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2007/08/26 – Photo by Chris Stevens.

Kenny Lindley III occasionally races karts with the Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club.

He raced primarily between 2007-2011 on both Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Speedway and Oswego Speedway Kartway (in Galletta’s Karts from 2007-2010, then purchased the former Larry Phillips kart, raced it in the 2011 Klassic where he got shook up by a weird wreck, then sold the kart in 2012). He enjoyed racing his father (Ken Lindsley II) and cousin (DJ Mike “MC” Howell) whenever he could. Service in the Marines, then injures from a fall, and then wife and/or work kept him from coming out to race more, but he says he plans to race more in the future.

Ah, that wacky Jim Losurdo. Making the "Super Yard Karts" dry his over-watered track. *sigh*

Eric Raponi (OHV Outlaw #83), Mike “MC” Howell (Galletta’s Greenhouse #6), Kenny Lindsley III (Galletta’s Greenhouse #2), and Kyle Reuter (Galletta’s Greenhouse #5, inset) hit the Oswego Kartway during practice on 8/16/2007.

10/8/2011 – 16th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic 200 lineup:
Kenny Lindsley III piloting the Lindsley Racing #14 Kart.

Click to go back to the 2011 Klassic Page, his final race in a kart that he *just* bought.

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Name: Kenny Lindsley Jr
Hometown: Mexico, NY
Birthdate: 12/10/1988
Occupation: N/A
Marital Status: Single [Since Married]
Children: No
Year Started Racing: 2007
Year Started Racing at Galletta’s: 2007
Career Wins at Galletta’s: one rookie split win
Home Track: Galletta’s
Crew Chief: Self-sufficient (“Ahem… Matt Stevens” – Chris)

Who are your favorite drivers/cars/ teams and inspirations in your driving career? I would have to say I root for whoever is making a move. And I have too many inspirations to say.

How and where did you become involved in racing? Mike “MC” Howell introduced me to the site and asked me if I wanted to go with him, my father gave me a ride there and has raced with us since.

Why do you race at Galletta’s Greenhouse Go-Kart Speedway?
It’s fun, close competition, the track has it’s fun and challenging spots and just feels like a blast to be on the track.

What are your most memorable moments in racing? Championships / Big Wins?
Would have to be the rookie split win where I waved to Ryan as we crossed the line. (Since then, Kenny scored a top-five trophy-scoring position in the 2007 Oswego Speedway Classic “Yard Kart Division”).

What do you do when you are not racing and/or in the off-season?
I play video games semi-professionally, planning on going to school to design them in the future.

Kenny is currently in the Marines and missed the 2007 Klassic due to boot camp, and most of the races since. He plans to race full-time when his service is up.