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Brian Galletta and Randy Platt built the #13 from a Dingo Kart similar to Gary Miller’s #24/Lytle’s #33c. When he was forced to sell, it was changed to #43 due to luck concerns….

“Runnin’ soft muthaf***ahs ovah!” – Not actually said

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Flyin’ then flippin’!

Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing #43:

Formerly the Brian Galletta and Randy Platt rebuild of a yard kart for Brian Galletta and numbered #13, it was the most expensive Galletta’s style kart in history, costing over $1,000 when completed — most of our karts cost FAR less (which is the POINT of our division after watching pay track karters spend frivolously over… go-karts). It proved to be a VERY fast kart, as Brian placed it on the pole of the 2012 Klassic 200 and led the early goings in it, but rarely got raced for a few years when Brian was sadly forced to sell it only after a year of racing it (and only one feature win) due to health and legal issues outside of racing.

Dave Turner purchased the kart in 2015 and renamed it to the Turner Racing #43. Despite driving well in his initial attempt, he rather suddenly retired from racing after only a few races when he was involved in a wreck where he ran over itty-bitty Eric Woolworth… it must’ve unsettled him, even though Eric survived with only a minor twitch in his arm that got ran over. Ha!

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Boy, some of these guys love flipping this kart!

But It was then sold to Matt and Chris Stevens and is now one of the Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club’s house karts and is often available for rent. Lots of legroom and usually a favorite rental for bigger drivers. While it is fast, a few drivers have oddly and impressively sent it into violent flips!

Races tagged as wins in #13/43
– Races tagged as Galletta’s Greenhouse #43 win

Highlighted races in the #13/43 Galletta’s Rental Kart w/ Full YouTube Videos

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8/26/2018 – 35-Lapper won by Kevin Galletta [+YouTube]

2018/07/15 – Rookie & Makeup Points Race won by Kevin Galletta [+YouTube] - 2012 sEASON rAGES oN...

11/10/2012 – DS Humphrey’s Twin-35s+Fall Races [+YouTube]

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10/6/2012 – Brian Galletta scorches the track on the pole for the time trials of the 17th Annual 200-Lap Klassic! [+YouTube]

Feature wins in the #13/43

Nov 10, 2012 11/10/2012 – 2012 Fall Challenge Series (+ D.S. Humphrey’s Twin-30s Night) wins go to Matt Stevens, Brian Galletta & Dave Spenfelner! +YouTube