Welcome to the Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club & Backyard Speedway’s website!


Over 23 arrive-and-drive Karts are available. All time trialed less than 1 second apart on a large track. Drivers needed to fill them in 45-60 lap point races every weekend between June through all Summer, culminating with our season finale in late-September – the 200-Lap Galletta’s Karting Klassic!

gallettaskarting2013logo200pxFounded in the early 1990s, Galletta’s Karting Club & Backyard Speedway was created to race go-karts as competitively as we can for as purposefully affordable as we can (via rules), using karts that are hybrid – something between a prefabricated racing kart and a yard kart that can race fast and safe on both pay tracks and backyard tracks alike, all the while having drivers that are highly talented and experienced racers WITHOUT spending wars. The original, longest-running, and largest karting class in the area, we are also the easiest to join – we have over 20 equally fast, feature-winning, arrive-and-drive karts to join into the weekly Summer-Fall races immediately, and if you like it, build or buy your own for a few hundred dollars to join and compete (instead of a few thousand like most pay track classes take to join and compete, as we CAP the type or parts and prices). And, some of the more experienced drivers at Galletta’s have been racing more than a decade before any of the local pay tracks were built and some have hundreds of more races under their belts. Come race where Kyle Reuter once called, “the Rucker Park of karting.” Read on to see our twenty year history of weekly points racing (with COMPLETE race videos and complete rundowns of each season since 1995 – and race from 2005) every June through October in Oswego, NY! Enjoy!

Next race is Scheduled for:
TBA in June 2021 for 1st Points Race of our 26th Season!

gallettas-2020-06-14-tower-startThe track is open and races are scheduled almost every Summer Sunday (June-August) evenings (and many a Fall Saturday (September-October) afternoons). However, due to driver availability, our scheduling is completely dependent on drivers showing up. Keep in touch for more details.

2021 Season Opener Update has been delayed:

Our opener this season is unfortunately delayed due to head mechanic/track groomer Matt Stevens and his wife needing to repair the roof on their home, which was significantly damaged by snow and ice buildup over the winter. He was too busy with his usual greenhouse duties and caring for his children to tend to it before now, and sadly this is impacting our racing season, which normally starts this time of year. If anyone with roofing experience or materials is interested in helping Matt in any way, the quicker we can get our race season started. And if anybody does assist, or even interested in a fundraiser or ideas for materials, he will most assuredly consider this towards kart rentals and entry costs, as you know Matt operates on bottom dollar for the love of the racing and doesn’t make money off his work, so any help he’d be grateful for. Just get in touch and let us know!

We race mostly ‘arrive-and-drive rental’ but also have ‘run-what-you-brung’ karts (classed only by motor type and weight handicaps; see Matt for details), and closed all other times. Exact timing TBA and based on active driver consensus. This is subject to change based on the weather’s effect of the track condition, and driver count. In addition, our schedule is flexible and depending on weather and driver availability, we can occasionally change to Fridays or Saturdays to beat rain or for a special event. But our go-to dates for racing are usually Summer Sundays and Fall Saturdays. Our class is a maximum of 20 qualifiers on track, and we’ve never had too many racers, but all too often not enough drivers to fill all of our open karts. Come on up!

Every Race Video in our History!


Enjoy each of over two decades worth of our competitive point-racing seasons with hundreds of race pages and videos! Each season will have its own list of pictured race descriptions, point standings, driver profiles and complete races on embedded YouTube videos to each race (as early as the 2002 Klassic and complete season videos dating back to mid-2005). This is exhaustively done, and I really hope you appreciate the work we put into the site and the hundreds of races we show you for no charge, just… all I ask is please don’t use ad-blockers to help cover the site and server costs (which it never does)! Thanks! – Chris

2020 Season – The 25th Season

Our 25th Points Championship Race season can be watched in its entirety via this above video playlist (from one, two, and sometimes even THREE HD video angles)! And below is the complete week-by-week rundown that had 40 different drivers enter 12 feature races ran on 9 weekends between June 14th, 2020 through October 10th, 2020, making it one of our better seasons despite the COVID-19 lockdowns that shut down small businesses and racetracks round not only our area, and country, but also the world. And always remember, every week’s description and victory photo links to each individual race’s video playlist, pictures, and points. Enjoy!
Dec 31, 2020 2020 Season
Dec 31, 2020 All-Time Wins & Points [2000-2020]
Dec 31, 2020 Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club & Backyard Go-Kart Speedway’s website – 2020!
Oct 10, 2020 10/10/2020 – 25th Annual Galletta’s Klassic 200 – In Memory of Brian Galletta [+YouTube]
Sep 06, 2020 9/6/2020 – Nicolas Olivares Wins 2 Weeks in a Row – a 13-Kart, Labor Day 69-Lapper!
Aug 30, 2020 8/30/2020 – 15-Karts/Twin 25s Won by Nicolas Olivares and Chris Stevens [+YouTube]
Aug 16, 2020 8/16/2020 – A Sudsy 45-Lap Feature Event – The Revenge of the #4! [+YouTube]
Jul 26, 2020 7/26/2020 – 17 Drivers Battle to Win 40-Lapper; Matt Stevens Wins 150th Galletta’s Career Win since 2000 [+YouTube]
Jul 19, 2020 7/19/2020 – Steve Perez Wins in a 13-Driver/45-Lapper (And Another HUGE Crash) [+YouTube]
Jul 12, 2020 7/12/2020 – The Return of the Barber: Chris Stevens and Keith Raymond win the Twin-25s! [+YouTube]
Jul 05, 2020 7/5/2020 – A Rocky 25th Annual Independence Day 45 Leads to BIG Crash & Matt’s 150th Win! [+YouTube]
Jun 14, 2020 6/14/2020 – 25th Annual Season Opener: 14 Karts, 45-Laps, Chris & Matt Stevens Survive to Take the Wins!

10/10/2020 – 25th Annual Galletta’s Klassic 200 – In Memory of Brian Galletta [+YouTube]

The 25th Running of the Galletta’s Go-Karts Klassic.

Saturday, October 10th, 2020 – The Galletta’s Greenhouse Go-Karting Klassic began in the early 1990s (and points racing and a “Klassic” in 1996). The annual running to decide our yearly champion (in both points and the Klassic itself) was modeled after brothers Chris and Matt Stevens’ love of Supermodified racing at Oswego Speedway, with just themselves and their dad in yard karts in the backyard behind Galletta’s Greenhouse, where they lived as kids and now each have homes on the property with kids of their own.

Little did we know that 25 years later, we’d have around 20 karts on hand (although some come and go depending on different owners), hundreds of people would have raced with us over the years, we’d have 12 (sometimes more) drivers on track, and we’d actually run a Klassic when our model — Oswego Speedway — couldn’t run theirs due to the COVID-19 restrictions passed down by the State leadership hundreds of miles away. And nor could we have predicted running one without Brian Galletta — one of the original racers of our club, and 1st cousin of co-founder Chris and Matt and brother to racer Kevin Galletta — whose untimely passing on Christmas 2019 shocked and saddened all who knew and loved him. MORE HERE!


The 2020 Klassic’s Top 4 Finishers!

  • 2020 Overall Points Track Champion: Chris Stevens (2nd in Klassic 200)
  • 2020 Klassic 200 Champion: Matt Stevens (1st in Klassic)
  • 2020 Visitor’s Points Track Champion: Travis Bartlett (4th in Klassic 200)
  • 2020 Rookie of the Year: Travis Bartlett (4th in Klassic 200)
  • 2020 Top Visiting Finisher in Klassic: David Hartpence Jr.  (3rd in Klassic 200)


Galletta’s Greenhouse Speedway 2020 FINALIZED Point Standings

All races from 6/14/2020 – 10/10/2020 (POST-Klassic 200):


The 24th Season of Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway — 2019

2019 200-Lap Klassic Start!

The 24th season at Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway was held on 10 weekends between June 23rd to October 20th, 2019 consisting of 25 drivers racing in 15 regular features (and a handful of makeup point races for those who missed the regular events). 9 of the 25 drivers won features and another 2 won makeup features as well! Here is the season in review! Watch the entire 2019 Season from 1st lap to last in this YouTube video playlist! Why on earth do we — a low-budget backyard go-kart racing club in Oswego, NY — cover our races so in depth and with complete, free-to-watch race videos? Because we can and we LOVE it. And maybe just maybe, we can get more drivers to join us. That’s all we want — to have fun racing with friends and family without blowing our life savings on a race car. Enjoy with us!


