Shadoe Russell in his rebuilt Doe/Bartlett Racing #26
Shadoe Russell and his Doe/Bartlett Racing #26 kart after a minor rebuild thanks to Russell Bartlett to also give the Doe-man more leg room and a little better handling to go along with a race cam installed by Galletta’s master engine builder, Matt Stevens. Here he is after the July 26th, 2010 race at Galletta’s.

Mr. Hotass and Badass Doe - Shadoe Russell! 

Shadoe posing with his Russell #26 kart (which was just completed earlier in the morning by Wes and Matt Stevens) before the 2009 Galletta’s Klassic 200.

Shadoe Russell

“Mr. Hotass & Badass Doe”, “Doeboyfresh”, “Cavedoe!”, “The Shadow!”

Year Started Racing at Galletta’s:
Shadoe raced a couple times in 2007, including the 2007 Oswego Kartway 
Classic, the 2008 Oswego Kartway Classic, and the 2009 Galletta’s Klassic. Shadoe loves “Classic” races! He raced most of the late-2009 and nearly all of the 2010 seasons and plans on being in a racing team with his father George.

Shadoe Russel in Galletta's#7 (2007; it has since been rebuilt lower).Ah, that wacky Jim Losurdo. Making the "Super Yard Karts" dry his over-watered track. *sigh*Oswego Kartway - Clockwise Gas Stocker Heat 1 - Classic Weekend
Assorted pics of Shadoe racing Galletta’s Karts at Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Kartway.

Career Highlights:

Shadoe Russell wins the 9/24/2010 karting race in Oswego, NY with the Russell #26 kart!

2010 Season, Event #17 – Friday, September 24th, 2010 We knew one of these days it was going to happen due to his progression from his shaky rookie campaign (where one local track operator never wanted to see him on his track), and it finally did — Shadoe Russell led all 45 laps from his pole starting position en route to his 1st career feature win in his Rubbin’ Is Racin’ #26! Hopefully this means that Matt’s wife will stop throwing karts around because he passed Doe for a win, and maybe his mother-in-law will stop calling everyone terrible names and calling people and institutions with malicious lies and gross exaggerations n order to try and destroy people. Naaaahhh…. spoke too soon!

CLICK TO ENLARGE Shadoe Russell w/Doe #26

Shadoe’s last race before quitting over false rumors from a madwoman.

Shadoe at the 15th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic 200 of 2010. Doe again raced all 200 laps in his 2nd straight Klassic, which is an amazing feat considering Doe’s shaky beginnings as a racer. Plus, in 2010, he only got lapped once (but he also pulled off the track before crossing the line on lap 200). Do you know how many drivers tried and failed to go all 200 for years? Doe did it both times he tried!

Unfortunately, Shadoe oddly was caught in the middle of a gossip war between his mother, father, and the highly volatile lying gossip (Matt Stevens’ malicious, delusional, and hateful mother-in-law Monica Gable) over false accusations of name-calling, effectively ending his excellent progression as a driver from his bad rookie season and the rumors of the family not racing at Galletta’s in 2011, as unfortunately the entire family claims to not want to race at Galletta’s any more because of it. Amazing that a delusional gossip angry at us over debunked nonsense and lies caused such a rift between not only good friends but even three whole families. Doe-boy even de-friended us all at Galletta’s on Facebook after all of the hard work we put into his kart and hospitality to him and his family. 

Again, we loved racing with Shadoe and his father, and it was both highly disappointing and maddening that they allowed a proven nut-job liar to ruin the relationship we built with them, and highly upsetting that they badmouthed and slandered us with false, unproven, and debunked claims by a madwoman, while staying friends with people who actually did say awful things about them.


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