Tom Culeton — Galletta’s Go-Kart ’02 Klassic 90-Lapper – Galletta’s #2

Thomas “Tommy Fast Flip” Culeton raced primarily during the 2002-2003 seasons (mostly the Galletta’s Greenhouse #2 Kart) and amassed an impressive 4 Feature Wins and one of the best win percentages in Club History. He far and away was the best visiting driver in that span, winning the 2002 Rookie-of-the-Year and 2002 Visitor’s Point Championships.

However, while he was quite successful during this time, his driving style was rather feast or famine, as he retired early in 2003 after continuously flipping hard and fast so many times that he more or less admitted he was sick of getting hurt. (It’s really too bad, as he statistically didn’t race long, but had an incredible win percentage for the short time that he did, and his All-Time placement would be far higher if he raced more than just one year, with many drivers ahead of him having far less success than him.)

He did enter the 2013 Klassic in progress when he was happenstance driving by and noticed the lights and sounds of engines! He was shocked at the improvement of the track and karts, but never came back to add to his impressive resume of 10 years prior!

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