2016 Season in Review:

Complete with ALL race videos! All of our races dating back over a decade have COMPLETE race videos! Yes, that’s EVERY RACE we’ve recorded since 2005 and a few before that. Enjoy!

2016 Season Year in Review

Now, here is the entire 2016 Season in chronological order, complete with COMPLETE race videos, points and race breakdowns!

6/12/2016 – Our 21st Season Opener begins with 15 karts, 3 heats and a 45-Lapper! And Kelly Miller wins it in his return!

 photo WP_20160612_21_14_11_Pro-ke.jpg
Sunday, June 12th, 2016 –
 Our 21st points-racing season begins with a promising new crop of rookies and along with a handful of regular veteran drivers were eagerly awaiting the season opener, and when it went down, 15 karts were on the track at the start of the feature! And Kelly Miller wins his 1st feature back from his self-imposed exile since 2014!

The video and points are here!

6/17/2016 – Week 2 of Galletta’s Season – 21st Annual Father’s Day Race: 17-Karts, 35-Laps – and Kelly Miller Triumphs for 2nd Week in a Row!

 photo WP_20160617_21_53_10_Pro-KE.jpg

Friday, June 17th, 2016 – Due to Father’s Day and per the request from a few of our drivers, we switched our 21st Annual Father’s Day race from Sunday the 19th to Friday the 17th. And it was a rousing success driver-wise… we had SEVENTEEN drivers on track for the start of the race. That’s one of our biggest races in history. Mind you, this is ONE class, on the track at the SAME TIME. And for the 2nd week in a row, Kelly Miller picked up the win in the Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing #7, while Chris Stevens scored 2nd (this time in the Galletta’s/Chrusher.com/OswegoSushi.com #8). A 2nd feature was scheduled, however, a long night of delays, frustrated drivers and busted karts basically cancelled that one. More info here.

6/26/2016 – Powder-puff Warriors Hospitalized in Devastating Crash; Matt Stevens Sweeps Victory Lane!

 photo WP_20160626_23_13_20_Pro_Matt-Stevens-Wins-Flipgate-800.jpg

Sunday, June 26th, 2016 – We had an action-packed Twin-30s night that was unfortunately marred by a wreck between the two rookie powder-puff girl warriors coming together and taking a nasty spill in turn one, effectively ending the second race at 18 laps to get them medical attention. We will pass along more info later as we have it. UPDATE: We have it on the race page. Both of the young ladies sustained injuries, but both will be okay after some time to heal. While both want to get back behind the wheel, Mrs. Mary Stevens, the property owner, will need a great deal of convincing to allow any more powder-puff racers, due to the extremely high percentage of young women racers who have been injured in just the very few times they were allowed to run (the percentage is pretty much around 99%, whereas with men, the polar opposite). Webmaster Chris Stevens believes that if they *really* wanted to run, full armored racing gear would need to be essential. Chris–after being injured several times through his two decades of karting himself–wears FULL body coverage and armor and highly suggests it for ALL drivers.

7/2/2016  –  Chris Stevens Survives a Bumpy 21st Annual Independence Day 45! +YouTube

 photo 2016-07-02-chris-wins-4th-of-july-800px.jpg

Saturday, July 2nd, 2016 – A refreshing change of pace for our racing this week, as we ran 2 heats and 45-lap feature with zero accidents and only a few breakdowns. Unfortunately, two 1st season drivers in search of their 1st regular season career wins – Josh Arnold and Jason King – had the lead and lost it when they broke (and a third – David Hall Jr. lost a piston rod to boot). Behind Josh and Jason, the racing consisted of a lot of passing, with points leaders Kelly Miller, Matt Stevens and Chris Stevens going back and forth after both failed pass attempts and hitting a few bumps that developed on the track. But after the two initial leaders broke down, it was Chris Stevens who inherited the lead late and survived the bumps to hold on for the win. The YouTube Video (with a 2nd angle thanks to Eric Woolworth) will be up as soon as it finishes uploading, editing and processing (likely Monday morning), so hold tight and keep coming back to see when it is up! Update: It’s up.

