on the pole for the 19th running of the area’s largest, longest-running, and hardest to win kart race, took it easy for a bit and then dominated the 2nd half of clinched what he already led almost all season – the Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway Track championship. Can’t buy it. You have to earn it. There are only five drivers in the world that have won a Galletta’s Klassic, and only 2 drivers in the world that have won Galletta’s Track Championships (see above) and Matt has won more of them than everybody else combined. Matt Stevens wins overall Oswego/World Gas Flathead /Galletta’s Karting Points Championship, as you can see here by checking out the 19th Annual Galletta’s Klassic page complete with finalized 2014 point standings.

9/1/2014 – 19th Annual Labor Day 50-Lapper stolen by Matt Stevens in Galletta’s #1

 photo 2014-09-01-matt-wins-in-1.jpg

9/1/2014 – Matt Stevens wins in everything he drives. Galletta’s Greenhouse #1? People say it’s shit? Pfft… maybe you’re just a shitty driver! Matt gets in it… BOOM… win.

  Due to a severe lack of drivers (3), and camera operators (0), our Saturday, August 30th 2014 race was postponed a few days for Monday, September 1st, 2014 at 5:30pm. Pushing the date back meant that it wound up being a good 8-kart feature (remember, our for-points race cutoff is usually 8) that saw 1st year driver Keith Raymond lead early on (in the Galletta’s Greenhouse #5) before drive system problems parked the kart, ending his bid at his 1st career feature win. Chris Stevens then inherited the lead (in the Galletta’s Greenhouse/ Price Chopper R&C Sushi Bar #4) and looked like he was going to take his first win in over a whole calender year. But on a late-race restart, Chris lost traction in turn 1 and Matt Stevens used that opportunity to put the oft-unused Galletta’s Greenhouse #1 into victory lane, something that it rarely gets a chance to do since usually only raw rookie renters run it (again, another lesson that our karts are all of very close and near-equal ability – it’s the driver skill and a bit of luck that determines the outcome). During the post-race photos, Chris was a little peeved to see that while he has a bald slick on his drive-wheel tire, the #1 had a treaded tire on the drive-wheel! Something we ruled against in 2008 due to racing on both Oswego dirt tracks at the time. Oh that tricky, underhanded lil’ Mr. Matty-Joey! As if the most wins of all karters in Oswego wasn’t enough? Maybe this is why the small horde of pay track drivers epically puss-wuss out year after year and don’t try to take him on? Sheesh! There may be penalties involved for this one. Stay tuned here!

7/12/2014 – Matt Stevens wins Fast 40-Lapper in Galletta’s Greenhouse #5!

 photo 20140712-matt-wins-in-gallettas-5.jpg

7/12/2014 – Matt Stevens wins in ANOTHER kart! This time, the Galletta’s Greenhouse #5.

SATURDAY, JULY 12th, 2014, OSWEGO, NY –  Matt Stevens did it again! He hops in a backup kart that is available for rent every weekend (and usually sits idle) and DOMINATES the field en route to another Feature victory, padding his total feature wins again – a total that no karter in Oswego (and points beyond) can touch. But it wasn’t easy to get into the lead. In fact, Brian Galletta, Chris Stevens and Kelly Miller all got trapped behind some zany lapped traffic to get picked off en route to Matt’s win, which means that Matt has now taken 3 straight feature triumphs in 3 different Galletta’s Greenhouse racing karts. Still saying Matt oinly wins because he has the fastest kart? He wins in all the ones you lost in. Take it. More details are located here, son.


7/5/2014 – Matt Stevens wins 5th of July 50-Lapper in Galletta’s Greenhouse #6!

 photo oswego-kart-2014-07-05-matt-stevens-wins-in-gallettas-6.jpg

Matt Stevens wins in Independence Day 2014’s 50-Lapper in the Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing #6!

SATURDAY, JULY 5th, 2014, OSWEGO, NY –  After taking a weekend off due to not enough drivers (we don’t believe less than 8 drivers makes a class), sometimes Chris and Matt Stevens have to show that their karts aren’t better than everyone else’s. They are ALL fast and ALL capable of winning races with an experienced and talented driver at the helm. Many drivers have proven it through the years, but still, from time to time, the sometimes neglected backups that nobody thinks are fast need time to shine. So sometimes they go out in backups that sometimes get scoffed at as inferior, or a newbie will think are junk. For America’s birthday 2014, Matt hopped into the often-ignored/scoffed-at Galletta’s Greenhouse #6, and Chris hopped into the often-ignored/scoffed-at Galletta’s Greenhouse #0, and they promptly scored 1st and 2nd with a half track to to spare. Dave Turner and then Kelly Miller led early with Adam Lytle and Chris Stevens in chase, but a wreck took the top-3 out and set Matt up for the win (although Chris did get back into it and challenge him before settling for 2nd with mechanical problems – no brakes and stuck throttle). Points leader Eric Woolworth took a crazy wreck into the tower as well. More details, pics, points and a video clip up now!

6/21/2014 – Kevin Galletta & Matt Stevens win in the first Twin-Features Night of 2014!

Kevin Galletta and Matt Stevens win the 6/21/2014 Oswego Karting features!

Kevin Galletta and Matt Stevens win the 6/21/2014 Oswego Karting features at Galletta’s Greenhouse International Backyard Karting Speedway!

SATURDAY, JUNE 21st, 2014, OSWEGO, NY – The 1st twin-feature night of the young season went down on Saturday June 21st, and it was pole-sitter Kevin Galletta who led all 35 laps of the 1st feature in his most impressive performance of his career thus far. In the 2nd feature, Matt Stevens dispatched a few karts on the drop of the green and beat his brother Chris to the lead to win the time-shortened 25-lap feature of the night. Eric Woolworth – points leader and winner of the 1st two features of the season – had a few wild rides and finally had his 2-week-in-a-row-to-start-the-season-win streak snapped. Bad. Real bad. More details are up now.



 photo 20131012-matt-stevens-klass_zps594f08cf.jpg
Matt Stevens had another dominant year in 2013. As usual, he’s usually the fastest timed driver on the track, and is always the man to beat. However, he was narrowly defeated in the ’13 track points title by his brother Chris Stevens and narrowly defeated at the ’13 Klassic 200-Lapper by Kelly Miller. But it is unlikely any other driver you could think of could do better. Want to try? We are the most affordable motorsport in the area and have been so for nearly two decades now. Come on out and show us, then.

 photo 2013-10-12-02h49m47s24-start_zpsdfcd8336.jpg

The Starting Lineup of the 18th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club & Speedway 200-Lap Karting Klassic Championship of Oswego, NY – Saturday, October 12th, 2013.

 photo 20131012-18th-klassic-top-3_zps6b2a37e7.jpg

The top 3. In fact, the ONLY 3 that survived the epic 200 lapper. No Kiddie Kartway folks could pull this one off. You have to be an adult. That can race. Gauntlet thrown (for the 7th or 8th year in a row,…*yawn* )

SATURDAY,OCTOBER 12th, 2013, OSWEGO, NY –  OUTTA’ NOWHERE! The 5th member of the Gallettta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic Championship fraternity is crowned! The longest-running Oswego Karting championship ran it’s 18th annual marathon event, which decides both the point standings (best overall karter in the area), and also the best Iron-Man karter in the area. Eleven drivers entered but only three led all night (11 drivers?! That leaves several karts on site – including the timed fastest kart of the fleet – Galletta’s #5 – unused?! For shame!!! And this is supposed to be a racing town?!) The three you see, Kelly Miller, Matt Stevens, and Chris Stevens had a duel of the ages, as they essentially battled back and forth for the lead for all 200 laps, with occasional challenges by Brian Galletta and Eric Woolworth. All three had the lead and lost it in breathtaking manners (Kelly led early and a slow leaking tired forced him to pit after getting passed, Matt hounded Chris and Kelly, took the lead, then slipped up and Chris got him back, and Chris led several laps late, got pinned and passed by both Kelly and Matt behind lapped traffic, and suffered a  a bent sprocket that took him out of the top 2)! But the one who had it last – Kelly Miller, gets the win. He becomes only the 5th driver – Matt Stevens (won 10), Chris Stevens (won 5), Wes Stevens (won 1), Kyle Reuter (won 1) – in the Klassic’s 18 year history to win the big one , all while only picking up his 2nd career win at Galletta’s. Although many know him from both racing Stocks and Supermodifieds on the big track downtown, Kelly showed he knows how to drive more than just the big machines! And in a kart THAT SAT UNUSED waiting for a driver ABOUT 97% OF THE YEAR. Congrats to Kelly, congrats and thank you to all who showed, and to all who could’ve came out and didn’t? On your knees, dogs. READ MORE HERE!

9/1/2013 – Branden “Tumor” Matott &  Matt Stevens Win The 18th Annual Oswego Karting Labor Day Championship Twin-30s!

 photo 2013-09-01-matt-tumor-winne_zpsfa33bb18.jpg

Matt Stevens & Branden “Tumor” Matott take the 9/1/2013 Twin-30s.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 1st, 2013, OSWEGO, NY –  Another driver steps into the storied 18-year Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway winner’s circle, 1st year driver Branden “Tumor” Matott wins his 1st career feature with a 30-lap sweep in his Inkings Tattoo/Woodchuck Saloon #34.5 during the 1st feature. He was then joined by the man who has been in victory lane more than every single other driver (minus his brother) combined – Matt Stevens, as he survived several crazy entanglements en route to putting not one, but two karts into the lead (1st blowing by everybody in the Galletta’s Greenhouse/ #74 – which broke a wheel hub while leading, and then blew by everybody again the Galletta’s Greenhouse #33) to inch a little closer to his brother Chris in both the points and wins columns. Some entertaining 9-kart races that provided a nice nightcap following Oswego Speedway’s Classic 200. More on the race page right here, right now!

8/25/2013 – Matt Stevens Triumphs in Galletta’s Greenhouse/ #74 at the “War of Attrition & No-Shows 25” Shortened Event!

8/25/2013 - Matt Stevens Triumphs in Galletta's Greenhouse/ #74 at the "War of Attrition & No-Shows 25" Shortened Event!

8/25/2013 – Matt Stevens Triumphs in Galletta’s Greenhouse/ #74 at the “War of Attrition & No-Shows 25” Shortened Event!

SUNDAY, AUGUST 25th, 2013, OSWEGO, NY –  Usually, late Summer at our fine backyard speedway in out 18 seasons of point racing and 20+ seasons of racing in general, we hit a late-Summer/early-Fall rut. This week was the case. Rut hit. Various events (golf tourneys, g@y vampire TV shows that absolutely cannot be missed at 9pm, work, whining-about-not-starting-on-time-but-never-showing-on-time, and broken karts) caused our show to go from an expected 10+ kart Twin-35 night to a 7-kart 25 lapper. Almost 8, but then that g@y vampire show couldn’t be DVR’ed! Even though we only had 7 karts on track the racing was exciting. Even if the webmaster and points leader was pretty damn miffed about being bumped out of precious point-scoring positions for the second week in a row – first by a friend last weekend and then (see pic) by his own brother this weekend! *Sigh* Still, in hindsight, despite the small show, the racing was quite good, as we almost had a 1st-time winner (Branden “Tumor” Matott, who blew up his drive-wheel system while leading), and almost a 2-in-a-row-winner (Eric Woolworth, who also broke in the lead after his brother did). But that tricky Matt Stevens won, even if he had to resort to some rough riding on his own bro to get his first win in over a month.  More details are on the race page right here!

7/14/2013: Matt Stevens Breaks Bro’s Streak in 45-Lap Feature Triumph

Oswego Karting 7/14/2013: Matt Stevens, winningest Oswego Karter (yes, that includes every single Oswego Kartway driver in every single year), wins again!

Oswego Karting 7/14/2013: Matt Stevens, winningest Oswego Karter (yes, that includes every single Oswego Kartway driver in every single year), wins again!

 photo 20130714-01h44m20s184_zpsf3df0439.jpg

7/14/2013 – Matt Stevens… such a force, most Oswego Karters stay away and race on Kiddie Kartway.

SUNDAY, JULY 14th, 2013, OSWEGO, NY – Matt Stevens (in the Galletta’s Greenhouse #3) snapped his brother’s 3-feature win streak by passing polesitter and early-leader Adam Lytle (Lytle #33c) on a lap-16 restart and led the rest of the way. Matt wins his 3rd feature of 2013 with the triumph, coming back from a lap 0 warning where flagger Wesley “Ogre” Stevens claimed Matt jumped the gun (he did go from 5th to tied for 1st at the start before Wes threw the yellow for the warning). Meanwhile, his brother Chris trapped Lytle in traffic for 2nd and was hoping for 10 more laps and a little mre traffic so he could challenge. Honorable mention goes to Adam Lytle, who is continuing to show improvement with his fresher motor prepped by Matt a few weeks back and if not for a slow restart and lapped traffic, may have had his 1st career win. The hot temperatures kept some from making the race – and we almost had to postpone, but some late arriving rookies made for 10 competitors in the show, which qualified for our self-imposed minimum driver requirement at 8. However, missing was Brian Galletta, who took some damage in the points race after being in the top-3 all season until now. (And Buddy the Galletta’s Greenhouse Patrol cat photo-bombed victory lane… AGAIN!) Points, pictures and descriptions are done, please check them out here!!