You can auto-play this race video playlist to watch every lap of our 2019 season here. Or, view each weekly event’s race pages individually via videos below. Enjoy!
Dec 25, 2019 Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club & Backyard Speedway 2019 – Our 24th Season!
Nov 28, 2019 2019 Season
Sep 29, 2019 2019/9/29 – 24th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Go-Karting 200-Lap Klassic [+YouTube]
Sep 02, 2019 9/2/2019 – Labor Day Twin-25 Features won by Nicolas Olivares & Greg Blanchard! [+YouTube]
Aug 25, 2019 8/25/2019 – Twin-25 Features won by Rookies Zach Blanchard & Randy Baldwin [+YouTube]
Aug 11, 2019 8/11/2019 – Twin-25 Feature, 10-Kart Battle Royale SWEPT by Matt Stevens; Steals both from bro, Chris! [+YouTube]
Aug 04, 2019 8/4/2019 – All-Rookie Nite! Twin-15s & Another Flying Kart – Nicolas Olivares & Greg Blanchard Win! [+YouTube]
Jul 21, 2019 7/21/2019 – Man Run Over during Twin-25s as Stevens Bros. Sweep [+YouTube]
Jul 14, 2019 7/14/2019 – 3rd Set of Twin-25s Go To Josh Arnold & Matt Stevens [+YouTube]
Jun 30, 2019 6/30/2019 – Steve Sixberry & Matt Stevens Take Twin-25s [+YouTube]
Jun 23, 2019 6/23/2019 – 24th Annual Season Opener’s Twin-25 Wins Go To Steve Sixberry and Adam Lytle [+YouTube]

2018 – 23rd Season at Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway COMPLETE Video Playlist

Follow the entire 2018 season at Galletta’s Backyard Karting Speedway from every camera angle and every lap from our complete YouTube videos! Also, each individual race has its own page with the video, driver names, race results and point standings below. Enjoy!
Dec 31, 2018 2018 Season
Dec 25, 2018 Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club & Backyard Speedway 2018–Our 23rd Season!
Sep 22, 2018 9/22/2018 – 23rd Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Go-Kart 200-Lap Klassic Championship [YouTube]
Aug 26, 2018 8/26/2018 – 35-Lapper won by Kevin Galletta [+YouTube]
Aug 19, 2018 2018/08/19 – Rookie-Filled 40-Lapper won by *SHOCKER* all-time winningest Oswego karter, Matt Stevens [+YouTube]
Aug 12, 2018 2018/08/12 – Josh Arnold wins 20-Lap Makeup-Race [YouTube]
Aug 05, 2018 2018/08/05 – Twin-15’s for Rookies & Make-Up Points [+YouTube]
Jul 29, 2018 2018/07/29 – Oswego Harborfest ’18 Champion — CROWNED!!!!!! [+YouTube]
Jul 22, 2018 2018/07/22 – “Mr. Galletta” 10,000 Rocks-to-win Twin Feature Nite Swept by Matt Stevens in the #74 [+YouTube]
Jul 15, 2018 2018/07/15 – Rookie & Makeup Points Race won by Kevin Galletta [+YouTube]
Jul 06, 2018 2018/07/06 – Kelly Miller wins Friday Night Independence Day Race [+YouTube Video]
Jun 28, 2018 2018/06/28 – Exhibition Race for Doug Didero by Kelly Miller, Matt & Chris Stevens!
Jun 24, 2018 2018/06/24 – Rain-Postponed Makeup Race (+YouTube Videos)
Jun 10, 2018 2018/06/10 – Josh Arnold wins the 23rd Annual Galletta’s Karting Season Opener [+YouTube]

2017 Season at Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway – Year 22

Our 22nd Season was one of ups and downs. While our racing was as competitive as ever, we had difficulty keeping driver counts high enough for weekly races. But that did not stop us from having 17 exciting feature events from June to October. Here is the complete playlist of race videos from our 2017 season:  
Dec 31, 2017 2017 Season
Dec 25, 2017 2017 Season at Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway – Year 22
Oct 13, 2017 2017/10/13 – 22nd Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Go-Karting Klassic 200 [+YouTube Video]
Sep 16, 2017 2017/09/16 – Chris Stevens Survives Exciting Rookie-filled 10-kart/45-Lapper [+YouTube]
Aug 27, 2017 2017/08/26 – 08/27 – WILD crash during 17-Driver Double-Header Weekend; Josh Arnold & Matt Stevens Victorious! [+YouTube]
Aug 12, 2017 2017/08/12 – Twin-25s won by Tim Galletta & Chris Stevens [+YouTube Race Videos]
Aug 05, 2017 8/5/2017 – Twin-30s won by Kevin Galletta & Matt Stevens! [+YouTube Video]
Jul 23, 2017 7/23/2017 – Matt Stevens & Josh Arnold Repeat as Winners of Twin 33’s! [+YouTube]
Jul 16, 2017 7/16/2017 – Keith Raymond wins 1st Feature, 2nd Rains out [+YouTube]
Jul 08, 2017 7/8/2017 – Adam “AJ” Lytle & Chris Stevens make it 6-Winners-for-6-Races this season! [+YouTube]
Jul 03, 2017 7/3/2017 – Independence Day Makeup Points Race! [+YouTube Video]
Jun 24, 2017 6/24/2017 – Kevin Galletta & Keith Raymond make it 4-Winners-for-4-Races this season! [+YouTube]
Jun 17, 2017 6/17/2017 – The 22nd Annual Galletta’s Season Opener: Josh Arnold & Matt Stevens Win Twin 35s! +YouTube

2016 Season in Review:

 Now, here is the entire 2016 Season in chronological order, complete with COMPLETE race videos, points and race breakdowns!
Sep 26, 2016 2016 Season
Sep 25, 2016 2016 Season at Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club’s Backyard Speedway!
Sep 24, 2016 9/24/2016 – 21st Annual Klassic 200: THE World Championship of Gas Flathead Karting & Undisputed Karter Of Oswego – Sponsored by Good Guys Barbershop! +YouTube
Sep 11, 2016 9/11/2016 – The Track-Blistering Barber of the Good Guys Barbershop Keith Raymond wins Regular Season Finale 45 +YouTube
Sep 04, 2016 9/4/2016 – Adam Lytle and Kelly Miller are Oswego’s Labor Day Karting Champs via Twin-30s! +YouTube
Aug 28, 2016 8/28/2016 – 1st Time Winners! Chad Crouse & Jason King Take the Twin-25s! +YouTube
Aug 22, 2016 8/22/2016 – Kelly Miller Wins a Highly Competitive Monday Night Raw 50-Lapper! [YouTube]
Aug 14, 2016 8/14/2016 – Kevin Galletta Survives Another Episode of Night of a Thousand Cautions! +YouTube
Aug 07, 2016 8/7/2016 – Keith Raymond and 1st-Time Winner Josh Arnold Split the Twin-30s! +YouTube
Jul 31, 2016 7/31/2016 – Kings of Harborfest: ‘King Kong’ Kevin Galletta & Adam Lytle +YouTube
Jul 24, 2016 7/24/2016 – Master of Oswego Karting Matt Stevens DOMINATES Week 7’s 45-Lapper! +YouTube
Jul 17, 2016 7/17/2016 – Chris Stevens Inherits 3rd Win in a row, Even His Wife & Kid Won’t Applaud!
Jul 10, 2016 7/10/2016 – Chris Stevens Again Emerges on Top After Leaders Drop off for 2nd Week in a Row! +YouTube
Jul 02, 2016 7/2/2016 – Chris Stevens Survives a Bumpy 21st Annual Independence Day 45! +YouTube
Jun 26, 2016 6/26/2016 – Powder-puff Warriors Hospitalized in Devastating Crash; Matt Stevens Sweeps Victory Lane! +YouTube
Jun 17, 2016 6/17/2016 – 18-Karts, 35-Laps – Kelly Miller wins 2nd straight to start ’16! +YouTube
Jun 12, 2016 6/12/2016 – Our 21st Season begins with 14 karts, 3 heats and a 45-Lapper! And Kelly Miller wins it in his return! +YouTube

Our 20th Season of Go-Kart Points Racing is here! And it’s true. All of it.

Our 20th Season of Points Racing is HERE! Join us every Friday, Saturday or Sunday late afternoon/early evening from June 2015 through August for our regular summer schedule, and then every Saturday afternoon all September until our point finale – our 20th annual 200-Lap Klassic! at Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Speedway is ready to begin.

