Joe Sereno after his first career feature win, in only his second race at the track on 6/12/2011.

Joseph “Joe” Sereno
(AKA Joseph “Popeye Forearms” Sereno,
or “The Balding Bearded Brawler”,
or “Husky Helper”,
or “The Lumberjack”)

Year Started Racing at Galletta’s:

Karts raced:
Galletta’s Greenhouse #5, a handful of other Galletta’s Greenhouse Team Karts.

Placement in the All-Time Point Standings:


Galletta's Karting Club Website Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club
(and Backyard Speedway):
Joe’s Positioning in the
Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway All-Time Points & Wins List
from 2000-2012, the only class in the history of the track.
Joe Sereno in the Galletta's #5 (9/1/2012)

Career Highlights:

Joe rides some pretty beautiful street motorcycles, and people who ride bikes USUALLY pick up our karting faster than anybody else. And he did, when he won his 2nd feature he ever entered at Galletta’s, and won four more over the next two and a half seasons before he has his first child and semi-retired from racing (and could no longer devote a weekend evening all summer like he once did (a common reason why many great drivers have to stop. DAMN ,we’d have some sweet races if we could get the to come back for a big one!) . Below are his wins and Klassic Profile pics!

Jul 21, 2013
Sep 07, 2012
Aug 26, 2012
Aug 08, 2012
Jun 12, 2011


 7/21/2013 – Joe Sereno wins the 10-kart “Full Moon 45? in the Galletta’s #5 +YouTube

Oswego Karting 7/21/2013: Joe Sereno wins the Full Moon 45 in the Galletta's #5!

SUNDAY, JULY 21st, 2013, OSWEGO, NY –  Joe Sereno wins the Full Moon 45 in the Galletta’s Greenhouse #5! Taking the lead in the fairly early going, then holding off challenges from Eric Woolworth and Matt Stevens proved a task not too difficult for our Popeye-armed / Bearded Brawler/ Husky Helper Joseph! More details forthcoming! Stay tuned! READ NOW, SON!


Joe Sereno - Oswego's 200-Lap Karting Klassic at Galletta's Greenhouse 2012
Joe Sereno before the 17th Annual Oswego 200-Lap Karting Klassic Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway 10/6/2012. Pic also available via Facebook here. He’s so darn shy he kept his helmet on! Awww. 🙂

9/7/2012 – “The “Now THAT’S What I Call Racing!” Twin 30s go to Matt Stevens & Joe Sereno! +YouTube

Matty Joe and Joe are WINNERS! YAY1!

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7th, 2012: Also known as, “Now THAT’S A Better Buske! Twin 30s”, we ran 11-Karts in 60-Laps (our new regular-season favorite it seems – two 30 lap features) and had Joe Sereno take the first feature and Matt Stevens take the second. Great racing all around! And now with a helmet cam for some awesome race footage! What’s that you say? You want more? You say, “FEED ME MORE!”? OK, here.

8/26/2012: “Anything Joe Can Do Chris Can Do Better” Twin-30s (+YouTube)


SUNDAY, AUGUST 26th, 2012: Winners of the Sunday, August 26th, 2012 “Anything Joe Can Do, Chris Can Do Better 60” race – also known as the “JUSTIN IS MAD THAT SOME ON THE SHOCK ARE SELLIN’ ASS ALTHOUGH HE’S SELLIN’ ASS ON US! 60” – Joe Sereno won the 1st 30-Lapper in the Galletta’s Greenhouse #5, and then Chris Stevens won the 2nd one in the very same Galletta’s Greenhouse #5. That means that kart has won three of the last races it was in with two different drivers! Definitely a HOT kart right now a month away from our 17th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic 200 Championship – and a kart that won two Klassics (2000 and 2001 with Chris Stevens behind the wheel and placed well with several other drivers at the helm)! MORE..

8/8/2012: “One More For Tim” – Mid-Week Twin-30s Joe Sereno & Chris Stevens win! +YouTube

8/8/2012 in Oswego Dirt Karting (THE Original, most talented, and largest division in the County)

Photobucket is ass.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 8th, 2012: To make up for a couple rain-dates we’ve lost and the fact that one of our regular racers is moving south for a while and may miss most of if not the rest of the year, we held a special mid-week Twin 30s night. Joe Sereno FINALLY did not break while leading the race to win the first 30-lapper, and he and Chris emulate Matt’s flexing victory pic from the prior weekend.


Joe Sereno looking so dashing that he didn’t even need to take off his helmet to take a darn photograph in his Klassic 200 pic taken on 10/8/2011.

6/12/2011 – Joe Sereno & Melissa Stevens Win the Twin-30s! +YouTube

Joe Sereno & Melissa Stevens win the twin 30-lappers at Galletta's Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway on 6/12/2011!

JUNE 12TH, 2011: Twin 30s were in store for week two of the Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club Season. Rookie Joe Sereno won his first feature in his 2nd race he’s ever entered in the Galletta’s Greenhouse #5 kart, while Melissa Stevens took her Scissors-n-Fur #19 back into victory lane in the second 30-lapper. Both features were close and action-packed! Details, pictures, points, and YouTube video, click the pic!

Joe was a regular racer between 2011-2013 until a handful of events took him out of weekly racing (having a baby, his brother and a few other family members stopped racing). Here is the complete race list at Galletta’s:

Jul 31, 2016
Nov 03, 2013
Jul 28, 2013
Jul 21, 2013
Jul 07, 2013
Jun 09, 2013
Jul 21, 2013
Jul 07, 2013
Jun 09, 2013
Jun 05, 2013
Oct 06, 2012
Sep 15, 2012
Sep 07, 2012
Sep 01, 2012
Aug 26, 2012
Aug 19, 2012
Aug 08, 2012
Aug 06, 2012
Jul 29, 2012
Jul 08, 2012
Jun 23, 2012
Jun 17, 2012
Jun 10, 2012
Dec 31, 2011
Oct 08, 2011
Sep 17, 2011
Sep 11, 2011
Sep 04, 2011
Aug 29, 2011
Aug 22, 2011
Aug 16, 2011
Aug 05, 2011
Jul 31, 2011
Jul 24, 2011
Jul 17, 2011
Jul 10, 2011
Jul 03, 2011
Jun 19, 2011
Jun 12, 2011
Jun 05, 2011