Oscar Berry and his #11s at the 2007 Galletta's Kart Klassic
Oscar Berry with the Berry-Mobile #11 at the Galletta’s 2007 Klassic (9/23/2007).

Oscar Berry

The Flyin’ Oz

The Berry #11 and Berry #M11. Has also driven assorted Galletta’s Team karts on occasion.

Years Racing Go-karts at Galletta’s:


  • Oscar is #1 at something in our club and track history! He has raced in more races and scored more points than any karter in Galletta’s Points History that could not get at least one feature win.

  • Retired from Galletta’s Backyard Karting Speedway – the track and race club that got him into kart racing – joined gas OHV classes and then — sadly — berated Galletta’s. For what, we don’t know, as we helped him in every way, including helping him a brand new motor with a lot of compression… to which he burned and wore out one week later… and blamed us.

  • Joined the Clone class at Oswego Kartway and never again raced at Galletta’s, despite everybody at Galletta’s liking him, helping him set up his motor to be equal or better than Matt’s, and enjoying him racing with us. Hell, Matt one time actually let Oscar drive his own #3 kart. In our decades long history, only a few people have ever driven it!

Oscar Berry at the 2006 Galletta's Klassic
2006/09/23 Pre-Klassic Picture – Photo by Gene Galletta, Remastered by Chris Stevens.

Racing Facts:
Often starts handicapped on the pole and runs well, then runs into bad luck or mechanical failures that take him out of any quality finishes. Has more flips, spins and nonsensically odd wrecks than almost every driver in Galletta’s Karting History.

One of Oscar’s flips in ’06 (2006/09/16).

Career highlights:
Time-trialed well in 2006 Klassic. Always runs well in the high groove. Seeking first feature win. His daughter Missy was a semi-regular competitor before also retiring to only periodically race at Oswego.

Oscar’s family always helped flag at Galletta’s, which we are entirely grateful for. His wife was always a nice woman who helped us greatly via flagging. However, we felt betrayed how Oscar stopped racing with us, verbally attacked us when we have always been nothing but nice and helpful to him, and retired to join Oswego’s OHV Gas Animal class in ’08, then fully joined Oswego’s Clone Class in ’09.


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Retired from Galletta’s Backyard Speedway in 2008 to join the OHV Outlaws and then badmouthing us — specifically Matt, the person who helped him get into racing — publicly at the Kartway. Oscar switched from 1-WD Flathead Gas Stockers to 1-WD OHV Gas Animal Outlaws during the 2008 season at Oswego. He then switched to 2-WD Gas Clones at Oswego in 2009. Despite the fact that he believed Matt was always screwing him (or something?), via last reports, he is still not only yet to get his first win since dropping the Galletta’s series from his schedule years ago, but he also never came closer to winning to when Matt *did* prep his motor. But, as usual, people don’t see and think about these things. Once again, we always are nice to everybody, help people race with us, and do everything we can to help them compete, and never kick anybody out (unless they specifically fight or flat out disobey rules, which is 99.999999999999999999% never), and yet this is how we get treated back.*sigh*