Adam Lytle wins 8/16/2015 feature - his career 4th.

Adam Lytle in one of his many wins in the #33c

Gary Miller

Gary Miller was unable to score a win in the kart at Oswego Speedway’s Kartway in ’06-’08.

Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing Team #33c: Formerly the Gary Miller racing #24, the chassis was a former Kyle Reuter yard kart that was rebuilt for Galletta’s-style racing by Dick Dann and then adapted further by Wes Stevens. Gary had two identical karts, but tried to rebuild one and scrapped it because it was so badly twisted up. Gary won a few races and racked up a lot of All-Time points and wins in the survivor kart from 2007-2011 until he retired for good due to neck problems.

Miller sold it to a friend who (only raced it in two of the most comical races in our history) then sold it to Adam Lytle, thus it became the Lytle Racing #33c. Lytle raced it from 2012-and-up, also racking up some excellent All-Time numbers as well–even passing Gary’s points and wins!

Adam finally sold the kart to Chris and Matt during the 2017 season to spend more money and time with his son, and it is now a Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing Team rental kart. Since it has a considerable amount of leg room, it is an excellent rental kart for taller drivers.

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Notable Wins in the Miller #24/Lytle-Galletta’s #33c [ All race pages have complete race videos]


7/31/2016 – Lytle & Kevin Galletta win

 photo 20150828-lytle-wins-full-moon-14-kart-40-lapper.jpg

8/28/2015 – AJ Lytle leads green to checker!

 photo 2015-07-03-chris-wins-1024.jpg

7/10/2015 – Adam Lytle survives 40-Lapper


8/10/2014 – Adam Lytle wins


9/18/2013 Adam Lytle’s 1st career feature win

CLICK TO ENLARGE Gary Miller w/Galletta's/Miller #24

Gary Miller Sr…. ALMOST won the 2010 Klassic 200

Gary Miller in his Rainbow Warrior #24!-

6/14/2009 – Gary Miller Sr. win at NCC News Report Day!

6/3/2007 – Gary Miller Sr. wins 2007 Opener!

Complete wins list in the kart

Jul 08, 2017 7/8/2017 – Adam “AJ” Lytle & Chris Stevens make it 6-Winners-for-6-Races this season! [+YouTube]
Sep 04, 2016 9/4/2016 – Adam Lytle and Kelly Miller are Oswego’s Labor Day Karting Champs via Twin-30s! +YouTube
Jul 31, 2016 7/31/2016 – Kings of Harborfest: ‘King Kong’ Kevin Galletta & Adam Lytle +YouTube
Aug 28, 2015 8/28/2015 – Adam “AJ” Lytle leads green to checker in a Full-Moon, 14-Kart, 40-Lap event! [+YouTube]
Aug 16, 2015 8/16/2015 – Adam “AJ” Lytle scores 49-lap/11-Kart win [+YouTube Video]
Jul 10, 2015 7/10/2015 – Adam Lytle survives War of Attrition 40-Lapper for his 4th career feature win! +YouTube
Aug 10, 2014 8/10/2014 – Adam Lytle wins “The Bad Moon Rising” 40 25 in the Lytle #33c! +YouTube
Sep 18, 2013 9/18/2013 – Adam Lytle wins “A Klassic is a Comin’ 50? Full Moon mid-week Special in the Lytle Motorsports #33c, his 1st career feature win! [+YouTube]
Jun 14, 2009 6/14/2009 – NCC News Report Night Twin-30s won by Gary Miller Sr. & Matt Stevens! (+YouTube)
Jun 03, 2007 6/3/2007 – Gary Miller Sr. wins 12th Annual Opener (15-karts, 45-laps) +YouTube
Jun 18, 2006 6/18/2006 – Gary Miller Sr. Leads all 50-Laps in 14-Kart Feature! +YouTube
Sep 18, 2005 9/18/2005 – Gary Miller Sr. wins 12-kart Non-Winner’s Feature as Galletta’s Karting Score Tower Unveiled! +YouTube

[List last updated after the 2018 Season]

6/3/2007 Winner Gary Miller (with Son Colin)

Gary Miller Sr. utilized Dick Dann to rebuild a yard kart once owned by Kyle Reuter and turned it into one of the more successful karts in Galletta’s history. Here it is after the 1st win on 6/3/2007 [Face blurred by request of Gary when he got mad].