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10/8/2011 – 16th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic 200 lineup:
Justin Galletta piloting the Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing #7 Kart 
before the 2011 Galletta’s Karting Klassic 200!
To add puzzlement to this picture, Justin’s middle name was changed to Beiber recently. Hmm….

Justin Galletta

Fun Facts:

  • Year Started Racing at Galletta’s: 2009
  • First full year of competition: 2011
  • Sold @$$ out on the family’s race club for… a woman (well, ok, they got married and had kids. Forgiven.): 2012
  • Moved away, so couldn’t race anymore :'( : 2013
  • Justin is the eldest son of fellow racer Tim Galletta, and brother of Joe Sereno.
  • He also cousins-once-removed from Galletta’s Karting Club founders Matt and Chris Stevens.
  • Justin is built like a $hit brick house, is a black belt, played football for the Syracuse Shock, and was the starting middle linebacker for years. Call him GAY-letta’s, you peanut gallery troll mockers! (*Looks at above pic* Um… actually…. don’t… he may like it… :/)
  • Justin’s placement in The All-Time Galletta’s Speedway Point Standings.

All-Time Scoring:

Galletta's Karting Club WebsiteRACING Justin Beiber Galletta (in Galletta's Greenhouse #7)
Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club
(and Backyard Speedway) All-Time Points & Wins List:
Check Justin Beiber Galletta’s positioning in the
Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway All-Time Points & Wins List
from 2000-to-Last-Completed-Year.

Full Race Entries & Career Highlights:


 photo 2013-08-10-2win-33h52m38s12_zpsb40ea299.jpg

SATURDAY, AUGUST 10th, 2013, OSWEGO, NY –  The first race was won by his son, Justin Galletta (Galletta’s Greenhouse #7), who started on the pole and led all 30 laps for the win. The 2nd feature looked like it was going to be another father-and-son night, as Tim drove his old kart (sold to a golfing Dave Spanfelner and now the DS Humphrey’s #54) past two rookies and into the lead. But a flat tire and a loose track did Tim in, and that enabled  Chris Stevens to emerge in the right place at the right time (in his’s Greenhouse/R&C Sushi LLC #8) to win his 6th feature of 2013, his hottest start in well over ten years, maybe more! 13 drivers, and 60-green flag laps! Only 2 or 3 cautions all night, as well. Doesn’t get much better! Full race video & stats here!

Nov 03, 2013 2013 Season: 1-WD Gas Flathead Karting National Championship Invitational – In our 18th Season at Galletta’s!
Aug 11, 2013 8/10 – 8/11/2013 – Justin Galletta, Chris Stevens & Kevin Galletta won the “Triple 30 Lappers for Tim Galletta” weekend +YouTube
Jul 28, 2013 7/28/2013 – Chris Stevens wins the 10-kart “Chrusher’s Declaration of Bestism 40” in the Galletta’s/ Sushi LLC #4! [+YouTube]


And now rule the galaxy... as FATHER AND SON! Tim and Justin Galletta win the Twin-30s on 7/8/2012 at Galletta's Greenhouse Backyard Karting Raceway!

\7/8/2012 - Twin-30s (11 karts)SUNDAY, JULY 8th, 2012: Father and son – Tim and Justin Galletta – took the eleven-competitor twin-30 features at Galletta’s, finally breaking their cousin Matt’s furious streak of FOUR straight wins to open the 2012 season. It was Tim’s seventh feature win in his four year career, while his son Justin secured his second feature win in just his second season. And both look stronger and stronger with each race. Here is the story….

Unfortunately, due to us getting out too late, getting a girlfriend, his dad Tim’s job search left him down south, Justin began sellin’ @$$ on the club and started missing races, including the Klassic 200.

Aug 19, 2012 8/19/2012: “Chris Stevens On A Tear” 45-Lapper +YouTube Videos
Jul 29, 2012 7/29/2012: Justin’s Got Soft, He’s In Love 45 (+YouTube)
Jul 08, 2012 7/8/2012 – Twin 30s Night (w/Father-&-Son Love) swept by Father-&-Son Tim and Justin Galletta! +YouTube
Jun 23, 2012 6/23/2012: The Brian Almost Had It 60 Lapper?! +YouTube
Jun 17, 2012 6/17/2012: 17th Annual Father’s Day 45 (+YouTube)
Jun 10, 2012 6/10/2012 – 17th Annual Oswego Dirt Gas Flathead Karting Championship Season Opener (45-Laps/12-karts)
Dec 31, 2011 2011 Season Recap: The 16th Annual Points Championship of Oswego Karting & 200 Lap Klassic Race!


