2001 Season videos are digitally transferred and uploaded from VHS and VHS-C to this playlist as we find them.  Enjoy!

Snapshot from the 2001 Galletta's Box Stock Karting Season!Galletta's Kart Club season 2001!2001 Regular Season: In 2001, we raced 22 regular season point events between June 10th & October 13th, 2001. Again, this season was another 100% box-stock gas 5hp flathead Briggs & Stratton motors, as we still hadn’t met local dirty race folk who cheated and forced us to upgrade our motor rules yet. This season, we started having big track guest-star racers join us and have a ball! We raced with brother Oswego Speedway Limited Supermodified drivers Fran Rowe, Cameron Rowe and Gordon Smallidge, Supermodified driver Randy Ritskes, Street Stock driver Joe Miller, in addition to Supermodified co-owner Eric Syrell, and some of his pit crew members Sean Stevens (no known relation), and (our cousin) Brian Galletta.

Cameron in particular helped our club greatly, as he recommended that Matt create stagger on the karts, which in past seasons, we had absolutely none–all four tires were the same size! This increased the speeds about one second with no motor work or anything! Cam, then a rookie in the Limited Supermodified division at Oswego (later renamed Small Block Supermodifieds), ALMOST became the 1st visitor to ever secure a feature win in our mid-1990s-to-2001 history, but broke on the last half lap, so out of compassion, we granted the feature win despite the fact that he led many a lap and was unable to ever get one. It was later determined that the kart he drove (The Galletta’s #2) was plagued with an undiagnosed hairline fracture of the drive wheel axle all season, which prevented him from securing a real wins. In the offseason we fixed it, but Cam never came back and ignored us when we, his friends, teammates, and even some of his fellow racers repeatedly asked him for YEARS to come back and race. Odd, because with a kart that didn’t break, he could definitely score more wins, and he always seemed like he had fun. Not saying SBS went to his head, but it did hurt us that he never came back to race. However, we later grew thicker skins, as this was something we would later get used to over and over and over again through the years, as you will see in our history.

Here are the points standings after the Summer series and going into the ’01 Galletta’s Kart Klassic…

2001 Regular Season Point Standings for the Galletta’s Karting Season Box stock 5hp gas go-kart championship of Oswego, NY

Rank Name (Main Kart Piloted; Some more than one) Total Points (Place) Average Points Per Event Events Feature Wins
1 “Mighty” Matt Stevens (Galletta’s #3) 1503.50 68.3 22 11
2 Chris “Chrusher” Stevens (Galletta’s #5, 6, 2) 1455.00 66.1 22 7
3 Wes “Ogre” Stevens (Galletta’s #4, 2) 1160.50 52.8 22 3
4 Brian Galletta (Galletta’s #1, 7) 445.50 40.5 11 0
5 Cameron Rowe (Galletta’s #2, 6) 319.50 39.9 8
6 Sean Stevens (Galletta’s #7, 6) 219.00 36.5 6 0
7 Fran Rowe (Galletta’s #7) 94.00 31.3 3 0
8 Jesse Vivlemore (Galletta’s #6) 56.00 28.0 2 0
9 Gary _________ (Galletta’s #7) 36.00 36.0 1 0
10 Gordon “Gordie” Smallidge (Galletta’s #6) 29.00 29.0 1 0
11 “King Mark” Marc Dumesnil (Galletta’s #6) 27.50 27.5 1 0
12 Eric Syrell (Galletta’s #6) 23.50 23.5 1 0
13 Mike Rowe (Galletta’s #1) 16.00 16.0 1 0
14 Randy Ritskes (Galletta’s #6) 15.00 15.0 1 0
15 Joe Miller (Galletta’s #1) 15.00 15.0 1 0

1¹ = Granted a feature win despite breaking in the lead with 1/2 lap to go.

2001 Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic

This season saw an 80-Lap, seven kart Klassic race on October 24th, 2001; our latest Galletta’s Klassic in history because it is usually in mid-to-late September annually. Most of the season, Team Rowe (Cameron, Rowe, Fran Rowe, and Gordon Smallidge) filled our ranks in these humble beginnings that we built from scratch. But by the time for our Klassic, we only had 6 entrants: three Syrell team members (Eric Syrell, Sean Stevens, Brian Galletta) and three originators of the club (Chris Stevens, Matt Stevens and Wes Stevens).