Complete 2015 Season Race Videos via YouTube

That’s right. Every single race we have ever run since mid-2005 (and some races before then) are online for your viewing pleasure. Here is the complete 2015 season, all in HD! And here is the complete year in review, with full race, driver, points AND videos!
Dec 25, 2015 2015 Season – Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club & Speedway’s 20th Season Recap! +YouTube
Dec 24, 2015 2015 Season
Nov 05, 2015 11/5/2015 – Josh Arnold wins Almost-All-Rookie / Fall Bonus 45-Lapper Race [+YouTube]
Oct 10, 2015 10/10/2015 – David Hartpence wins All-Rookie / Fall Bonus 45-Lapper Race [+YouTube]
Sep 26, 2015 9/26/2015 – 20th Annual 200-Lap Karting Klassic: Kyle Reuter, Chris & Matt Stevens DUEL! [+FULL YouTube]
Sep 11, 2015 9/11/2015 – Rookie Tony Cimilluca wins 15-kart/45-lap Feature in only his 2nd race! +YouTube
Sep 04, 2015 9/4/2015 – Kyle Reuter leads all 50-Laps in 11-Kart Labor Day Triumph! +YouTube
Aug 28, 2015 8/28/2015 – Adam “AJ” Lytle leads green to checker in a Full-Moon, 14-Kart, 40-Lap event! [+YouTube]
Aug 23, 2015 8/23/2015 – Melissa Stevens & Keith Raymond win Twin Features! [+Video]
Aug 22, 2015 8/22/2015 – Kevin Galletta wins Kristina McCann Invitational Rookie / Makeup-Up Points 25 [+YouTube Video]
Aug 16, 2015 8/16/2015 – Adam “AJ” Lytle scores 49-lap/7-Kart win [+YouTube Video]
Aug 07, 2015 8/7/2015 – Matt and Chris Stevens steal each others wins at Masters of Oswego Karting Twin-Feature Night! [+YouTube Video]
Jul 31, 2015 7/31/2015 – Keith Raymond wins his 1st two Features, SWEEPING the 20th Annual 10,000-to-win Twin-25’s! [+YouTube Video]
Jul 26, 2015 7/26/2015 – 20th Annual HarborFAST Championship won by Chris Stevens! [+YouTube Video]
Jul 19, 2015 7/19/2015 – Matt Stevens’ Mastery of the Low Groove Secures 139th career feature win! +YouTube
Jul 10, 2015 7/10/2015 – Adam Lytle survives War of Attrition 40-Lapper for his 4th career feature win! +YouTube
Jul 03, 2015 7/3/2015 – Chris Stevens runs to Independence Day ’15 45-Lap Triumph. +YouTube
Jun 26, 2015 6/26/2015 – Matt Stevens Steals BOTH Twin-35s from bro thanks to new NO Passing Flag! PLUS: Lytle ON FIRE!!! [+YouTube]
Jun 19, 2015 6/19/2015 – Twin-35’s swept by R&C Sushi Bar Crew – Eric Woolworth & Chris Stevens! [+YouTube Video]
Jun 07, 2015 6/7/2015 – 20th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Season Season Opener won by Chris Stevens in #8! [+YouTube]

Complete 2014 Season Race Videos

That’s right. You don’t have to pay to watch our races. They are free to watch live, free to watch on YouTube. Basically the only thing we ask is… join us racing!   That’s a lot of racing that we do on BARE BONES cash. We’re talking gas money, parts money, and elbow grease. That’s our club. The karts cost only a few hundred to buy used or build. Specs are easy and you don’t break the bank competing for wins. All the arrive-and-drive karts are very close in speed and all have won features with experienced drivers (most wins are experienced drivers in competitive vehicles. That’s all you can ask of ANY motor racing sport). You’re welcome to race flatties and champs and clones for thousands of dollars and new $#!t every year in hopes of going up and spending even more thousands on SBS in hopes of spending even countless more thousands on Supermodifieds. Or you could just race for what it costs to racing modified yard karts for a fraction of what the very next cheapest racing class costs. Watch us. Join us.
Oct 23, 2014 Galletta’s Karting Club’s 19th Annual Points Season – 2014!
Oct 11, 2014 10/11/2014 – 19th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic 200 won by Matt Stevens; Clinches Track Title & Overall best karter in Oswego, NY. Again.
Sep 27, 2014 9/27/2014 – Chris Stevens wins the “Welcome Back Karters!” 40 in the Chrusher.Com/Galletta’s/R&C Sushi #4 +YouTube
Sep 01, 2014 9/1/2014 – Matt Stevens steals 19th Annual Labor Day 50-Lapper in Galletta’s #1 +YouTube
Aug 23, 2014 8/23/2014 – Miller & Lytle win “Not Enough Drivers or Camera Operators” Twin 30 Night +YouTube
Aug 10, 2014 8/10/2014 – Adam Lytle wins “The Bad Moon Rising” 40 25 in the Lytle #33c! +YouTube
Aug 03, 2014 8/3/2014 – Brian Galletta wins 45-Lapper in the Platt-Num-Galletta #28! +YouTube!
Jul 25, 2014 7/25/2014 – 19th Annual Har-bored-Fest Avoidance 50 won by Kyle Reuter in Galletta’s Greenhouse #5! +YouTube
Jul 19, 2014 7/19/2014 – Randy Platt returns to win 45-Lapper in Galletta’s Greenhouse #5! (& Chris gets CRUSHED!) +YouTube
Jul 12, 2014 7/12/2014 – Matt Stevens wins Fast 40-Lapper in Galletta’s Greenhouse #5! +YouTube [+ Jeff S. YouTuber ATTACKS!]
Jul 05, 2014 7/5/2014 – MAN RUN OVER BY GO-KART while Matt Stevens Dominates 5th of July 50-Lapper in Backup Galletta’s Greenhouse #6! +YouTube Video
Jun 21, 2014 6/21/2014 – Kevin Galletta & Matt Stevens win in the 1st Twin-Features Night of ’14 (+4 YouTube Videos)!
Jun 14, 2014 6/14/2014 – Eric Woolworth takes the 1st two features of 2014 in the Raven Tavern #88!
Jun 07, 2014 6/7/2014 – HUGE Brian Galletta crash [YouTube] During 19th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Speedway Opener (won by Eric Woolworth)!

Our 18th Season  – 2013

Our complete season video playlist! Seriously, does any other race track race for free, have full race and point breakdowns, and free race videos to every single race for over a decade? Can we get a little thanks for that? Lets go over the entire season:



The 2012 season was one of our best. This season saw a crop of highly-eager rookies join the fray, although unfortunately, a few vets had to call full-time racing quits. Hopefully, they’ll come back soon, and we’ll have even better racing with highly experienced and talented racers week in and week out!
Dec 31, 2012 2012: 17th Season @ Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Club
Dec 25, 2012 2012 Season Recap: 17th Annual Points & Klassic 200 Championships!
Nov 10, 2012 2012 Season
Nov 10, 2012 11/10/2012 – 2012 Fall Challenge Series (+ D.S. Humphrey’s Twin-30s Night) wins go to Matt Stevens, Brian Galletta & Dave Spenfelner! +YouTube
Nov 10, 2012 2012 Fall Bonus Points Series (including the D.S. Humphreys Twin 30s!)
Oct 06, 2012 10/6/2012 – 17th Annual Galletta’s Karting Klassic 200-Lap Championship +Full YouTube Videos
Sep 15, 2012 9/15/2012: “It Felt Like A Samoan Wrestler Landed On My Lap! 45” +YouTube
Sep 07, 2012 9/7/2012 – “The “Now THAT’S What I Call Racing!” Twin 30s go to Matt Stevens & Joe Sereno! +YouTube
Sep 01, 2012 9/1/2012: Matt Stevens wins “The “Dan Buske is an Ignorant, Irrational, Argumentative Busket Case AND A TERRIBLE Driver… 73?! ” +YouTube
Aug 26, 2012 8/26/2012: “Anything Joe Can Do Chris Can Do Better” Twin-30s (+YouTube)
Aug 19, 2012 8/19/2012: “Chris Stevens On A Tear” 45-Lapper +YouTube Videos
Aug 13, 2012 8/13/2012: “Awww Yeah, Son” – Raindate Twin-30s won by Chris & Ran +YouTube
Aug 08, 2012 8/8/2012: “One More For Tim” – Mid-Week Twin-30s Joe Sereno & Chris Stevens win! +YouTube
Aug 06, 2012 8/6/2012: “Brotherly Love” – Raindate Twin-30s won by 1-2 in NY State Karting, Matt & Chris Stevens! +YouTube Videos!
Jul 29, 2012 7/29/2012: Justin’s Got Soft, He’s In Love 45 (+YouTube)
Jul 15, 2012 7/15/2012 – Twin 30s Night: The Brian Finally Got One / Melissa Too! 60 +YouTube
Jul 08, 2012 7/8/2012 – Twin 30s Night (w/Father-&-Son Love) swept by Father-&-Son Tim and Justin Galletta! +YouTube
Jul 01, 2012 7/1/2012: 17th Annual GKC Independence Day 45
Jun 23, 2012 6/23/2012: The Brian Almost Had It 60 Lapper?! +YouTube
Jun 17, 2012 6/17/2012: 17th Annual Father’s Day 45 (+YouTube)
Jun 10, 2012 6/10/2012 – 17th Annual Oswego Dirt Gas Flathead Karting Championship Season Opener (45-Laps/12-karts)

