10/8/2005 – Jason “The Hand” Mills survived an opening lap pileup that put four drivers to the rear of the field and then led all fifty laps in the Galletta’s #6 en route to his first career win at Galletta’s Speedway. Chris “The Chrusher” Stevens was 2nd (in his #8) and a hard-charging Matt Stevens (in his #3) was finally kept out of victory lane and settled for third. Young Eddie Scruton (in his #12 kart) impressed and showed vast improvement by racing in third for a large chunk of the race (holding off Matt and nearly passing Chris before a caution and a spinout in caution prevented the pass), but finished behind The Ogre. This was also a rather infamous race where rookies flew through the air like shot ducks!

10/8/2005 50-Lapper:

Flippin' Flyin' Rookies!

Crashin’, flippin’ & flying rookies everywhere! Now on YouTube!

1. (#6) Jason Mills
2. (#8) Chris  Stevens
3. (#3) Matt Stevens
4. (#4) Wes Stevens
5. (#12) Eddie Scruton
6. (#5) Rob Jimenez
7. (#7) Josh Schute
8. (#0) Duke Patterson
9. (#2) Aaron Vanvorst
10.  (#1) Kenny Ray Vanvorst

DNF = Did Not Finish.

This race was also of somewhat more dubious note due to a duo of first time drivers — The VanVorst brothers having some comedic accidents that were caught on videotape. You can watch one fly through the air, legs flailing like a muppet, crashing what looked to be helmet-1st into the race cam scoring tower (and the microphone!), which is quite the site. As fantastic as the crash was, the kid just hopped back on the kart and kept going. Rookie Josh Schute also flipped violently on the last lap, enabling his friend Rob Jimenez to beat him to the line.