7/10/2016 – Chris Stevens Again Emerges on top after Leaders Drop off for 2nd Week in a Row!

 photo WP_20160710_21_55_21__Chris-Wins-1280px.jpg

Sunday, July 10th, 2016, Week 5 – Another great race was in store as a 13-kart / 45-Lap Feature Event went down. Track was a little better than last week, but still had some bumps in turns 1 and 3 that created problems for all. And for the 2nd week in a row, a few capable 1st Year Drivers battled for the lead but via failed pass attempts, breaks and a wreck while up front, and Chris Stevens emerged on top. This makes a unique string of feature wins this season for the 1-2-3 points leaders: Kelly Miller won 2-in-a-row, Matt Stevens won 2-in-a-row, and Chris Stevens won 2-in-a-row. Something’s gotta’ give, and any one of those 1st year drivers or veterans is sure to break into Victory Lane soon. Or will one of the top three in points get back up front again? Great season thus far! NOTE: Video is uploading and should be done editing and processing soon! Edit: It’s up, as are the points!

7/17/2016 – Chris Stevens Inherits 3rd Win in a row, Even His Wife & Kid Won’t Applaud!

 photo 20160717-chris-wins-3rd-str8-800px.jpg

Sunday, July 17th, 2016, Week 6 – A few 1st-year-drivers have been battling back and forth for the lead and making strong cases for their 1st career regular season feature wins – on the cusp of convincing victories all season! But a low-precipitation summer thus far has made for a dry track, and a dry track eventually kicks up ruts and create an abnormally rough racing surface (too bad we don’t have anybody funding the dumping tons of clay on ours! 😉 ), and the 1st season drivers keep getting taken out by the bumps. Kelly Miller (2 straight), Matt Stevens (2 straight) and now Chris Stevens (3 straight) have been there to capitalize on the unfortunate breaks of the young guns. And while it may looks on the cover page here like Chris is on a dominant streak, his wife calls “fluke” and “lucky!” His own loving, “stand-by-her-man” wife! He can’t even get her or their daughter to pose in the victory photo any more. Sometimes winning isn’t as fun as it looks. What am I saying… it’s still fun. Especially posing while zapping mosquitoes. Chris hates mosquitoes. 🙂 – NOTE: Video is uploaded and points are ready to view

7/24/2016 – Master of Oswego Karting Matt Stevens DOMINATES Week 7’s 45-Lapper!

 photo WP_20160724_22_25_06_Pro-MATT-WINS-800px.jpg
Sunday, July 24th, 2016, Week 7 – Thus far this season, three drivers–Matt Stevens (3 wins), Chris Stevens (3 wins) and Kelly Miller (2 wins)–have been have been hogging all of the wins and the high-point-earning top three positions, and it shows in the point standings. Between the three, it has been whomever can get to the lead first… wins. And today it was Matt Stevens, who pulled away from the rest of the field when he secured the lead after avoiding a mid-feature pileup in turn 2. The track held up much better this week, so Matt’s work paid off in two ways – satisfied racers and a victory for himself. Point standings is here and the complete race video on YouTube video is here.

7/31/2016 – Kings of Harborfest are crowned: ‘King Kong’ Kevin Galletta & Partner Adam Lytle – Team ‘You-Don’t-Know-Where-You-Are’ Take the Twin-30s!

 photo WP_20160731_22_02_16_Pro-kev-adam-win-harborfest-800px.jpg

Sunday, July 31st, 2016, Week 8 – Finally! It took eight weeks, but finally someone else was able to crack victory line besides Matt Stevens (3 wins), Chris Stevens (3 wins) and Kelly Miller (2 wins). Kevin Galletta ended a winless (and hell, FINISH-less) dry spell that lasted over a year with a victory in the 1st feature and a 2nd place in the 2nd. And Adam Lytle was the only one beating him to the stripe in feature #2. While Chris, Matt and Kelly enjoy winning and getting top-threes, it’s still good to see new faces in victory lane, but none of the three were even able to get near the front tonight. Everyone was strong and the points leaders just did not get it rolling. In fact, not just that, but Chris had a pretty nice little crash. See for yourself: The complete race video on YouTube video is here. The video is also available with full breakdown of the race and points on the race page here.