6/23/2013: Matt Stevens Sweeps the Twin-35s in his Galletta’s Greenhouse #3 & 33!

Oswego Karting 6/23/2013: Undisputed Master Matt Stevens sweeps Oswego Karting Features!

Oswego Karting 6/23/2013: Undisputed Master Matt Stevens sweeps Oswego Karting Features! No karter in Oswego has his career stats. Period.

Oswego Karting 6/232013: Twin 35s!

6/23/2013 – Matt Stevens is such a karting master, if you run 2 features, he will likely win ’em both.

SUNDAY, JUNE 23rd, 2013 – Matt Stevens is like a high-scoring MVP in a sport. You can contain him, slow him down for a bit, even think you got him figured out. Then he explodes. Matt took over the lead from his handicap starting position of 2nd place in the 1st feature and led most of the race to win the 1st feature. But in the 2nd feature, he really didn’t deserve it running 4th the whole way. But Chris Stevens, Dave Spanfelner, and Billy Truax all had serious shots at the win but all made mistakes that Matt capitalized upon, taking Truax by a bumper at the checker. The kid just cannot be stopped, and no driver at the local pay karting tracks is in his league in terms of experience, motor building, and sheer volume of wins and championships. His record speaks for itself, ignored or not. More pictures and points are now updated!


2012 was another big year for Matt, but a bit of controversy in the Klassic ruined an otherwise excellent season for the undisputed winningest driver of Oswego Dirt Karting history. 11 feature wins and a disputed track title, as the taking himself out of the lead late in the Klassic wound up mucking up a near-perfect season…

Matt Stevens in his Galletta's Greenhouse Racing #3 (and 33) before the 17th Annual Galletta's Greenhouse Karting 200-Lap Klassic on 10/6/2012.

Matt in his Galletta’s #3 (and #33) before the 17th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting 200-Lap Klassic on 10/6/2012.

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SATURDAY, October 6th, 2012: The 17th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club 14-kart/200-Lap Klassic Championship was a complicated story. The race was highly competitive throughout, with Brian Galletta, Kyle Reuter, Randy Platt, Matt Stevens, and Chris Stevens all leading significant portions of the 200-lapper with karts easily fast enough to get the win, and ALL of them passed each other in traffic. But late in the game, controversy struck with five laps to go! Although Chris Stevens passed the line in 1st place on lap 200 – which would’ve sealed him his 2nd straight Klassic 200 victory and put him ahead of his brother Matt for the 2012 points title – the race win was half-lifted. Why? Well, Matt Stevens and Mary Stevens both deeply protested the fact that Matt needlessly and voluntarily went to the rear of the field after he and Chris were battling back and forth for the lead through traffic and bumped the Dave Spanfelner #54 off track during their battle with 5 laps to go. The race was then declared no winner, and Mascot/Uncle Ogie Stevens stepped up to the winning kart and took credit for the win. Due to the controversy,Chris and Matt technically tie for the win (with nobody else losing a position – Kyle still scoring 2nd and Melissa 3rd for example), but will split 1st (Chris’ final position) and 6th (Matt’s final position)’s points. With this being the case, Matt holds on to the points lead and takes the 2012 Galletta’s Track Championship, where if he scored 6th, Chris would’ve won it. Oh, that tricky Matthew, stealing wins and titles even after he didn’t win! 😉 More…
MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th, 2012: In a Klassic-Tune-up Fall Bonus Point Series Race, it looked like Brian Galletta was going to win it in his brand-new #13. He broke – in fact, sheared his crankshaft, a first in our 17+ years of racing. Then, it looked like Eric Woolworth was going to win in his brand-new #78. a kart frame that sat on the side of the greenhouse for years, and finally was rebuilt and had a motor slapped on it. Eric was dominating until he got caught sleeping on a restart by Dave Spanfelner, but then Eric broke anyway. And speaking of Dave, he was looking like he may take it, too, until his kart started slowing badly, and he wrecked with two guys he brought out. So… *YAWN*…. it happened again. Matt Stevens came from last to first in the nearly-forgotten, always passed-over, dirty-looking Galletta’s #6 kart – a kart that was built to replace the #3, but never did. Ooh, that crafty lil’ Matty-Joey!!! More… 2012 sEASON rAGES oN...
SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15th, 2012: Although Billy Truax, Dave Spanfelner and Chris Stevens were the top three for most of the race, a late wreck put you know who in the lead late. That’s right, even with a loose kart, the winner of last week’s 45-Lap Feature was none other than… Matty Joey Stevens… again! People… we need more drivers on track to make it harder for Matt to pick up wins, because now even when his kart is loose and he gets passed during the race, the wins STILL fall into his lap. Oh, wait… I forgot… local drivers that don’t show up to race with us arewussy pussy wimps, er, I’m sorry… scaredy-pants. Nevermind. Note: Although you can view and comment on the picture via Facebook right here, but if you want more, then go here! 2012 sEASON rAGES oN...
Matty Joe and Joe are WINNERS! YAY1! FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7th, 2012: Also known as, “Now THAT’S A Better Buske! Twin 30s”, we ran 11-Karts in 60-Laps (our new regular-season favorite it seems – two 30 lap features) and had Joe Sereno take the first feature and Matt Stevens take the second. Both Matt and Joe look very fast heading closer and closer to Klassic, with Matt having two fast karts. And now with Matt using Randy Platt’s helmet cam for some awesome race footage! What’s that you say? You want more? You say, “FEED ME MORE!”? OK, here.
SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1st, 2012: 12- Karts/50-Laps + 23 caution laps = 73 LAPS?! (23 caution laps! Did I count that right?!) - and so many cautions meant one thing... 1ST TIME ROOKIES! Not terribly unusual for newbies... except for one reeeaaaallly arrogant and loud n00b - who was involved in 8 cautions and warned 4 times about our 3-cautions-and-your-out-n00b rule we've had since 2008 - threw an angry, childish, irrational, and antagonostic temper tantrum of epic proportions when he was asked to sit after his 8th accident. The worst temper tantrum we have ever seen in our 20-year history of racing and 17-year history of racing for points. The funny thing was? Every single one of his arguments was utterly empirically refuted on video. He just didn't like sucking and took it out on us, I guess. And, according to the busket case, he has bigger balls than every racer who raced here this year and ever because he spoke up about his percieved bias that we supposedly have, even though we gave him every benefit of the doubt until he just had to leave the track so we could finish the race. And when he left... only one caution after he left the race surface. Guess he proved his point, huh? Talk about it on Facebook or view the main page! SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1st, 2012: Matt Sevens emerged the winner on a crazy, wreck-filled night thanks mostly to Dan Buske! 12- Karts/50-Laps + 23 caution laps?!! So many cautions meant one thing… 1ST TIME ROOKIES! One reeeaaaallly arrogant and loud n00b – who was involved in 8 cautions and warned 4 times about our 3-cautions-and-your-out-n00b rule we’ve had since 2008 – threw the worst temper tantrum we have ever seen in our 20-year history of racing and 17-year history of racing for points. The funny thing was? Although every single one of his arguments was utterly refuted on video, according to the Busket case, he has bigger balls than every racer who raced here this year and ever because he spoke up about his perceived bias that we supposedly have, even though we gave him every benefit of the doubt until he just had to leave the track so we could finish the race… and we did so, as the race went smooth as silk once he was gone. Guess he proved his point, huh? Talk about it on Facebook, or read more BUSKET CASE RACE!
MONDAY, AUGUST 6th, 2012: Sunday saw a monsoon-like downpour turn turn 2 into a small lake, so the race was postponed for Monday. Another good show was in store, but that crafty lil’ Matt Stevens pulled out another win by trapping his fellow competitors behind early-leader Dave Spanfelner and not looking back. The 2nd feature saw Chris Stevens and Joe Sereno battle back and forth, but Joe was able to execute the pass on Adam Lytle for the lead around the halfway point. Then, he broke. Again. Chris Stevens took the rest of the laps for his first feature win since the 2011 Klassic 200-Lapper! READ MORE… 8/6/2012 Oswego Dirt Karting Club (The original and STILL the largest, most talented from top to bottom. Period.
7/29/2012 - Matt wins... again... dammit. SUNDAY, JULY 29th, 2012: After we took a week off (the property owner was not feeling well and we all decided it was going to be better to take a week off for her sake), the racing resumed at Galletta’s Speedway for our Annual HarBOREfest Championship. And what a race it was, with lots of passing and action. But damn it all… that crafty Matty-Joey Stevens did it again. He just wins, and wins often. Yeah, Matt, you are already the all-time leader in feature wins in all of Oswego County, you don’t have to rub it in. Anyway, Mighty Matt, posing here with his wife Melissa, flexed for you all to let you know that you can’t beat him. Yaawwwnn… As for the race, here is MORE…
7/29/2012 - 11-Kart/45-Lapper
Click to "Like" and "Comment" on facebook! SUNDAY, JULY 1st, 2012: We can’t stop him. No matter what kart he drives, he is able to run a lower groove than his fellow competitors, stay out of entanglements, and pick up wins. For the 1st time ever in our club’s history, we have the same person win four straight to open the season, and it is the undisputedly winningest karter in the local area and likely points beyond – Matt Stevens (yes, people at the lil’ track out back downtown may think they’re the $#!t until they look at Matt’s track record and that he’s been winning kart races since before most of them were born, and before the tracks they race at even existed. They may even write us off as unsanctioned “yard karts” with weird rules on specs that don’t adhere to WKA/NKA guidelines. But just remember… real men don’t race in the missionary position… and the ones that do wuss out against Matt, so the locals who do not show up on raceday forfeit by default). If this were any other track, he’d be booed out of town.Here is the story…. Independence Day 2012 - 45-laps/9-karts!
SATURDAY, JUNE 23rd, 2012: That gosh darn it all to heck Matty-Joey. Brian Galletta deserved to win this one. He has raced for years – being one of the original members of the club that his cousins founded – with only one regular feature win to his credit (one that he and the rest of us forgot and don’t have on tape), and tonight, he led fifty four of the first fifty-six laps, and at times pulled away from the pack. But then here comes that sneaky, pesky, crafty Matt to steal the show…. Here is the tale… Father's Day 2012 45-Lapper
SUNDAY, JUNE 17TH, 2012: That darn Matty-Joey. Matt may not have been the fastest kart on the track. Maybe not even the 2nd fastest. But he was the craftiest, and used his patented slingshot maneuvers to sneak by faster karts and win the 2nd half of the postponed 2012 Opener (that grew to 16 karts), and the 13-kart/45-lap Father’s Day 45. He’s still the most dominant force in Oswego County karting by far, for the seventeenth year. Here is the story…. Father's Day 2012 45-Lapper


2011 was another year of sharing championships with his brother for Matt, as he went into the Klassic with a leading six feature wins, but behind his brother Chris in the points. Therefore, Matt took an entirely new strategy, something he never did in the 16 year history of the Klassic… leading the whole race. And he almost did, until he had to refuel. Chris did not, and inherited the lead, and held Matt off for his 1st Klassic since 2001, but Matt won the track title with all those laps led…

