October 2nd, 2005 – Josh Schute was looking for his 1st feature win and led the early going until Gary Miller Sr. extracted the lead from him. Gary then had to contend with traffic while Chris Stevens hunted him down like a dog and looked for a pass until the right rear wheel in the #8 locked up and forced a pit. Matt Stevens then did something he does all the time (win a feature event) in something rarely done (win it in the #2), when he trapped Miller on the lapped kart of Ken Pitsley, meaning Matt AGAIN prevented another 1st time feature winner, just like the week before! (Gary had won a non-winners race before the ’05 Klassic). Matt also again proved that any of these karts can win if the driver is experienced and talented enough to do so, and it isn’t, “just his kart!” (Not that things like proof shut people who say that up, as Cognitive Dissonance and Dunning-Kruger are powerful things.)

2005 Fall Series #2

10/2/2005 50-Lapper:
1. (#2) Matt Stevens
2. (#24) Gary Miller
3. (#5) Rob Jimenez
4. (#8) Chris Stevens
5. (#4) Wes Stevens
6. (#7) Josh Schute
7. (#12) Eddie Scruton
8. (#1) JR Pitsley
9. (#0) Ken Pitsley
10. (#6) Gary Miller Jr.

DNF = Did Not Finish.
^ = 5.5hp engine (Met box stock handicap requirements)

[5/22/2019 UPDATE: The race video was located and uploaded for your enjoyment. So do just that!]