3/5ths of the Syrell Team was 3/6ths of our Galletta's Klassic in 2001!

Pic of the Syrell Supermodified Team by the excellent Robert Clark Photography. The final 3/5ths of the team in this pic joined us for our 2001 Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic!

This was the season where three of the five members of the Syrell Supermodified racing team raced with us (as seen in this great pic from Robert Clark Photography, complete with lightning strike over Lake Ontario!).

Chris won the 2001 Galletta's Klassic & clinched the points standings!

Chris won the 2001 Galletta’s Klassic & clinched the points standings!

Eric Syrell led a good portion of the Klassic early, but Chris Stevens took the lead on lap 29 and led the remainder of the show by holding off Matt’s repeated attempts to pass him to win his third of three straight Klassics and earned points in the Klassic. He also BARELY passed and clinched his third straight Track Championship that year, in his orange Galletta’s #5 kart. One reason it was held so late is that nobody could make it until October. Galletta’s Karting Club. Now the finalized points standings:

2001 Rookie of the year Cameron Rowe shocked everybody by not showing up for the Galletta’s Klassic, even though he and his brother Fran (also a Limited Super driver) qualified the weekend before (and nobody else showed up for that). Stunned by the no-shows (but this would be first in a LLLLOOOOOONNNNNNG line of such betrayal no-shows/no-thanks at the hands of friends/co-racers… we’re kind of used to it by now). The Syrell team thankfully bailed us out where the Rowe team just… well… sadly bailed and never came back. We also had a bit of a minor internet celebrity with us… ChrisChrusherComix’s friend from the JWFan messsage boards, “King Mark” visited from Montreal, Quebec Canada and joined us in a race!

2001 FINAL Point Standings for the Galletta’s Karting Season Box stock 5hp gas go-kart championship of Oswego, NY

Rank Name (Main Kart Piloted; Some more than one) Total Points (Place) Average Points Per Event Events Feature Wins Classic Win
1 Chris “Chrusher” Stevens (Galletta’s #5, 6, 2) 1734.50 75.4 23 8* 1
2 “Mighty” Matt Stevens (Galletta’s #3) 1721.00 74.8 23 11 0
3 Wes “Ogre” Stevens (Galletta’s #4, 2) 1374.50 59.8 23 3 0
4 Brian Galletta (Galletta’s #1, 7) 641.50 53.5 12 0 0
5 Sean Stevens (Galletta’s #7, 6) 405.00 57.9 7 0 0
6 Cameron Rowe (Galletta’s #2, 6) 319.50 39.9 8 0
7 Eric Syrell (Galletta’s #7, 6) 218.00 109.0 2 0 0
8 Justin _____? (Galletta’s #?) ** 162.00 162.0 1 0 0
9 Fran Rowe (Galletta’s #7) 94.00 31.3 3 0 0
10 Jesse Vivlemore (Galletta’s #6) 56.00 28.0 2 0 0
12 Gary ________ (Galletta’s #7) 36.00 36.0 1 0 0
13 Gordon “Gordie” Smallidge (Galletta’s #6) 29.00 29.0 1 0 0
14 King Mark” Marc Dumesnil of JWFan (Galletta’s #6) 27.50 27.5 1 0 0
15 Mike Rowe (Galletta’s #1) 16.00 16.0 1 0 0
16 Randy Ritskes (Galletta’s #6) 15.00 15.0 1 0 0
17 Joe Miller (Galletta’s #1) 15.00 15.0 1 0 0

* = Klassic Win!

1¹ = Granted a feature win despite breaking in the lead with 1/2 lap to go.
** = After locating the 2001 Klassic videotape and digitally transferring it for viewing here TWENTY YEARS AFTERWARDS, we realized that a Justin (last name unknown) raced in the Klassic, and it was said that the drivers were noting that he broke a few karts down. In hindsight, we retroactively scored him in last place of the starters in the 80 lapper and placed him in his proper spot both here ad in the All-Time points. We just don’t even remember him, late alone his last name.

Note: We also held a November Fall race that did not count in the points this season. Matt Stevens won it. Technically, if we counted that one for points, Matt may have been able to edge back into the overall points lead. But since I (Chris) am the statistician and I won the Summer + Klassic points, I didn’t count it, haha! However, all joking aside, traditionally we do not count post-Klassic “Fall Exhibition” races in the points standings, so my overall Track Championship is legit.