Jesse Vivlemore (#0)

Jesse posing with the Galletta’s #0 kart before the 2009 Galletta’s Klassic 200…
(before he got a boo-boo on his widdle toesey-toesy and retired. Aww..

Jesse Vivlemore

Year Started Racing at Galletta’s:

Fun Facts on Jesse and Galletta’s Racing:

Jesse was one of the original Galletta’s Go-Kart racers, as he was a friend of Matt’s from Oswego High School. He raced with us in the very early 1990s when we only had 2 karts, sometimes alternating between karts with Chris and Matt. Back then, we had 1-on-1 elimination tournament races to decide champions because we only had 2 karts. In that regard, he was the 1st unofficial visiting driver to win at Galletta’s, before we counted official records (That started in 1996, with this website covering them from 2000-up).

Jesse raced periodically through the 1990s, but only restarted racing with us regularly in 2009-10, and oddly enough, despite all his years of on-off periodic racing, his first ever Klassic was the the 2009 Galletta’s Klassic, which was his best career showing, as he passed a few competitors and led early in the 200 lapper

Because such a large amount of his early races took place before the 2000 season (the year we started digitally adding all of our records together), his he doesn’t have an official Feature Win and his point totals are a little lower than they should be on the All-Time Galletta’s Raceway Points List. If we found our old records (written on lined paper in a box somewhere), he’d be higher up the lists.

One would think he’d race more as he’s shared a love of Oswego Speedway Supermodified racing with Chris and Matt, but Jesse has a habit of saying he was gonna’ race, and yet not actually showing up on race day. Get up here for real and try to earn your 1st official Feature win, Grandpa Jesse!

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Did You Know?:

  • The Galletta’s #0, when newly donated to the club in 2002, used to be numbered the #00 for Jesse, in honor of his favorite driver – Supermodified legend Joe Gosek. However, when Jesse semi-retired from racing in the early 2000’s, it was just re-named the #0  in order to match the Galletta’s Kart numbers (the first ten Galletta karts were numbered 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, (although eventually later on we started some double-digit numbers with #19, 33, 80, and #74).
  • Jesse used to call himself “Jesse ‘The Body'” (after WWF/E Star Jesse Ventura), but when Matt and Chris invited him to race and he continually said he’d show but didn’t (many, many, MANY times), we re-dubbed his moniker “Jesse ‘The Liar'”! (He lost the name with his better attendance in 2009. Finally!)
  • Jesse brought up his buddy Cameron Rowe, one of our best early drivers, who quit just before the ’01 Klassic, just short of competing in his 1st full season. He is best known as a long-time SBS Driver at Oswego Speedway.
  • Grandpa Jess?! Despite Jesse being *exactly* between Chris and Matt in age, he married and had children young and now became a grandfather the same time Chris and Matt became fathers (they married later on and waited before they had kids).
  • Jesse had a bad habit of getting widdle boo-boos when racing (rock to the braces, busted chain bloodying this arm, smashed toe on the bumper of a kart in front of him, menstrual crampings, etc….). For such a tough guy, he certainly gets widdle boo-boos a lot.