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The 53-year-old Leapin’ Liquid Lumberjack Larry Phillips led all 45-laps in a 9-veteran-karter “Revenge of the Elders” feature to take the win at Galletta’s on July 19th, 2009 – his 1st career win in his 2nd season racing.

Jul 19, 2009 7/19/2009 – Larry Phillips puts L&K Small Engine #04 Into Victory Lane after 9-kart/45-lapper! (+YouTube)


HIGHLIGHT REEL (Lo-res quality)

Name: Larry Phillips
Kart: The Phillips/L&K Small Engine #04
Engine: Larry Phillips & Matt Stevens
Sponsor: L&K Small Engine
Year Started racing at Galletta’s: 2007
Fun Facts: Larry is always cracking jokes and having a good time. Winner of the Funniest Karter Award in ’08, toppling Nick Dann off his 2-year mantle (Nick was disqualified for using the “That’s what she said” punch line a million times and provocatively touching fellow driver’s arms too much).
Secrets: Personally fueled by Duncan Donuts coffee.

Larry Phillips in the #04 1WD Gas Stocker on 10/12/2008.
Larry with his #04 kart after the10/12/2008 Fall Challenge Twin-30 races at Galletta’s.

“My Kart is like an old prom date; don’t look like much but sure puts out. “
(After leading 18 laps in a feature on 10/19/2008.)
Larry Phillips followed by Dick Dann & a group of racers - 1WD racing action

“Winning isn’t everything. Pass me another donut.”

“I thought sex was great, then I tried go-karts!”


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Jul 19, 2009 7/19/2009 – Larry Phillips puts L&K Small Engine #04 Into Victory Lane after 9-kart/45-lapper! (+YouTube)
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Oct 06, 2007 10/6/2007 – Matt Stevens Begins ’07 Fall Frenzy Series where he left off Summer Series – WINNING! +YouTube


Larry was forced to retire after he got into a wreck and realized he may not be young enough to take the bumps. He has been known to browse the racing websites and always accuse the website operator (Chris) of writing novels. Larry is still one of Matt’s kart part suppliers even after retirement from racing, and he is always in our prayers having gone through a few health issues.