Click to enlarge picture!
SATURDAY,OCTOBER 8th, 2011: Matt posing with his Galletta’s Greenhouse #33 before the 16th Annual Galletta’s Karting Klassic 200-Lap Championship.
16th Annual Galletta's Greenhouse Karting Klassic 200 Start SATURDAY,OCTOBER 8th, 2011: A grueling 200 laps. But yours truly – webmaster Chris Stevens – broke a 10-year dry-spell by winning his first Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic since 2001 (while running almost on fumes)! It was not easy, as he time trialed 5th, and had to come from the back of the field twice when he blew a tire in 2nd early, then clobbered a tree in 2nd late. But everything fell his way when the leader of the first 157 laps of the race,Matt Stevens, decided to refuel putting Chris in the lead with barely sputtering off enough fumes to get him the win with Matt all over him. Several competitors didn’t finish the marathon event, and the closeness of competition made this theHARDEST Klassic to date, with tough competition from first to last, including 2010 defending Klassic Champ Kyle Reuter (who lost a front wheel while in 2nd himself, crashed into the buckwheat in turn 2 and retired). For most of the first 100 laps, Kyle pressured Matt to set a fast pace, which in the end was the deciding factor that forced Matt to refuel with 43 laps to go, which put Chris – who made it back to 2nd for a third time in the race – in the lead. Chris actually benefited from blowing a tire early and conserving gas in the rear during the 2nd 4th of the race, which led to him having enough gas to take the checker, the first time the Galletta’s #8 kart won a Klassic – Chris’ previous Klassic wins came in the Galletta’s #2 (1999) and Galletta’s #5 (2000 & 2001). Chris has had several close calls in those last ten years (many 2nd and 3rd places, and a few bad luck breaks while up front in position to win). Outstanding show from start to finish with some close racing and a few exciting accidents to keep you viewers satisfied. Complete race videos on DVD only $5 each disc and are ready. Meanwhile, here is a recap of the 2011 season thus far, including the 2011 Finalized Point Standings, where Matt Stevens led enough laps in the Klassic to earn enough bonus points to surpass his brother by two points! This after Chris had enough top-3 points to beat Matt by 1/2 point in 2010! And consider that going into Klassic, the top 6 were all up for grabs. That’s racing, folks! More… This set up the top three for the first fifth of the race - Matt Stevens, Chris Stevens, and Kyle Reuter. Not surprisingly, Matt, Chris and Kyle are the only three active drivers who have ever won the annual event (the only other is retired and in the flag stand), and know how tough it is to get passes out there and how important positioning will be.
Matt Stevens wins his 118th feature in the City of Oswego's two dirt karting tracks since 2000. Who is even close to that? Face it. You can't beat him. That's why you didn't show. Puss. TUESDAY, AUGUST 16th, 2011: The SUNDAY, AUGUST 14th, 2011 race waspostponed. Not due to rain, as we thought, as we didn’t even get enough to wet the track enough to race on. It was due to our leader, commanda’, track operator, and head mechanic Matt Stevens suffering a scratched cornea. While I (webmaster, co-founder, fellow racer and brother Chris) offered to gouge his eye out for him so he could race with one good one, he – very agitated – declined. When I offered to run the races without him since he has a comfortable lead anyway, my life was… ahem… Um… endangered. So, per doctor’s orders, Matt was asked to take 7 days off any strenuous activity, and dirt racing, as everyone who has ever been around it knows, can irritate the eyes. However, Matt is too powerful and stubborn of a lad to let a scratched cornea stop him. With a good pair of goggles, he went from last to first — trapping Tim Galletta and Chris Stevens behind early leader Joe Sereno — to win our special Tuesday Night Delight. And as any of the 212 different drivers who have raced against Matt (between 2000-2011) at Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Speedway and the 39 different drivers who have raced against him at Oswego Kartway (between 2006-2008) knows, he always capitalizes on even the slightest mistake and almost always gets to the front, even with the same motor (or less of one in some cases)! He holds the wins and points on both tracks in the gas flathead division, and will likely never ever be caught in the all-time rankings of both tracks. Good race for sure, but c’mon now… it’s getting a little boring. Too bad that in all of Central New York, we have yet to find a driver anywhere who can beat him. We have an open challenge, and have had one for years. We see the results. Now let’s review the race: [RACE PAGE UPDATED] 8/16/2011 40-Lapper
Jeff Tetro and Matt Stevens win the Friday 8/5/2011 Twin 30s AUGUST 5th, 2011: A Special Friday Night event took place at Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway saw another 60-lap race night. Yep, that’s right, sixty 15-17 second green flag laps for one division. Jeff Tetro took the 1st feature, again holding off Matt by a nose at the stripe like he did a few weeks ago, but Matt roared back to take the 2nd 30-lapper after the track developed bumps in turn 2 and Matt survived to take his 5th of the season.
[8/8/2011 UPDATE: RACE PAGE UP ]
8/5/2011 - Friday Night Twin 30s
Tim Galletta and Matt Stevens win the 7/17/2011 Twin 30s! JULY 17TH, 2011: The undisputed winningest karter in Central New York did it again. Matt Stevens won the 2nd Twin-30 of the night, leading all 30 laps, but did so by actually coming in last in the first 30-lapper, which was won by his cousin Tim Galletta. 60 laps of racing only saw 1 caution for one spinout. Clean, competitive racing from green to checker. Come back later today and again all week for more updates. Also, we are looking at Saturday race for next weekend to get more drivers (per request of some drivers who WILL come opposed to leaving Sundays open for a few drivers who used to and might come, but don’t anymore), as so far this season, 7-9 drivers per class a week may be cool beans for gyno-exam seat cookie-cutter kart kiddie track classes, but it is not how grown men (and woman) drivers like to race. More… 7/17/2011 Twin 30s!
Matt nipped Joe Sereno in traffic for this exciting win on 7/10/2011! JULY 10TH, 2011: Seven competitors battled it out on 7/10/2011, and although we have had the smallest summer fields in our recent history, the racing is as close and exciting as ever, and perhaps cleaner. Where else can you see open-wheel go-karts race side-by-side, sometimes three-wide, and race clean and run 50 laps (plus 8 lap heats) with barely a caution all evening? Sure, Matt Stevens won, but it wasn’t easy. Polesitter Jeff Tetro looked like the winner early (but had a blown drive tire), Tim Galletta looked poised to win (but pitted to adjust tire pressure), and late leader Joe Sereno had a half-track lead, but a caution and then traffic did rookie in, as Matt – who himself had to fight off his brother the whole race – snuck by him in a pack of 7 karts bottled up wheel-to-wheel to barely pick up the win. Jeff Tetro and Tim Galletta won the heats. Several race-ready, feature-winning karts again sat idle without drivers, and it is easier for Matt to pick off a seven or eight drivers and win than it is for him to do so with ten to fifteen drivers. So we need more — come on out! So if you are sick of seeing Matt win so much, then do something about it and race him like the rest of us active GKC drivers are doing. If you did, you’d see why he’s the most winningest driver in the area. Weighed down, same motor as everyone else, older chassis than anybody else, starts in last almost every week… and he still triumphs. Racing more expensive karts on kiddie tracks doesn’t mean you’re a better driver. Just means you’re afraid. Yes, that does mean local racers who read this page, can race with us, but never show up on race day. Read more:[RACE PAGE UPDATED] 8/1/2011 UPDATE: YOUTUBE RACE VIDEO IS UP! Matt nipped Joe Sereno in traffic for this exciting win on 7/10/2011!
The Founding Bros. of the Galletta's Karting Club - Chris & Matt Stevens take the Twin--35s on 7/3/2011! SUNDAY, JULY 3RD, 2011: Although we took a week off, the racing did not miss a beat for the Sunday, June 3rd, 2011 show. In fact, so far this season, we had some of the most fun and clean racing that we’ve had in years, with today’s show being possibly the best yet! Tim Galletta and Chris Stevens debuted new motors and were flying. But Tim had an accident in lapped traffic while leading the 1st 35-Lapper, enabling Chris Stevens to take the lead and the win, with Matt pressuring him. Tim also was leading late in the 2nd 35-Lapper, but a bump knocked his foot off the gas, which enabled Matt Stevens (this time pressured by Chris) to sneak by him for the win of the 2nd Feature, as fireworks cracked downtown in Oswego. RACE PAGE IS UP. 7/29/2011 YOUTUBE VIDEO UPDATE: YOUTUBE VIDEO IS UP!
Matt Stevens wins the 16th Annual Galletta's Greenhouse Karting Club Season Opener on 6/5/2011! JUNE 5TH, 2011: The Galletta’s Karting Club kicked off it’s 16th Points Season(and 21st season of kart racing overall) with a bang. Literally a few! Nine karts battled it out, with five of the drivers battled to five different lead changes during the 55-Lap feature, with Randy Platt going for a wild ride off the track in his new “Platt-num” #28, and Chris Stevens blowing the motor on the Galletta’s #8 while leading with only 4 laps to go. This left Matt Stevens to capture the first feature of the season when he inherited the lead late, coming back from a couple early cautions! Plus three rookies drove an impressive race on top of all that! June 22nd, 2022 Update: Full results, and point standings and TWO YOUTUBE HIGHLIGHT VIDEOS go here.
The 16th Annual Opener at Galletta's Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway! 6/5/2011


Matt had his least successful season ever in 2010 (although that is still better than probably 99% of all other local karters on all local tracks and divisions). He only won 3 regular season features (and one postseason Fall Bonus Feature), lost the Point Standings to his brother Chris Stevens by 1/2 point, and during the Klassic, he wrecked into his brother while battling for the lead late and took both and his bro out of it in the 200-Lapper, which Kyle Reuter then won (the 1st time a non-founding driver won the big show at Galletta’s). But that’s fine… in sports you win and lose, Matt has won more than his fair share over the nearly two decades of racing, and even when he gets beat, he is still beat by karts and motors he set up, which is still a point of pride for him. What hurt Matt was what came on the final night of the season. To rub salt into the wounds, a family of drivers that Matt exhaustively helped for over two years betrayed him and the club and badmouthed backstabbing lies about us on facebook, spread by the false rumors of his own mother-in-law (a misunderstanding, but nonetheless hurtful). Indeed, after the hurtful betrayal by those he liked, loved, helped, and trusted, Matt almost felt like quitting racing… and that, my friends – even after being booted, mocked and threatened by the track in back of the one he watched, loved, and modeled his own karting club and speedway over – was a first. But like one of his heroes, Braveheart, he won’t die that easily.

CLICK TO ENLARGE Matt Stevens w/Galletta's #33

Matty-Joey after time trialing another pole position at the 15th Annual Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic 200 of 2010, a race he has won 10 times out of the first 14 tries!

Kyle Reuter, Matt Stevens, Jeff Tetro, Chris Stevens, and Melissa Stevens took the Top-5 in the 2010 Galletta's Klassic 200! 2010 Season, Event #18 – Saturday, October 2nd, 2010  A 14-competitor 200-lapper was in store for the 15th Annual Galletta’s Karting Klassic 200-Lap Championship, which also doubles as the season Points Finale (points will be tallied during the week) and again did not disappoint as a close, competitive, fiery race with a lot of drama. At the end, however, it was the intrepid- Kyle Reuter,racing his 1st Feature at Galletta’s since the 2007 Klassic, emerged from the marathon race on top in the Galletta’s Greenhouse #0 kart. He became 1st visiting driver to ever win a Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic (Matt Stevens won 10, Chris won 3, and Wes won 1)! Point-leaders Chris and Matt — while  running 2nd and 3rd late — tangled together and had to  go to the rear, and then-leader Gary Miller Sr. started slowing down, which led Kyle – who did lead over 100 laps early before having to change karts due to a sputtering motor – to take the lead late and not look back.
Matt Stevens and Randy Platt take the 1st Twin-30 Fall Features of 2010! 2010 Season, Event #19 – Sunday, October 10th, 2010: “DRUNKY THE FU(#CLOWN NIGHT! – Fall Bonus (For All-Time) Point Series Event #1/Rookie Race” – Matt Stevens (via the Galletta’s #3, which was an unused kart in last weekend’s Klassic, although it was qualified and claimed as Matt’s backup if he needed it) and Randy Platt (via the Galletta’s #5, which was also qualified, open for anybody with at least a little bit of driving experience to drive it, but went 100% unused in the Klassic) took the two initial Fall Fury Bonus Point Twin-30 Features on October 10th, 2010. See how close our karts are? But still there are doubters who think we rig it. Oh well. We also had a bunch of rookies out having a good time, and they went on a spending spree buying every kart that was for sale and then some. And… Mary Russell and Monica Gabel lose their minds?! Wha?! More here:2010 Fall Bonus Twin-30s: The Night Monica Gabel & Mary Russell… SNAPPED!
Great battles, close racing, but ... well... some people aren't happy and make everybody else miserable.
Shadoe Russell may have led 43 laps, but Matt Stevens led the last 2 en route to his 3rd Feature win of 2010! Plus, a new foe emerges... 2010 Season, Event #13 – Sunday, August 29th, 2010: Ogie’s Revelation 45!Shadoe Russell led 43 laps right out of the gate Sunday, most of them by a rather large margin over the other 11 karts on the track. However, there were 45 laps to be scored, and after a late-race restart with a lap to go, Matt Stevens pulled the Galletta’s Greenhouse #3 kart outside of Doe’s #26 and was able to steal a near-perfect race away from the impressive Doe-Boi-Fresh. Plus, a wild ride when last week’s winner Chris Stevens caught AJ Nason’s wheel, went airborne and then blew through a freaking tire-wall! Awesome! Plus, startling revelations occurred in the post-race footage! Details, points & pics/vids are here: 8/29/2010- Ogie’s Revelation 45-Lapper
Matt Stevens wins the Oswego Dirt Karting Feature on Sunday, 8/15/2010 2010 Season, Event #11 – Sunday, August 15th, 2010 Gonna’ Get Goosed!  A12-competitor, 45-Lap Feature Event was won by the points-leader, and Matt Stevens became the 2nd two-feature winner of the season when he put his Galletta’s Greenhouse #3 kart into victory lane at Galletta’s Backyard Karting Speedway. This means he lengthens his lead in the points when he passed the entire field in the low groove and led most of the race. Yes, his wife gave him a victory kiss, and yes, a Canadian Goose did invade the victory proceedings. Only at Galletta’s, folks. It’s… just… how we roll. Details/points/pics/vids here, sirs and ma’ams. 8/15/2010 – 45-Lap/12-Driver
Matt Stevens breaks his drought and wins Mr. Galletta's 2010 Season, Event #9 – Sunday, August 1st, 2010– “Mr. Galletta’s 10,000 Dirt-Particles-To-Win 50” – In the 2010 Mr. Galletta’s “10,000 Dirt Particles-To-Win” 50 Driving the Galletta’s Greenhouse #33 kart, Matt Stevens, held off a strong last-lap pass attempt from Mike “MC” Howell with Chris also nearby to take his 1st win of 2010 at Galletta’s Sunday. This breaks Matt’s drought with his last win coming during the 2009 finale last November, and got a rare fist-pump from the usually mild-mannered, cool and calulating master of karting. Matt became the 10th different winner of 10 features so far this season at Galletta’s in 2010, making it the closest season in Galletta’s Speedway History, which began in 1990, developed into point races and “Klassic” races since 1995, and further developed into website-documented point races since 2000. Points, results, pictures and videos here:8/1/2010 – 50-Lap/14-Driver Mr. Galletta Night
Late in the feature, Matt Stevens had his hands full with MC Howell and Chris Stevens on his bumper.


