6/28/2018 – Exhibition Race for Doug Didero by Kelly Miller, Matt & Chris Stevens!

Thursday, June 28th, 2018 – Doug Didero–Oswego Speedway Hall of Famer (three time Oswego Supermodified track champ, two time Oswego Super Classic 200 winner and 9th all time in Oswego Super Feature wins), not to mention a veteran of many other forms of racing, (including NASCAR Busch, IRL, and more)–stopped by to watch a 3 kart exhibition by Kelly Miller, Matt and Chris Stevens. Chris and Matt have been fans of Doug since the early 1990s and finally got him up to check out our big backyard speedway as Kelly was able to pull him, his car owner and one of his crew members away from his Super for a bit to check it out. He loved it and wanted to see 10-15 karts out there! (We wholeheartedly agree! Where have the drivers been?) Also: Really cool of the Oswego Speedway to shout out this picture on Facebook and Twitter!

In hindsight, we have counted this race as a heat. Longest heat in our history, but a heat nonetheless. In fact, if I had a camera on it (usually Chris or Matt’s wives help with cameras, but Rungnapha was getting ready for a c-section the next day and Melissa — who demands being scored for points despite only taking 1 lap each race — flatly declined the request, per her usual), I would have counted it as a feature.

1. Kelly Miller (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #7)
2. Chris Stevens (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse/OswegoSushi.com/Chrusher.com #4)
3. Matt Stevens (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #3)
4. DNS – “Uncle Dude” Greg Blanchard (Galletta’s Greenhouse #9)

The trio were bumper to bumper the whole race, which was just supposed to be an exhibition, but we drove hard to show off to Didero. When Kelly Miller lost a wheel in the Galletta’s #7, the race was called with no passes, but one can see just how close and competitive we are.

1. Chris Stevens (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse/OswegoSushi.com/Chrusher.com #4) +20 pts. & Featured Heat Win
2. Matt Stevens (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #3) +18 pts.
3. DNF – Kelly Miller (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #7) +16 pts.
4. DNS – “Uncle Dude” Greg Blanchard (Galletta’s Greenhouse #9) +14 pts.

This race WAS very close–bumper to bumper 1st lap to last, and I would have loved to have a camera on it for the website video (especially after we got a little extra audience thanks to a shout-out from Oswego Speedway’s social media pages)! But… we didn’t have any video. :'(

Why Photobucket sux.

Though that brings up a side note: The club charges no money for an audience, karts only cost nominal gas+parts to race, and our race videos we put up for free. It’s a club, not a business. This means it needs everyone to contribute to make it function, and when one leg doesn’t kick in… it doesn’t work. Matt preps karts and track, Chris does the videos, points and website, the drivers chip in with butts in karts, and usually our dad helps flag and our wives chip in with videos. Well, this week it was video operators and drivers not showing up. We only have a few pictures for the website, which is sad, since it’s not every day you get a Hall of Fame racer showing up. Hopefully that ends NEXT race, although our head camerawoman will be recovering from major c-section surgery, so we’ll see if someone will step up. Time will tell, but knowing how the Crazy Queen of the Forest is… don’t hold your breath. Stay tuned.

Welcome Celeste Stevens!


Chris & Rung “Aou” Stevens welcome their 2nd daughter — Miss Celeste Nicha-Bella Stevens — to the world on June 29th, 2018!

Next race is TBA, as Chris and his wife Rungnapha (the usual tower camera woman) welcomed their second daughter to the world on Friday, June 29th, 2018 (and did not come home until Monday afternoon!) AND attendance has sadly not exactly been great on top of that anyway.

Next week, let’s race! Please? Calling all drivers?

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