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The Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing Team #74 (formerly an asphalt, then dirt racing kart adapted for Galletta’s racing) is co-owned by Matt and Chris Stevens, although Matt usually only drives it.

Galletta’s Greenhouse / #74: Otherwise known as Frankenfreakart due to the numerous rebuilds to adapt it to the Galletta’s track, it was once a live-axle/2-wheel-drive racing kart. Joe Hayden originally introduced the kart to our races as the Team OHV Outlaw #5 at Oswego Kartway from 2007-08 and performed well in it–collecting many wins including the Kartway’s ’08 OHV Classic (until track operator Jim Losurdo barred both of our 1-WD divisions from the “Bullring”).

Joe then raced it in the 2-WD Clones until Dick Dann purchased it from him in 2009. Shortly after that, Dick promptly hospitalized someone via spearing a kart at Frozen Ocean with it, and then sold it to Chris Stevens (so Dann could invest his time and money in a newer chassis and Chris could own the kart that used to befuddle them so much when they raced at the Kartway). Unlike most pay track racing divisions, Galletta’s takes pride in taking older, discarded frames and making them winners. And that we did!

Randy Platt, Matt Stevens and Wes Stevens constantly tinkered with it until it was adapted to be race-ready at Galletta’s. Chris owns the chassis and Matt owns the motor and drive-system, but Matt is usually the only one who drives it anymore. Since we already had a kart #5, Chris re-numbered it 74, his birth year.
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– Tagged wins as Galletta’s/ #74

Races tagged as Feature Victories in the Galletta’s #74 / Hayden #5
[Note: All have complete race videos]

2018/07/22 – “Mr. Galletta” Twin Features Swept by Matt Stevens in the #74


6/26/2016 – Girls Hospitalized in Crash; Matt Stevens Sweeps Wins!

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6/26/2015- Matt Stevens Steals BOTH Twin-35s


8/25/2013 – Matt Stevens puts the #74 in Victory Lane

9/4/2008 – OHV Outlaw Classic at Oswego Kartway DOMINATED by Joe Hayden’s #5!

See beneath the methanol "professional" fight to see how 6.5hp/5hp Gas Stockers can have a Dual-Heat at Oswego Kartway on 8/7/2008

8/7/2008 – Hayden #5 wins OHV / Chris in #8 wins FH in dual-motor feature. See? THAT’S how it always should have been!

Joe Hayden #5 (Oswego-only)

5/15/2008 – Joe Hayden dominates the Mixed-Motor 1-WD Gas class at Oswego Kartway

Gallettas @ Oswego Kartway 7/5/2007

7/5/2007 – Joe Hayden’s 1st win in the #5 tarnished by teammate Raponi’s wrecking everybody else!

Aug 19, 2018 2019/08/19 – Rookie-Filled 40-Lapper won by *SHOCKER* all-time winningest Oswego karter, Matt Stevens [+YouTube]
Jul 23, 2017 7/23/2017 – Matt Stevens & Josh Arnold Repeat as Winners of Twin 33’s! [+YouTube]
Jun 17, 2017 6/17/2017 – The 22nd Annual Galletta’s Season Opener: Josh Arnold & Matt Stevens Win Twin 35s! +YouTube
Jun 26, 2016 6/26/2016 – Powder-puff Warriors Hospitalized in Devastating Crash; Matt Stevens Sweeps Victory Lane! +YouTube
Jun 26, 2015 6/26/2015 – Matt Stevens Steals BOTH Twin-35s from bro thanks to new NO Passing Flag! PLUS: Lytle ON FIRE!!! [+ YouTube]
Aug 25, 2013 8/25/2013 – All Racers Raced Hard and Had Fun. (Won by Matt Stevens in the Chrusher.Com/Galletta’s Greenhouse #74) +YouTube
Sep 04, 2008 9/4/2008 – Oswego Kartway 1-WD Flathead Classic swept by Wes, Matt & Chris Stevens, take top-3; 1-WD OHV Classic DOMINATED by Hayden! (+YouTube Videos of ALL CLASSES!)
Aug 07, 2008 8/7/2008 – Final Mixed Motor Race & Oswego Kartway Fight Video (AKA Thursday Night Smackdown at Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Track!) – Hayden and Chris Stevens win! +YouTube!
Jun 12, 2008 6/12/2008 – This Week in Oswego Karting 2008 DVDs Volume # 4 & 5: Melfi & Hayden Sweep for OHV Outlaws! +YouTube
May 15, 2008 5/15/2008 – This Week In Oswego Dirt Karting DVD (2008 Vol. #2 – at Oswego Kartway) – Hayden takes win! +YouTube
Jul 05, 2007 7/5/2007 – Galletta’s Club Karts Taken Out at Oswego Speedway Dirt Track by Eric “Rammer” Raponi, Tarnishes teammate Joe Hayden’s 1st win at the track! +YouTube

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Joe Hayden (OHV 5) & Matt Stevens (FH 33) photo 20080612_1770.jpg

6/12/2008 – The #5’s former owner/driver racing against its future co-owner/driver at Oswego Kartway. Confusing? Not really. But, okay.