Oswego Speedway Mixed-Class Super-Yard Kart Dirt Track Exhibition:
Friday, August 4th, 2006 (Two 10-lap Heats and 20-lap Feature)

 There were 15 mixed-class karts in an exhibition at Oswego Speedway’s dirt track (Galletta’s Go-Kart style all-stock-part 5-horsepowers, and several competitors had 5.5hp-6.5hp OHV and one “Open” methanol Raptor motor). There are other methanol “flatty” classes at Oswego Speedway’s dirt track, but the mixed-motor 1-WD division is the biggest and most competitive at the fledgling track by far. We are proud to both be the best supporting class the track has and are looking forward to putting more great shows on, as long as the track operator remains firmly fair.
Brian Bortel beat Matt Stevens, Rob Jimenez, Eric Raponi,Ed Maynes, Ogre, and others at Oswego Speedway's Yard Kart races in 2006.
Heat One was won by Brian Bortel (#15) followed by Matt Stevens (#3), Robbie Jimenez (#5) Eric Raponi and others. Ogre was broken in the pits.

Chris Stevens defeats Mark Miller, Howard Seabrook, Derek Woodworth, Jason Mills and Mike Billion at Oswego Speedway's Super-Yard Kart Division
Heat Two was won by Chris “Yours Truly” Stevens (#8; out of camera) followed by Mark Miller (#00), Howard Seabrook, Derek Woodworth, Jason Mills, and Mike Billion.

Chris Stevens passed Mike Billion, Mark Miller, and his brother Matt Stevens to take the dirt kart win at Oswego Speedway in '06!
The feature was won by Chris Stevens (#8) followed by Matt Stevens (#3) and Nick Dann (#02). Matt started on the pole, but Chris and Nick came up through the field. Though 15 karts started the race, several expired before the race’s end.

Chris "ChrusherComix" Stevens wins at Oswego Speedway! A childhood dream (though on a different part of the speedway, haha)!
Here is a picture by B & D Photos of the winner, me (Chris “ChrusherComix” Stevens. If I knew we’d be getting pictures taken, I would have cleaned/repainted my kart, Ha! I was told that the pink border to match my lucky racing shirt (I got it back in 1991, and way back then, it was maroon; it turned pink over years of wearing and washing, Ha-ha!). This race did not count towards Galletta’s points (shucks for me), as it was just for fun (Edit: but it was retroactively counted for Oswego Speedway Dirt points after the season’s completion). The Sunday races at Galletta’s are points races. Let’s get to those…

NOTE: We didn’t video-record this event and only have pictures like above. However, we know at least one person who raced in it had a family member who did. We offer cash and/or free kart rentals to anyone with video to races that our club participated in that we don’t have on this website so that we can include it on our site. Thank you! Contact Chris if you have any!

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We are planning on racing earlier every Sunday for the rest of the summer (we can’t in June and part of July because of Greenhouse chores), so drivers, please come to the track earlier, possibly around 4-4:30pm (or call Matt for details). The earlier everyone arrives, the quicker we can get the event started and finished! Also, we will go to Oswego Speedway this Friday if we get enough drivers and kart transportation, so, again, call Matt. Thanks! Now to the next race…

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