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Cameron Rowe in the Galletta's Greenhouse #2 in 2001!

Cameron Rowe in the Galletta’s Greenhouse “Deuce” in 2001!


Cameron Rowe raced most of the 2001 season at Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway, starting in the opener with his buddy Jesse Vivlemore.

He won the 2001 Rookie-of-the-Year and narrowly lost the 2001 Visitor’s Points Title (to Brian Galletta) when he retired before the 2001 Klassic.


  • Cam did more than just race. He helped Matt stagger the karts with tire sizes, as before that, there was none. This increased track times and cornering in all of the karts, so we can all thank him for the help.
  • His brother Fran also joined us a few times as well.
  • Cam was a strong competitor all year long, but unfortunately was plagued by continual breakdowns of the drive-wheel chain system, which wore on Rowe’s patience and took him out of a few likely wins. In fact, one feature he was leading on the last lap and broke. We were so devastated by it that we called it his win anyways, as he earned it and the bad luck was just too much.
  • Cam qualified for the 2001 Galletta’s Klassic via the September 30th, 2001 Time Trials, then pre-Klassic Bonus-Point B-Main, but unexpectedly abandoned his ride and didn’t race in the eventual date for the 80-Lap Championship on October 24th, 2001 and never returned to race at Galletta’s despite being invited many times.
  • (After the ’01 season, Matt discovered an otherwise invisible hairline fracture in the rear axle which was only seen when flexed while racing, which is why he had so many bad breaks. In following years, we strengthened up the drive systems on the karts, which Cam never came back to experience. He also raced before the Leader Bonus Point System was instituted, and if it was when he raced, he would be far higher on our All-Time Points List.)
  • We had hoped he would come back, but obviously his SBS car, job and family kept him from coming back, and we were all saddened that he never did, as he is a good, tough, hard-nosed racer that we enjoyed competing with, and have cheered for when he races SBS.
  • Cameron is best known for a long and solid career racing Small Block (formerly “Limited”) Supermodifieds at Oswego Speedway, undoubtedly highlighted by an impressive start-to-finish domination and SBS Classic victory with a brand-new car in 2012 as seen here:


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