David Spanfelner posing with the DS Humphrey's #81 at the 10/6/2012's 17th Annual Galletta's Greenhouse Karting Klassic 200! David posing with the DS Humphrey’s #81 at the 10/6/2012’s 17th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic 200!
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Dave Spanfelner

D.S. Humphrey’s Bar & Grill:

Years Racing at Galletta’s:

Dave has raced some of the Galletta’s Greenhouse Team Karts in the past, but owned and drives primarily the DS Humphrey’s #81 (a converted yard kart) and
the DS Humphrey’s #54 (a converted old style racing kart formerly owned by Dick Dann and Tim Galletta).

All-Time Points Placement:
David Spanfelner - Galletta's #9 -6/17/2012
Click here to see where Dave ranks in the All-Time Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway Point Standings.

Dave clinched both the 2012 Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway’s Annual Visitor’s Track Title along with the 2012 Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club & Backyard Speedway Annual Rookie of the Year in the 2012 Klassic 200.

Career Highlights:


8/4/2013 – Dave Spanfelner Plows Through Dominates Traffic to win “Mr. Oswego Karting 10,000-Rocks-To-Win” 45-Lapper in the D.S. Humphrey’s #54!

 photo 20130804-feat-winner-dave-king-of-oswego-karts_zpse4c94ff1.jpg

SUNDAY,AUGUST 4th, 2013, OSWEGO, NY –  The “Mr. Oswego Karting 10,000-Rocks-To-Win” 45-Lapper was utterly dominated by Mr. David Spanfelner in the D.S. Humphrey’s #54! Dave blasted from 4th to 1st at the drop of the green flag and held off countless pass attempts from point-leaders Matt and Chris Stevens and plowing through deftly avoiding  a wreck involving lapped traffic in front of him en route to leading all 45-laps for his most dominant win – a perfect sweep of a heat win and leading every lap of a feature. More to come very, very soon, so come back later! No… wait… it’s done! Go there NOW!

6/19/2013: Dave Spanfelner and Brian Galletta take the Mid-Week Twin Features!

Oswego Karting 6/19/2013: Dave Spanfelner and Brian Galletta take the Mid-Week Twin Features!

Oswego Karting 6/19/2013: Dave Spanfelner and Brian Galletta take the Mid-Week Twin Features!

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19TH, 2013 – Sunday, June 16th saw a muddy track prevent the 2nd of 3 regularly-scheduled Sunday races for the 2013 season. So for the 2nd time in this young season, we ran a mid-week special rain-date event! Dave Spanfelner won the 1st Twin-30 in his DS Humphrey’s #54. Then Brian Galletta stormed by his brother Kevin to take the 2nd feature, which was shortened to 24 laps  by starter Wesley TrOgre Stevens due to dark (despite Chris and Matt’s protest to finish the last 6). These two also won the last Twin-30s, the DS Humphrey’s 2012 Fall Finale! (Behold! Buddy the Galletta’s Greenhouse patrol cat got in the pic, too! Ogie’s gotta’ be gettin’ jealous.) Sorry we were behind due to the shortened race week, but rest assured… more pictures and points are here!

Nov 03, 2013 2013 Season: 1-WD Gas Flathead Karting National Championship Invitational – In our 18th Season at Galletta’s!
Aug 25, 2013 8/25/2013 – All Racers Raced Hard and Had Fun. (Won by Matt Stevens in the Chrusher.Com/Galletta’s Greenhouse #74) +YouTube
Aug 18, 2013 8/18/2013 – Eric Woolworth wins his 2nd career Feature in the #88 (& another funny wreck with Brian)! +YouTube
Aug 04, 2013 8/4/2013 – Dave Spanfelner Dominates ”Mr. Oswego Karting 10,000-Rocks-To-Win” 45-Lapper in the D.S. Humphrey’s #54! [+YouTube]
Jul 28, 2013 7/28/2013 – Chris Stevens wins the 10-kart “Chrusher’s Declaration of Bestism 40” in the Galletta’s/Chrusher.com/R&C Sushi LLC #4! [+YouTube]
Jul 21, 2013 7/21/2013 – Joe Sereno wins the 10-kart “Full Moon 45? in the Galletta’s #5 +YouTube
Jul 14, 2013 7/14/2013 – Matt Stevens Breaks Bro’s Streak in 45-Lap Feature Triumph +YouTube Videos!
Jul 07, 2013 7/7/2013 – Chris Stevens wins 3rd Straight Feature at 18th Annual Independence Day 45! +YouTube
Jun 30, 2013 6/30/2013 – Chris Stevens Sweeps the Twin-35s in his Galletta’s Greenhouse #4 & the #0! +YouTube
Jun 23, 2013 6/23/2013 – Matt Stevens Sweeps the Twin-35s in his Galletta’s Greenhouse #3 & 33! +YouTube
Jun 19, 2013 6/19/2013 – Dave Spanfelner and Brian Galletta take the Mid-Week Twin Features! +YouTube
Jun 09, 2013 6/9/2013 – Eric Woolworth picks up 1st career win in Raven Tavern #88! w/HARD Truax Crash YouTube!
Jun 05, 2013 6/5/2013 – 18th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Season Opener (45-Laps) won by Chris Stevens in The Deuce! +YouTube
Jun 05, 2013 6/5/2013: 18th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Season Opener



11/10/2012: 1st Annual D.S. Humphreys Twin-35s Fall Bonus Race

Dave Spanfelner acquired his 1st career feature win in a Fall Bonus Point race - the 2nd 35-lap in the 1st Annual DS Humphreys Twin-35 event on 11/10/2012!