Our season thus far at Galletta’s has been action-packed, competitive, clean, and fun. Instead of blowing a few grand to be herded on and off a pay track racing for stickers, we do it for the fun and have these cool videos and website to star on. Below is the total point standings so far this year, followed by the complete rundown of every race we’ve had thus far at Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Speedway.
Dec 31, 2011 2011 Season Recap: The 16th Annual Points Championship of Oswego Karting & 200 Lap Klassic Race!
Oct 08, 2011 2011 Season
Oct 08, 2011 10/8/2011 – 16th Annual 200-Lap Galletta’s Karting Klassic +YouTube
Sep 17, 2011 9/17/2011 – Randy Platt Wins the “Brian Galletta Got Raped By His Kart?! That’s F***ed Up!” 45
Sep 11, 2011 9/11/2011 – Chris Stevens wins a Fiery 50-Lap/9-11 Memorial! +YouTube
Sep 04, 2011 9/4/2011 – Tim Galletta wins Post-Oswego Speedway Classic 200/Labor Day 45, Stunning Son Justin on Last Lap! +YouTube
Aug 29, 2011 8/29/2011: “‘Don’t You Have an Off to F***, Irene?’ 50” won by Chris Stevens! +YouTube
Aug 22, 2011 8/22/2011 – Randy Platt & Tim Galletta Take The Monday Night Return of Randy Twin-30s! (+YouTube)
Aug 16, 2011 8/16/2011 – Tuesday Night Delight – 40-Lap Special won by an injured-eye Matt Stevens! [+YouTube]
Aug 05, 2011 8/5/2011 – Jeff Tetro & Matt Stevens Split The Mr. Oswego Karting Special Friday “10,000-Rocks-To-Win” 60-Lap Night! (+YouTube)
Jul 31, 2011 7/31/2011 – Melissa Stevens Dominates Harborfest ’11 Championship (+YouTube)
Jul 24, 2011 7/24/2011 – Jeff Tetro Nips Photo Finish in 10-Kart/55-Lapper in Galletta’s #9! (+YouTube)
Jul 17, 2011 7/17/2011 – Tim Galletta & Matt Stevens Sweep 60-Lap Night (Twin-30s) +YouTube Videos
Jul 10, 2011 7/10/2011 – 50-Lap Feature Taken by Matt Stevens (+YouTube Video)
Jul 03, 2011 7/3/2011 – Chris & Matt Stevens Sweep the ’11 Independence Day 70-Lap Night +YouTube Videos!
Jun 19, 2011 6/19/2011 – Justin Galletta Wins the ’11 Father’s Day 45! +YouTube Video
Jun 12, 2011 6/12/2011 – Joe Sereno & Melissa Stevens Win the Twin-30s! +YouTube
Jun 05, 2011 6/5/2011 – 16th Annual 50-Lap Opener Won by Matt Stevens as Bro Blows Motor & Randy Platt Hits A Tree! +YouTube Videos!

2010 – 15th Annual Season Index — Complete Race Rundowns & FULL race Videos

The 2010 Season was one of the best in our racing history. A large group of talented drivers, good friends and family duked it out weekly for one of the most action-packed, closest and excitingly competitive seasons we’ve ever had. How? Out of 21 features ran, we had THIRTEEN different drivers win at least one! Including a handful of 1st-time winners, which is always exciting for EVERYONE. If you look in ANY race class, that is usually next to impossible because one or two drivers always seem to have a leg up on the rest of the field, and this shows PARITY… it shows how close our karts are, and with experienced drivers behind the wheels, it’s going to be hard to get to the front and win. Don’t believe us? The entire season is here to watch and see how it’s done, sir/ma’am/it:

ThumbnailThe racing was empirically closer than ever, with no single driver being a dominant factor being unstoppable every week. AND… for the 1st time in our history, a VISITING DRIVER won our ’10 Klassic Championship — Mr. Local Quarter-Midget/Methanol Flatkart King Kyle Reuter, surviving strong bids by Chris Stevens, Matt Stevens and Gary Miller Sr., who all had a really good shot at the 200! All prior Klassics had been won by ONLY the three founding members — Matt, Chris, and Wes Stevens. Chris did net the ’10 Track Championship, oddly with only ONE feature win all season, but finished consistently highest every week. And you can watch the ENTIRE season. Every second of recorded footage that we have has been uploaded to YouTube in DVD quality and is watchable via the above embedded video player AND on each individual race page’s player… AND lo-res highlight reels after.

Nov 28, 2010 2010 – 15th Annual Points Championship of Oswego – Season Recap + ALL Race Videos!
Oct 10, 2010 2010 Season
Oct 10, 2010 10/10/2010 – Matt Stevens & Randy Platt Win The Fall Fury Twin-30s in “CRASHING ROOKIES & CRAZY KOOKS” End of 2010! [+YouTube]
Oct 02, 2010 10/2/2010 – 15th Annual Galletta’s Karting Klassic 200-Lapper won by Kyle Reuter! +YouTube
Sep 24, 2010 9/24/2010 – “So Easy a Cave Doe Can Do It!” Shadoe Russell shocks the world & wins a 9-kart/45-Lap Feature! +YouTube
Sep 18, 2010 9/18/2010 – George Russell Beats His Son Shadoe In 9-Kart/45-Lapper! (+YouTube Video!)
Sep 12, 2010 9/12/2010 – Randy “Hard As F*** Bobandi” Platt Wins 11-kart/45-Lap Feature Event [+YouTube]
Sep 05, 2010 9/5/2010 – AJ Nason & Tim Galletta take the ’10 Labor Day Weekend Twin-30s! (+YouTube Videos)
Aug 29, 2010 8/29/2010 – Matt Stevens Passes Shadoe Russell Late to Seal Yet Another 12-kart/45-Lap Win! +YouTube CRASH Video!
Aug 24, 2010 8/24/2010 – Chris Stevens Utterly Dominates Special Tuesday Night 55-Lap Feature! (+YouTube)
Aug 15, 2010 8/15/2010 – 12-Kart/45-Lapper Winner Matt Stevens Attracts Goose to the Party (+YouTube Videos)
Aug 08, 2010 8/8/2010 – Randy Platt & Tim Galletta take the “Snooze-U-Lose” Twin 30s! (+YouTube)
Aug 01, 2010 8/1/2010 – 15-Kart/45-Lap Mr. Oswego Karting Race goes to Matt Stevens for his 1st win of ’10! (+YouTube)
Jul 26, 2010 7/26/2010 – Kelly Miller wins 12-Kart/45-Lapper passing Matt Stevens for his 1st Galletta’s Victory! (+YouTube)
Jul 18, 2010 7/18/2010 – Jeff Tetro wins 15-kart/45-Lapper – his 1st & the 8th winner in 8 races! (+YouTubes)
Jul 11, 2010 7/11/2010 – 7th Winner in 7 Races, George Russell Takes Career 1st in Galletta’s #6, 13-karts, 45-laps (+YouTube)
Jul 05, 2010 7/5/2010 – DJ Mike “mc” Howell & Melissa Stevens take the 11-Kart/Twin-30s (+YouTube Videos)
Jun 27, 2010 6/27/2010 – Russ Bartlett wins 12-kart/45-Lapper in Galletta’s #9! (+YouTube)
Jun 20, 2010 6/20/2010 – Jared Halstead Wins 14-Driver/45-Lap Father’s Day Feature! (+Videos)
Jun 14, 2010 6/14/2010 – Tim Galletta Wins His 1st, a 12-Kart, 55-Lap Feature! (+YouTube Videos)
Jun 07, 2010 6/7/2010 – Gary Miller Sr. Unretires, Wins 11-Kart/45-Lap Opener, Then Retires Again (+YouTube Videos)

14th Season – 2009: Our ’09 season was the 1st in 3 years without Oswego Speedway’s dirt track as our second “away” track escape, as our karting class were barred from the Oswego Kartway in the off-season due to differences with the track operator, further punctuated by several members from the track mocking our family business, names, careers, and even threatening us with physical violence. But that does not mean that we didn’t have a fun and action-packed season at our “home” track (as we did for 10 years before Kartway existed anyway). These numbers speak for themselves: A startling 48 drivers raced in 22 feature events, with 12 of them winning features (Chris Stevens, Matt Stevens, Russ Hockey, Melissa Stevens, Buddy Cottom, Gary Miller Sr., Larry Phillips, Fred Collins, Jason Mills, Nick Dann, Brian Galletta, and Dick Dann). This is a single class, not a dozen classes of 3-10 drivers with only a one or two people dominating it. This large number in different winners shows how equal our racing division is, which some naysayers complained that the brothers rigged it for themselves (patently false… if you are a good driver, you can win and compete for championships in our class, period. Chris Stevens finally broke his brother Matt’s Points Title domination, winning his 1st Track Championship in nearly a decade, but Matt Stevens again showed that he is the toughest man to beat in a go-kart in Oswego, NY, as he took the Galletta’s 200-Lap Klassic once again. Full race videos (via YouTube), race results, points and driver profiles are all available here…

