Snapshot from the 2001 Galletta's Box Stock Karting Season!

September 30th, 2001 – Oswego, NY – Time Trials were run for our 6th Annual 80-Lap Klassic with Cameron Rowe, Wes Stevens, Matt Stevens, Chris Stevens, Brian Galletta, Sean Stevens, and Francis Rowe (not filmed).

However, due to lateness and Brian Galletta’s promise of being able to get his good buddy Eric Syrell up to race Klassic if we held it a following weekend, we instead held a B-Main in hopes of netting 1-2 additional drivers to have our biggest Klassic to date!!!

6th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic B-Main Klassic Qualifier on September 30th, 2001:

The actual Klassic was postponed to October 24th, 2001… but sadly we lost two drivers that would have been able to roll had we just held it today. Our ambition got the best of us and the Rowe brothers did not show…