2009 was the first single-track season for the club in over three years, but don’t think that the club suffered. In fact, as usual, we’re more relaxed and less frantic without the traveling and dealing with hishonest, hateful people. Our club still thrives without the Kartway, as it did for over a decade before the Kartway was even conceived… and despite people at the Kartway calling us “GAYletta’s”, threatening to shut is down, and come out into our back yard and smash our skulls in with shovels (stay classy, Kartway!), the club was strengthened by some cousins coming out to race with us for the first time in years once they heard some rednecks were giving the family problems. Of course, the Kartway folks never showed. Matt won 7 out of 20 feature events, including the Klassic (seen below). But, his brother Chris did finally break Matt’s streak of Track Point Championships in ’09! Most of these pages have video clips from our DVDs via YouTube, so check them out!

The 14th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club
200-Lap Klassic Championship DVD Highlight Reel on YouTube

One of our more popular YouTube videos, cut from our weekly DVDs (of higher quality). The 200-lapper was held on October 3rd, 2009!

Matt Stevens #33 at Galletta's '09 Klassic
Matt Stevens posing with the Galletta’s Greenhouse #33 before the 2009 Galletta’s Klassic 200 (10/3/2009).

Starting grid of the 14th Annual Galletta's Klassic 200!
The 14th Annual Galletta's Go-Kart Klassic 200's Top-3! Matt Stevens, Chris Stevens, and George Russell!
The 14th Annual Galletta’s Go-Kart 200-Lap KlassicOur Annual 200 lapper began with, Russ Hockey scoring the pole and dominating the vast majority of the race, holding off challenges by Jesse Vivlemore, George Russell, and Chris Stevens. Until late in the race Matt Stevens took the lead in his #33 on lap 162 and then held off his brother Chris–who had to come back from the rear after being in the top-3 all race and losing a drive-wheel nut late–to take the win, his 10th Klassic victory. However, Chris did break Matt’s 7-year-straight Track Championship winning streak by racing and finishing consistently in the top-3 all year long, despite Matt having more total wins. The top three karts did not pit and went all 200+ laps on one tank of pump gasolineMore…
The 14th Annual Galletta's Klassic 200 (10/3/2009)
Matt Stevens - Oswego Karting Winner 11/8/2009 11/08/2009 | 11-karts – 40-Lapper: Every season at Galletta?s Backyard Karting Speedway, we start our season in June, and race every weekend until we end our points season with our 200-lap Galletta?s Go-Kart Klassic. However, when the weather is good and enough drivers are interested, we hold a race that we add bonus points into the All-Time Points list. On November 8th, 2009, we held such a race. And Matt Stevens won it… the final race of 2009! We thank all of the forty-eight drivers who raced with us this year at Galletta?s, and hope all of you and more join us weekly next season in the undisputedly most experienced, longest-running, and most economical karting class in Oswego County, and most parts of the country. Click on the side pictures for more…
Professor. Fugging. Speedmoney. Mutherfuckah'.
9/19/2009 5-karts – 25-Laps: The Mysterious Professor Speedmonkeystole the Saturday, September 19th, 2009 Feature event at Galletta’s Karting Speedway driving the Galletta’s #1 kart. He was able to track down Ragin’ Russ Hockey, who passed Tim Galletta early on and dominated until he broke his drive hub on the very last lap. Again, poor Russ came close to another victory, but yet so far. No cash-money prizes or stickers here, as Speedmonkey won a banana. Easy to please a true racer such as he. After all, he appears to be a monkey, and made a monkey out of all other karters. And quite the braggart as well. Click on the side pictures for more…
Matt Stevens wins the 9/13/2009 Oswego Dirt Karting show at Galletta's

9/13/2009 | 12-karts – 45-Lapper: Matt Stevens is on a roll as the 14th Annual Galletta’s Klassic 200 approaches. He wins a tough, 12-kart, 45-lap gas flathead karting feature in his Galletta’s Greenhouse #33 kart, surviving two wrecks between 4 karts in front of him. First Tim Galletta and Russ Hockey came together battling for the lead, then Gary Miller and Buddy Cottom came together battling for the lead after that, leaving Matt clear sailing for his 5th feature win of the season. Click on the side pictures for more…

Matt Stevens wins the Labor Day 45 on 9/7/2009 at Galletta's! 9/7/2009 | 9-kart – 45-Lapper: “Master” Matty Jo Stevens wins the 45-lap, 9-kart Labor Day 45-Lap Feature on September 9th, 2009 at Galletta’s Backyard Karting Club Speedway. He was able to find the lead early and held it for most of the race, and although his brother Chris sticking with him, Matt just had too much to catch. Chris and Matt’s cousins Tim, Brian and Kevin Galletta joined the fray, but all three need more seasoning before they can contend with the regulars. A few times a year, Matt and Chris both find their way up to the front and put on a battle that has happened sine the early 1990s, where it was just the two brothers dueling for endless laps. Matt tried running away and hiding from everyone else, but Chris stayed with him, only losing ground if his fast-but-loose #4 kart slipped out of the fast groove. Chris tracked down Matt late in traffic, and nearly caught him when Matt hit his wife Melissa (call 911, ha!), but the crafty “Master Matt” was able to sneak into the clear and hold on for his 4th feature win of the season, and gain a good chunk of points on his point-leading brother (damn, him!). Click on the side pictures for more…
Matthew Stevens wins the 8/23/2009 40-Lap Regular Veteran Feature 8/23/2009 | 15-Kart – 40-Lapper: Matt Stevens took his first win in over two months as he won the regular Veteran 40-Lapper on August 23rd, 2009‘s GALLETTA FAMILY REUNION EVENT. Brian Galletta won the first-ever “All-Galletta” 30-Lap race at Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Speedway, and Matt Stevens won the 45-Lap Veteran feature by catching a fast Russ Hockey in traffic. The race was essentially Russ, Buddy, Matt and Chris in a fierce battle for the lead with Matt utilizing lapped traffic to take the lead with a couple laps to go – much to Russ’s frustration. (Note that Matt has flowers for the fruits who watch our website daily and hate us in jealous fits of rage and insanity getting ready for their lil’ 35-40 lap, 3-9 kart-per-class, 10-minute-long “Classics.” LOL!! Get back to us when you race for points titles for over twenty years and race 200 lap “Classics” with only one optional refuel, “professionals.” Haha!) Click on the side pictures for more…
Matt Stevens... wins... again.... the greatest karter in Oswego, NY. Doubt it? Come on up and try, bitch? 6/14/2009 | 11-Kart – Twin 30s Night er… Day (…we finished at dusk):Twin 30s night was in store for a beautiful June day at Galletta’s Greenhouse’s at John J. Galletta Memorial Karting Speedway – the original and still the biggest, most banked, most fun, and best dirt karting track in Oswego, NY. We had 11 karters today, including two 1st-time rookies and a returning veteran driver! This weekend we had a special guest reporter covering our racing and giving interviews, Zach James Janiszewski, a Syracuse University student/NCC News reporter. His report is on this blog. The report – just a nice little sports news report on our humble little racing league) wound up riling up the Oswego Kartway like a hornet’s nest (see above). Gary Miller Sr. won the 1st feature, and Matt Stevens (even with weight, he still emerges on top) took the 2nd. More… Great racing at Twin-30s Night (er... day... we finsihed at dusk).
Matt STevens wins the 14th Annual Opener at John J. Galletta Memorial Karting Speedway
6/7/2009 | 10-kart – 45-Lapper – 14th Annual Season Opener: A great night lead to a great opener at John J. Galletta Memorial Karting Speedway – the original and still the biggest, most banked, and best dirt karting track in Oswego, NY. And, as can be seen in the above video clips and snapshots below, the racing was clean, the track was smooth, and the tradition of professional, yet highly affordable 1-WD Gas Karting at Galletta’s in Oswego, NY continued. Matt Stevens took over the lead on lap fifteen and led the rest of the way, although Russ hunted him down in traffic and made a race of it late. The track was smooth, and the clay held up well, only being just a bit loose. Although Matt broke a dry spell dating back to last Fall with a win (and will now have more weight strapped onto his kart which should only make things closer), the racing was overall very close, especially considering that there was only a couple of cautions during the whole 45-lap event, which is impressive and speaks highly of all of our driver’s skills. More…
Great new 3rd/4th turn camera angle!

2008/2009 Offseason:

We’ve never had to put an offseason in our highlight reels before now, but we had to for two polar opposite reasons!
Matt getting married and the Oswego Kartway banishing, mocking, and threatening us!

Oswego Kartway Bars Our Karting Division from Competition at the Oswego Speedway Dirt Track: The Oswego Kartway (AKA the Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Track) barred our club from competition after three years of bringing 5-15 karts filled with paying customers to the track weekly from the track’s 1st three seasons in 20062007 and 2008 (also provided free website promotion, unpaid logos, and $5 full-race DVDs to the track) due to the track operator’s personal grudge against Chris Stevens (“That f***in’ website!”) and Matt Stevens (“He wins too much and will never again win at this track!”). The ultimate slap-in-the-face at our club is not just when the Oswego Kartway barred our karting club, didn’t pay for logos, demeaned our impressive wins at the track (the ONLY division that brought 15+ karts in the track’s 1st 3 years, and not only raced in MIXED-MOTOR events, but WON with smaller motors in said class!) and mocked/threatened us on various websites, but they also erased all references to our club from their website! Despite the fact that we were the biggest class supporting and the only website promoting the track when nobody else even knew it existed! This website here is the only place you will ever find evidence that we raced at and dominated the competition at their small kiddie-track-out-back of the hallowed Oswego Speedway. And, although several of our current and former club members have gone there to win many races on the track in other divisions (Kyle Reuter, Dick Dann, Ryan Coleman, John “JP” Stepien, among others), as long as Jim Losurdo and his rednecks-with-too-much-expendable-income-and-too-high-opinions-of-themself cronies run it, our club will never again race there. We’ve been invited to race at a handful of other local/semi-local kart tracks, but traveling 15-50 miles to pay to race at tracks smaller and more far more expensive to race at than our own makes little sense to 70-90% of the club members (and, we note, most methanol kart and gas clone kart drivers quit after a few years too, so, whether they acknowledge that they intentionally agree with us or not, their actions speak louder than words). Without further notice, we only race at Galletta’s, where anybody can join us without prejudice and unintentionally funny rich redneck bias!All the info you want to know and then some, here…
View more pictures from Matt & Melissa's wedding! Congratulations to Matthew Stevens & Melissa Gabel Stevens, who were married on Saturday, November 8th, 2008! This means ‘officially’ one more member of the Team Galletta’s racing. New pictures are up on his brother Chris’ MySpace! Enjoy!