16th Annual Galletta's Greenhouse Karting Klassic 200 Start
Justin did very well in the 16th Annual Galletta’s Karting Klassic 200 in 2011 – his first!
But Justin’s backy-poo started hurting and he started selling @$$ on his racing buddies and quit. I see a theme building here…

 Justin Galletta takes the #7 kart into victory lane at Galletta's Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway on 6/19/2011's Father's Day 45!

FATHER’S DAY 45 ON JUNE 19TH, 2011: Week 3 of the Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club’s 2011 Season saw Rookie Justin Galletta – driving the Galletta’s Greenhouse #7 kart – hold off challenges from several veterans, including his father Tim Galletta, and cousins-once-removed Matt and Chris Stevens to duplicate his brother’s feat the prior weekend and win his first feature.

Dec 31, 2011 2011 Season Recap: The 16th Annual Points Championship of Oswego Karting & 200 Lap Klassic Race!
Oct 08, 2011 10/8/2011 – 16th Annual 200-Lap Galletta’s Karting Klassic +YouTube
Sep 17, 2011 9/17/2011 – Randy Platt Wins the “Brian Galletta Got Raped By His Kart?! That’s F***ed Up!” 45
Sep 11, 2011 9/11/2011 – Chris Stevens wins a Fiery 50-Lap/9-11 Memorial! +YouTube
Sep 04, 2011 9/4/2011 – Tim Galletta wins Post-Oswego Speedway Classic 200/Labor Day 45, Stunning Son Justin on Last Lap! +YouTube
Aug 29, 2011 8/29/2011: “‘Don’t You Have an Off to F***, Irene?’ 50” won by Chris Stevens! +YouTube
Aug 22, 2011 8/22/2011 – Randy Platt & Tim Galletta Take The Monday Night Return of Randy Twin-30s! (+YouTube)
Jul 31, 2011 7/31/2011 – Melissa Stevens Dominates Harborfest ’11 Championship (+YouTube)
Jul 24, 2011 7/24/2011 – Jeff Tetro Nips Photo Finish in 10-Kart/55-Lapper in Galletta’s #9! (+YouTube)
Jul 17, 2011 7/17/2011 – Tim Galletta & Matt Stevens Sweep 60-Lap Night (Twin-30s) +YouTube Videos
Jul 10, 2011 7/10/2011 – 50-Lap Feature Taken by Matt Stevens (+YouTube Video)
Jul 03, 2011 7/3/2011 – Chris & Matt Stevens Sweep the ’11 Independence Day 70-Lap Night +YouTube Videos!
Jun 19, 2011 6/19/2011 – Justin Galletta Wins the ’11 Father’s Day 45! +YouTube Video
Jun 12, 2011 6/12/2011 – Joe Sereno & Melissa Stevens Win the Twin-30s! +YouTube
Jun 05, 2011 6/5/2011 – 16th Annual 50-Lap Opener Won by Matt Stevens as Bro Blows Motor & Randy Platt Hits A Tree! +YouTube Videos!


Photobucket SUCKS ANAL
Justin posing with the Galletta’s #1 at the 8/23/2009 All-Galletta Race, his 1st race at the track in back of his late great-grandfather’s greenhouse!

Brian Galletta –  the only competitor who has had any substantial prior experience – drew the pole for the FIRST EVER ALL-GALLETTA race – which featured all cousins of Galletta’s Karting founders Chris and Matt Stevens, and also all grandsons (and one great-grandson) of Galletta’s Greenhouse founder John J. Galletta. The draw made it very easy for him to use his knowledge of the karts and track (including a feature win, some heat wins, time-trialing 2nd fastest and and leading a large chunk of the 2003 Klassic) and dominate all 30 laps unchallenged for the win, his 2nd career feature win at Galletta’s.

Aug 23, 2009 8/23/2009 – Galletta ’09 Family Reunion 15-Kart Races Won by Brian Galletta & Matt Stevens (+YouTube)

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