SATURDAY, November 10th, 2012: Ten karts – including a handful of new DS Humphreys invitational rookies – battled for seventy laps in the first ever DS Humphreys sponsored Fall Twin-35s race on 11/10/2012! Brian Galletta took the 1st feature in his brand-new #13 (his 2nd win of 2012), while Dave Spanfelner picked up his 1st career feature win in his DS Humphreys #54. The page also covers two other Fall Bonus Series races – a pre-Klassic shake-down (9/24/2012) and a post-Klassic rained out race 10/13/2012. Dave acquired his 1st career feature win in a Fall Bonus Point race – the 2nd 35-lap in the
1st Annual DS Humphreys Twin-35 event on 11/10/2012!

Dec 25, 2012 2012 Season Recap: 17th Annual Points & Klassic 200 Championships!
Nov 10, 2012 11/10/2012 – 2012 Fall Challenge Series (+ D.S. Humphrey’s Twin-30s Night) wins go to Matt Stevens, Brian Galletta & Dave Spanfelner! +YouTube
Nov 10, 2012 2012 Fall Bonus Points Series (including the D.S. Humphreys Twin 30s!)
Oct 06, 2012 10/6/2012 – 17th Annual Galletta’s Karting Klassic 200-Lap Championship +Full YouTube Videos
Sep 15, 2012 9/15/2012: “It Felt Like A Samoan Wrestler Landed On My Lap! 45” +YouTube
Sep 07, 2012 9/7/2012 – “The “Now THAT’S What I Call Racing!” Twin 30s go to Matt Stevens & Joe Sereno! +YouTube
Sep 01, 2012 9/1/2012: Matt Stevens wins “The “Dan Buske is an Ignorant, Irrational, Argumentative Busket Case AND A TERRIBLE Driver… 73?! ” +YouTube
Aug 26, 2012 8/26/2012: “Anything Joe Can Do Chris Can Do Better” Twin-30s (+YouTube)
Aug 19, 2012 8/19/2012: “Chris Stevens On A Tear” 45-Lapper +YouTube Videos
Aug 13, 2012 8/13/2012: “Awww Yeah, Son” – Raindate Twin-30s won by Chris & Ran +YouTube
Aug 08, 2012 8/8/2012: “One More For Tim” – Mid-Week Twin-30s Joe Sereno & Chris Stevens win! +YouTube
Aug 06, 2012 8/6/2012: “Brotherly Love” – Raindate Twin-30s won by 1-2 in NY State Karting, Matt & Chris Stevens! +YouTube Videos!
Jul 29, 2012 7/29/2012: Justin’s Got Soft, He’s In Love 45 (+YouTube)
Jul 15, 2012 7/15/2012 – Twin 30s Night: The Brian Finally Got One / Melissa Too! 60 +YouTube
Jul 08, 2012 7/8/2012 – Twin 30s Night (w/Father-&-Son Love) swept by Father-&-Son Tim and Justin Galletta! +YouTube
Jul 01, 2012 7/1/2012: 17th Annual GKC Independence Day 45


Retirement from Galletta’s Karting Club:

Spanfelner, whom many of us here called him Uncle Dave, somewhat controversially retired from Galletta’s Karting Club due to differences of opinion with the website’s coverage (he obviously didn’t miss the wink and nod fun of the race articles pointing out that Dave likes to bump people when they pass him and felt that it was a slam — it was not intended as one. The whole site is filled with such observations) and a long-standing problem with race scheduling, which he also somewhat mostly blamed on the webmaster (although Matt Stevens is the one who says when the races start, Chris usually is 98% of the time ready to go as soon as Matt is). He felt that we should’ve started on a certain time every single week and if people were late, then they can’t race. While punctuality makes sense in almost everything, when we are a backyard club that struggles to have 8-12 guys who know how to race and start without 3-4 of them, it makes things trickier than that. We’ll lose people. It’s happened before. He argued that we’d gain more than lose, but we aren’t a pay track with established base… we’re just friends and relatives racing in our back yard). Dave then sold his Galletta-type karts and joined a Heavy Clone division at Oswego Kartway, which he raced for a few years before retiring from that as well. We (along with mostly everyone here) were always perplexed, disappointed and felt somewhat betrayed — as to why Dave got so angry out of nowhere and retired, and wonder if that truly was the only reason. But one thing is for sure… due to Dave’s such inexplicably angry reaction to the coverage, Chris has since used FAR less in-depth descriptions in order to not trigger any more drivers to get angry and quit racing. We want people having fun racing, not getting offended over it.

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