Matt again had an impressive season on the two Oswego, NY Dirt Karting tracks in 2008. Most impressive. He won a combined 14 of the combined 27 feature races on the two tracks (including one “undecided tie”). In doing this, he also swept the 2008 Oswego Speedway Kartway Gas Stock Division Points, clinched in the 2008 Oswego Speedway Kartway Gas Stock Division 50-Lap Classic (that aforementioned “undecided tie”, as the Classic race that Matt led and dominated was taken away from him by the track operator Jim Losurdo at the stripe under caution?!), the the 2008 Galletta’s Greenhouse Speedway Points Title, and the 2008 Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway 200-Lap Klassic. Most of these pages have video clips from our DVDs via YouTube, so check them out!

Matt Stevens #33 at Galletta's '08 Klassic

Matt Stevens posing with the Galletta’s Greenhouse #33 before the 2008 Galletta’s Klassic (9/21/2008).

Matt Stevens, Buddy Cottom, Chris Stevens & Russ Hockey took the top 4 at the 2008 Galletta's Klassic 200! 2008 Scheduled Race #36. GALLETTA’S: Sunday, September 21st, 2008. The 13th Annual Galletta’s Kart Klassic: 200 laps!!! (Winner: Matt Stevens.) – At theGALLETTA’S GO-KART SPEEDWAY on a crisp and cool Sunday, September 21st, 2008, we held the 13th Annual Galletta’s Kart Klassic 200!!!  Matt Stevens again proved his mastery of Oswego karting with yet another HUGE Championship win, the biggest kart race ever at Galletta’s, the Oswego area (and probably everywhere else; we’d like to know if one is bigger anywhere). With his performance, he clinched the 2008 Galletta’s Track Title to add to his Oswego Kartway 2008 Track Points Title (the only class that has done points every year of the Kartway, the Outlaws Gas Animal/Galletta’s Gas Raptor Stockers), clinching the 2008 overall two-track title as well.
Galletta's 9/7/2008 winners: Gary Miller Jr & Matt Stevens 2008 Scheduled Race #34. GALLETTA’S: Sunday, September 7th, 2008: Twin 35s won by Matt Stevens & Gary Miller Jr. On SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th, 2008, we ran another Twin-Features Event at the John J. Galletta Memorial Yard Karting Speedway. The first 35-Lapper went to Matt Stevens in his Galletta’s #3 Gas Stocker. The second 30-Lapper went to Gary Miller Jr. in the Galletta’s #6 Gas Stocker; his first ever win! However, the event was marred when Chris Stevens (yours truly) took a wild flip driving the Galletta’s #7 and got a bit shaken and bruised up during the 1st feature, and elected not to compete in the 2nd. He’s all right, and will be ready to go for the next race – which may be the 13th Annual Galletta’s Klassic 200. More…
Chris, Wes, and Matt Stevens sweep the top 3 at the Oswego Kartway 2008 Gas Stocker Classic (again)!

Chris, his dad Wesley, and bro Matt after again sweeping the top-3 positions in the 2008 Oswego Kartway Classic, the final race there before the belligerent, easily-angered, irrational and quite possibly rather insane track operator there barred our highly affordable and competitive Galletta’s class from competition the following year for personal reasons in addition to trying to make room for a more expensive, yet supposedly “highly affordable” class, the OHV clones.

Oswego Kartway 2nd Annual Classic - Gas Stocker Division: Chris, Wes & Matt sweep again! 2008 Scheduled Race #33. OSWEGO: Thursday, September 4th, 2008: 2nd ANNUAL OSWEGO SPEEDWAY DIRT TRACK CLASSIC!!! Winners: Top three trophy spots go to Wes, Matt, and Chris Stevens! On THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th, 2008, the Galletta’s Karting Club participated in THE OSWEGO KARTWAY‘S 2nd ANNUAL DIRT TRACK CLASSIC at THE OSWEGO SPEEDWAY. Again, the inventors of Galletta’s Single-Wheel-Drive Gas Stocker Karting; Wes, Matt, andChris Stevens sweep the top-3 spots in the Gas Stocker Classic for the 2nd year in a row (but not without some controversy on the final lap).
2008 Scheduled Race #32. OSWEGO: Thursday, August 28th, 2008: 2nd ANNUAL OSWEGO SPEEDWAY DIRT TRACK CLASSIC TIME TRIALS!!! The 2008 Classic at Oswego Kartway was supposed to happen… until rain showers shut the features down, postponed for one week, but we did get the trials in. Our Gas Flathead Division’s 2-Lap results – Fast Time Winner: Dick Dann (Raptor Style Carb), Matt Stevens (Fun Power Style Carb).
Start of the Galletta-type Gas Stocker feature on 8/14/2008 2008 Scheduled Race #28. OSWEGO: Thursday, August 14th, 200830-Lap Race (Matt Stevens winner in 5hp). This week, the Galletta’s 5hp class planned to race another 2-in-1 show (two classes on the same track, though two different winners and points standings), but the 6.5hps voted and elected not to race with us. The Feature was won by Matt Stevens (Galletta’s #33), and he was followed by Wes Stevens (Galletta’s #4), Buddy Cottom (Galletta’s #7), Dick Dann (Dann #86), Chris Stevens (Galletta’s #8), Dick Dann (Dann #86), Gary Miller (Galletta’s #9; DNF – Quit), and Russ Hockey (Hockey #00; DNF – Broken Chain). More…
Matt Stevens wins a race in his 5hp Galletta's #33 against several 6.5hp motors at Oswego Kartway on 8/1/2008!
Matt Stevens after beating the entire “Outlaw” 6.5hp Gas-Open Kart” Class with his 5hp Gas Stocker #33 at Oswego Kartway on 8/1/2008
2008 Scheduled Race #24. OSWEGO: Friday, August 1st, 2008: Matt wins TWO DIVISIONS’ FEATURES at the Oswego Speedway Dirt Kartway! 40-Lap Money Race (Winner: Matt Stevens x2 in 5hp vs. 5hp and vs. 6.5hp)! Matt Stevens took his Galletta’s #3 (his old backup kart that his fiancée Melissa Gabel usually drives) and entered the Gas 6.5hp “Outlaw” class. Matt did well in the heat, coming from last to second before getting loose and getting passed by a few drivers. He felt that his #3 had the motor, but not the stick, so he tried his #33 in the feature with softer tires. He came from last place and surprised all in attendance by winning the 6.5hp 40-Lap Feature with the only 5hp. He then entered the 5hp-only feature and proceeded to pick off people one-by-one, then passing his brother Chris a few feet before the finish line when the bumper pad on Chris’ #8 broke free and blocked the wheel from turning in turn 4, giving Matt a wide-open lane for victory at the stripe after leading 39 & 4/5th laps of the race. Matt is not just good, he’s also lucky! More…
6/22/2008 Galletta's Kartway Twin 30s Winners - Matt Stevens & Ryan Coleman! 2008 Scheduled Race #11. GALLETTA’S: Sunday, June 22nd, 2008. Twin-30s (Winners: Matt Stevens in 5hp & Ryan Coleman in 5hp+).
The Galletta’s Karting Club Speedway held a Twin-30s night, both having 11-karts each! And all *gasp* with 5hp flathead motors! There were several almost, shoulda’-coulda’ winners: Dick Dann, Russ Hockey, Nick Dann, and Chris Stevens all had race leads, but either a wreck or mechanical failure took them each out of the top spots. Though they each came so close to taking the features, it was Matt Stevens and Ryan Coleman that took the checkered flags to both using both great driving skill and a little luck. More…
June 15th, 2008 Galletta's Kartway winner: Matt Stevens #33 2008 Scheduled Race #9. GALLETTA’S: Sunday, June 15th, 2008. 50-Lap Race (Winner: Matt Stevens in 5hp+). The Galletta’s Karting Club Speedway 2008 saw an exciting 11-kart and 50-lap race! “THE  2008 FATHER’S DAY 50” was won by defending track champion Matt Stevens in his Team Galletta’s #33, who was hard pressed to fight off a swarming Chris Stevens (Galletta’s #4) and just barely did so. A couple of controversial wrecks in addition to a huge pileup plagued the race. The heats were won by John Stepien (Galletta’s #0), and Ryan Coleman (Galletta’s #7). More…
6/12/2008 @ Oswego Kartway

Matt in action racing at the Oswego Kartway in his Galletta’s Greenhouse #33 Gas Stocker kart, where he is virtually unbeatable in. Unless, that is… people cheat. The reason we always had a hard time at the Oswego Kartway was… the track operator forced us to race against his friends… who all had STOCK ANIMAL Briggs motors (racing OHV engines that are rated far over 6.5hp). We had stock flathead 5hp Briggs with only shaved heads. Do the math. And this week was one of the weeks where Matt was hopelessly outmatched in terms of horsepower… but just kept fighting like a dog. His driving skills were never more apparent than when he raced against guys who had clearly wwaaayyyy more horsepower than him! Even when he loses… his talent, determination, and never-say-die attitude shows. I guess that’s why his favorite movies are Braveheart and the Rocky series.
Galletta Kart Club 6/8/2008 Winner: Matt Stevens 2008 Scheduled Race #7. GALLETTA’S: Sunday, June 8th, 2008: 45-Lap Race (Winner: Matt Stevens in 5hp). The Galletta’s Karting Club Speedway 2008 opener was held Sunday June 6th, and an exciting, 12-kart, 45-lap, clean, and fast-pace race! “THE CLAY HAS ARRIVED 45” was won by defending track champion Matt Stevens in his Team Galletta’s #33, followed by Ryan Coleman (Galletta’s #7), and Chris Stevens (Galletta’s #4). The heats were won by AJ Russell (Galletta’s #6), Chris Stevens (Galletta’s #4), and Gary Miller (Miller #24). The clay is amazing and will only get better with more work.  Due to the new clay, slicks-only rule, and Team Berry #11 mysteriously retiring from Galletta’s races (abandoning the guys that got them all into racing and bought them motors, to just destroy them, and then get totally pwned by 6.5hp motors who spend way more money that our class does), the shows now run far more smoothly with far less cautions. Good luck. LOL! More…
Galletta's @ Oswego Kartway on 5/30/2008
Matt Stevens wins a mixed motor (5hp-6.5hp gas stocker) money race at Oswego Speedway in his #3 Gas Stocker!
Oswego Kartway 2008/05/30 CGS 09:57:57 2008 Scheduled Race #4. OSWEGO: Friday, May 30th, 2008: 35-Lap MONEY RACE! (Winner: Matt Stevens in 5hp). (Above) Calm, cool, and calculating, and collected Matt Stevens wins a mixed motor (5hp-6.5hp gas Stocker) money race at Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Kartway in his trusty old all-time winning Gas Stocker #3, beating OHV karts that by all means he shouldn’t be logically defeating  (on5/30/2008)!
Oswego Kartway 2008/05/08 Gas Stocker Heat 1
Gas Stocker Feature win - Oswego Kartway 8/5/2008 2008 Scheduled Race #1. OSWEGO: Thursday, May 8th, 2008: 25-Lap Race (Winner: Matt Stevens in 5hp). In the first and perhaps only time in our club history, we raced in May! Because our sponsor/host/namesake is Galletta’s Greenhouse, and we (Matt, Chris, Wes, Melissa, and Rungnapha) all work there. And May is BUSY SEASON. May is our pay day for work done February through August. Period. But the newly renamed Oswego Kartway’s Track Operator Jim Losurdo INSISTED we race in May. And we did… at great cost to our work and sleep. But… something fishy was going on here with the OHV Outlaws… how did a 1st-time rookie and a 2nd year man who was pretty slow all last year get so fast? Faster than a bunch of seasonedveterans in our club? Way faster than multi-time feature winners who have raced for years? Hmm…


Matt Stevens was a dynamo this season, as he raced a staggering 28 races on two tracks, winning 14 features (winning 5 out of 10 features at Oswego Speedway Dirt Track, and 9 out of 18 features at Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway) a ridiculous 50% win percentage with races that had anywhere from 7-17 karts (not dinky 1-5 kart classes like many of the methanol divisions)! Add to that, at Oswego, he raced against larger 6.5hp motors with Stock Animal parts (hint: a lot more than 6.5hp)! The only imperfection on his season was getting involved in an astonishing wreck where his body flung through the air like a Muppet the week of the 2007 Oswego Classic, and although bruised and sore… still scoring a pedestal 3rd to his brother and father.

