Mr. Eric Woolworth debuted his #78 in the 2012 Klassic. Having 7 or 8 owners, it later on wound up being owned by Galletta’s and is a nice option of a rental kart.

Galletta’s Racing #78: Formerly the Woolworth Racing #78, and before that the Sereno #78, Eric Woolworth’s #78 seemingly had 7 or 8 owners, including himself, his brother Branden “Tumor” Matott and original re-builder Joe Sereno. A small, but fast kart, both brothers won races behind the wheel in it. The kart passed hands between the bros before being acquired by the Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club as one of it’s rental kart fleet.
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Notable races in the Galletta’s #78


9/1/2013- Branden “Tumor” Matott won a Labor Day Championship Twin-30! +YouTube

 photo 20150619-karting-winners-R.jpg

6/19/2015- Twin-35’s swept by R&C Sushi Bar Crew – Eric Woolworth & Chris Stevens! [+YouTube]

 photo 20131012-branden-matott-klassic-tumor_zpsb32c391c.jpg

10/12/2013 – Branden “Tumor” Matott entering the 2013 Klassic 200 in the #78.

 photo WP_20160924_18_23_58_Pro-Eric-woolworth-78.jpg

9/24/2016 – Eric Woolworth entered the #78 in the 2016 Klassic 200 and provided us a helmet-cam view of the race!

 photo 20150926_17_20_06_12_Dave_Hartpence_ 78.jpg

9/26/2015 – David Hartpence entered the #78 in the 2015 Klassic 200.

 photo 20171013_20_12_30_Rob_Vanderhaden.jpg

2017/10/13 – Rob_Vanderhaden in the 22nd Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Go-Karting Klassic 200

Races tagged as wins in the Galletta’s #78

Jun 19, 2015 6/19/2015 – Twin-35’s swept by R&C Sushi Bar Crew – Eric Woolworth & Chris Stevens! [+YouTube Video]
Sep 01, 2013 9/1/2013 – Branden “Tumor” Matott & Matt Stevens Win The 18th Annual Oswego Karting Labor Day Championship Twin-30s! +YouTube Videos

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