Complete 2009 Race Season on YouTube

Our weekly highlight reels have been up since 2008, including the ever popular 200 Lap Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic highlight video, but they were unfortunately lo-resolution (poor quality) due to lousy internet speeds and poor computer processing power at the time. Years later, we were able to process our entire race DVDs and also put them online in much higher quality (the DVDs themselves are higher quality, but these ain’t bad). Instead of keeping them all to ourselves, why not let anybody in the world with an internet connection enjoy them? Well? Enjoy!
Nov 28, 2009 2009 Season -14th Annual Point Championship Recap (+ Complete Season on YouTube!)
Nov 08, 2009 11/8/2009 – Fall Bonus Points Race ’09 Finale won by Matt Stevens (+YouTube)
Oct 11, 2009 10/11/2009 – Dick Dann wins a Fall Bonus Point Race in Galletta’s Greenhouse #7 (+YouTube)
Oct 03, 2009 10/3/2009 – 200-Lap 14th Annual Galletta’s Karting Championship Klassic of Oswego! (+YouTube)
Sep 19, 2009 9/19/2009 – Greatest Karter in Oswego, NY, Bar none… Professor Speedmonkey (+YouTube)
Sep 13, 2009 9/13/2009 – Matt Stevens wins 12-kart/45-Lap Feature as 200-Lap Klassic Approaches (+YouTube)
Sep 07, 2009 9/7/2009 – Matt Stevens survives intense bumper-to-bumper battle with bro Chris in 9-kart/45-lapper! (+YouTube)
Aug 31, 2009 8/31/2009 – Flippin’ Freddy Collins & Rapid Russ Hockey Win Twin 30s! (+YouTube)
Aug 23, 2009 8/23/2009 – Galletta ’09 Family Reunion 15-Kart Races Won by Brian Galletta & Matt Stevens (+YouTube)
Aug 16, 2009 8/16/2009 – Chris Stevens endures the 12-kart “Night of A Thousand Cautions” 45 for win! (+YouTube)
Aug 09, 2009 8/9/2009 – Chris Stevens wins the 10-kart “The Runs 45” lap Feature! (+YouTube)
Aug 03, 2009 8/3/2009 – Melissa Stevens wins The Oswego Kartway Shovel Stalker Pussied Out 50 & becomes 10th different winner in 11 features in ’09! (+YouTube)
Jul 27, 2009 7/27/2009 – Flippin’ Freddy Collins & Nick Dann win 15-kart Twin 30s to become 8th and 9th different winners in 10 features thus far in ’09! (+YouTube)
Jul 19, 2009 7/19/2009 – Larry Phillips puts L&K Small Engine #04 Into Victory Lane after 9-kart/45-lapper! (+YouTube)
Jul 12, 2009 7/12/2009 – Russ Hockey Dominates 50-Lapper, 6th Winner in 7 Features (+YouTube)
Jul 05, 2009 7/5/2009 – Buddy Cottom & Chris Stevens take the ’09 Independence Twin-30s! (+YouTube)
Jun 22, 2009 6/22/2009 – Jason “The Hammer” Mills Dominates 11-kart/45-Lapper in Galletta’s #2! (+YouTube)
Jun 16, 2009 6/16/2009 – Greenhouse or Go-Karts? by NCC News reporter Zachary James reports on the Galletta’s Karting Club (w/footage from 6/14/2009)
Jun 14, 2009 6/14/2009 – NCC News Report Night Twin-30s won by Gary Miller Sr. & Matt Stevens! (+YouTube)
Jun 07, 2009 6/7/2009 – The 14th Annual Season Opener, 45-Laps/10-Karts won by Matt Stevens (+YouTube)
Jan 30, 2009 Oswego Kartway & The Galletta’s Karting Club History (2008 – 09 Offseason; 1/30/2009)

2008 Season – Our 13th at Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Speedway & 3rd at Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Kartway

2008 Season Index

13th Season at Galletta’s – 2008: Between Galletta’s and Oswego Kartway, we had our most ambitious season ever, although driver counts did not always fill kart seats (due to motor rule disagreements at Oswego’s portion of the schedule) we raced a combined 27 drivers racing in a combined 27 events won by 10 different drivers (Matt Stevens, Chris Stevens, Russ Hockey, Melissa Gabel, Buddy Cottom, Dick Dann, Nick Dann, and Gary Miller Jr.), but it again was Matt Stevens winning the Track Championships on both, and technically, he won both Oswego Classic 50 and Galletta’s Klassic 200 (although he needed to beat a very game Buddy Cottom tod do so), but there was a mystifying controversy to the Oswego one at least. 3rd Season at Oswego Kartway – 2008:  For the 3rd straight full season, the Galletta’s Greenhouse 1-WD Gas Flathead Racing Club raced two tracks. We started in May at Kartway where Matt Stevens again proved he is capable of taking a kart with less horsepower and beat larger karts that used stock Animal engines (forced in our group by decree of the track operator), and he won the Mixed Motor Gas Stocker Point standings at Kartway (which they erased from their website, so you’ll only see it and full race videos to every division here).
Galletta's @ Oswego Kartway on 5/30/2008

2008 Oswego Kartway Index

Chris, Wes, and Matt Stevens sweep top 3 spots 2 years in a row at Oswego Kartway Classic!

Oswego Kartway Classic Champs

While we had 14 feature events won by 7 drivers (Matt Stevens, Chris Stevens, Wes Stevens, Dick Dann, Joe Hayden, Dave Melfi, and Nick Dann), after many arguments, late in the season we split the two gas kart motors into separate divisions, which ended the conflict for the drivers but yet seemed to increased it for the track operator. Matt Stevens dominated the ’08 Kartway Classic (Gas Flathead 1-WDs), but last lap controversy had Wes Stevens take it (under a presumed yellow) and Chris Stevens take 3rd to sweep the pedestal spots for the 2nd year in a row. The track operator then saw that it to be the karting class’ last race at the track that we were a part of since (even before) it started. Season rundown, final points TONS of FULL race videos from ALL karting divisions at the Kartway AND Galletta’s, and the confusing ending to the ’08 Classic video found here…

2008 Oswego Dirt Karting COMPLETE Season Playlist Volume #1 (Oswego Kartway at Oswego Speedway & Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Speedway)

 2008 Oswego Dirt Karting COMPLETE Season Playlist Volume #2 (Oswego Kartway at Oswego Speedway & Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Speedway)

That’s 275 race videos in 2008! TWO-HUNDRED & SEVENTY FIVE! Wow. Here’s how it all went down.

