7/26/2020 – 20-Lap B-Main Qualifier & 45-Lap Feature Event! [+YouTube]


Sunday, July 26th, 2020 – Due to a shortage of karts and an abundance of drivers totaling at 17, we had to have an 8-kart B-Main where the top-3 made the last 3 open Galletta’s Rental Karts to make the 12-kart regular 45-Lap feature. We’ll be looking into building and repairing more karts to get out on the track in the forthcoming weeks, as this year we’ve had a rare (and nice) problem of more drivers than karts!

B-Main Qualifier for 8 Newbies (Top 3 get final 3 open karts)

We had a problem scoring his, as I did not catch every name of every driver in it and which kart they were in. But it was a 20-lapper to decide the top 3 drivers to make the last 3 open karts. Usually, we have more, but a few karts were broken down and in need of repairs. Hopefully, more karts will be available next race (Matt, get busy!).

Eric Woolworth got some drone footage for us during the B-Main.

1. Tyler Henry (Galletta’s #6)
2. Dave LaFlamme (Galletta’s #0)
3. Devon Tonkin (Galletta’s #5)
4. Logan Crisafulli (Galletta’s #2)
5. Thomas Montgomery (Galletta’s #33c)
6. Alex Vescio (Galletta’s #78)
7. Jon LaFlamme (Galletta’s #1)
8. Captain Kenneth Ruszkiewicz (Galletta’s #7)

Chris Stevens picked up some additional footage from between turns 3 & 4 from the B-Main Qualifier, followed by stationary camera footage from the entire show.

Finish (*On Track)
1. Devon Tonkin (Galletta’s #5) [Makeup Points for 11th on 7/5/2020 Event]
2. Logan Crisafulli (Galletta’s #2) [Makeup Points for 12th on 7/5/2020 Event]
3. Thomas Montgomery (Galletta’s #33c) [Makeup Points for 13th on 7/5/2020 Event]
4. Tyler Henry (Galletta’s #6) [Makeup Points for 14th on 7/5/2020 Event]
5. Captain Kenneth Ruszkiewicz (Galletta’s #7) [Makeup Points for 15th on 7/5/2020 Event]
6. Alex Vescio (Galletta’s #78) [Makeup Points for 16th on 7/5/2020 Event]
7. Dave LaFlamme (Galletta’s #0) [Makeup Points for 17th on 7/5/2020 Event]
8. Jon LaFlamme (Galletta’s #1) [Makeup Points for 18th on 7/5/2020 Event]

* Apparently, there were a couple of complaints of people passing under caution and a few jumped starts, which is a no-no, but it did seem like overall the 3 fastest who wanted to make the main feature made it to the front, and a handful of drivers did acknowledge that they were just having fun and not actively trying to get into the main race. Regardless, all finishers qualify for the regular feature and will get counted for points in it, but unfortunately won’t be able to race until we get more karts ready. We want EVERYONE in there if we can!


1. Tony Hemingway (Galletta’s #6)
2. Steve Sixberry (Galletta’s #5)
3. Travis Bartlett (Galletta’s #1)
4. Eric Woolworth (Galletta’s #78)
5. Kelly Miller (Galletta’s #9)
6. Steve Perez (Galletta’s #7)
7. Matt Stevens (Galletta’s #3)
8. Chris Stevens (Galletta’s/Chrusher.com/OswegoSushi.com #8)
9. Devon Tonkin (Galletta’s #0)
10. Logan Crisafulli (Galletta’s #2)
11. Thomas Montgomery (Galletta’s #33c)
12. Melissa Stevens (Galletta’s/SNF #80)
13. DNS – 4th in B-Main – Tyler Henry (Galletta’s #6)
14. DNS – 5th in B-Main – Kenneth Ruszkiewicz (Galletta’s #7)
15. DNS – 6th in B-Main – Alex Vescio (Galletta’s #78)
16. DNS – 7th in B-Main – Dave LaFlamme (Galletta’s #0)
17. DNS – 8th in B-Main – Jon LaFlamme (Galletta’s #1)

The above video playlist has the Tower cam footage of the whole event, Helmet cam footage from the 45-Lapper, and the B-Main plus stationary Feature footage from the Rear Camera.

R&C Sushi LLC Helmet cam from Chris Stevens’ vantage point of the race. However, the battery died before the last few laps were completed.


Matt Stevens put the oldest kart in the fleet from 7th to the front by lap 18 (including 3rd to 1st in two laps!) and never looked back, as nobody was able to challenge him once he took the lead. Matt does usually excel when the main groove of the track has deteriorated badly, and it was exceptionally bad tonight. And why Matt decided to not race the following weekend for track and kart work.

1. Matt Stevens (Galletta’s #3)
2. Chris Stevens (Galletta’s #8, #33)
3. Travis Bartlett (Galletta’s #1, #6)
4. Steve Sixberry (Galletta’s #5)
5. Logan Crisafulli (Galletta’s #2)
6. Eric Woolworth (Galletta’s #78)
7. DNF – Devon Tonkin (Galletta’s #0)
8. DNF – Steve Perez (Galletta’s #7)
9. DNF – Tony Hemingway (Galletta’s #6)
10. DNF – Kelly Miller (Galletta’s #9)
11. DNF – Thomas Montgomery (Galletta’s #33c)
12. DNF – Melissa Stevens (Galletta’s/SNF #80)
13. DNS – 4th in B-Main – Tyler Henry (Galletta’s #6)
14. DNS – 5th in B-Main – Captain Kenneth Ruszkiewicz (Galletta’s #7)
15. DNS – 6th in B-Main – Alex Vescio (Galletta’s #78)
16. DNS – 7th in B-Main – Dave LaFlamme (Galletta’s #0)
17. DNS – 8th in B-Main – Jon LaFlamme (Galletta’s #1)
18. 8/30/2020 Heat*: 1. Nicolas Olivares (Galletta’s Greenhouse #1)
19. 8/30/2020 Heat*: 2. Matt Bobenhausen (Galletta’s Greenhouse #43)
20. 8/30/2020 Heat*: 3. Justin Thurston (Galletta’s Greenhouse #7)
21. 8/30/2020 Heat*: 4. Dave Hartpence Sr. (Galletta’s Greenhouse #78)
22. 8/30/2020 Heat*: 5. Brandon McCrobie (Galletta’s Greenhouse #5)
23. 8/30/2020 Heat*: 6. George Kalkowski (Galletta’s Greenhouse #33c)
24. 8/30/2020 Heat*: 7. Justin Wade (Galletta’s Greenhouse #9)

DNF = Did Not Finish

DNS = Did Not Start
– * = Due to my (statician/webmaster/racer/video producer) return to work in late-August, we cannot give full makeup race points and give heat points instead. It usually isn’t as much points, but I just don’t have the time to research and add up points like I do when I have most of the summer off from work and don’t mind spending the extra time. – Chris

Galletta’s Greenhouse Speedway 2020 Point Standings

All races from 6/14/2020 – 7/26/2020: