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Melissa Gabel Stevens has two Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing Karts that she keeps exclusively (minus occasionally her husband, Matt Stevens), numbered the #19 and the #80, but demanded Galletta’s be stripped from the name, just her Scissors n’ Fur pet grooming service. She used to race regularly before having her children, but now takes a lap or two for points and pulls off, and thus still scores high in the annual point standings because… well, we don’t have very many regular drivers, so just showing up and coming in last every week likely gets you a top 5 at year’s end.

Scissors ‘n’ Fur #19 Kart

Melissa Stevens (#19)

10/3/2009 – Before the 14th Annual Klassic 200

Scissors ‘n’ Fur #19 Kart: In 2009, Melissa Gabel Stevens purchased an abandoned kart project from Larry Phillips. It was rebuilt by Matt and Wes Stevens to become Melissa Stevens’ backup, although she now prefers racing it over her other, built-from-scratch #80 kart. Although Melissa wanted Galletta’s removed from the title for reasons only obvious to her, it is part of the Galletta’s Team roster as it was built and is maintained completely by her husband Matt Stevens.
– Races tagged as wins in the #19 kart

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8/23/2015 – Melissa Stevens & Keith Raymond win Twin Features!

7/15/2012 – Twin 30s Night – The Brian & Mel Finally Got Some

Melissa Stevens wins Har-Bore-Fest '11 at Galletta's!

7/31/2011 – Melissa Stevens wins Har-Bore-Fest ’11 at Galletta’s!

7/5/2010 – DJ Mike “mc” Howell & Melissa Stevens win

Aug 23, 2015 8/23/2015 – Melissa Stevens & Keith Raymond win Twin Features! [+Video]
Jul 15, 2012 7/15/2012 – Twin 30s Night: The Brian Finally Got One / Melissa Too! 60 +YouTube
Jul 31, 2011 7/31/2011 – Melissa Stevens Dominates Harborfest ’11 Championship (+YouTube)
Jun 12, 2011 6/12/2011 – Joe Sereno & Melissa Stevens Win the Twin-30s! +YouTube
Jul 05, 2010 7/5/2010 – DJ Mike “mc” Howell & Melissa Stevens take the 11-Kart/Twin-30s (+YouTube Videos)

Scissors ‘n’ Fur #80 Kart

5th - Melissa Gabel - Galletta's/Gabel #80

9/21/2008 – Before the 13th Annual Galletta’s Klassic

Scissors ‘n’ Fur #80 Kart: In 2008, the then Melissa Gabel (now Stevens) commissioned a kart to be built from scratch by Wes and Matt Stevens. A 100% identical clone to her then-fiancee Matt Stevens’ Galletta’s #33, but with bigger bumpers. The kart mystifies Matt, as despite being identically built, it doesn’t ever seem to handle quite as good as it’s clone, but still has netted feature two wins. Although–in one of her trademark baffling and nonsensical decisions–Melissa wanted Galletta’s Greenhouse removed from the title, it is part of the Galletta’s Team roster of house karts built and maintained by Matt Stevens.
– Races tagged as wins in the #80


8/3/2009 – Win in the #80

10/19/2008 win

Melissa Gabel

8/29/2008 – At the 2nd Annual Oswego Kartway Classic

Aug 03, 2009 8/3/2009 – Melissa Stevens wins The Oswego Kartway Shovel Stalker Pussied Out 50 & becomes 10th different winner in 11 features in ’09! (+YouTube)
Oct 19, 2008 10/19/2008 – Melissa Gabel & Dick Dann win the Cold As F*** Fall Bonus Point Twin-30s [+YouTube Vids from October 19th, 2008]!