8/7/2016 – Keith Raymond and Josh Arnold Split the Twin-30s!

 photo WP_20160807_22_21_27_Pro-Keith-and-Josh-win-twins.jpg

Sunday, August 7th, 2016, Week 9 – Did the floodgates finally open last week? Finally we got some new faces in Victory Lane, and anybody watching the races is seeing how close and intense the action is! Keith Raymond executed a precise pass on leader of 29 laps, Jason King to take the 1st feature, stealing what would have been King’s 1st career win. Then it was a 1st-time winner, Josh Arnold, leading all 30 laps of feature #2, holding off some challenges from Jason King, Keith Raymond and the Chris Stevens/Matt Stevens/Kelly Miller points leader trio en route to his 1st career feature victory (Josh did win a 2015 Fall all-rookie race, but this was his 1st regular, veteran points race win).
More: Points are up on this page, and the complete race video is posted both above and on YouTube here.

8/14/2016 – Kevin Galletta Survives Another Episode of Night of a Thousand Cautions!

 photo WP_20160814_22_05_44_Pro-Kevin-Galltta-win-800px.jpg

Sunday, August 14th, 2016, Week 10 – Every year, we have a week or two where the cautions just pile up. A spin here. A crash there. Oops, a flip. Broken chain. Blown Tire. Bent Axle. Just one of those nights, and after a dry summer and a downpour for most of the weekend, we expected a better track, but rocks saw that not to be. But Kevin Galletta braved the obstacles and actually survived two close calls before him (including a HARD flip to then-leader Mike Patak right in front of him) to take home his 2nd win of ’16. Top-3 Points leaders were not immune to the disasters, as all three of them got to 2nd and all three of them had mechanical failures, something that they have not had much of until tonight (but none of the trio could get around Kevin tonight even when they got to 2nd). This makes for some VERY interesting points battles as the Klassic 200 Championship creeps closer.
More Info: Higher-res victory picture hereRace page with points is up here, and the YouTube video is above and here.

8/22/2016 – Kelly Miller Wins a Highly Competitive Monday Night Raw 50-Lapper!

 photo WP_20160822_21_51_12_Pro-Kelly-Miller-win-800px.jpg
Monday, August 22nd, 2016, Week 11 – The track was vastly improved this week, but unfortunately, last week’s abuse (rocky track and broken karts) in addition to a Monday rain date led to a somewhat smaller field than usual (and two regular vets could not make it). However, that did not affect the racing action. The closest top-3 points race in Galletta’s Karting Club history continues as Kelly Miller, Matt Stevens and Chris Stevens were again 1-2-3 in the opposite order of the points going into the week and put on a clinic of incredible racing for the lead. This time, Kelly joins Chris and Matt with three wins this season and may have taken the lead of the points (come back soon for updates). Includes bonus YouTube footage of Oswego Speedway Supermodifieds from Saturday, August 20th, 2016!
More info: Higher resolution Victory picture | YouTube Video | Race page with video, pictures and points.

8/28/2016 – 1st Time Winners! Chad Crouse & Jason King Take the Twin-25s!

 photo WP_20160828_22_13_06_Pro-Crouse-King-Win-800px.jpg

Sunday, August 28th, 2016, Week 12 – An extremely packed, 17-kart field led to two more 1st-time winners visit Victory Lane! Pole-sitter Chad Crouse led all 25-laps of the 1st race and Pole-sitter Jason King did the same in the 2nd 25-lapper. However, that does not mean that there was no passing behind them! The racing was tight, wheel-to-wheel, bumper-to-bumper and very competitive, especially between the points leaders battling back and forth midfield, as we are running closer and closer to the 21st Annual 200-Lap Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic, tentatively scheduled for September 24th. NOTE: Internet connectivity issues and work blocked the YouTube video from going up for a few days, but it’s up now.
More info: Higher resolution Victory picture | YouTube Video | Race page with video, pictures and points.

