Russell Hockey posing with his #00 kart after he time trialed on the pole and right before he led 152 out of 200 laps in the 2009 Galletta’s Klassic 200 on October 3rd, 2009.

Russ Hockey

“My last name is Hockey, but I don’t puck around!”

Years Racing at Galletta’s: 

Russ was one of the only competitors who raced with us regularly at both Galletta’s and Oswego Kartway in this span. Even though he only raced three seasons, he raced more races in those three years than many others do.

Karts Raced: 
Raced the Galletta’s Greenhouse #0 before debuting his own Hockey-Mobile #00 at the 2007 Klassic.

Career Highlights:
Russ improved steadily every year he raced, and amassed an impressive points and wins record that still holds up in our All-Time Points & Wins list!

Below are shortcuts to Russ’ feature victories at Galletta’s (he unfortunately never won one at Oswego Kartway due to the weird handicap starts, competition with OHV Outlaws with more horsepower, and very short races). Each race will lead to complete coverage AND complete race videos! Enjoy!

Russ Hockey wins the 50-lap feature on 7/12/2009 at Galletta's Raceway

Russell Hockey won a 50-lapper on July 12th, 2009, his 2nd career win. Russ dominated most of the event. YouTube video highlights of the July 12th, 2009 event that Russ won, or follow the regular link to watch the full races on YouTube.
Russ Hockey #00 at Galletta's '08 Klassic

Russ before the 13th Annual Galletta’s Klassic 200 on 9/21/2008 at Galletta’s.
Russ Hockey & Matt Stevens win the Twin-30s on 10/12/2008

Russ after his 1st career feature win on October 12th, 2008 – includes FULL RACE VIDEOS! Why didn’t he look happier?
Russ Hockey and the Hockey #00

Russ Hockey posing with the Hockey-Mobile #00 at the 12th Annual Galletta’s 2007 Klassic (9/23/2007).

Retirement from racing:
Russ had to retire from racing in 2011 due to a handful of unrelated medical issues. He misses it, as we miss him.

His kart will go on and on!
Russ sold his kart when medical issues took him out of racing. It was lost as it apparently got bought and sold a handful of times, but without warning, it wound up showing up as the #x00 years later, driven by Tyler Buskey in the 2015 Klassic 200!