Matt Stevens wins the 2007 Galletta's Kart Klassic! 175 laps and over 20 miles!
12th Annual Galletta's Klassic 175 - 9/23/2007

The 12th Annual Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic, now 175 laps (over 20 miles – and 200 lapscounting caution laps), was held on Sunday, September 23d, 2007 was won by now 8-time Galletta’s Klassic winner, Matt Stevens. Matt, the founder, owner, and mechanic of the 10 Galletta’s Go-Karts again proved that he is the best karter in the solar system again with his incredible streak of winning championships in every racing field that he competes in! He also shattered the track record for his pole-winning time trial with a 15.82, which is basically an annual occurrence for the one known as the Supplement Boy.  More->

Matt's Victory Lap.
Matt Stevens of Galletta's Greenhouse Speedway's 2007 Klassic 175 (20 mile race) 
Matt Stevens posing with the Galletta’s Greenhouse #33 before the 12th Annual 2007 Galletta’s Klassic 175 (on 9/23/2007).
Matt Stevens won the post-Klassic event in the "ORIGINAL" Galletta's Go-Kart! The all-time winningest #3!
2007 Fall Series: Klassic 65-Lapper on 10/6/2007: Matt Stevens won the Post-Klassic 65-Lapper on October 6th, 2007 in his trusty old backup, the Galletta’s #3. Matt has more wins in this kart that probably almost every visiting driver combined. Galletta's - 9/10/2007
Matty Jo Furlong Stevens wins in the #33 Galletta’s 2007 Race #14 : 9/3/2007 45-Lapper: On September 3rd, 2007, Matt “Furlong” Stevensregains his usual form and wins the Galletta’s 2007 Labor Day 45, a special yearly Monday race. Kyle Reuter led most of the 16-kart race in the Galletta’s #5, but broke with 1 lap remaining. 2nd place went to the driver of the Galletta’s #8, Chris “ChrusherComix” Stevens who has been in Kyle’s shoes many times before, including earlier this year. Matt has won 50% of the Features that he has entered this season: 5 of 10 Oswego Speedway Features, and 7 of 14 Galletta’s Features. Considering the amount of skilled drivers – anywhere between 6-16 karts per race – that is a staggering record. More… Galletta's - 9/3/2007
Oswego Speedway Classic Weekend - Dirt Yard Kart Division Top 3

On August 30th, 2007, the founders of the Town of Oswego Dirt Karting Club – better known as Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club & Backyard Speedway; the track that started the idea for the Oswego Kartway – swept the top three spots at the Oswego Speedway Classic Weekend’s largest and most experienced Dirt Karting Class, the 16-kart, 50-Lap 1-WD Gas Stock division Classic. Chris “ChrusherComix” Stevens won the Oswego Speedway Classic Weekend’s Dirt Gas Stocker Kart Classic 50, his 1st Feature at Oswego since 2006, and his 3rd overall feature of 2007 in his Galletta’s #8. His father Wesley Ogre Stevens took 2nd in the Galletta’s #4, and his brother – and head mechanic of all 10 Galletta Go-Karts – Matt Stevens got 3rd in his Galletta’s #33 (recovering from a kart LANDING ON HIM early in the race, and suffering from a somewhat loose setup and still sore from flying through the air and betting a bruised thigh the prior race at Galletta’s), and clinched the 2007 Oswego Speedway Dirt Gas Stock Division Track Title (the track was renamed Oswego Kartway in 2008). In fact, the entire 15-kart field was involved in accidents at one time or another, which made this race a war of experience and attrition, and five or so drivers all had a legitimate shot… but experience, fast karts, and a little luck paid off for the trio.

8/30/2007: 1st Official Annual Oswego Speedway Kartway Classic 50 – Chris, Wes, and Matt Stevens sweep the top-3 in the Classic!: On August 30th, 2007, the three founders of Supermodified Yard Kart racing in the Oswego area swept the top three positions in the first annual Oswego Speedway Classic for the “Yard Kart” division. Chris “ChrusherComix” Stevens won the Oswego Speedway Classic Weekend’s Dirt Supermodified Yard Kart Classic 50 in his Galletta’s Greenhouse #8. His father Wesley Ogre Stevens took 2nd in the Galletta’s #4, and his brother and head mechanic Matt Stevens got 3rd in his Galletta’s #33. This makes the three originators of Oswego-area Yard Kart racing taking 1-2-3 in the first ever Oswego Yard Kart Classic! View more on this race here. And Matt is the mechanic of all of the podium-finishing motors! More->
Oswego Speedway / Oswego Kartway - Clockwise Gas Stocker Heat 1 - Classic Weekend
On August 26th, 2007, Chris “ChrusherComix” Stevens wins his 2nd feature of the year in his Galletta’s #8, a 45-lap, 12-kart event. But the motor has won 2 straight races, as last week Kyle Reuter won with it on the Galletta’s #5! Chris thanks his brother Matt and Melissa Gabel for their diligent work on the track and karts during the week. So… if Chris won, then why is it featured in Matt’s profile? Well.. the reason is because Matt he got tossed into the air like a rag doll and his #33 kart landed on his leg in a horrid collision with an unsafely parked Fred Collins in the scariest wreck we ever caught on tape in our club’s history! See below… THE... CRASH FROM HELL! - Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Matt’s worst accident occurred on August 26th, 2007, and we dubbed it the…
“Worst Crash Ever Videotaped at Galletta’s Go-Kart Speedway”:

THE... CRASH FROM HELL! - Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

An extremely scary accident took place early on in the feature when Wesley Ogre Stevens, Kyle, Matt, and Chris were battling in the middle of the field, side-by-side, 2-rows-deep. When Ogre and Kyle brushed wheels down the front stretch, it sent Kyle into Matt and then they both crashed extremely hard into Fred Collins, who had retired and nonsensically parked in the interior grass just barely off of the track. The crash was horrific, as Matt, Kyle and Fred all flipped over each other, but wouldn’t have even been a footnote if someone wasn’t parked in the interior of the track. This action is forbidden. A retired kart must park in the garage area, deep in the middle of the track, or the caution must come out. Luckily, thank God, they were all OK other than some bumps, scrapes and bruises.

The wreck has garnered many hits on YouTube, but also many (oddly hate-filled?) bashers, who call our karts slow and the wreck “lame” and “not that bad.” We’d like to mention how most of these YouTube trolls (after watching an open wheel karting accident where 3 karts collide going around 35-45mph to a dead stop without seatbelts) are all desensitized people who have never actually strapped themselves into any racing vehicle, only raced a video game, and via disrespecting the idea of equalized and affordable racing, are just flamewar baiting.

Galletta’s @ Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Oval : 8/16/2007: On August 16th, 2007, members of the Galletta’s Karting Club raced in Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Oval in the Clockwise Gas Stocker (formerly Super Yard Kart) division. And guess what? Matt wins again! He has won more races on both Galletta’s and Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Tracks than the other fifty+ Oswego-area dirt Go-Kart drivers … COMBINED. He is the class of Oswego Yard Kart/Go-Kart races. Can he be stopped in the Oswego and Galletta’s Classic races coming soon? Anything can happen, but the odds are not too %@$%^&* likely! But Kyle Reuter, who probably is right there on that all-time local karting win list with Matt (and Chris) list if you count his Quarter-Midget wins in that tally, won at Galletta’s a few days later. More…
Matt wins again *YAWN!* Galletta’s 2007 Race #11 : 8/12/2007 35-Lapper: Precipitation made for a fun, but yet rain-shortened16-kart (21 drivers?! 6 had to be eliminated in the heats!) event, and Matt Stevens took the checker (his 6th at Galletta’s in ’07) when his win-starved brother Chris Stevens (AKA me) nailed a pothole in turn 3 and then broke down while leading late. Curses! The Feature was 16 karts, and six people had to be eliminated in the heats because we didn’t have enough extra karts available. With more karts, we could have had A TWENTY-ONE kart race! Yikes! More… Click for printable Galletta Kart 2007 Vol. 11 DVD front

Galletta’s @ Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Oval “Oswego Kartway” on  8/9/2007On August 9th, 2007, five members of the Galletta’s Go-Karts Club raced in Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Oval Kartway in the Gas Stocker division (formerly known as the Super Yard Karts). The Feature was won by Matt Stevens in the Galletta’s #33 (his 4th at Oswego Speedway in ’07), and was followed by Kyle Reuter in the Galletta’s #0, Mike “MC” Howell in the Galletta’s #6, Eric Raponi in the OHV #83,  Wes Ogre Stevens in the Galletta’s #4, Missy Berry in the Galletta’s #7, and Joe Hayden in the OHV #5 did not finish. More…

Matt Stevens (5hp) beats Eric Raponi (6.5hp) at the line at Oswego Speedway on 8/2/2007! Galletta’s @ Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Oval : 8/2/2007 – On August 2nd, 2007, four members of the Galletta’s Go-Karts Club raced in Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Oval Kartway in the Gas Stocker Division (formerly known as the Super Yard Kart division). On the very last lap, Matt used his outside groove to pass Eric Raponi (by inches) and take his third Oswego race of the year on the last lap (2 times getting Eric at Oswego and 1 time getting Kyle Reuter at Galletta’s). Following Matt and Eric were MC and Joe Hayden crashing across the finish line, followed by Missy Berry and Oscar Berry. Matt’s fighting spirit and never-say-die attitude even in the face of an assured defeat is much like one of his favorite movie characters, Rocky Balboa. Matt also scored 2nd in a 17-kart “10,000-Rocks-To-Win” race a few days later at Galletta’s! More…

Galletta’s 2007 Race #9: 7/29/2007 13-kart / 40-Lapper: Damn him! Despite Chrusher’s attempts to weigh him down by duct-taping 50 lbs. of weights under Matt’s #33, the 13-driver, 40-lap Feature (his 5th of ’07) was still again won by Matt Stevens in the Galletta’s #0 after his #33’s muffler broke off in the 2nd Heat. This makes his 4th Galletta’s feature in a row and 5th of the year. This is why picking on Matt for being too dominant only makes things worse… he races even harder. Sheesh! Matt also made a good run at Raponi, but got 2nd to him in the Oswego Speedway Kart Track’s Money show a few days earlier. More…

Matt wins (again) gets defeated for his troubles (again).
Galletta's - 7/22/2007 Galletta’s 2007 Race #8: 7/22/2007 50-Lapper: Matty-Jo Stevens steals his fourth Galletta’s Speedway feature of 2007 from the clutches of defeat by passing his brother Chris Stevens with three laps to go and then catching the race-leading Kyle Reuter at the finish line. Matt was then profusely beaten upon after the race by Chris and Kyle for stealing the win because this means he has tied the collective wins of all other drivers at 4-4.  Dick Dann led a large chunk of the race and looked like he was going to be victorious until be blew a drivewheel tire with 15 to go. Pics, videos, and details are here… Matt steals win, gets beaten for his troubles.
Matt wins his 3rd Galletta's Feature of 2007. Galletta’s 2007 Race #7: 7/15/2007 50-LapperMatty-Joey Stevens takes his third Galletta’s Speedway feature of 2007 at to add to his two Oswego Speedway features. He dispatched the rest of the 13-kart field with his trademark inside passes and then held off late challenges by Gary Miller Sr., Kyle Reuter, Jason Mills, and Chris Stevens to take command of the points standings. His brother Chris gave him a late charge, but to no avail. Nobody in the stock 5hp class can stop Matt! The track was smoother than it has ever been and… More… Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


July 13th, 2007 at Oswego Speedway’s Supermodified Yard Kart Class: Matt Stevens (in the Galletta’s #33), Wes Stevens (in the Galletta’s #4) and Kyle Reuter (in the Galletta’s #5) of the Galletta’s Go-Kart Club raced at Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Track. Chris Stevens and several others stayed home in protest against the actions of Eric Raponi (OHV Outlaw #83) last week and the track’s lack of punishment against him. The feature was dominated early by Wes Stevens and Kyle Reuter who got into a loose patch and he and the Ogre wrecked together in lapped traffic. This then set up the battle that it has been coming down to all year in Oswego Speedway’s Supermodified Yard Kart division: Eric Raponi vs. Matt Stevens. On the final lap, Matt was able to dive under Eric and capture the close win. Matt and Eric were followed by Wes Stevens, Kyle Reuter, Mark Miller, Joe Hayden and Mike Billion, got a DNF after wrecking with 2 laps to go. More…

Galletta’s 7/8/2007 Matt Stevens again showed why he is the all-time winningest go-kart racer (stock 5hp or otherwise) in Oswego County and probably points beyond during this 15 driver event. Matt passed six karts in four laps and held off challenges from front-runners Kyle Reuter, Chris Stevens and Dick Dann to win his second feature of the season at Galletta’s. Much better on our own track where we are not intentionally wrecked by people without punishment from his good buddy, the *COUGH* OSWEGO SPEEDWAY KARTWAY OPERATOR *COUGH!*… Read on!


