9/6/2020 – Nicolas Olivares Wins 2 Weeks in a Row – a 13-Kart, Labor Day 45… no 69-Lapper!


Sunday, September 6th, 2020 – 13-Karts, 45-Laps! No… due to cautions, 69 total laps! CLOSE, competitive, and FUN racing on a track that held up better than it has in MANY years (possibly ever)! BUT… unfortunately… it was also one of those nights with lots of cautions which greatly slowed the otherwise intense, back-and-forth action. But that shouldn’t take away from Nicolas Olivares‘ 2nd Feature win in 2 weekends at Galletta’s!

NOTE: It’s a work week for the webmaster, so videos and points will come as soon as I have time! Thanks and stay tuned here!

MAKEUP POINT HEAT RACE… Sadly unrecorded:
This time of year (usually md-August), my wife (tower camera person, Aou) and I (statician/webmaster/racer/video producer Chris), both work on Sunday (we own and operate our own small business producing sushi, and we have been doing it for the SUNY Oswego campus since 2011). Now, we usually have at least Fridays and Saturdays off, but Sundays (usually our busiest day of the week) we often can’t get back until when the races are usually supposed to be starting, if not well underway. Well, this week, we warned that it probably wasn’t going to be easy (and why I prefer racing Fall Saturdays instead) and it wasn’t. We didn’t make it back in time and the retcon/practice/heat/makeup point heat race went down with no video. We don’t have people or transponders scoring the race, and almost every single race ever scored on this website was done so by reviewing the video after the race. So, sadly, I cannot score it without a video to review. Apologies to all, but this is why I press very hard to race on Saturdays from late August onward every season and find it extremely difficult to find the time to update the videos, points, and website between kids and work come September.

So, from what we do know, Steve Sixberry won, followed by David Hartpence Jr., then possibly Nicolas Olivares, and then… the rest (Dave Hartpence Sr., Justin Thurston, Dominic Mosconi, Lance Maartens, and two others that we didn’t even know their names (we eventually did get everyone’s names, but it required some detective work and asking a few people several times until we guessed… hopefully rightly). Since the full order of finish is unknown, the best I can do is give Steve more points for the win and a flat point credit for the rest of the drivers who entered it. [This is what I did during our 2006 season where we raced at Oswego Kartway (back then just known as Oswego Speedway’s Dirt Track), as we had no video to any of the races there that season.]

45-LAP FEATURE START – from Sunday, 9/6/2020:
1. David Hartpence Jr. (Galletta’s Greenhouse #0)
2. Dave Hartpence Sr. (Galletta’s Greenhouse #43)
3. Justin Thurston (Galletta’s Greenhouse #78) *
4. Travis Bartlett (Galletta’s Greenhouse #33c)
5. George Kalkowski (Galletta’s Greenhouse #6) *
6. Steve Sixberry (Galletta’s Greenhouse #7)
7. Brandon Maccombie (Galletta’s Greenhouse #93) *
8. Nicolas Olivares (Galletta’s Greenhouse #1)
9. Matt Stevens (Galletta’s Greenhouse/OswegoSushi.com/Chrusher.com #74)
10. Chris Stevens (Galletta’s Greenhouse/OswegoSushi.com/Chrusher.com #8)
11. Dominic Mosconi (Galletta’s Greenhouse #5) *
12. Lance Vincent Maartens (Galletta’s Greenhouse #9)
13. Melissa Stevens (Galletta’s Greenhouse/SNF #19)

* = We weren’t 100% sure who these drivers are. It’s impossible for me to score the points until we know everyone’s name. In the meantime, everyone who IS known will be scored. UPDATE: Some detective work and educated guesses and we think we got everyone’s name now. Please let us know if we still misnamed any of you!

Chris Stevens’ OswegoSushi.com Helmet Cam View

Note: The camera did run out of battery during the race due to so many accidents and repairs. During one longer intermission, I replaced it.

So it took 3 weeks, but the complete tower angle is up! Sorry for the delays, but… again, when I get back to work, I have far less time to do the videos! They eventually get done, but it just takes more time. [NOTE: At least I’m getting them done during the same season! Not as bad as the past where I could only upload small, highly compressed clips and highlight reels. And only in the past few years have I been able to upload every single one of our race videos from mid-2005-up (and every Klassic from 2002-up).

Some highlights:



Nic Olivares (and the Galletta’s Racing #1) are looking ready for the Klassic 200 with his 2nd win in 2 weeks!

45-LAP 70-LAP FEATURE FINISH – from Sunday, 9/6/2020:
1. Nicolas Olivares (Galletta’s Greenhouse #1)
2. Travis Bartlett (Galletta’s Greenhouse #33c)
3. David Hartpence Jr. (Galletta’s Greenhouse #0)
4. [Tie] Chris Stevens (Galletta’s Greenhouse/OswegoSushi.com/Chrusher.com #8)
4. [Tie] Matt Stevens (Galletta’s Greenhouse/OswegoSushi.com/Chrusher.com #74)
6. Steve Sixberry (Galletta’s Greenhouse #7)
7. Dominic Mosconi (Galletta’s Greenhouse #5)
8. DNF – Dave Hartpence Sr. (Galletta’s Greenhouse #43)
9. DNF – Lance Vincent Maartens (Galletta’s Greenhouse #9)
10. DNF – Justin Thurston (Galletta’s Greenhouse #78)
11. DNF – George Kalkowski (Galletta’s Greenhouse #6)
12. DNF – Brandon Maccombie  (Galletta’s Greenhouse #93)
13. DNF – Melissa Stevens (Galletta’s Greenhouse/SNF #19)

Okay, so there was a suspicion that the race took an awfully long while, and the late start, the cautions, and a few repair timeouts ALL added up. And boy did they! At official count, we had 54 green laps (what the hell happened to just 45?!), 15 yellows, totalling 69, and if the opening caution lap, 70! And if you count an extra caution lap or two here and there that didn’t get picked up by the camera after it got paused, we went well over 70! I guess that’s a pretty good Labor Day pre-Klassic prep, then, huh? Wow! Well, with 70 laps and idling during cautions, no wonder the #8 ran out of gas on the last two attempts at the last lap!

Due to this, the race is now scored as a 70-Lapper. Hell, we went the laps, we may as well take the points for it!

Galletta’s Greenhouse Speedway 2020 Point Standings

All races from 6/14/2020 – 9/6/2020:

Also included is the lap by lap scoring sheet (green lap leader gets 1 bonus point, green lap 2nd and 3rd get 0.5 point per lap), and total points earned.