Jan 31, 2009 2008 Season
Jan 30, 2009 Oswego Kartway & The Galletta’s Karting Club History (2008 – 09 Offseason; 1/30/2009)
Nov 28, 2008 2008 Season – 13th at Galletta’s & 3rd at Oswego Kartway Recap [w/COMPLETE YouTube Videos!]
Nov 02, 2008 11/2/2008 – Nick Dann wins the “Look Ma, I didn’t need an OHV Animal Motor to win! I just needed to be a good driver is all!” 45-Lap ’08 Finale in Galletta’s #7! [+YouTube]
Oct 24, 2008 10/24/2008 – Nick Dann & Chris Stevens win at “Rumor Has It Oswego Booted Your GaYlletta Asses Out” Twin 30s Night! [+YouTube Videos]
Oct 19, 2008 10/19/2008 – Melissa Gabel & Dick Dann win the Cold As F*** Fall Bonus Point Twin-30s [+YouTube Vids from October 19th, 2008]!
Oct 12, 2008 10/12/2008 – Russ Hockey & Matt Stevens win the 1st Fall Fury Twin-30s of ’08! [+YouTube Videos]
Sep 21, 2008 9/21/2008 – 13th Annual 200-Lap Karting Klassic goes to Matt Stevens in Galletta’s Greenhouse #33, Buddy Cottom, Chris Stevens & Russ Hockey round top-4! +YouTube Video!
Sep 07, 2008 9/7/2008 – Gary Miller Jr. & Matt Stevens win the “Chris Flips Violently Twin 30s” Night! +YouTube Videos!
Sep 04, 2008 9/4/2008 – Oswego Kartway Classic swept by Wes, Matt & Chris Stevens, take top-3 in largest class for 2nd year in a row in Final Appearance! (+YouTube Videos of ALL CLASSES!)
Aug 28, 2008 8/28/2008 – Oswego Kartway Classic rains out! Time Trials All in (+YouTube of ALL Classes) [+Dick Dann uses illegal carb to win the Gas Flathead Classic Time Trials before rain sets in!]
Aug 21, 2008 8/21/2008 – Wes “Ogre” Stevens triumphs at Oswego Kartway’s final race before Oswego Speedway Classic Weekend ’08! (+YouTube of ALL Classes)
Aug 17, 2008 8/17/2008 – Twin 30s go to Buddy Cottom (Hot Stock) & Chris Stevens (Box Stock) at Galletta’s! +YouTube
Aug 14, 2008 8/14/2008 – Oswego Kartway 2008 DVD Volume #13 by Galletta’s Karting Club (+YouTube All classes) Matt Stevens wins!
Aug 07, 2008 8/7/2008 – Final Mixed Motor Race & Oswego Kartway Fight Video (AKA Thursday Night Smackdown at Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Track!) – Hayden and Chris Stevens win! +YouTube!
Aug 03, 2008 8/3/2008 – Buddy Cottom Wins 55-Lapper in Galletta’s Greenhouse #6 Kart as Gary Miller’s Butt Hangs Off Kart & He Hits The Wall! +YouTube
Aug 01, 2008 8/1/2008 – Matt Stevens DOMINATES Oswego Kartway, sweeps 2 classes in Galletta’s Greenhouse #3 & #33! +YouTube Videos of the domination!
Jul 18, 2008 7/18/2008 – Chris ‘Cerebral Chrusher’ Stevens wins 10-kart “Friday Night 45” +YouTube
Jul 10, 2008 7/10/2008 – Galletta’s Kart Club at Oswego Kartway race won by Chris ‘Chrusher’ Stevens +YouTube
Jul 06, 2008 7/6/2008 – Ryan Coleman bulldozes a win in the 9-Kart Independence Day 50, his 2nd win in a row in Galletta’s #9! +YouTube Videos
Jul 04, 2008 7/4/2008 – Oswego Kartway Friday Night Lights 9 Divisions + Supers Vs. SBS Drivers Special, Nick Wins, Dick Dann Takes The Money & Runs! +YouTube
Jun 22, 2008 6/22/2008 – Ryan Coleman & Matt Stevens win the Twin 30s! (11-karts) +YouTube Video
Jun 19, 2008 6/19/2008 at Oswego Kartway – The Final Mixed-Motor Gas Stocker Event! +YouTube Videos (All Classes)
Jun 15, 2008 6/15/2008 – Matt Stevens Survives Pileup to win 11-kart/50-Lap Father’s Day ’08 Race! +YouTube Vid!
Jun 12, 2008 6/12/2008 – This Week in Oswego Karting 2008 DVDs Volume # 4 & 5: Melfi & Hayden Sweep for OHV Outlaws! +YouTube
Jun 08, 2008 6/8/2008 – 13th Annual Galletta’s’ Karting Speedway Opener – The 12-kart CLAY HAS ARRIVED 45! +YouTube
Jun 05, 2008 6/5/2008 – Rain Postpones Oswego Kartway Features +YouTube
May 30, 2008 5/30/2008 – Matt Stevens Wins Mixed-Motor Oswego Kartway Money Show (+All Classes on DVD +YouTube)!
May 15, 2008 5/15/2008 – This Week In Oswego Dirt Karting DVD (2008 Vol. #2 – at Oswego Kartway) – Hayden takes win! +YouTube
May 08, 2008 5/8/2008: Oswego Kartway DVD 2008 Volume 1 – Matt Stevens still All-Time Oswego Dirt’s winningest kart driver! +YouTube

The 2007 Season – 12th at Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Speedway & 2nd at Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Kartway

Was by far one of our busiest, most competitive and talent-stacked. Between the Oswego Kartway (back then simply known as the Oswego Speedway Dirt Track in it’s 2nd full season of operation) and our Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Track, 57 different drivers ran a combined 28 features! So action-packed this season was, that not one but TWO YouTube Playlists are needed to contain it!

2007 Season Video Playlist Volume #1

2007 Season Video Playlist Volume #2

That’s right! 274 race videos to our 2nd Season at Oswego Speedway Kartway: (2007) & 12th Season at Galletta’s: (2007).

2007 Season Index

But the dominant factor all season on both tracks was Matt Stevens, as he won 14 of the 28 Mixed Motor gas stocker features on the two tracks while 8 other drivers (Chris Stevens, Kyle Reuter, Dick Dann, Melissa Gabel, Ryan Coleman, Eric Raponi, Gary Miller Sr., and Joe Hayden) divided up the rest of the HARD fought victories. Again there was controversy between OHV and FH motors racing in the same class, and while Matt was the man to beat in a flathead, the OHVs were proving to be too powerful for anyone else to touch. That was until the Kartway’s 1st Classic, a 15-kart/50-Lap event for the mixed-motor 1-WD ‘Gas Stocker’ class, where a few drivers battled it out in an exciting race, but Chris Stevens emerged on top on lap 50 to avenge himself for getting wiped out several times earlier in the season by one of the OHV Outlaw karts in the race. It also contained one of the scariest wrecks in our history (and one that has garnered by FAR the most hits on YouTube of our hundreds of videos; albeit bloodthirsty YouTubers wanted more violence apparently). However, Matt Stevens defeated a VERY talented cast of characters (including his brother Chris, Kyle Reuter, Ryan Coleman, Buddy Cottom and Mike “MC” Howell amongst others) to win both track Championships and the 12th Annual showing of the Galletta’s Klassic 200, sweeping both track titles in the division (the other classes at the pay track weren’t even keeping points then)! The only true downer to the season was Wes ‘Ogre’ Stevens’ bone-busting crash in the ’07 Klassic, which forced him out of weekly competition. More (including detailed race descriptions and hundreds of race videos) can be found here.

Nov 28, 2007 2007 Season Recap: 12th Galletta’s Season & 2nd Oswego Speedway Dirt Season DVDs! [+ Complete YouTube Playlists]
Nov 04, 2007 2007 Season
Nov 04, 2007 11/4/2007 – Chris Stevens wins the Gary Miller & Wes Ogre Stevens Retirement 45 (Galletta’s ’07 Race #18; +YouTube)
Oct 06, 2007 10/6/2007 – Matt Stevens Begins ’07 Fall Frenzy Series where he left off Summer Series – WINNING! +YouTube
Sep 23, 2007 9/23/2007 – 12th Annual Kart Klassic 200-Lap Championship of Oswego County Karting won by Matt Stevens, Marred as father Wes injured! (+YouTube/11-Karts/200-Laps)
Sep 10, 2007 9/10/2007 – Ryan Coleman holds off Stevens Bros, Reuter & Cottom for the Buddy’s Story 40 win! +YouTube Video
Sep 03, 2007 9/3/2007 – 16-Kart/45-Lap Labor Day Race, Reuter breaks leaving Matt Stevens taking of 12th of 24 Oswego’s 2 track’s Features! +YouTube
Aug 30, 2007 8/30/2007 – Chris Stevens wins 1st Annual Oswego Speedway Dirt Kartway Classic (50-Laps/16-Karts) & Galletta’s Chris, Wes & Matt Stevens SWEEP Podium! +YouTube
Aug 26, 2007 8/26/2007 – Chris Stevens Wins “Worst Wreck on Tape In Track History” 12-Kart/45-Lapper (+YouTube)
Aug 19, 2007 8/19/2007 – Kyle Reuter wins 15-kart/45-lapper in Galletta’s Greenhouse #5! (+YouTube)
Aug 16, 2007 8/16/2007 – Matt Stevens wins Oswego Speedway Gas Stock Kart Race in Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #33! +YouTube
Aug 12, 2007 8/12/2007 – 21-Driver field! Matt Stevens Victorious in Rain-Shortened 35-Lapper! (+YouTube)
Aug 09, 2007 8/9/2007 – Matt Stevens Dominates YET AGAIN at Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Kartway +YouTube
Aug 05, 2007 8/5/2007 – 17 Large, Dick Dann Penetrates the Threshold of Victory Lane after flipping on his head, wins 17-kart/45-Lap 10,000 Rocks-To-Win race! (+YouTube)
Aug 02, 2007 8/2/2007 – At Oswego Speedway (Kartway) Matt Stevens nips Eric Raponi at the stripe! [+YouTube]
Jul 29, 2007 7/29/2007 – Matt Stevens profusely beaten after dominant 13-Kart/40-Lap win in Galletta’s #0 +YouTube
Jul 26, 2007 7/26/2007 – Galletta’s Karting Club at Oswego Speedway/Kartway: Eric Raponi take 6-Kart/20-Lap CASH WIN in 6.5hp Outlaw #83! +YouTube Videos
Jul 22, 2007 7/22/2007 – Matt Stevens Passes Chris Stevens & Kyle Reuter on Final Laps To Win 11-Kart 50-Lapper (+YouTube)
Jul 15, 2007 7/15/2007 – Hysterical Go-Kart Flips & 13-Kart/50-Lapper won by Matt Stevens (+YouTube)
Jul 13, 2007 7/13/2007 – At Oswego Speedway Dirt Track Money Show, Matt Stevens steals late win from Kyle Reuter, Wes Stevens & Eric Raponi! (Gas Stocker Division) +YouTube
Jul 08, 2007 7/8/2007 – 15-kart, Wreck-Filled Extravaganza won by Matt Stevens [+YouTube!]
Jul 05, 2007 7/5/2007 – Galletta’s Club Karts Taken Out at Oswego Speedway Dirt Track by Eric “Rammer” Raponi, Tarnishes teammate Joe Hayden’s 1st win at the track! +YouTube
Jul 01, 2007 7/1/2007 – 1st Female Winner at Galletta’s: Melissa Gabel steals it late! +YouTube
Jun 28, 2007 6/28/2007 – Galletta’s Karting Club at Oswego Speedway Dirt Track, Outlaw Eric Raponi’s strangely powerful kart wins! +YouTube
Jun 24, 2007 6/24/2007 – Kyle Reuter passes Matt Stevens for the 12-Kart/50-Lap Win! +YouTube
Jun 21, 2007 6/21/2007 – Galletta’s Go-Karts Exhibition at Oswego Speedway’s Mixed-motor/Open Yard Kart Class won by Matt Stevens! +YouTube
Jun 17, 2007 6/17/2007 – Matt Stevens Storms Through the 14-kart field for Feature Triumph! +YouTube
Jun 15, 2007 6/15/2007 – Oswego Speedway Mixed-Motor 10-Kart Win goes to Matt Stevens! +YouTube
Jun 10, 2007 6/10/2007 – Chris Stevens Impressive in 14-Kart/45-Lap Win! +YouTube!
Jun 03, 2007 6/3/2007 – Gary Miller Sr. wins 12th Annual Opener (15-karts, 45-laps) +YouTube