9/4/2016 – Adam Lytle and Kelly Miller are Oswego’s Labor Day Karting Champs via Twin-30s!

 photo WP_20160904_21_18_00_Pro-Lytle-Miller-win-800px.jpg

Sunday, September 4th, 2016, Week 13 – As a handful of the drivers enjoyed the Oswego Speedway Classic weekend, we capped off our traditional post-Oswego Classic Sunday with a race — this year the ever popular Twin-30s. Adam Lytle emerged from his mostly rough season as winner of the 1st 30 lap feature, and in the 2nd it appeared as if Keith Raymond was going to pick up a win until the chain system broke, leaving the points leaders of Kelly Miller, Matt Stevens and Chris Stevens again getting top-3 in the 2nd, with Kelly taking his 4th feature of the season.
More info: Higher resolution Victory picture | YouTube Video | Race page with video, pictures and points.

9/11/2016 – The Track-Blistering Barber of the Good Guys Barbershop Keith Raymond wins Regular Season Finale 45!

 photo WP_20160911_21_11_20_Pro-K.jpg

Sunday, September 11th, 2016, Week 14 – As the 21st Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Klassic 200-Lapper Championship Event approaches (scheduled in two weeks, Saturday, September 24th, 2016, weather-dependent), the final regular season summer points race was another highly competitive one with lots of hard, clean, fun racing! The Track-Blistering Barber of the Good Guys Barbershop Keith Raymond picked up a convincing feature win, his 2nd of the year in the Galletta’s Greenhouse #0 (one of the eight karts that has won the Galletta’s Klassic before), and looks strong heading into the 200. The 1-2-3 points trio of Kelly Miller, Matt Stevens and Chris Stevens leapfrog each other all season, and it seems to happen every week, showing just how close this points race has been and how interesting that 200 lapper will be for the top 3!
More info: Higher resolution Victory picture | YouTube Video | Race page with video, pictures and points.

9/24/2016 – The 21st Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club 200-Lap Klassic World Championship – Sponsored by Good Guys Barbershop!

 photo 2016-09-24-21st-annual-200-lap-karting-klassic-of-oswego.jpg

 photo GoodGuysBarbershop-logo-fb.jpg

The 21st Annual Galletta’s Klassic was sponsored by The Good Guys Barbershop – Classic Cuts & Close Shaves!

Saturday, September 24th, 2016 – The 21st Annual end-of-Summer/Start-of-Fall Karting Championship behind Galletta’s Greenhouses in Oswego always decides the two champions of the year – the overall track champion and the 200-Lap Marathon Klassic Champion, and by default the best overall karter in Oswego, NY no matter how much money pay track drivers pour into their flatkarts, they always expose empty ballsacks at our 200. And this year, we had The Good Guys Barbershop sponsor cash prizes for the top three and a trophy for the track champion. And, on top of that, it was the closest points race in history between points leaders Chris Stevens, Kelly Miller, and Matt Stevens. In fact, Kelly was the 1st driver in 21 years to challenge Matt and Chris for a track championship! But something shocking happened after the time trials while the track was watered and the race was almost ready to start. Stay tuned…

2016 World 1-WD Gas Flathead Backyard Karting Championship Point Standings BEFORE Klassic!

Top 8 after the 6/12/2016 – 9/11/2016 Races and BEFORE the 200 lapper:

Position Driver (Go-Karts Piloted)
Total Points
Points Per
Win %
Pro at
1st Chris Stevens
(Galletta’s #8, 4, 0) k
2nd Kelly Miller
(Galletta’s #7, 9, 43)
3rd Matt Stevens
(Galletta’s #33, 3, 74, 19) k
4th Josh Arnold
(Arnold #93, Galletta’s #78) kk
5th Jason King
(King #12J, Galletta’s #9, 43)
6th Keith Raymond
(Galletta’s #0, 6, 1) ***** kkk
7th Adam Lytle
(Lytle #33c, Galletta #28) k
8th Kevin Galletta
(Galletta Bros. #28) *** t

9/24/2016 – The 21st Annual Oswego County Klassic 200!
 photo WP_20160924_22_59_42-KLASSIC-800px.jpg

Matt Stevens triumphs in the 2016 Klassic 200 yet again, proving that he is still the premiere karter in Oswego County, no matter the class! He wins in the oldest Galletta’s Go-Kart, a 1980s Manco kart that has been completely rebuilt a handful of times into the best 1-WD racing yard kart in the world. Chris Stevens won the 2016 Point Standings, as he led the most laps in the 200 and was in the top-3 all season, but a broken pull cord did him in for his bid for the Klassic, and had to settle for a hard fought 2nd place in his Galletta’s/Chrusher.com/R&C Sushi #8. 1st year driver Jason King proved to be a survivor, hanging in the full 200 laps, holding his ground and picking up an impressive 3rd place in his King #12. Keith Raymond was a strong and serious contender in the Galletta’s #0, but when it broke down, he had to go down a lap in the Galletta’s #6. These were the only four to make it from start to finish – the four iron men and iron karts of Oswego County Karting.

And AFTER the Klassic, the entire point scoring roster goes as follows:

2016 World 1-WD Gas Flathead Backyard Karting Championship Point Standings AFTER Klassic!

Final after the 6/12/2016 – 9/11/2016 Regular Season Races AND the 9/24/2016 Klassic 200:

Prior Week Driver (Go-Karts Piloted)
*=Did a Makeup Feature;
T =Used Timeout;
k=Mid-race Kart Change
Total Points (Place) Average Points Per Feature Features Feature Wins Win % Heats Won/
Pro at Galletta’s
All-Time Feature Wins Last
1st 1st Chris Stevens (Galletta’s #8, 4, 0) kt 2,717.5 143.03 19 3 16% 1/5 21st 80 9/24/2016
2nd 3rd Matt Stevens (Galletta’s #33, 3, 74, 19) k 2,689.0 141.53 19 4 21% 1/5 21st 133 9/24/2016
3rd 4th Josh Arnold (Arnold #93, Galletta’s #78) kk 2,291.0 120.58 19 1 5% 2/4 1st 1 9/24/2016
4th 2nd Kelly Miller (Galletta’s #7, 9, 43) 2,262.0 119.05 19 4 21% 0/5 8th 7 9/24/2016
5th 5th Jason King (King #12J, Galletta’s #9, 43) 2,244.5 118.13 19 1 5% 3/5 1st 0 9/24/2016
6th 6th Keith Raymond (Galletta’s #0, 6, 1) ***** kkkk 2,114.5 111.29 19 2 11% 0/2 3rd 4 9/24/2016
7th 8th Kevin Galletta (Galletta Bros. #28) *** t 1,851.0 102.83 18 2 11% 0/4 3rd 5 9/24/2016
8th 7th Adam Lytle (Lytle #33c, Galletta #28) k 1,763.0 97.94 18 2 11% 0/5 5th 7 9/24/2016
9th 9th Melissa Stevens (Scissors ‘n Fur #19) 1,397.0 73.53 19 0 0% 0/5 9th 8 9/24/2016
10th 10th Chad Crouse (Galletta’s Greenhouse #5, 9, 1, 43) * kk 1,384.5 115.38 12 1 8% 0/3 ® 1 9/24/2016
11th 11th Mike Patak (Galletta’s #9, #2, #7, #43) *** k 1,302.5 108.54 12 0 0% 1/4 1st 0 9/24/2016
12th 12th Lee Gleason (Lee #29, Galletta’s #5, 2, 6, 78) * 1,184.0 98.67 12 0 0% 0/4 ® 0 9/24/2016
13th 15th Jeff Butterfield (Galletta’s Greenhouse #9, 43) 763.0 109.00 7 0 0% 0/1 ® 0 9/24/2016
14th 13th David Hall Jr. (Hall #29, Galletta’s #1) k 691.0 86.38 8 0 0% 1/3 1st 0 8/22/2016
15th 18th Eric Woolworth (Woolworth #78) 671.0 134.20 5 0 0% 0/3 5th 5 9/24/2016
16th 14th Mike Chrisman (Galletta’s #5) 441.5 88.30 5 0 0% 0/0 1st 0 8/22/2016
17th 16th Kristina McCann (Galletta’s #2) ® 257.0 64.25 4 0 0% 0/0 ® 0 9/11/2016
18th 17th Ken Town (Galletta’s Greenhouse #5, 9) 248.0 82.67 3 0 0% 0/0 ® 0 8/22/2016
19th 19th Taylor Barlow (Galletta Bros. #42, er, p) 216.0 54.00 4 0 0% 0/0 ® 0 8/22/2016
20th 20th Griffin Miller (Galletta’s Greenhouse #2) 203.0 50.75 4 0 0% 0/1 ® 0 8/28/2016
21st 21st Neil Weigand (Galletta’s #5, 78) 202.0 67.33 3 0 0% 0/0 ® 0 8/22/2016
22nd 22nd Daniel Connors (Galletta’s Greenhouse #1, 6) 200.0 50.00 4 0 0% 0/1 ® 0 8/22/2016
23rd 23rd Noah King (Galletta’s Greenhouse #5) * 150.0 75.00 2 0 0% 0/0 ® 0 8/22/2016
24th 24th Nick Roffo (Galletta’s #43) 147.0 73.50 2 0 0% 0/0 1st 0 8/22/2016
25th 25th David Hartpence (Galletta’s #1, 2) 141.0 70.50 2 0 0% 0/1 1st 0 8/22/2016
26th 26th RJ Wyman (Galletta’s Greenhouse #43, 2) k 129.0 64.50 2 0 0% 0/1 ® 0 8/22/2016
27th 27th Joe Sereno (Galletta’s Greenhouse #5) 110.0 55.00 2 0 0% 0/0 3rd 5 8/22/2016
28th 28th Mark Raymond (Galletta’s Greenhouse #1, 6) 109.0 109.00 1 0 0% 0/2 ® 0 8/22/2016
29th 29th Tony Cimilluca (Galletta’s #6) 93.0 93.00 1 0 0% 0/0 1st 1 8/22/2016
30th 30th Daniel Springer (Galletta’s Greenhouse #43) 87.0 87.00 1 0 0% 0/2 ® 0 8/22/2016
31st 31st Tyler Buskey (Buskey #00x) 78.0 78.00 1 0 0% 0/0 ® 0 9/11/2016
32nd 32nd Joe Miller (Galletta’s Greenhouse #9) 65.0 32.50 2 0 0% 0/0 1st 0 8/28/2016
33rd 33rd Nick Metcalf (Galletta’s #6) 53.0 53.00 1 0 0% 0/0 ® 0 8/22/2016
34th 34th Michael West (Galletta’s #6) 45.0 45.00 1 0 0% 0/0 ® 0 8/22/2016

If this doesn’t prove you need to race every race AND compete in the Klassic, nothing does. Look at the top 8 before Klassic? Kelly Miller was in a 1-2-3 battle with Chris and Matt Stevens all year. Abandoning his ride after qualifying in the Klassic cost him not only the top spot, but he dropped to fourth! Wow.

KEY: ®=Rookie *=Makeup Feature ) k=Kart Change