Barrelin' Brian Bortel & the Barrelin' #15 on August 26th, 2007 at Galletta's Kartway!
2007/08/26 – Photo by Chris Stevens.

Barrelin’ Brian Bortel

Trademark moves:
The Barrel Roll
The Bionic Elbow Drop
The Point & Ram & Run-Over

Career Wins at Galletta’s & Oswego Speedway Gas Stocker Kart Racing Clubs:


Brian Bortel leads the 14-kart field at Galletta's, scoring a very respectful win!Brian Bortel leads Matt Stevens during the feature in an IMPRESSIVE win!!!!
At Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Speedway on July 9th, 2006Brian Bortel (#15) plowed his way to a dominant win, his first (and only win) at Galletta’s, as funds prevented him from competing weekly! He had been a dominant force since buying a motor that Chris Stevens-bought and Matt Stevens-tuned for him.

Jul 16, 2006 7/16/2006 – Hot Pink Ed Maynes Wins & 7/14 Oswego Speedway Dirt Conquered by Brian Bortel +YouTube

Brian Bortel beat Matt Stevens, Rob Jimenez, Eric Raponi,Ed Maynes, Ogre, and others at Oswego Speedway's Yard Kart races in 2006.
At Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Track (now known as Oswego Kartway) on Friday, August 4th, 2006Brian Bortel (#15) won the 1st Heat followed by Matt Stevens (#3), Robbie Jimenez (#5) Eric Raponi (#83) and others. Ogre (#4) was broken in the pits.

Oswego Speedway's dirt track (2005 pic) where we race once per week June-August!
At Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Track (now known as Oswego Kartway) on Friday, July 14th, 2006Brian Bortel (#15) won his 1st Career Feature in a 5hp flathead vs. 6.5hp OHV karts – using a brand-new motor purchased for him off eBay by Chris Stevens and Galletta’s-tuned by Matt Stevens. However, a majority of the Galletta’s 5hp flathead Go-Karting Club took the week off from racing at Oswego Speedway due partially to the lack of drivers available to race this week and partially bickering, fighting, wrecking, and a general lack of peace that took place the prior week. (This wound up being Bortel’s lone win at the track, as wrecks, arguments over his nude chick tattoo, fights, and rising track entry funds forced Brian out.)

Jul 09, 2006 7/9/2006 – Brian Bortel wins 14-kart 40-Lapper (+ Oswego Speedway Dirt UFC Fight Night Near-Brawl on 7/7/2006) +YouTube


Fun Facts: Brian acquired his name by barrel-rolling every kart that he raced with between 2004-2006. He also has been known to deliver elbow drops to opposing drivers that get into him, though the activity is banned and extremely frowned upon. Thankfully, it only happened once (but one too many times for Kelly Miller’s taste).

Barrelin' Brian Bortel... has flipped again!Barrelin' Brian... has flipped.... again!
The Barrel Roll & Bionic Elbow Drop of 2005: DO NOT WRECK INTO BRIAN! OR ELSE!!!

Did you know? That although Brian once crashed with and also dropped an elbow upon Kelly Miller of the Galletta’s Go-Kart club, there were no hard feelings, as he bought an old racing go-kart off of him a few years later, but then in turn sold to Chris in the 2007-08 off-season, who in turn sold it to Randy Bobandi Platt in 2010. Henceforth – after a few rebuilds – it became… THE BOBAMBI-KILLA’/PLATT-NUM/PLATTITUDE/MURDER #187!


Jason vs. Bortel

(Above) Jason Mills (Galletta’s #6) leads Rookie Barrelin’ Brain Brian Bortel (Galletta’s #0) early in the 2004 Galletta’s Go-Kart Championship 100-Lap Klassic, the 9th Annual Championship race held at Galletta’s Greenhouse held on a beautiful Sunday, September 26th, 2004.

Years Racing at Galletta’s:
2004-2007. Retired in 2008 due to absolutely no extra funds to race anymore despite his love for his kart and racing in general. Sold his kart in the 2009 off-season to an unknown buyer who probably has no idea that they had a kart once raced (and won) at Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Track, and that still could be raced at Galletta’s Backyard Speedway and (I’d be willing to bet money), it sadly rots in a backyard somewhere in Central NY.

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Oct 31, 2004 2004 Season & 9th Annual Klassic 100-Lapper [+YouTube]!


  • Retired from Oswego Kartway (then known as the Oswego Speedway Dirt Track) when the (1) Kartway moved to Thursdays, further impacted by (2) the outrageously higher fees at Oswego – which in turn via Oswego’s rule changes forced higher costs to Galletta’s races as well – just flat priced him out.

  • This also forced him to retire from Galletta’s, as Galletta’s adapted our rules to compete at Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Track. Unable to afford the changes, he sold his kart. Then, Oswego booted the whole class anyway. Thanks, Oswego Kartway!

Karts Raced: Several different Galletta’s Karts in 2004, but just the Barrelin’ Bortel #15 from 2005-07.
Crew Chief: Himself, with occasional assists from Matt Stevens.

“Brakes? Who needs f***ing brakes?!”
“I felt that f***er (kart) goin’ over, so I thought to myself, ‘Here I go again, living up to my name!'”
“I was gonna’ lay out that f***ing cu*t! F***in’ bi*** better get the f*** out of my face.”
“The f***er got into me, I had to f***in’ break free, so I f***in’ hit him. The f***er!”