The Galletta’s Go-Karts Club’s Complete 2006 Season of Race Videos

The Galletta’s Go-Kart Club is the central organization for the Gas Stocker Kart (formerly Racing-Modified Yard Kart) Championship of Oswego County, NY. The club races in a series of points races at Galletta’s Greenhouse’s Backyard Karting Track since the mid-1990s and Oswego Speedway’s Kartway since 2006. Click on any of the pictures below to see a free preview/recap of each week’s racing action, and you may also view and buy any of the below DVDs containing every single event from the 2006 season, and the last few previous Klassics here! Only $5 each disc! Most discs include two angles of the complete race (our exclusive racetower and center track angle), stereo surround sound, occasional music scores, fantastic close racing, incredible flips and crashes! Can be shipped anywhere in the world (shipping varies) or free local pickup in the local area. Each disc is only $5 each ($3 each if you are racing in an event and pre-pay the day-of the race), and NEW: Uploaded to YouTube and embedded on our website free to te viewer (our only request is that you white-list us on your ad blockers and come out and race with us). 

The 2006 Complete Race Records & Video Archive

Every picture links to the rundown, pictures, points, driver profiles, and embedded race videos (of the races we have). Enjoy!
Dec 31, 2006 2006 Recap | 11th Point Season & Annual Klassic 150 [+YouTube Season Video Playlist]
Dec 31, 2006 2006 Season & 11th Annual Klassic 150 Recap & DVD Store [+Complete Season On YouTube!]
Nov 26, 2006 9/30 – 11/26/2006 | ’06 Post-Klassic Fall Bonus Points Series (9 Features – Kyle Reuter, Matt Stevens, Dick Dann and Josh Schute score wins!) +YouTube
Oct 07, 2006 2006 Season
Sep 23, 2006 9/23/2006 – 11th Annual Klassic Championship – 150-Laps/16 Karts | Wes “Ogre” Stevens wins! +YouTube
Sep 16, 2006 9/10 – 9/16/2006 – Matt Stevens in the BRAND NEW Silver Bullet #33 sweeps the Pre-Klassic Events (+ Oscar Berry Flips!) +YouTube
Sep 03, 2006 9/3/2006 – Rob Jimenez wins 11-kart/50-Lap Beat Midnight on Labor Day ’06 race! +YouTube
Aug 27, 2006 8/27/2006 – Chris Stevens wins 13-kart/40-Lap “Bicker-Fest Forty” feature! +YouTube
Aug 25, 2006 8/25/2006 – Mark Miller wins Oswego Speedway (Kartway) Mixed-Motor/Gas Stocker Kart ’06 Finale (+ ’06 Final Point Standings)
Aug 20, 2006 8/20/2006 – Matt Dominating Oswego’s 2 Kart Tracks with 7th Win! (50-Laps/10-Karts) +YouTube
Aug 18, 2006 8/18/2006 – Wes “Ogre” Stevens wins the 1st ever Oswego Speedway (Kartway) 40-Lap Feature at in History in the mixed-motor Gas Stock Kart Division!
Aug 13, 2006 8/13/2006 – Matt Stevens wins 13-kart/50-Lap Feature win at Galletta’s, following up his Oswego Kartway win! +YouTube
Aug 11, 2006 8/11/2006 – Matt Stevens wins Oswego Speedway Dirt Kartway Track’s Gas Stocker Kart Division Feature… Again…
Aug 06, 2006 8/6/2006 – Chris Stevens ties Billy Kuykendell at the stripe to sweep this week’s features on both Oswego Tracks! +YouTube
Aug 04, 2006 8/4/2006 – Chris Stevens Triumphs at Oswego Speedway’s 15-kart Mixed Motor Dirt Feature
Jul 30, 2006 7/30/2006 – Wesley “Ogre” Stevens wins HarBOREmess ’06 Championship (12-karts, 40-Laps) +YouTube
Jul 23, 2006 7/23/2006 – 11-Kart, 40-Lapper goes to Winningest Oswego Karter, Matt Stevens +YouTube
Jul 16, 2006 7/16/2006 – Hot Pink Ed Maynes Wins & 7/14 Oswego Speedway Dirt Conquered by Brian Bortel +YouTube
Jul 09, 2006 7/9/2006 – Brian Bortel wins 14-kart 40-Lapper (+ Oswego Speedway Dirt UFC Fight Night Near-Brawl on 7/7/2006) +YouTube
Jul 02, 2006 7/2/2006 – Matt Stevens Wins 12-Kart at Galletta’s & Ed Maynes Wins 5-Kart Oswego Speedway Dirt Feature on 6/30/2006 +YouTube
Jun 25, 2006 6/25/2006 – Chris Stevens Wins 16-Kart 40-Lapper + Oswego Speedway Inaugural Dirt Gas Karting Event won by Matt Stevens! +YouTube
Jun 18, 2006 6/18/2006 – Gary Miller Sr. Leads all 50-Laps in 14-Kart Feature! +YouTube
Jun 11, 2006 6/11/2006 – Matt Stevens steals win from Jason Mills in the 14-kart 11th Annual Season Opener


The 2005 Season had us start recording every race from about the midway point, and now all we have are uploaded to YouTube as soon as we find them.

Dec 25, 2005 2005 Season
Nov 28, 2005 2005 Season & 10th Annual Klassic 130 – RECAP! [+YouTube Season Playlist]
Oct 31, 2005 10/1 – 10/16/2005 – 16-kart/4-Feature Haunted Halloween Trail Fall Series won by Matt Stevens, Jason Mills & Wes Stevens +YouTube!
Oct 08, 2005 10/8/2005 – Jason Mills Survives Flipping Vanvorsts & Schutes to win Career 1st! +YouTube
Oct 02, 2005 10/2/2005 – Matt Stevens steals Gary Miller’s 1st win in the #2 during Fall 50-Lapper! [+YouTube]
Oct 01, 2005 10/1/2005 – Matt Stevens takes the 1st Post-Klassic Fall 45 of ’05 [+YouTube]
Sep 24, 2005 9/24/2005 – 10th Annual Galletta’s Klassic | Original Oswego Dirt Karting Championship (130-Laps/13 Karts) +YouTube!
Sep 18, 2005 9/18/2005 – Gary Miller Sr. wins 12-kart Non-Winner’s Feature as Galletta’s Karting Score Tower Unveiled! +YouTube
Sep 11, 2005 9/10 – 9/11/2005 – Matt Stevens Twin-40 Triumph Weekend Marred by Injury & Several “OHV Outlaw” Drivers Quitting the Club [+YouTube]
Sep 05, 2005 9/5/2005- Mark Miller won a fast & furious 14-kart/40-lapper!
Aug 28, 2005 8/28/2005 – Chris Stevens wins vs. biggest field in Galletta’s History (18-karts/40-Laps)! +YouTube video!
Aug 21, 2005 8/21/2005 – Matt Stevens wins 15-kart/50-Lapper as Mark Miller & Mike Billion’s tempers flare over wreck! +YouTube
Aug 14, 2005 8/14/2005 – Chris Stevens wins 13-kart as Mark Miller VIOLENTLY flips in Mixed-Motor, 40-Lap Feature [+YouTube]
Aug 07, 2005 8/7/2005 – A 15-Kart/Mixed-Motor 40-Lap LOST RACE won by Matt Stevens! +YouTube
Aug 03, 2005 8/3/2005 – 12-Kart, 40-Lap, Mid-Week Mixed Motor Feature goes to Matt Stevens +YouTube
Jul 31, 2005 7/31/2005 – Mike Billion wins 8-kart/40-Lap Mixed Motor Feature
Jul 24, 2005 7/24/2005 – 15-Kart Race won by Matt Stevens (15 Mixed Motors, 40-Laps)
Jul 17, 2005 7/17/2005 – Maynes Wins after Billion wrecks leader Stevens on hot 16-kart 50-Lapper!
Jul 10, 2005 7/10/2005 – Mark Miller wins 13-kart feature in his WICKED fast tank-mobile!
Jul 05, 2005 7/03/2005 – Neil Gosch wins 14-kart race in mysteriously powerful OHV machine!
Jun 26, 2005 6/26/2005 – Mark Miller takes another 15-kart Mixed-Motor Feature!
Jun 19, 2005 6/19/2005 – Matt Stevens Beats Bigger Motors for his 1st Win of ’05!
Jun 12, 2005 6/12/2005 – Mark Miller Leads the OHV Invasion & Dominates the 14-Kart Field!
Jun 05, 2005 6/5/2005 – Ed Maynes takes the ’05 Season Opener (40-Laps/10-karts)


The green flag drops on the 2004 Galletta's Klassic 100!

