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Most years, if there are enough interested drivers after our annual points-finale, the Klassic 200, we will run some non-point/bonus-point/Fall races. We had a few rookies ready to roll when all us veterans were burned out of racing all summer, haha. Here they are!

10/10/2015 – David Hartpence wins All-Rookie / Fall Bonus 45-Lapper Race

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October 10th, 2015 – Rookie David Hartpence wins a Fall bonus race in the former Larry Phillips #04/Kenny Lindsley #14/Eric Woolworth #88/Billy Ruggio #02b/Eric Woolworth #88/Keith Raymond #88, which David Hall has purchased for the 2016 season! Er, wait, wasn’t it Lee Gleason? Sorry, sometimes I lose track!

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If only all these rookies come back weekly and race with the vets! We’d be having some damn awesome shows!

9th different winner in 21 features this season!

Points for Fall races will be tallied after the final race. Weather, track conditions, kart availability and driver attendance permitting. Next race? Fall Bonus Points (Non-Summer Points) Races to be held based on track conditions, weather and driver interest. If not, see you next Summer — June 2016 for our 21st Points Racing Season at Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway! 🙂

[WEBMASTER’S NOTE: I didn’t record points for these post-Klassic races because the Klassic is usually the final points race of the year (occasionally exceptions are made) and I didn’t have everyone’s name down pat yet. We had no further races after these, and between work and babysitting and day-to-day stuff, it actually slipped my mind that we had some post-Klassic races and I didn’t do the points for them. I will record them in hindsight in the 2015 and all-time stats *if* I can find the time to do so AND all of their names. Sorry if you were in these races and wanted those points. I will be happy to add them up if anybody tells me the names and final position of it. Thanks! -Chris]

11/5/2015 – Josh Arnold wins All-Rookie / Fall Bonus 45-Lapper Race

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NEXT RACE, CLICK: 11/5/2015!


November 5th, 2015 – A second all-rookie non-points show was won by rookie Josh Arnold, the new owner of the former Dick Dann #86/Tim Galletta #54/Dave Spanfelner #54/Brian Galletta #54 machine, which he purchased and repainted and re-numbered #93, ready for the 2016 season! Go here to watch the 11/5/2015 race NOW!