Matt Stevens wins the Oswego County stock 5hp event for 7/8/2007!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket July 1st, 2007 14-kart/35-lap race at Galletta’s: Matt’s old kart, the #3 won. But Matt was defeated… with his old #3 by his girlfriend and fellow racer, Melissa Gabel! Melissa survived the war of attrition when everybody broke down, and then Matt, Chris and Wes Stevens all wrecked up battling for the lead. Rookie Melissa drove the slower low groove all the way around the track, and it seems as if her guy was blocking his bro and dad for her, but it didn’t matter, she won to become the first female to win a feature at Galletta’s! More…
Matt wins 3 of 4 races this weekend! Galletta’s 2007 Race #3: 6/17/2007 45-Lapper: Matt Stevens wins 3 of 4 races he entered this weekend in his Galletta’s #33, as he follows up his Oswego Speedway Dirt Track victory by taking the 3rd feature of the year at Galletta’s after he caught Dick Dann (in his Dickhead #86) in traffic. Dick Dann was followed by Chris Stevens (in the Galletta’s #8), Wesley “Ogre” Stevens (Galletta’s #4), and Nick Dann (Dickhead #02) and others who all survived the grueling and exciting 14-kart event. More…
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Oswego Speedway Dirt Track Race #1 6/15/2007 35-Lapper: Track Operator Jim Losurdo requested the Galletta’s Karting Club’s presence as a support class for a special Tobias Slingshots event at the Speedway’s Dirt Track. And our club founder/head mechanic Matt Stevens, swept the heat and the 35-lap feature at the mixed motor gas stock division at Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Track in his Silver Bullet #33, the first time it has ever made the journey to Oswego Speedway. Always amazing when anybody in a shaved-head 5hp Galletta’s kart can defeat any OHV Outlawsconsidering they all race 6.5hp Briggs Animal and 6.5hp Honda motors! More…


Matt ran his busiest season to that date in 2006, racing two tracks while being the track operator to one and head mechanic on both. Matt not only won eight features racing in his familiar Galletta’s Backyard Speedway, but also raced at Oswego Speedway’s backyard on their new dirt track, later to be named the Oswego Kartway, winning two features there. He also took the Track Point Championship on both tracks, although his father Wes “Ogre” Stevens held him off for the Galletta’s Klassic 150 win!

9/23/2006: Matt Stevens with the BRAND-NEW Galletta's #33 (and look at Matt with a dye-job of his hair!)
Matt Stevens before the 11th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic 150 on 2006/09/23 – when it was BRAND-SPANKING-NEW, built a couple weeks earlier and with a fresh paint job! Photo by Gene Galletta, prepped for the website – as 99.99% of everything you see on this site – by Chris Stevens.

11th Annual Galletta's Greenhouse Karting Klassic from 2006!
Galletta’s Speedway Race 2006 #16: On 9/23/2006, The 11th Annual Galletta’s Klassic 150! Matt Stevens was the man to beat, being the fastest kart all day, blowing everyone away in time-trails. But it only matters if you pass the finish line in 1st on the last lap (something that many quitters just flat out never learn… like over and over and over again). Well, Matt was leading… but then broke down and had to take a time-out and come from the back. He didn’t make it all the way, and despite Matt almost getting him on the last lap (and losing 2 spots during the attempt), his pop Wesley got the win! He finally, after 11 years, FINALLY broke his two boys streak of Galletta’s Klassic Championship race domination! Driving the same Galletta’s #4 with the same $20 eBay-won motor he has had since around mid-season, Ogre led early, dropped back, took the lead and then held off serious challenges by Rob Jimenez, Matt Stevens and Chris Stevens (driving Matt’s #3 after his own #8 dropped out with mechanical problems… again!) to take an impressive 150-Lap win! Wes’ most patient and well-run race in his career of under achieving and rookie-like mistakes! Matty-Joey did clinch the ’06 Regular Season Points Title, however. More…
2006 Fall Series: #17-23: Post-Klassic, we always hold a few Fall-Point Series races. 2006, we held four. Despite Chris challenging Matt for the lead on a late-race restart and had a couple of runs, Matt found a groove in his new #33 and pulled away for yet another win, his first since pre-Klassic. Mattie-Jo again extends his lead and pads his slightly eroded lead in the total/overall/Summer/Fall points standings. More…

2006 #14-15 – 9/9/2006 & 9/16/2006Supplement Boy Mattie-Jo Stevens psychologically and physically dominates/owns/rules/schools/destroys the competition (easily I might add) with his brand-new Ogre/Ogre Jr. Chassis #33 Galletta’s Go-Kart. (We just used the same photo for the 9/9 and 9/16 races because… well… it was kind of almost the same thing. Except for a hysterical flip by wrack-master Oscar Berry in one of the shows.) As if his already veeerry-tough-to-beat Galletta’s Greenhouse #3 wasn’t bad enough, Matt unveils this secretive brand-new weapon. Without a paint-job, and with no number pained on yet, looking like a rusty bullet, Matt treats the field like jobbers, making it look so easy. The paint comes on for next week’s Klassic 150! Watchoutnow…

2006 #11 – 8/20/2006: Matt dominated the show as everybody else found passing difficult in the slick back straight… Matt blew by everybody effortlessly and coasted to an easy win. Matt is also running away with the points standings to boot, as he has 6 wins and everybody else has 5 wins COMBINEDMore…

2006 #10- 8/13/2006: Matt Stevens (in his Galletta’s #3) got a clean sweep of the weekend’s racing, as he added his 4th Galletta’s win of the year after also winning his 2nd feature at Oswego Speedway on Friday. Matt showed that a little balance and tire-pressure was all that he needed to resume his complete dominance over the field, as he bobbed and wove through the close battles and near-wrecks to then blow the field away after passing Ogre late. Meanwhile, Ed Maynes was to be counted as another shocked driver to find out that after his own Team Maynes #43 kart broke down, a relatively ignored/rejected Team Galletta’s backup (The Galletta’s/Pitsley Racing #10) was proven to be a beast as he flew up through the field in it! More…

Matt Stevens gets his 2nd career win at Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Track in his crusty, old, but FAST Galletta’s Greenhouse #3 kart!

8/11/2006 at Oswego Speedway Dirt Track: As the B&D picture shows, Matt Stevens (the founder, architect, head mechanic, and most-winningest driver of the Galletta’s Go-Kart racing club – and possibly all karting classes in the general area), won the 15-17 kart/mixed class 20-lap feature in his trusty old Galletta’s Greenhouse #3, which is the oldest, and original “Galletta’s  Go-kart”, and probably the oldest kart on the entire premises. The race included around 15 or 17 go-karts of mixed weights and engines. Matt again proved that a well-tuned stock 5hp flathead is still the best speed for the money, beating larger 5.5-8hp OHV motors and even a raptor with expensive aftermarket racing parts. We run these exhibitions at Oswego Speedway every Friday all summer. Following Matt were Wesley “Ogre” Stevens (#4), Robbie Jimenez (#5), and Chris Stevens (#8).More…

2006 #7 – 7/23/2006 | July 23rd, 2006: Matt seemed off his game for a few weeks, possibly he was a bit bummed after the OHV Outlaws and the assistant track operator ruined the club’s fun at the Oswego Speedway Dirt Track by invading our races, wrecking Galletta’s racers out of competition, arguing/mocking/threatening fights with our club drivers (and the assistant operator and failed Galletta’s karter Jim Losurdo admittedly relishing in the purposeful wrecks and near-fights), followed by a run by a few good drivers winning races for a few weeks, Matt stepped back into victory lane at Galletta’s in a highly-competitive 11-kart/40-lapperMore…

2006 #4 – 7/2/2006 | July 2nd, 2006: After Ed Maynes looked like the man to beat in his highly impressive heat-and-feature sweepin’ win at the Oswego Speedway’s brand-spanking-new Dirt Track a couple of days earlier, and everybody also seemed wicked fast all night long, it was that calm-cool-&-collected/crafty/lucky/good Matt Stevens that wound up taking the 12-kart/50-lapper at Galletta’s, surviving a war of attrition as all of Matt’s top competitors broke down or wrecked out of his way for an easy win, coasting around most of the track going away. More…

6/23/2006 at the Debut of the Oswego Speedway’s NEW Dirt Track! On Friday, June 23rd 2006, Matt Stevens won the 1st Galletta’s Karting Club Race at the Inaugural event at the Oswego Speedway’s dirt track – the track that the Stevens brothers boys grew up watching (and emulating in matchbox cars, pedal-karts, and later go-karts)! The track was christened by our club and a handful of veeerrry small methanol kart classes, but our Galletta’s Karting club was the biggest and most exciting class that held a race at the track (a fact that I think many methanol kart drivers didn’t like us for). This would become a usual happening during the next three seasons. Matt won both the heat and the feature – passing Gary Miller on the last lap, but it didn’t count for points. Also there are a fledgling amount of WKA-spec methanol kart classes. We are more than happy to help support the track as a stable, 10-16 kart “affordable” pump gas, stock motor class, as it gives us a secondary track to run, maybe entice some new drivers to join us, and also show off that our veteran drivers are just as good (and in many cases, FAR more experienced and better, which could be proven with any videotape, any spectator, and any driver that watched or raced in both) as any other karting class around as well. More…

JUNE 11th, 2006 – 11TH ANNUAL GALLETTA’S SEASON OPENER: The opening race of ’06 saw Jason Mills dominate the majority of the race in the rental Galletta’s #0, scoring either 1st or 2nd place for all but the first five laps. However, continuing tradition, Matt Stevens still managed to score the win. Still, Jason was clearly faster at race end and all over the #3’s back bumper, still scored more “lap led” points and holds a slim lead in the points standings. The only logical explanation for Matt winning was Jason attempting to help out Team Maynes teammate Ed Maynes in his #43, but his plan backfired when Ed, leading at the time, almost wrecked himself and lost three positions. The top four positions battled back and forth all night, and any of them could have won it minus a mistake or two each, but Matt needled out a close victory, as he so often has in his Galletta’s #3. More…


In 2005, Matt Stevens won twelve features including the ’05 Klassic 150 during our first and only full season of allowingcontroversial mixed-motors at Galletta’s – making them even more meaningful as he was beating drivers with way more motor than him, and again won the Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway Track Championship. His undisputed mastery of the only dirt track and dirt karting class in Oswego was soon about to open up to a new dimension, as a dirt kart track in back of the Oswego Speedway was being built by a somewhat disgruntled former Galletta’s racer, Jim Losurdo (and rookie Galletta’s racer Gary Miller even tested his Galletta’s-type kart – against stagger and with a gas stock motor against methanol racing karts – not a fair match – on it on Labor Day weekend)! More…

The 130-lap Dan Murdock Memorial “Galletta’s Klassic Championship” was run on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon. Matt Stevens broke his brother Chris Steven’s two-year streak of pole positions by breaking the official track record with a blistering 16:60! As if the rest of the competitors didn’t already know, Matt and his Galletta’s #3 kart was going to be even more difficult to beat than usual after seeing that it was hooked up better than ever for the biggest race of the year. However, Matt didn’t even need to give it full power, as he was taking it easy and everyone wrecked in front of him to wind up only needing to pass a game Jason “The Hammer” Mills, although Chris nearly caught him when he was trying to pass Mills! Matt Stevens also won two more features in the 2005 Fall Series, sweeping the post-Klassic Fall Bonus Point feature races held on 10/1/2005 and 10/2/2005.

Week #16 – 9/11/2005: Matt Stevens sweeps both the mixed-motor race and the 5hp-only races this weekend On the 4th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacksMatt Stevens (in his Galletta’s #3) patriotically won two races in two nights by blowing by nearly the entire field in four laps during the first race and then passing Gary Miller (and his #24) after the #24 led the first twenty-four laps in the second “5-hp only” race. (Matt, under the suggestion from fellow Galletta’s Karter Jason “The Hammer” Mills, a few weeks earlier instituted a new rule allowing our box stock 5hp flathead karts to now have hand-shaved heads to equalize the competition after suspicions arose of the 5.5hp OHV karts actually had 6.5hp motors with Dremel-tool shaved heads, as Jim Losurdo admitted to.) Matt was only challenged by one driver. Mark Miller (in his #00) closely followed Matt in Saturday’s event, but after the race stormed off the track accusing Matt of cheating, which everybody believes Mark did (running OHV 6.5hps with shaved heads when he was only supposed to run box stock OHV 5.5hps.
The Track that inspired the Oswego Kartway... the Galletta's 2005 Season Continues...
Race #10 – 8/03/2005: In a hotly contested midweek race, Matt Stevens (in his Galletta’s #3) collected his 3rd win of the year passing the entire field in twelve laps. Mark Miller (in his #007) and Mike Billion (in his #57) followed with more strong performances in their mysterious 5.5hp 6.5hp tank karts.

