Oswego Speedway Mixed-Class Super Yard Kart Dirt Track Exhibition:
Friday, August 11th, 2006 (Two 10-lap Heats and 20-lap Feature)

The mixed-class exhibition at Oswego Speedway last Friday went to Matt Stevens (#3). He was followed by Wesley “Ogre” Stevens (#4), Robbie Jimenez (#5), and Chris Stevens (#8); all Galletta’s stock-part 5hp Briggs flatheads tuned by Matt, and they all defeated larger 5.5hp-8hp OHV motors, and a gas racing raptor motor driven by Derek Woodworth.

These races in 2006 originally did not count for points because we had no videotapes to review and score them, but we later counted them based on a simpler system. In 2007 we plan to videotape and score them with the same system that we score Galletta’s.

NOTE: We didn’t video-record this event and only have pictures like above. However, we know that often spectators, friends and family members of drivers did. We offer cash and/or free kart rentals to anyone with video to races that our club participated in that we don’t have on this website so that we can include it on our site. Please contact Chris if you have any! Thanks!

[INSIGNIFICANT SIDE-NOTES: There were also the wildly popular but somewhat boring live-axle methanol classes ran as well, but his website does not cover cookie cutter carts/kiddie karts (and we noted that the drivers think they are great just because the blew so much money on a kart. Ha. Jump in ours, you probably would struggle to avoid last. Well… then again, you’ll get better than last. Maybe. And while a random spectator may say I must be a jerk for writing that, we only say that because we have heard about them belittling our “yard karts.” Put your balls where your mouth is and try our club out. Waitaminute… that didn’t sound appropriate. Then again… for those who do talk trash and don’t back it up… maybe it is! We race every weekend all summer, so try us.).]

Now to next Sunday’s race at Galletta’s… race