Fall 2005 Race #1

'05 Fall Series #1

’05 Fall Series #1

10/1/2005 45-Lapper Final Order:

1. (#3) Matt Stevens
2. (#5) Rob Jimenez
3. (#8) Chris Stevens
4. (#15) Brian Bortel
5. (#4) Wes Stevens
6. (#0) JR Pitsley
7. (#1) Ken Pitsley ^
8. (#6) Andy Schute
9.  (#7) Josh Schute

DNF = Did Not Finish.
^ = 5.5hp engine (Met box stock handicap requirements)

Matt Stevens picked up where he left off during the 2005 Klassic — winning in the #3 kart. Matt has been the master of the low-groove, thereby passing people and then has enough top speed to usually not just hold off but pull away, leading him to be the man to beat every race. Here was no different.

Matt picked off every driver one-by-one, and pulled away once he trapped his dad (Wes) and brother (Chris) on a game Brian Bortel’s #15, and hunted down and defeated Robbie Jimenez (who put forth his best race of his young career before getting passed. Rob keeps improving and will eventually get a feature win sometime soon). In fact, only the OHV Outlaws challenged Matt Stevens all year — and they needed bigger motors to do so.

[5/22/2019 EDIT: Recently recovered video footage has been processed and uploaded to YouTube. Enjoy! -Chris]