2018/07/29 – Oswego Harborfest Champ ’18 CROWNED! [+YouTube]

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Sunday, July 29th, 2018 – Another year, another Harborfest champion has been crowned. Little do most people know, we see who is the champ of the Oswego gathering annually on our track on the outskirts of Oswego. It’s top secret… except it’s only been on this website every year since 2005! Two 8-lap heats and a 40-Lap feature were up for grabs, and it was good, hard racing (with a few mishaps)!

HEAT 1 START – 8 Laps:
1. ® Jeff Vincent (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #7)
2. ® Steve Sixberry (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #9)
3. Kevin Galletta (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #43)
4. * Matt Stevens (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #33)
5. ® Richard Allen (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #12j)

* = Scoring Note: Matt Stevens was scheduled to start in the 1st heat, but his carb was clogged on track before the green flag and he elected to instead start the 2nd heat. Whatever spot he gets in the 2nd heat will count and it will not affect the points the other drivers get in either heat. They will be scored as if he isn’t there.

1st heat saw little movement except Steve Sixberry’s pass attempt on Jeff Vincent, which unfortunately had contact and the #9 knocked the #7 off of the track. Starter Wesley Stevens did not penalize Steve by putting him in the rear on the restart, and Steve acknowledged this as well. Under Galletta’s rules whenever this happens, he will retain his win but be docked -5 points for the unintentional accident.

HEAT 1 FINISH – 8 Laps:
1. ® Steve Sixberry (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #9) +20 – 5 = 15
2. Kevin Galletta (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #43) +18
3. ® Jeff Vincent (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #7) +16
4. ® Richard Allen (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #12j) +14
5. DNF -Matt Stevens (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #33) +0

Get ready for Heat #2!

HEAT 2 START – 8 Laps:

1. ® Jason Sixberry (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #6)
2. Adam “AJ” Lytle (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #33c)
3. Josh Arnold (Arnie Racing #93)
4. Chris Stevens (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse/Chrusher.com/OswegoSushi.com #4)
-. * Matt Stevens (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #33)
5. ® Richard Allen (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #12j)
6. Melissa Stevens [w/unborn Sarah] (Scissors n’ Fur #19)

HEAT 2 FINISH – 8 Laps:

1. ® Jason Sixberry (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #6) +20
-. * Matt Stevens (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #33) +18
2. Josh Arnold (Arnie Racing #93) +18
3. Adam “AJ” Lytle (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #33c) +16
4. Chris Stevens (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse/Chrusher.com/OswegoSushi.com #4) +14
5. ® Richard Allen (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #12j) +28 (for 14th in ’18 opener)
6. DNF – Melissa Stevens [w/unborn Sarah] (Scissors n’ Fur #19) +10


1. ® Jeff Vincent (Galletta Bros. #28)
2. ® Jason Sixberry (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #6)
3. ® Steve Sixberry (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #9)
4. Adam “AJ” Lytle (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #33c)
5. Kevin Galletta (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #43)
6. Chris Stevens (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse/Chrusher.com/OswegoSushi.com #4)
7. Josh Arnold (Arnie Racing #93)
8. Matt Stevens (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #33)
9. ® Richard Allen (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #12j)
10. Melissa Stevens [w/unborn Sarah] (Scissors n’ Fur #19)

Unedited Race Footage

Race notes:

  • Adam Lytle looked unstoppable after passing a few rookies for the lead early on, until Matt Stevens caught him in traffic. Not seen on the video, Adam crashed with lapped traffic and left, understandably frustrated. Matt has stolen many a win via tracking down drivers that had huge leads and trapping people in traffic.
  • Matt bobbed and weaved through traffic and while Josh Arnold was able to stay with him, Matt did not let the traffic stop him (although some other drivers are puzzled at the inconsistent passing flag and the rules; obviously we need more helpers with flags).
  • Chris Stevens made it up to 2nd in the #4, before severe sputtering from a failing coil left him getting passed left and right. He hopped into the #8, and recovered for a 3rd place finish.
  • Chris Stevens and Steve Sixberry each docked -5pts. for mid-race kart change.
  • Kevin Galletta had a spectacular crash in turn 2 late while running 3rd (that the camera unfortunately missed) — but it looked very similar to one Mike Patak had in the 2017 opener in the same kart in the same spot.


1. Matt Stevens (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #33)
2. Josh Arnold (Arnie Racing #93)®
3. Chris Stevens (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse/Chrusher.com/OswegoSushi.com #4 / #8)
4. ® Jeff Vincent (Galletta Bros. #28)
5. ® Steve Sixberry (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #9, #78)
6. ® Richard Allen (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #12j)
7. Jason Sixberry (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #6) – DNF: Had to leave last laps
8. Kevin Galletta (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #43) – DNF: Crash
9. Adam “AJ” Lytle (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #33c) – DNF: Crash
10. Melissa Stevens [w/unborn Sarah] (Scissors n’ Fur #19) – DNF: For points

2018 Point Standings for 1-WD Gas Flathead Backyard Karting World Championship at Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway

After the 6/10/2018 through 7/29/2018 Races:

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 photo 20180729_213118-Harborfest-Winner-720.jpg

 photo 20180729_213118-Harborfest-Winner-720.jpg

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