Chris Chrusher leads several co-competitors

During the 2004 season, we lost some good drivers who inexplicably quit mid-way, then gained some good drivers who joined up soon after. For most of the regular season, a batch of rookies–led by Dan Murdock and Ed Maynes–picked things up fast and looked forward to many more seasons of great racing ahead. We also had a couple of drivers try something we had never had before! Their own karts! A passionate rookie racer named Mark Miller brought his own kart with an OHV motor on it (all of our motors had been 5hp Briggs & Stratton Flatheads with no race mods done, only maintenance), while another rookie named Ed Maynes brought his own kart as well, but he stuck with the script of 5hp flathead. Concerns were raised when the OHV motor had more power than the Galletta’s flatheads out of the box, and almost all of the rest of the 5 hp drivers preferred we stuck with the same motor and not mess with a mixed motor class.

YouTube Video Footage from the 2004 Klassic [Version 1]

The 2004 season was filled with a lot of drivers and action – 48 drivers raced in 38 features w/8 winners in 2004. For the 1st time, visitors started bringing their own karts to our arrive-&-drive races! Here’s some Klassic footage. The Klassic, which was close and competitive, and our biggest to date, with every kart again filled! Matt Stevens went in as points leader, and Chris Stevens tried to catch him, but had to recover from motor valve problems and jump into his old kart (the Galletta’s #5), leaving Ed Maynes and Matt Stevens battling it out for Klassic supremacy. Ed was impressive, but overly ambitious, as he attempted  to not just lead every lap, but LAP everyone within the 1st 20 laps! However, on a dirt track that ruts up as the race goes on and a homemade kart, his plan failed when a caution came out, he lost his lead AND his momentum when his steering column broke, leaving Matt Stevens effortlessly coasting to another Klassic and Track Championship sweep in his Galletta’ s #3 kart. More…

There were two versions of this race recorded: – A Mono VHS-C version which was paused differently and contains just the racing action), and… – A Stereo VHS version which wasn’t paused as much and had some additional footage... of spectators talking trash… mostly about yours truly, Chris!

Dec 31, 2004 2004 Season
Nov 23, 2004 2004 Fall Frenzy Challenge Bonus Point Series
Oct 31, 2004 2004 Season & 9th Annual Klassic 100-Lapper [+YouTube]!


This season only saw 13 regular-season events before Klassic, the fewest in the modern era of Galletta’s Super-Yard-Kart racing. The reason being that Matt, Chris and Wes started to get bored of just racing each other (and being at each other’s throats because of the rabid competition between the three) and raced only when visitors came. After this ’03 season, driver shortages didn’t happen for years to come. The 8th Annual Galletta’s Kart Klassic wound up being our longest to date, as we made the jump to 100 laps. Our first triple-digit lap race in history!

2003 Galletta’s Klassic Race Footage

To date, our only 2003 Video is the Klassic. If we find any more lost in our storage rooms, we upload them as soon as we find them! Enjoy!

Dec 31, 2003 2003 Season
Oct 31, 2003 2003 Season & 8th Annual Klassic 100 [+YouTube Video!]

2002 Season YouTube Videos

More on 2002: Tom Culeton, DJ Barnes, Dan and Chris Lupa, Dan Allnutt and friends joined us in 2002. Tommy invented a new kind of accident: the Tommy-Gun-Fast-Flip, where he violently and quickly flipped the Galletta’s #2 several times that year and completely bent the frame out of its original form. Culeton also became our greatest visiting driver to date by winning 2 races in his rookie campaign and being a top competitor every race. Tom and friends raced great all year, and thus created our greatest season to that date, but mysteriously stopped the next year, again leaving the trio to groom new competition. This season is the one where we dramatically decreased our kart breakdowns, simply by using large drive wheel tires and thicker gauged drive wheel chain. Matt snapped Chris’ 3-year Klassic and Track Championship winning streak here. Matt was also so dominant, that he took a race off and still won the points standings.
Oct 31, 2002 2002 Season
Sep 29, 2002 2002 Season & 7th Annual Karting Klassic 90 [+YouTube Video!]


2001 Season videos are digitally transferred and uploaded from VHS and VHS-C to this playlist as we find them. Well, we found some in 2021, so twenty years later this page gets a video update! Here they are! Enjoy! 2001 Regular Season: In 2001, we raced 22 regular season point events between June 10th & October 13th, 2001. Again, this season was another 100% box-stock gas 5hp flathead Briggs & Stratton motors, and even a few years before we created our website, via word-of-mouth we started having big track guest-star racers join us and have a ball! We raced with brother Oswego Speedway Limited Supermodified drivers Fran Rowe, Cameron Rowe and Gordon Smallidge, Supermodified driver Randy Ritskes, Street Stock driver Joe Miller, in addition to Supermodified co-owner Eric Syrell, and some of his pit crew members Sean Stevens (no known relation), and (our cousin) Brian Galletta.
Dec 31, 2001 2001 Season
Dec 24, 2001 2001 Season & 6th Annual Oswego Karting Klassic Championship Recap [+YouTube]
Oct 24, 2001 10/24/2001 – 6th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Go-Kart 80-Lap Klassic [+YouTube Video]
Sep 30, 2001 9/30/2001 – Time Trials & B-Main for 6th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Klassic [+YouTube]
Jun 10, 2001 6/10/2001 – 6th Annual Season Opener Won by Matt Stevens [+YouTube Video]


Tapes were scarcer in our early history, but the above playlist contains what we *did* find on VHS, VHS-C and transferred to DVD and YouTube. We do believe we have videos from this season on VHS, and if we find them stored in mountains of tapes, we’ll transfer and upload them!

Snapshots from the 2000 Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic:

2000 Galletta's Klassic - the race was starting to get bigger and better every year!2000 Galletta's Klassic (Look at how narrow the track was back then!)The 2000 year was one that saw Chris, Matt, and Wes Stevens run a staggering 33 feature event races between the 4th of July and November 8th. Back then we just wanted to race, unspoiled by 8, 10, 15 karts of competitors like the future would make us. It just went one kart at a time, and this year our go-kart count again grew by two, with two more home-made karts; the Galletta’s #6 (originally red and black #3b, later repainted brown and gold #6) and the Galletta’s #5 were the newest Galletta-style Chassis built. This enabled us to invite a few more friends and family (such as our cousins Brian and Kevin Galletta) to join us in our highly competitive racing club.   MORE…
Dec 31, 2000 2000 Season
Oct 31, 2000 2000 Season Recap & 5th Annual Klassic 80-Lap Oswego Dirt Karting Championship


The beginnings of the modern-day Galletta’s Go-Kart track – The mid-1990s.

We do have some of our 1990s videos on VHS. However, the process of digitally transferring them to DVD or YouTube is time consuming and somewhat risky due to the fragility of old tapes and working VHS players. Also, the footage isn’t that great–fairly grainy, little to no narration, sometimes had serious flutter and wow-za timing issues and quality fluctuations… and it showed things got testy! With only three competitors in every single race (founding brothers Matt, Chris and their dad Wes Stevens), and karts that broke very easily (they last far better nowadays with stronger grade chain and drive-wheel systems and such), some rather foul language erupted on fairly regular fashion!

Nov 28, 1999 1999 Season & the 4th Annual Galletta’s Kart Klassic 80 [+Video]
Nov 28, 1998 1998 Season & 3rd Annual Galletta’s Karting Klassic 80
Dec 31, 1997 The 1990s Seasons – 1996-1997 Recaps

BONUS: Our Pre-Historic Days

Dec 31, 1990 1980s Seasons
Jun 01, 1986 The Early Years – The 1980s!

…and the net result is…


Drivers all-time stats at two of Oswego, New York’s Dirt Karting Tracks: Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway (2000-2019), and separately the Oswego Kartway [1-WD Mixed Motor Gas Division] (2006-2008). You can scroll the chart left, right, up and down to see all 371 different drivers on record. NOTE: In-season points are not added to this total until after current season ends and pre-2000 Points & Wins are currently lost in storage (they will be added if located).