Event #13 – 8/21/2005Matt Stevens (in his Galletta’s #3) won his fifth race of the year and widened his lead in the points standings by leading the final thirty-four laps of the high-scoring fifty lap event, even clocking scorching 16.9s on the final circuits. His brother Chris stayed close, but could not muster enough to get the pass. The race was somewhat marred by Mark Miller and Mike Billion wrecking and almost coming to fisticuffs, stemming from an incident that happened the prior weekend between them that sent Mark into a VIOLENT pinwheel wreck (a tape that Mark has, but never returned to Galletta’s!). They left the premises, then came back to watch the end of the race.
2005 Season at Galletta's Greenhouse Motorsport Speedway Event #8 on 7/24/2005 bore witness to Matt Stevens (in his Galletta’s #3) winning one of the oddest races in recent history. For the past five to six seasons, the outside groove was the fastest groove on the track. Almost all of the passing was done on the outside, and many times the lower-middle to inside was rarely to never used successfully. Just the way our track ran, opposite of most speedways, but we’ve never been normal motor racing, have we? However, with the dry summer that Oswego has had, along with the5.5+hp 6.5hp invader karts sliding in the turns, the track transformed and the outer groove has become too loose to race on, in some instances with karts spinning or flying off of the track entirely. Matt, as usual, navigated it best when track conditions changed, and got an impressive win in a rather memorable night of racing at Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway!
Matt Stevens wins the 6/19/2005 feature in his trusty ol' #3!
Event #3 – 6/19/2005Matt Stevens (in his 5hp Galletta’s #3) got his first win of the year today but it wasn’t easy. First he had to follow Neil Gosch (and his brand new #44 with a WICKED fast 5.5hp 6.5hp motor churning out major RPMs), as he dominated while leading laps four through twenty before the #44 broke down for the night. Then Matt had to ward off the charges of last week’s winner, Mark Miller (in his 6.5hp #007). Mark had actually passed Matt late in the race, but rightly relinquished the lead because he accidentally bumped the #3 out of the spot as he lost control of his #007 in turns three and four.


Galletta's Kart Club season 2001! In 2004, although both Chris and rookie Ed Maynes time-trialed into the ’04 100-Lap Classic faster than Matt, they both broke down and Matt only got stronger, and he won itgoing away to clinch another Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway Track Championship (for several consecutive years), winning eleven features overall in the first season that visiting competitors started bringing their own karts in addition to the Galletta’s Greenhouse house karts! More…


Galletta's Kart Club season 2003 In 2003, Matt Stevens won seven features including the ’03 Galletta’s Go-Karts Klassic to win yet another Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway Track Championship. Damn.More…


Galletta's Kart Club season 2002 In 2002, Matt Stevens won seven features – including a victory in the ’02 Galletta’s Go-Karts 80-Lap Klassic – to take the ’01 Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway Track Championship. Matt was again on a multi-year win streak. More…


Galletta's Kart Club season 2001! In 2001, Matt Stevens utilized big-track help from rookie Galletta’s Karters and SBS (Limited / AKA Small Block Supermodified) racers Fran and Cameron Rowe setting up the karts for quicker cornering, mostly using stagger, which they never used before. Matt won eleven features and won the ’01 Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway Track Championship. He also won in the 2001 Galletta’s Go-Karts 80-Lap Klassic, effectively stopping his brother’s 3-year streak. Will this make for Matt going on another 3-year sweep? More…


Galletta's Kart Club season 2000! In 2000, Matt Stevens won an impressive nine features (and one tie) and placed2nd overall (behind his bro Chris) in the Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting SpeedwayTrack Championship. Matt ran into the buzzsaw that was Chris in the Galletta’s Greenhouse #5, the newest kart in the fleet… and what a dominant kart it was, as Chris took 15 (and a tie) features including 7 straight and a Classic win to take the ’00 points title. More…


“Galletta’s Go-Karts” started when Matt Stevens bought a used Manco 2-seater yard kart from a local small engine shop in 1989 in Minetto. When Chris’ lifelong childhood classmate & friend Dave Scruton came over for a visit, he realized that Matt purchased HIS old yard kart, which he sold to the small engine shop. In fact, the small engine shop took a good motor off of it, put a crappy motor on it, and sold it for a profit! If only Matt and Dave communicated sooner’ they could have given each other a better deal without the middle man! After Dave helped Chris score his own kart in 1990 (a former Thunder Island kart that Dave’s cousin sold to him), they started racing!

1999 Classic in the Town of Oswego
In 1999, Matt’s streak was finally snapped. He got 2nd in the Track Points Title and Classic Championships as his brother Chris utilized a victory in the ’99 Galletta’s Go-Kart Classic to propel himself to 1st place overall in the ’99 Point Standings.
 The Galletta’s #2’s finest hour, as Chris used it as the primary weapon in defeating Matt and his trusty ol’ #3. (Left) Here is Chris before winning the 1999 Klassic in the Galletta’s #2 – ending his brother’s 3-year reign as Galletta’s Klassic Champion. However, he didn’t just break his brother’s Klassic/Track Championship winning streak in 1999, he also started his own…
Matt Stevens... the country's best karter. Seriously... just try him. You'll see. 1998: 
In 1998, Matt scored several feature wins and a dominant win in the ’98 Galletta’s Go-Kart 80-Lap Classic to score 1st place overall in the ’98 Point Standings, completing a perfect 3-year sweep of the two titles in their 1st three years of existence. (Left) Matt dominating his brother and father. (Right) Matt after his triumphant win, complete with long hair! And no, that’s not a trophy girl, that is RaYzor Castaldo, who although is a man, has womanly hair.

Matt... TRIUMPHANT! (...and with long hair!)
Matt was nearly unbeatable in these early years because Matt and his kart were both lighter than Chris and his. When they got a brand-new Manco yard kart, then their dad Wes got involved. Alternating between a few friends and family members, the opening seasons were under way, although quite small, private and humble compared to what the club would eventually become. We started counting points in 1996, and Matt dominated these first two years points and Classics
. These grainy pics are all the evidence that we have of these early events!


Matt as his favorite driver back then, Steve Gioia Jr.!
 Matt with a Flintstone Flyer as Bentley Warren (I think?) on the VERY SPOT where the Galletta's Video Tower exists today... it was a normal back yard back then!
Galletta's Boys racing (early years)
Galletta’s Karting Club started in the early 1980s with pedal-powered carts! Chris and Matt were not satisfied with such slow speeds from pedal power… and so they jumped outside of them and pushed them around the track quicker. This original track was in their front yard. In the winter, the bros also raced sleds down the steep hills on each side of Galletta’s Greenhouse as well. Matt’s favorite Oswego Speedway drivers as a kid were Bentley Warren, Richie Evans, Steve Gioia Jr., Mike Ordway, Randy Ritskes, and Doug Didero. Chris & Matt Stevens -- always racing.

Track Championship History:


Track Raced

Track Points Championship Place (# of drivers)

“Classic” / Klassic Race Place (# of drivers)

1996 Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway
1st overall (of 5?) 1st Place (of 3)
1997 Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway 1st overall (of 6?) 1st Place (of 3)
1998 Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway 1st overall (of 7?) 1st Place (of 4)
1999 Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway 2nd overall (of 7?) 2nd Place (of 5)
2000 Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway 2nd overall (of 8) 2nd Place (of 5)
2001 Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway
2nd overall (of 15) 2nd Place (of 8)
2002 Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway 1st overall (of 14) 1st Place (of 8)
2003 Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway 1st overall (of 29) 1st Place (of 8)
2004 Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway 1st overall (of 48) 1st Place (of 10)
2005 Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway 1st overall (of 50) 1st Place (of 13)
2006 Oswego Speedway Dirt (1-WD Gas Stock Division) 1st overall (of 18) None held
2006 Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway 1st overall (of 35) 4th Place (of 16)
2007 Oswego Speedway Dirt (1-WD Gas Stock Division) 1st overall (of 22) 3rd Place (of 15)
2007 Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway 1st overall (of 49) 1st Place (of 11)
2008 Oswego Kartway (1-WD Gas Stock Division) 1st overall (of 24) Tied 1st Place (of 13)
2008 Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway
1st overall (of 21) 1st Place (of 10)
2009 Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway 2nd overall (of 47) 1st Place (of 9)
2010 Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway 2nd overall (of 29) 2nd Place (of 14)
2011 Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway 1st overall (of 25) 2nd Place (of 13)
2012 Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway 1st overall (of 39) Tied 6th Place/1st Place (of 14)

Fun Facts & Profile Extras (2005-08):

Matt, Mighty Matt, Mush, Mushaluphagus, Supplement Boy, Ogre Junior, The Boy-Boss, ‘Da Boy, Matty, BraveMatt, Matty-Jo, Matina Josephina, The Dyed-Blonde Bomber, The Muscle-Boy, The Rock, Number 72, Galletta’s Boy, Mr. Galletta, Matt Furlong, That-son-of-a-b***-that-keeps-winning-every-race!

Matt’s Social Networking pages:
Matt's MySpace
 Matt's facebook Matt featured in many Galleta's Karting Videos YouTube Videos

Owner & head mechanic all of the Galletta’s Go-Karts (driven the #3 from 1990-2006; co-built new #33 for 2006). All have stock 5hp Briggs & Stratton flathead motors and all have won races at different times. Has won races in almost all of the Galletta’s House Karts, not just his favorite two (his favorite wins usually come in karts that everybody else swear are slow, and he climbs in and beats everybody in them).

Career highlights:
The most winningest local driver in any known class. Matt has won an astounding  combined 98 out of 231 Feature events between 2000-2008 at Galletta’s and Oswego Speedways gas karting divisions, each race containing anywhere between 6-17 karts per event (and mostly between 8-13). An astonishing record that hovers around a 43% win ratio! Most karters have two desires: To try as hard as they can to beat him or to just forget about it and never enter a race with him in it. His record speaks for itself.
Galletta’s Track Championships in 1996-1998, 2002-2008
(2nd place only to his brother Chris every year not listed).
“Galletta’s Klassic” Championship Race Victories in 1996-1998, 2002-2005 and 2007. Only his brother Chris and father Wes have beat him in “Classic championship” races at Galletta’s and Oswego. Won so many races at Galletta’s and Oswego Kartwaythat methanol classes have actually mocked him, even though they’re afraid to race him.

Matt Stevens in the Galletta's #3 Kart (2008 pic)Oswego Kartway Gas Stocker Class Wins/Points Champion (2006, 2007 and 2008). Countless career Feature victories at Galletta’s stock 5hp class since 1992 and Oswego Speedway’s mixed-class dirt go-kart track since 2006. Distant career leader in wins on both tracks. Won in several different karts throughout career, including most of the Galletta’s karts at different times – In addition to the countless races won in his #3 and #33, he will occasionally jump into a backup that everybody thinks sucks and rejected (like, they race it and give up and say the kart is crap and say Matt’s kart is illegal) to then beat them in the kart they rejected just to prove that he doesn’t cheat by making his own karts faster. Although this refutes people that call him a cheat, people still say it anyway. Some people can’t ever be proven wrong… they don’t like it.

Matt is the (1996-2010) All-Time Points & Wins Leader at Galletta’s Backyard Karting Speedway and also the (2006-2008) All-Time Points & Wins Leader at Oswego Kartway (Gas Kart Division, 2006-2008), even years after the club’s class was dropped. He is so dominant in both classes that either everybody that tries to beat him bend rules in order to beat him and gives up when that doesn’t work, or never even tries to beat him out of cowardice.

The only big karting race that Matt has never won outright is the Oswego Kartway Classic. He finished 3rd to his brother and father in 2007, and a technical 2nd in 2008 after a false yellow flag came out on the last lap while leading by a large margin and a checker fell during a caution with has dad passing him on the line. The only people to ever beat him in either Galletta’s “Klassic” or Oswego “Classic” are his brother Chris and father Wes, and a flagman. The Oswego Kartway operator Jimbo “The Dimbo” Losurdo guaranteed he would never win, and kept his word, as he banished the Galletta’s Karting Club’s Division from the track. Technically, however, Matt has never been defeated in a points series or “Championship” race other than his brother and dad in karts that he is the head mechanic on. Hence, he is the best driver/head-of-crew karter around, and if any karter does want to try to beat him, by all means try. Just, obey the rules, please? Been there, done that, won’t be going back to a track where they let that happen (even though Matt still beat the cheats!).

Favorite drivers:
Himself; Oswego Supermodified drivers Doug Didero, Mike Ordway, Bentley Warren, Randy Ritskes, Joe Gosek & several other Oswego Speedway veterans. Everybody who races with us, races clean, and has a great time is also a favorite driver of Matt.

Hobbies & interests:
Being with family & friends; spending time with his girlfriend; greenhouse operation (Galletta’s Greenhouse); go-kart maintenance & racing; exercise, health and nutrition; watching the races at Oswego Speedway; fan of Portland Trailblazers, whatever team Ray Allen plays for, which is the Boston Celtics (NBA) and Miami Dolphins (NFL). Christian. His brother Chris’ChrusherComix (which he is parodied in, co-stars in, and actually even drew some guest/fan-art for). Pets: Cats, turtles.