RaYzor posing with the Galletta’s #2 at the 8/23/2009 All-Galletta Race (but why was he there?)!

Raymond “RaYzor” Castaldo

Year Started Racing at Galletta’s:
1998 (…if you can even call that performance racing.)

Karts Raced:
Raced several Galletta’s Greenhouse karts over the years.

Ray "RaYzor" Castaldo!

RaYzor posing with the then-brand-new Galletta’s #1 before the 1999 Galletta’s Klassic!

Career Highlights


Not getting hurt and kicking Ogre during a late 1990s Galletta’s Klassic.


RaYzor on Photobucket

Ray, again, looking womanly… but he will tell you about all the wicked hot chicks he scored with looking like that!


  • One of Chris‘ oldest and best friends, as they met through mutual friends in high school. Ray’s one of — if not THE — biggest fans of Chris’ Chrusher Comix, whom he inspired a character in and often co-wrote/co-drew some comics for as well.
  • Ray is a computer specialist and was a part-time member to a few local bands on the side when he has the time.
  • Ray’s karting career is sporadic at best, despite his best bud relationship with Chris. He occasionally races, but is far to impatient to keep at it, often quitting mid-race — usually after getting lapped.
  • In general, he does not like any sports, motorsports included, so he rarely races. But even if he liked racing, moving out of (as he would call it) “Communist New York” for a far better pay and way less taxes doing the same exact job also removed him from competition as well. But at least he can afford a very nice large house and really sweet car there doing the same work, so we can’t say we blame him.
  • Ray believes that karting doesn’t show true racing skills and that he often challenges anyone who beats him in a go-kart to climb behind a regular car and beat him in his 2019 Chevy Camaro because he is adept at using a stick shift. When pointing out that racing is best decided on closed circuit race surfaces with relatively equal equipment (therefore he’d have to put two 2019 Chevy Camaros on the same track and then have a race), he then mumbles something about how badly liberals suck and how he plots to build a Death Star and rule the planet as he sees fit and asks if you would join him.
  • He’s also one of the few people who got the usually stoic and calm Matt to lose his temper once in the early-1990s with his sense of humor gone awry.
  • Ray is the reason why the karts have protective cages on the back of each, after he wrecked with Wes Stevens and tore the gas tank often engine during a race in the 1990s.
  • Ray is extremely paranoid about himself online, and often uses aliases and/or avoids Social Media completely. If you know him and see this profile, it’s best that you don’t tell him about it. Or do tell him and laugh that his buddy put his real name online. I did and he got pretty damn grumpy (but that’s funny!). So *DO NOT USE HIS REAL NAME*!

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