6/22/2009,Jason Mills,Galletta's #2,Winner, Galletta's Kart Club - 2009 Season Week 3, The Gas Flathead Championship Series of Oswego, NY, John J. Galletta Go-Kart Speedway

On Monday, June 22nd, 2009 at Galletta’s Greenhouse’s at John J. Galletta Memorial Karting Speedway, Jason “The Hammer” Mills won his 3rd career feature, and in dominant fashion. The 11-kart, 45-lap feature was his first win in only his second race back since returning from nearly two years away from the sport. More about this particular race can be found here.

Jason takes a couple years off, comes back and wins hs heat and the feature!

To see some of our action to the race that Jason dominated, in both complete race footage and compressed to lo-res and just a few race & crash highlight reels on YouTube, then click here for YouTube videos including both the COMPLETE race AND highlight reel!

Jason Mills

The Hammer, The Jackhammer, The Iron Hand, Jackknifin’ Jason.

Team Maynes #38. Occasionally Galletta’s Go-Karts Rental #6, #0, or #2.

Years Racing Go-karts at Galletta’s:
2002-2009. Jason races when he can, but also has a family to take care of on limited income, which makes his race schedule inconsistent and sporadic. When he does make a show however, he is always one of the hardest-chargers and his experience makes him capable of winning any race he enters. This is, of course, one of the strengths of racing at Galletta’s — we have several potent racing karts available for nothing but a nominal gas-and-parts fee, making a good, competitive race possible just about any weekend all summer and fall! Jason is one of the drivers who proves this!


Jun 22, 2009
Oct 31, 2005
Oct 31, 2004

Career highlights: One of the longest-running currently active vets at Galletta’s. Has won a feature in the Galletta’s #6 and #2. Always a hard-charger, runs a strong groove and always difficult to pass. Finishes well in any race that he doesn’t break. Fearless competitor, but work interferes in his race schedule. Led a large portion of the 2005 Klassic and was contending for the lead before dropping out in 2006. Finished 2nd in both the 2004 and 2005 Klassic (2nd only to Matt on track in both). Jason is one of the most experienced and skilled drivers at Galletta’s, and he returned to racing after nearly two years away from the sport, won another feature in 2009.


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Jun 22, 2009
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Nov 28, 2007

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Jason taking some wild (and humorous) rides in the Galletta’s #6 on 7/15/2007.

Jul 15, 2007
Jun 03, 2007
Dec 31, 2006
Jason Mills in the Mills/Maynes #83 at the '06 Galletta's Klassic 150

Jason Mills with the Mills/Maynes #38 at the ’06 Klassic 150 on 2006/09/23 – Photo by Gene Galletta, Remastered by Chris Stevens.

Dec 31, 2006
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Galletta's 2004 Kart Klassic

Jason crashing & smashing in the Galletta’s #6 in the 2004 Klassic, finishing 2nd on track (to Matt Stevens). He also finished 2nd at the 2005 Galletta’s Klassic, again only to Matt, a tremendous feat unequalled by any other visiting competitor in Galletta’s Klassic history.

Oct 31, 2004
Oct 31, 2003
Sep 29, 2002